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Traffic to this website along with numerous comments and questions it receives indicate that a number of women and couples are interested in hiring adult service providers in many parts of the world. That seems to be especially true of Thailand. Many adult venues are starting to acknowledge this reality. So there are now several sexual services for women and couples in Pattaya and other cities on offer.

Over a year ago I published a piece on sexual services available for women and couples in Bangkok. That post has since been viewed tens of thousands of times and received more than fifty comments. So clearly there is a real fascination in this subject matter.

A lot of women and couples travel to Pattaya and visit the go go bars. Those looking to get adventurous with dancers may be surprised that they don’t find many eager providers in such bars with the possible exception of places like Windmill. Women working in a number of other venues are generally more practiced and keen at offering the kind of services that female customers and couples are looking for. What follows is a list of places that happily offer their services to adventurous couples and single women in Pattaya.

The Devil’s Den

The Devil’s Den is basically the Pattaya equivalent of the Eden Club in Bangkok. In fact they share a past relationship of sorts though that is not really relevant here. What matters is that the Devil’s Den has a long history of servicing adventurous couples and single women. In fact that sort of thing seems to have been the impetus behind the creation of clubs of this sort.

Devils Den Pattaya for couples

As the Devil’s Den states on its website: “Couples, Swingers and single woman still represent a significant and valued part of our clientele.” The price for a couple to book a one hour session with two women on staff is 4500 Baht ($141 USD). That is only slightly more than the 4000 Baht ($125 USD) charged to a single customer for the same service.

Oily massage parlors

Oily massage parlors are basically just massage parlors where sexual services are offered. There are many of them in Bangkok. There are quite a few in Pattaya too. Many would probably have at least one or two women on staff who would be okay with servicing women or couples. But there is no guarantee.

One place that is known to happily service both solo women and couples is the small but highly esteemed Nui Beautiful Massage on Soi Chaiyapoon. Nui has quite a reputation when it comes to hand manipulation of men or women. And some other ladies at the shop are just as keen even if they don’t have the same level of skill.

Soapy massage parlors

Most if not all soapy massage parlors in Pattaya have no issue offering service to single women and couples. Some soapies may see it more often than others. The previously reviewed Sabai Room soapy massage parlor on Second Road openly advertisers to women and couples in front of its building.

Sabai Room couples massage in Pattaya

The large and long established Sabai Dee goes as far as to list “Honeymoon Massage” for couples as a service on its regular menu. This service is even illustrated with cartoon pictures of male and female figures to demonstrate exactly what it entails.

Sabai Dee Pattaya couples massage

A honeymoon massage provided by two standard providers at Sabai Dee is 4000 Baht. Other soapy massage parlors follow a similar pricing scheme. The service includes full body bathing and a soapy body to body massage on an inflatable silver mat. From there couples can decide if they want to play with each other with assistance from the service providers or go as far as having all four people in the room fully engaged with each other.

Gentlemen’s clubs

Despite what the name may suggest a lot of private gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya actually welcome single women and couples as customers. And they’re not as rare as you might think. I still remember the first time I saw a western woman walk into Pirates with her male companion. She got a lot of attention at the bar then went upstairs with two of the ladies. She wasn’t the last woman I saw in the club either.

Veteran provider Cake at Pirates is known for loving ladies and offering amazing service. It is no coincidence that she was formerly employed at the previously mentioned Devil’s Den. But she is not the only gal on premises who works with women.

Nor is Pirates the only gentlemen’s club that accepts female customers and couples. They are also welcomed at places like Bar Le Poste and the Telephone Bar among others.

Prices for couples are usually nut much higher than those for single punters. So a couple that takes two ladies into a private room for fun usually ends up paying around 3500 Baht ($110 USD) for a session all together. That doesn’t include whatever drinks they consume. But those rarely cost much more.

Nuru massage

While a few places offer the service there is only one dedicated nuru massage parlor in Pattaya. That is the very aptly named Nuru Massage Pattaya. This shop warmly receives both female customers and couples. At least one woman at Nuru Massage Pattaya definitely prefers women to men.

nuru massage women Pattaya

Nuru massage for single customers and couples is available from some of the women at the Devil’s Den. But the gals at Nuru Massage Pattaya specialize in the art. Couple’s service costs 4000 Baht. It includes serviced showering, full body to body nude nuru massage, hand massage and oral service. It does not include full intercourse but couples are free to engage with each other.

Beer and BJ Bars

There are of course a large number of beer bars in Pattaya. These open faced bars probably outnumber every other kind of establishment in the city. Some undoubtedly employ women who are up for playing with both guys and gals. Yet there is no real way to find them other than inquiring in person as there are no places set up specifically with this in mind.

The same goes for the blowjob bars, which are common but more limited in numbers. Some women in the BJ bars of Pattaya will serve both women and customers. But many will not. Again there is no real way to find out who is up for what without asking.

There are however some places where women are known to be welcomed by at least some of the gals on staff. One such place is My Friend You on Soi 6. Another is Lust Bar on the same street. Of course the prices are doubled for couples, even if they decide to partake with just a single service provider. So a couple may have to pay two barfines to take one lady to a room.


That concludes this overview. But this list is certainly not all inclusive. There are many others in Thailand’s city of sin who work with women. And some of them even seem to prefer it. It doesn’t take much effort for intrepid women and couples to find Thai gals willing to play with them in Pattaya. Especially if they’re willing to part with a few thousand Baht.

There is also the world of male service providers, which itself quite large in Pattaya. I have reported on female sex tourism in Pattaya. Many of the men in the so-called gay go go bars are more than happy to service women. Some also service couples. Money seems to be the main motivator in any case as a lot of the guys who work in those bars are referred to as gay for pay.

There are even ladyboys who work with women and couples too. They may be the most difficult to find among all the girl friendly service providers in Pattaya. But they certainly do exist. I am told there are quite a few ladyboys willing to work with couples and women on Soi 6. Apparently there are least two others at the Kathoeys R Us ladyboy go go bar on Walking Street as well.

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