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Oscar Soapy Massage is one of two soapy massage parlors in Udon Thani. The northern city of Udon is one of the biggest in the Isaan region of Thailand. It is home to a fairly large nightlife and adult entertainment scene. There are a fair number of foreigners in town too. Oscar is the most visible soapy massage parlor in Udon Thani, though it doesn’t have gigantic flashing signs lighting up the night or anything like that.

Oscar Soapy Massage udon thani

Like many soapy massage parlors in Thailand, Oscar Soapy occupies what seems to be a somewhat old and worn down hotel building. In this, the place is fairly similar to establishments like Celebrities in Chiang Mai. For most customers it seems that the women inside soapy massage parlors are more important than the surroundings. So even places that are obviously aged can bring in punters.

That’s not to say that Oscar is in a state of total collapse. The place could clearly use a refresher in architectural terms. It seems as if it has not received one in several decades. But there are definitely much worse structures operating similar businesses across the region. In any event, the dated and in some cases damaged surroundings don’t seem to deter women from working inside. And that means guys aren’t deterred from coming inside either.

Oscar Soapy Massage

Oscar Soapy Massage is in a large pink and white building. It is on a small L-shaped soi just off of Panpraw Road near Udon’s Thung Si Muang park. Oscar’s is not obvious from the outside. There is a faded sign that sits over the car park reading “Oscar” in both English and Thai. But other than that, there is no indication of what goes on inside.

The entrance is in the left corner of the car park next to a large aquarium. There is a small yellow and green sign over the door that says “Oscar” in Thai. Through the doors there is a rather large lobby filled with red leather seats. The place looks like a bar and restaurant out of the 1970’s though without all the people.

Against two walls there is a typical fishbowl setup. A handful of women sit on bleacher style seats behind glass waiting for customers. They do not wear numbers. A male manager is on standby to help customers select masseuses. Unlike many in his position, the guy is not pushy whatsoever.

Women and prices

The women working at Oscar range in attractiveness. There aren’t really any that would be found universally unattractive. Many are average looking by most standards, though there are also a few standouts. A few of the women may be over thirty years of age. But most are in their twenties. A handful are tall with fair skin free from tattoos and other blemishes. They of course attract more interest from most Thai and Asian customers.

Soapy massage parlors in some part of Thailand draw in women from all over the country for work. In Isaan that is not often the case. All of the women at Oscar Soapy seem to originate from right around Udon, though some do come in from nearby cities like Khon Kaen. The main employment standard seems to be that the women not be overweight.

bed at oscar soapy massage udon thani

When the parlor opens at about noon there are typically just a handful of gals on staff. This also seems to be when the women on the older and generally less attractive side roll in. Perhaps they sense opportunity knocking with less competition. By 7:00 PM more of the good looking women are seated and waiting for guys.

The gals at Oscar charge different rates for their service. The prices seem to be set according to age and Thai standards of beauty. One lady on staff bluntly says she gets more simply because she is more attractive. Such “high class” ladies charge 2100 Baht ($69 USD) for a session. The other ladies charge 1800 Baht ($59 USD) for the same.

Services and summary

After customers select a service provider they head over to a desk in the back corner to pay. Then it’s up to one of the many private rooms in the place. As is standard in venues of the sort, customers are usually left to relax for a few moments while the providers grab their bag of tricks including soaps, lubes and prophylactics.

Like the building itself, the rooms at Oscar Soapy have seen much better days. The walls are aged and show signs of damage. Parts are even missing proper floor covering. Yet there is a bed with a clean sheet in each room, along with a flat screen television and a big bath tub for bathing.

The rooms aren’t all bad. They have mirrors mounted on the walls and the ceiling above the bed. They are also big and spacious enough to allow for plenty of movement. Plus the place has a waiter bring complimentary water for both customer and provider at the beginning of each session. That’s a big change from most soapies that actually charge for drinks on top of the service fee.

The biggest negative at Oscar is the frequent lack of hot water. Since soapy massage sessions normally start out with mutual nude bathing in the tub, this is a real issue. Even the ladies on staff find it to be a problem though being professionals the gals find ways to get around it.

While Oscar’s surroundings are clearly lacking, the ladies who work the parlor offer a higher standard of service than many of their counterparts around the country. For example they typically start out the sensual part of the service with a bareback blowjob that lasts quite a while. When it is time to move on to full intercourse they are pretty and open and more adventurous than a lot of their soapy sisters around the country too. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:60 Phi Sok Rd, Udon Thani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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