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Review: Dozo Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Dozo Massage is one of the better full service massage parlors in Thailand. In a country with hundreds of massage parlors that is really saying something. It takes a lot to stand out in a crowded market. Dozo has risen to the top purely through the level of service it offers.

Despite being located in Bangkok, Dozo Massage is on par with many of the soaplands of Japan in terms of quality. When you consider that this place is much less expensive than the soaplands in the land of the rising sun the level of value becomes even more evident.

women from dozo massage in bangkok

In addition Dozo Massage has done a good job at hiring. Or at least they are selective enough to ensure that they have only hired women who look good and know what they are doing. They have a team of attractive ladies on staff who are well versed in the erotic arts.

The nuru massage talents of some of the providers working here match up with the best in the city. Add in the spacious surroundings, professionalism and extra additions like a lingerie option and you have a top end sensual massage parlor.

Dozo Massage on Soi 33

Dozo Massage is located in Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok. The shop has a very easy to find location yet the place is also somewhat discreet since the entrance is a little off of the main road. This building was home to another massage parlor in years past.

The Dozo Massage parlor is on the left hand side of Soi 33 when coming from the main Sukkhumvit strip. It next to the well known S33 Compact Hotel. The signage is clear with obvious English letters than can be seen from the street. Yet the place isn’t as up front and obvious as some of the large soapy parlors with flashing neon lights.

Dozo Massage parlor Soi 33 Bangkok

Inside there is a large lobby. The polite female front desk staff waits right inside of the door to greet customers. Prices are published up front in a big comfortable seating area. The available ladies come out in a group so that customers can chose their providers in person.

The massage rooms are located upstairs. There are several private rooms up there. All of the rooms are spacious with plenty of room to move around. The standard rooms have clean showers and beds. The mat play rooms for nuru massage have large “wet play” areas with jacuzzi tubs along with dry areas containing sturdy beds. The entire space was designed precisely as a massage parlor. So everything really fits the bill.

Staff, service and summary

There are a good number of ladies working at Dozo Massage. There is some variation among the women but most tend towards being fit and lighter skinned. Generally speaking they fit in with a more traditional standard of beauty. You don’t see copious tattoos, piercings or wild hair colors here. The ladies are more natural though some have undoubtedly had a bit of cosmetic work at some point.

There are no large ladies working at Dozo. Though several have what I might call curves in the right places. Sure there are some waif thin spinners on staff. But they are joined by others with bountiful bosoms and shapely posteriors. In other words I like what I see in the Dozo Massage lineup.

two erotic massage providers from Bangkok

The prices at Dozo are on par for the local scene. The cheapest option is a 40 minute session that costs 1800 Baht ($52 USD). The most expensive choice is a 90 minute nuru massage from two women at 6500 Baht ($190 USD). In between there are options such as a 60 minute nuru nuru massage from a single lady at 3200 ($93 USD).

Keep in mind that the ladies at Dozo Massage provide genuine body to body nuru soapy slides on large inflatable mats. The experience is very similar to a visit to a top end Japanese soapy. Though the soapies of Japan typically charge a lot more and use much more cramped quarters.

All considered I have to say that Dozo Massage is now one of the best soapland style massage parlors in Bangkok. There was a time when these Japanese style massage parlors were rare in the city. These days they are plentiful. But quantity and quality are two different things. Dozo has the quality down. With a team of lovely skilled ladies and fair prices the place is tough to beat. I give it five stars.

Dozo Massage. 9/19 Sukhumvit Soi 33 Rd, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM. Phone: +66 02-014-1283. Website:

2 thoughts on “Review: Dozo Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. I visited Dozo a few days ago after reading good reviews. Booked Yuki (picture above). She has nice big natural tits. All seems well initially as she was friendly and nuru massage started off great (thought finally found a place that could rival Doki Doki). However, a good start may not always be a good ending. In summary, it was not a full nuru massage that you get at Doki Doki. Seems like she wanted to end the nuru massage quickly with some body rub and moving on to the bed. I took the 90mins mat room package (1 shot + 1 HJ). After the first shot, there should be a HJ but she seems reluctant and started giving some Thai massage on the bed. Overall, I would say not a good experience. In additions, Dozo is more expensive than Doki Doki for the same 90mins duration (3,900THB vs 3,500THB). Well, could be just my luck of choosing the wrong girl. Anyways, just thought of sharing my experience.

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