Review: Honey Massage in Pattaya, Thailand


Honey Massage is one of the most easily accessible if not most well-known soapy massage places in Pattaya, Thailand. That’s so true that the road it’s located on is even referred to as “Soi Honey” by many locals.

Easy to find a few meters up Soi 11 from Second Road, Honey is open seven days a week from 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM. It is not to be confused with the Honey Inn Hotel on the same street. This place is clearly marked “Honey Massage” and sits in a much newer looking building.

When you walk there is a reception desk. The main sitting area for customers is off to the left. That’s where the “fish bowl” is located. For those that don’t know, a “fish bowl” is a room full of dolled-up women sitting down in an area where they can be viewed through several large glass windows.

Honey Massage price

There are a few people working here who will approach you and ask you which girl you’d like. You will probably also be approached by a young waitress asking for a drink order. I like to have a drink and take my time, shooing off momentarily any of the employees that try to rush me into taking a woman. Especially the much older Thai guy who works here and has an incredibly rude disposition.

The prices are set and non-negotiable. The rate is 2000 Baht ($65 USD) for the women wearing blue buttons and 2500 Baht ($81 USD) for the women with red buttons. There are also models. The rate for models with a letter M is 3000 Baht ($98 USD). The rate for models with a letter V is 4000 Baht ($129 USD). The women set these prices themselves based on what they think their time is worth and how much money they’re willing to work for. It has no real reflection on beauty or service levels.

Honey Massage Pattaya

The typical wisdom is to choose a woman who smiles or looks kindly at you. The idea is that she would be happy to go with you and thus will provide better service. I’ve found that that’s not always true. Especially at Honey, where the service is pretty much set and mechanical, it has no real measurable impact. So I simply choose the woman I think looks best.

The women are all fairly attractive. Some have had plastic surgery to enhance their looks. So things like big fake boobs are not uncommon. A few of the women are more attractive than others. Ultimately though beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Soapy massage service

After you find a lady you like you give her number to one of the floor managers. They call they lady out of the fish bowl. She joins you and walks you over to the reception desk in front where you pay the full fee up front.

Next you’ll be led up to the room. I will say that this place is new, spacious and clean. The rooms are very large, with big bath tubs, big mat areas and big beds. There’s also a leather couch and a big TV in each room.

After you take off your clothes the service provider follows suit. Then she gets the bath ready. She’ll bathe you and give a special scrubbing to your twig, berries and bung hole. Then she sets up an inflatable mat.

You lay on the inflatable mat nude upon her instruction. They she soaps up her body and slides all over you. About halfway through you flip over on her command she slides on your front side. It’s an experience worth having at least once in your life even if it can be applied mechanically by the women here who probably work on a half dozen sticks a day.

After the soapy slide, you’re be rinsed off and sent to the bed. There you get get a blowjob with a condom and full sex. After you shoot your load you are quickly washed, dried, clothed and sent on your way.


The women at honey set their own hours. I’ve found that the best lookers start to show up in the evening. But after a certain hour all the best looking women and top performers are usually taken. So time does matter.

The women here all seem to be a bit hardened. That’s not the end of the world. But it is the truth. They make a lot of money and aren’t interested in any kind of romance. Still, most are well made up with nice hair, makeup, and quite often bolt-on titties.

With all the sex available in Pattaya you might wonder why you’d want to go to a place like Honey Massage. The reason most guys would give you is that it’s quick and convenient. It’s an easy place to get a load out with a pro who knows what she is doing. And it comes with a free bath.

Because it’s in Pattaya, it’s not that special. And the price can appear a bit high depending on how you look at it. The rates are much higher than those charged by Beach Road or beer bar girls. But it’s the same or less than many go go girls charge. If this place was in the United States and legal it would be something special. Here, I give it an average 2.5 stars as a reliable soapy massage parlor.

Address:Soi 11, Pattaya, Thailand. (Map)
Phone:+66 038-410-999
Hours:12:00 PM - 1:30 AM
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