Review: Grand Naga Hotel in Udon Thani, Thailand


The Grand Naga Hotel in Udon Thani is a sort of one stop adult entertainment spot that includes a Thai massage parlor, a karaoke club, a snooker club, and a soapy massage parlor. The karaoke and snooker clubs are more or less self-explanatory. This review will focus on the Thai and soapy massage sections.

The Grand Naga Hotel and its assorted entertainment establishments are sometimes billed as being a part of the Tonkoon Hotel. The Tonkoon complex stands just steps away from the Grand Naga. It also contains some other businesses but those are shops like cafes rather than body to body massage shops.

Grand Naga Hotel massage

The Grand Naga Hotel is set back from the main street. There is a sort of road that leads back to the hotel. There is an entrance well marked with English and Thai signs at ground level around the side of the building. But the place can also be entered via a lift next to a street food style dining area popular with some locals. It seems most customers enter through the back and exit out near the restaurant.

Just inside the walkway splits in two but its obvious where the massage parlor is located. The other side looks like an unfinished or abandoned construction site complete with exposed and unfinished concrete. Yet just through the glass doors lies a lobby filled with ladies!

Grand Naga soapy massage

The ground floor facilities have a long fishbowl type setup on the left side of the room. There some relatively attractive Thai ladies in proper massage uniforms sit and wait for customers. There are seats around where customers can take a load off, but the female manager is a bit forward in pushing for sessions. The ground floor ladies do Thai and oil massages. In most all cases they will do happy endings too, but they negotiate those activities on their own as their not included in sessions.

At the back of the ground floor fishbowl room there are two lifts that go up to higher floors. They lead to the private massage rooms. They also lead to the “model club” soapy massage parlor on the eighth floor.

Soapy massage model club

While the musty smelling ground floor facilities have seen better days, the model floor on the eighth floor is modern and well done. The elevator doors practically open right into the place. There is a desk on the left side staffed by an attractive woman. Then at the end of the long room lined with sofas and other seating, there is a sort of stage area where even more attractive women are seated.

Of course, they don’t always sit there. Often they sit in the booth seats to the sides until a customer comes inside. Then the gals make their way over to the seats on the stage area where they smile and do their best to get selected.

Grand Naga udon thani massage

The place is billed as a model club and the name is actually quite fitting. The six to twelve women on staff are all attractive. They all tend to have light skin and immaculately done makeup and hair. Some are tall or busty. A few have had nose or boobs jobs. Others are all natural, including a couple of petite gals. They’re all quite good looking, especially when compared their counterparts at some other Thai soapy massage parlors these days.

The women don’t wear numbers or badges of any kind. So customers have to politely point out any lady they like to aforementioned cashier who also doubles as a sort of floor manager. Sessions cost 2000 Baht ($65 USD) and the price is paid upfront.

Services and summary

The rooms at the Grand Naga aren’t the nicest in the world by any means. But they are clean and good enough to serve the task at hand. They are certainly much nicer than the run down facilities at Oscar Soapy Massage in town.

Each private room at the Grand Naga has a large bed, flat screen television, and a large elevated bath tub. One thing that sets this soapy apart is that the housekeepers fill the tub with hot water before customers enter the room. So no time is wasted waiting for water. On top of that they also do things like folding the towels into animal shapes, though I’m sure that’s wasted on a majority of the male clientele.

The women who work work the soapy massage parlor are even more of a standout. And even though they are quite attractive they offer a higher level of service than many soapy massage masseuses in Thailand these days. They also tend to be rather friendly. This isn’t necessarily expected of women labeled “models” but it is indeed the reality.

Sessions typically start with nude bathing in the tub. The providers strip down and get in the water with customers. Then they wash their body with soap and shampoo. From there things typically move over to the bed. Soapy massage parlors have never been known as hotbeds of romance. There is more in the way of KY Jelly than wine and roses as a rule. But that doesn’t mean that people can’t bond on some level inside.

In most of Thailand soapy massage providers have a reputation for sucking with a sheath. While this isn’t actually a rule in any place that I know of, it is common for Thai soapy massage ladies to use a rubber for blowjobs or refuse to do any oral at all. That doesn’t seem to apply in Udon Thani as the gals at Grand Naga like those over at Oscar often go bobbing on their own accord and without the aid of any latex.

Full service comes next and is of course done with a cover as a general rule. The gals are quite affable and out to please. Though they wouldn’t compare in service style to short time gals on Soi 6 in Pattaya, they don’t look much the same either. Grand Naga’s soapy massage parlor is a different kind of place. Yet it is above average in many areas, including the looks of the lasses who work there. Three-and-half stars.

Address: Mak Khaeng Road, Udon Thani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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