Soapy massage parlors: Where they are, how they work


Soapy massage parlors can be found all over Thailand. They employ women who wash customers from head to toe. On top of that, they usually offer customers oral and full service sex as a matter of course. In some places, the ladies also cover their bodies with soapy suds and slide all over their customers to add to the eroticism.

Thai soapy massage parlors are at least to some degree like the soaplands of Japan. But the soapies in Thailand tend to be bigger and more elaborate. They are also known for having “fishbowls” where the women on staff sit and wait to be selected by customers. The Japanese soaplands are perhaps more known for their service. But the soapy massage parlors tend to be larger and more elaborate, with some even resembling five star hotels.

For whatever reason, farang in Thailand seem to prefer go go bars and oily parlors to the soapies. Soapy massage parlors in Thailand are among the most popular adult entertainment venues for Thai guys and other Asian visitors. They have a reputation for hiring more attractive women and being more service minded. Some guys even go to these places for business meetings. That’s certainly one way to seal a deal.

How soapy massage parlors work

As stated soapy massage parlors usually have a “fishbowl” filled with the women on staff. These are basically large area with bench seating. The term fishbowl comes from the glass windows that separate the ladies from the customers. But some modern soaplands don’t have any glass partition. And some also have alternative seating areas outside of the fishbowls.

After customers walk in, they normally sit down in one a number of comfortable chairs. Many soapies even have wait staff and full drink menus. So guys can hang around and have a drink while they look over the ladies and perhaps have a chat with one of the male managers. The managers know the prices. And they should know something about the ladies too, though some of these “papasans” are clearly much more knowledgeable and helpful than others.

fishbowl soap

Prices at Thai soapy massage parlors can vary from 1300 Baht all the way up into the tens of thousands. The normal rate is usually around 2000 Baht ($65 USD). Higher rates are usually charged for women called “models”. The highest rates are usually reserved for actual working models and actresses. In addition, a few soapies in Thailand have a “foreigner tax” in place, which means charge farang more than Thai customers.

After paying, customers are lead to the private rooms. Soapy massage parlors have large rooms that contain big beds, bath tubs, and televisions. Some are nicer than others, but they all serve the same purpose.

These days, a standard soapy massage session starts with a bath. The provider and customer undress and get into a tub. The provider washes the customers body, then washes herself. The better women usually give a bit of a blowjob during the bath, or at least do a bit of erotic tugging. Next things move to the bed. There guys typically get a blowjob followed by full intercourse in multiple positions. Then there is another bath before the session ends.

Ladies and extra services

With so many soapy massage parlors in Thailand, there’s no way to characterize all the soapy massage staff members. Generally speaking the women are in their twenties and attractive. They tend to have lighter skin and quite a few have had nose or breast enhancements. Some are thinner or better looking than others. In some places less attractive, larger and older ladies can also be found. It really varies from one place to the next.

Some of the older ladies can be more skilled than others. It’s also true that some ladies will do more than others. Sometimes this comes down to the shop and other times it comes down to the individual providers. For example, there are soapies where blowjobs are usually done with a condom. Yet some of the ladies inside will provide oral without cover in particular cases.

Atami soapy massage rooms

Things like a cum in mouth finish are rare. Unprotected intercourse is also very rare, though there are at least some women who do it from time to time. Anal is almost never offered in any soapy massage parlor. And things like deepthroating aren’t very common either.

The body to body soapy slide that soapy massage parlors are known for are actually somewhat rare too. In most soapies this service simply isn’t provided anymore. The places where it is standard have their own special wet areas for the soapy slide. And they usually have inflatable mats to slide around on too. Other places just do a quick dip then get on with the sex.

There are also sideliners who work in some Thai soapy massage parlors. These gals show up at the parlors on their own accord. They usually sit away from the fishbowl and the official staff. The sideliners aren’t normally known for being skilled service providers. But they are sometimes more attractive than some of the soapy veterans. So they can be popular. Sideliners do full service but they are very unlikely to do soapy slides or anything else that’s considered “special”.

Soapy massage parlor locations

Soapy massage parlors can be found in almost every major city in Thailand. As the capital and largest city, Bangkok is home to more soapies than any other part of Thailand. But soapies can also be found around the country, even some of the sleepy centers of Isaan.

Pattaya is home to a number of soapy massage parlors. They are among the biggest and most accepting venues in the city, with some even going out of their way to cater to female customers and couples. Sabai Dee and Sabai Room both offer soapy body to body slides along with everything else. The slightly newer Honey Massage also offers the soapy slide and full service, though at slightly higher rates. Rasputin doesn’t provide mat play as a matter or course but it employs arguably better looking women.

Chiang Mai has a handful of soapy massage parlors. Sayuri Complex is one of the oldest soaplands in the city. It is also one of the most popular. They employ several women but the rooms are frankly a little worn and weird. The more centrally located Celebrities Shower Massage charges less yet has somewhat nicer facilities.

Udon Thani is home to two soapy massage parlors. Oscar is a big soapy parlor in a worn down building. But it staffs several attractive women who bring in their share of customers. The eighth floor of the Grand Naga Hotel is home to another soapy massage that bills itself as a model club. The good looking women who work their charge 2000 Baht ($65 USD) per session.

Even Ubon Ratchathani has a couple of soapies. Long Beach closed some time ago, but there are still two big soapy complexes in town. Palace is a big place with a meager 1300 Baht asking rate. The place has seen better days and there are only a couple of ladies on staff. But they provide the expected service. Atami Soapy Massage is much bigger and more popular. The place is also nicer too since it was refurbished.

Ultimately no city can compare to Bangkok when it comes to soapy massage. Even after some legendary venues like Ocean and The Lord have been shuttered, the city is still home to a large number of soapies. Many are concentrated around Huay Kwang, but others are scattered all over.

Poseidon is one of the biggest and most well known soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Their facilities are very large, and they have a tiered staff system. The models sitting up on the third floor charge several thousand Baht for service, and they stay busy constantly. La Belle in the Phetchaburi area staffs some of the best looking babes of any soapy. They also have some of the nicest rooms around since The Lord closed its doors. Emannuelle is one of the places that puts a premium price on foreigners. They charge farang an extra 1000 Baht on top of their already high prices.

There are many more soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Some are in the cities mentioned above. Others are in different parts of the country like Ubon Thani and Phuket. I will continue to review soapy massage parlors in Thailand as time goes on. But for now, this should give you a good idea of where these places are located and what they’re like inside.

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