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The seven best condoms in the world

If you’re going to do a lot of fucking, chances are you’re going to go through a lot of rubbers. And the more you bang, the more you will become in tune with the quality of the sheath you use to shield your shaft. When you get into the dozens and hundreds, the regular old standard boner balloon might not cut it. The first few times I fucked I probably could have worn a Hefty bag and still got my load off in a minute or two.

These days I much prefer to use a better brand of rubber to enhance my feeling and reduce the impact the rubber has on my enjoyment. In the right situation with a hot enough woman or situation a thick standard condom might not be an issue but there are a lot of other less intense times when it can matter. When I’m buying the condoms I make sure I make the right choice. I don’t want to waste my time and money plugging along inside a pudgy prophylactic that feels like a trash bag instead of feeling the pleasures of the pink!

I first published this post way back in 2013 before this site grew into what it is today and the tone and quality reflect that. In 2015 I republished it in an edited form in an attempt to clean up and generally improve the site. I am now republishing it again with a bit of added information based on new technology and information acquired over the years. The editing of this and a few other posts is a part of a long term “Rockit Renewal” aimed at improving the site and making it all more uniform. I hope you will enjoy.

Based on my vast experience I present the following list of the five best internationally available condoms:

1. Lelo Hex

For the most part condoms are all the same. The technology and patterns of condoms haven’t changed since my grandpa was strapping up last century. This is not a secret and it’s one of the reasons a lot of guys take risks and go bareback. Bill Gates even held a contest with a huge prize to try to spur the creation of something new in the field.

It looks like the Gate’s race for a rubber came up short but another company stepped in and produced something new and exciting in the meantime that is now available. It is the Lelo Hex.

world's thinnest and best condom

As the name might suggest the Hex is designed with a honeycomb web that stretches to match nearly any situation. This natural latex condom is only 0.045 millimeters thick. That is frankly amazing and blows the competition out of the water. This condom not only looks different. It is different. It is also thinner and better.

On top of that the Hex is packed in an easy to open container that eliminates the need to wrestle with tough plastic packs that ruin the mood. The Hex is slightly lubricated and has a light texture on the outside that women really seem to like.

Lelo ships their condoms worldwide without charge. The only money involved is the reasonable price asked for the rubbers themselves. The Hex is available on the Lelo Hex website.

2. Okamoto 003

Okamoto is the leading condom company in Japan. They make a wide variety of rubbers. Some have been available in Asia for years. Okamoto are among the most common rubbers sold in Thailand and Cambodia for example. People from outside of the region started picking them up as soon as they came across them perhaps out of convenience. Over time they became popular with people around the world for their great quality and thinness.

Okamoto was smart enough to take advantage of the situation. This move was intelligently followed by the male sex toy maker TENGA, in a country where some companies are happy to limit themselves to the domestic economy even at the cost of loss possible profits. Japanese Okamoto condoms available for sale around Asia were soon joined by a line of larger Okamoto condoms designed specifically for the international market.

okamoto 003 condom

Not long after came the development of the 003 (Zero Zero Three) Okamoto latex condom. What’s so good about them, besides the quality? They are very, very thin. How thin? A mere 0.03 millimeters in thickness, compared to the average of 0.06 mm for other condoms like those from American industry leader Trojan. Some may worry that thinner condoms may be less safe than the thicker variety. Countless studies have shown that the one has no correlation with the other which to me is another reason to go thin.

When purchased in regular retail outlets these condoms can be a bit pricey even though they are becoming more common than they were years ago when I had to hunt them out. I’ve seen a three pack go for as much as $5 US in convenience stores in Southeast Asia. It’s still not that bad when considering what you’re talking about but it’s way above average price of a love glove. Another problem is that the condoms sold in Asia are often on the narrow side.

The obvious solution for travels is to purchase the condoms from a place like Kanojo Toys, Amazon, or and have them delivered to your home. In that way you can save a ton of money and be prepared in advance. There are lot of varieties of Okamoto condoms but most don’t seem to be that much better than the regular version of the 004 that comes in the hologram silver box. With perhaps one exception…

3. Okamoto 001

What’s better than a condom that has a thickness of 0.04 millimeter? How about one that is only 0.01 millimeters? Okamoto came out with just such a product in April 2015. It’s called the Okamoto 001. The thinnest condom in the world is now available around the world thanks to the internet.

In order to go so thin Okamoto had to change from the standard latex material to polyurethane. This material provides the additional benefit of conducting heat better as well, making the 001 probably the best all around condom in existence. Believe it or not tests show that the 001 is even stronger than the 002 Okamoto released some time ago. Most of the people surveyed said they could feel the difference between the 001 and the 002. While I wasn’t reached for comment I can say that I feel the difference too.

Okamoto 001 condom thinnest in the world from Japan

The only issue with the Zero One is that they are damn expensive. I’ve seen 3 packs in Southeast Asian convenience stores for as much as 20 US dollars when I have found them at all. They are cheaper in Japan of course. Anywhere else in the world they will cost you.

Kanojo Toys sells 001 condoms for 18 bucks. The are often sold on Amazon for a bit less but prices can change there from one day to the next.

If money is a big problem the 004 makes more sense since it is a hell of a lot cheaper. For those used to crappy condoms like the regular offerings from Durex and Lifestyle it will be like stepping into heaven. It was for me. But once I got used to the Zero Zero Fours I realized that the 001 was enough of an improvement to be worth the steep price of admission.

4. Okamoto Crown

The most well-known if not most comfortable cock cradle from Okamoto is probably the Crown condom. The slogan printed on every package says a lot: “the closest thing to nothing at all.” Well, it’s not exactly true. The 001 is clearly the closest thing to nothing at all. Though to be fair to Okamoto it was developed long after the Crown came on to the market.

okamoto crown condom

The original Crown condoms that were made in Japan came in a silver foil package. They were known as “Skin Less Skin.” For the last several years Crown condoms have been produced in a blue plastic wrapper in Thailand. Some say the quality has decreased noticeably after the change. Though in my vast experience of laying lots of wood I don’t feel that is the case whatsoever.

On the other hand an advantage to the shift in production is that prices seem to have dropped a lot as well. Kanojo Toys carries twelve packs of Okamoto Crowns for less than six dollars now. Bulk orders can be made at Amazon for even less. But I’ve seen a few poor reviews that would make me think twice before ordering there. I wouldn’t want to end up with 50 expired condoms even if they sold for pennies on the dollar and came with a money back guarantee.

5. Beyond Seven

Next on the list is the Beyond Seven condom. I don’t know the exact measurements of this cock casing but it rivals the best of the best and surpasses most American and European “ultra thin” models by a long shot. What’s more it’s relatively inexpensive. The price for a quantity of these condoms at outlets like Kanojo Toys and a few others averages at around 50 cents a pop. That’s not bad for such a high quality wang wall.

Beyond Seven condoms

These condoms are also made by the Japanese Okamoto company. But they’re not small. So they will get the job done unless you’re hung like a horse. Strangely, these condoms don’t see to be all that well known inside of Japan. Perhaps that is because they have so many other options for rubbers.

6. Sagami 0.01

The Sagami 0.01 condoms made a huge splash when they were introduced a few years ago. These condoms are billed as the world’s thinnest condoms at just 0.01 millimeter in thickness. They sold out nearly everywhere as soon as they became available.  Once again Japan had created a top notch condom.

It took a while for retailers to realize what a desire there was for a truly ultrathin condom like this. Once they figured it out the condom became more widely available. Japanese specialist Kanojo Toys always has them in stock and ships around the world.

The 0.01 is a natural latex condom that looks like any other rubber. But it is as much as six or seven times thinner than its competition. The 0.01 comes packed in little plastic discs that are very easy to open.

Sagami 001 original the world's thinnest condom

These condoms feel different than others to the touch because they are so thin. You almost can’t believe that they would be safe but rigorous testing has been done by the company. If these condoms didn’t work it is unlikely they would have so many fans. Crying babies are bad advertisements.

When in use these condoms are probably the least intrusive rubbers in existence. Guys may have to check once in a while to make sure they are still on since they are so difficult to detect.

Okamoto’s 0.01 millimeter condom came on the heels of the Sagami 0.01. They are both good. The Okamoto version is a little cheaper. The Sagami version comes in a much better and more durable packaging.

7. Lifestyles Skyn

The Lifestyles Skyn is probably the best American condom I have ever come across. They certainly don’t surpass the Okamoto offerings on this list but they are up there. They are at least tops in the American rubber market.

The Skyn not as widely available as regular Lifestyles condoms but it’s not too tough to find either. A lot of pharmacies carry it. It can also be easily ordered from websites like Amazon and They are a lot less expensive on the internet. Sky condoms are usually fifty cents each or less when ordered in any quantity on Amazon for example.

Lifestyles skyn best condom in America

These are not latex jimmy hats. Rather, they are made of a material called polyisoprene. I’m no scientist and I can’t tell you much about the chemical make up of these condoms. But I can certainly feel a difference between these and the standard sheaths they hand out for free at STD clinics. I would always take a Skyn condom over an original Lifestyles, Trojan or Durex if given the choice. Apparently it was tough to get non Latex condoms on the market in the US but the results indicate that the long struggle was worth waging.

If the countless positive reviews online are anything to go by I am not alone in my preference. Lifestyles gives out free samples on their website to people who live in the US so you don’t have to take my word for it or even the word of dozens of Amazon reviewers.

And that’s it. My list of the top prick protectors is complete.

Did you notice a trend? All of the condoms on this list but one come from Japan. I didn’t design it that way. It just so happens that the best of the best come from the Land of the Rising Sun. That makes sense if you think about it, since Japan has one of the largest and best sexual service industries in the world.

Have you tried any of these condoms? What did you think? Are there some that I’m missing? Let me know.

37 thoughts on “The seven best condoms in the world”

    1. Yes, they are pretty expensive. They cost even more when imported into other countries. I haven’t tried the 0.01 mm yet but I have tried the 0.02. Cheers.

    2. I tried Crown while in Indonesia, they are dirty cheap in that country and commonly sold in supermakets, but the quality is still great in my opinion. Haven’t been able to go back to Durex or any other “western” brand since.

      1. The old Crown condoms in the silver foil wrappers that were made in Japan were my favorite condoms. They’re hard to find now. When you order Crown’s online you get the condoms in the blue plastic packages made in Thailand that are basically the same but I’m still nostalgic. I’m trying some different rubbers now and I’ll report on my findings in an updated post at some point in the future.

    3. I had the same problem trying to buy the original Crown silver foil, made in Japan condoms. Not even online. As you said, rockit, they send you the blue foil wrapper version made in Thailand instead. Even weirder, despite the fact that they are made in Thailand I haven’t found them for sale in Thailand. At least, not in the usual places like 7-11, Boots, Watsons, etc.

      1. As I’m sure you know, there are other Okamoto condoms on sale in Thailand but they’re not great and they’re a little tight.

  1. Unfortunately for bigger guys, condoms can be a total strangle fest, Japanese or Western. There’s a UK brand called “They Fit” that isn’t particularly thin but comes in a huge number of sizes — yes, you measure your dong to find out which one — and, I gotta tell you, what a difference. No more broken condoms and it fits well enough that I’m not tempted to just go raw. Kind of a hassle to get in the States but those guys should definitely hook up with these guys, particularly the new urethane ones as that would be an easy sell to me

  2. The Aoni ultra thin is a Chinese brand that currently has the guinness world record for thinnest latex condom at .036mm. They’re available on Amazon in various versions like the nanosilver type(antibacterial apparently). And yes, they are fairly costly!

  3. Oh I forgot to mention the new polyisoprene boss from Lifestyles called Skyn Elite. It’s 20% thinner than the original and trust me, it’s worthy of praise. People with latex allergies rejoice!

  4. Where would you find these high quality condoms in Thailand?
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at 7-11 or Watsons.

    1. I’ve never really found good condoms in Thailand. I buy mine elsewhere. The best prices can be found online. Cheers.

  5. I was able to find at a Walgreens in Las Vegas. (not every Walgreens — but I could check online and see if the were in stock at various Walgreens in the city.

    Unfortunately, they only come in one size, so they were too small for me. But I did try one on and could see how they would be great because of the thinness.

    Thanks for the reviews.

  6. I just put in an order for the Lelo Hex condoms. The free shipping seems to only be on domestic orders, or at least that’s what it says on the top of the site. however, there is currently a link for a sex survey near the bottom that you can take for an immediately 20% off coupon code, which saved me $7.

    1. Thanks for the comment. The Lelo website clearly states “LELO ships every order worldwide free of charge.” Did you use expedited shipping or something like that? Otherwise you shouldn’t have been charged. Cheers.

    2. No, I got free shipping in the US, I just saw the “free domestic shipping” at the top and assumed that they would put “free international shipping” (since that’s obviously better) if that were true. I didn’t investigate further. Sorry.

    1. Top Condoms Canada says they are 0.049 mm. Condom Sizes says the same. Kimono says they are 0.045 mm. I don’t have the equipment to measure them myself but I can say that they do feel very thin and very good. Cheers.

  7. Just used my first pack of .02 condoms, purchased during a layover at Narita airport on my way to Singapore. Wow, what a difference from the Durex I’ve used for so long! Great feeling in them. Next trip I’ll go for the .01s, which were more expensive, but everything in an airport is expensive, right?

    1. Thanks for the report. Those condoms can even be expensive in stores. It’s much cheaper and easier to buy them online and carry them with you. Cheers.

  8. There’s a reason you always find a bottle of lube in the shelf next to the Durex in Thailand: they often feel like putting in battle rattle before storming the beachhead.

    For relatively inexpensive but quality cover, I buy Shigari online in bulk. Always good to throw one down next to my phone so that the masseuse knows we are or will be covered.

  9. Thanks for updating this! I found some Okamotos, they might be .02s, and my first test drive was very very successful. Even she said it felt natural but every time we checked I was fully covered. I can only imagine the 1s…

    1. I have had to look down a few times to make sure the ultra thing Okamoto condoms were still on. There was one time I remember that the rubber did break. I realized it when everything suddenly felt a lot better. Cheers.

  10. Ah the moment of the broken condom. A bit like a session i had wit a Latina a few weeks ago. Cute 24 yo, B2B massage she didn’t offer penetration in spite of the condom and cash I offered.

    After I ate her out she rode me in a simulated CG, her lips along my shaft and when I came I was close enough to the goal that a good ref would have said I probably banged multiple sperm off the posts.

    She didn’t seem bothered, check back in with me in nine months…

    1. Wow. Thanks! I knew they were developing those a while back. But I didn’t know they were already on the market. I wonder how they would they do against things like syphilis. Cheers.

  11. Good article. But some guys avoid condoms – even with the best and most expensive brand it takes fun out of sex, according to them.

    In that case.

    – Testosterone therapy – under the supervision of a doctor – means you cant make girls pregnant, the production of sperm cells is blocked. I recommend Testosterone to most men over 55. A low dosage of asprin reduce even more the very low risk of a blood clot.

    – 10 mg daily of Doxycilin protect you from Clamydia. If you still get urinary symptoms – go to a clinic, dont self medicate, there are ugly strains of Gonorrhea out there – but 99,99% can be cured.

    – Avoid all anal penetration. The risk of contracting HIV is about 0,03 % with heterosexual intercourse if the girl is infected – and if she dosent have fulminant AIDS.

    – Avoid street walkers – for other reasons as well.

    – Take the vac for Hepatitis.

    For those who like gay sex, always rubber up, Syphilis is more rampant in this group.

    I think of sex with or without Condom as a numbers game. If one dont to it to often, I am “sometimes” prepared to live with the risk.

    1. It seems that plenty of people do have unprotected sex while others use rubbers. I don’t advocate anything. I simply report on what I see for entertainment. Cheers.

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