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Review: Ola Ola Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Ola Ola Massage is a truly great Asian style massage parlor located centrally in Bangkok. There was a time when these sorts of venues could only be found in countries like Japan. Even then it was tough or even impossible for foreigners to gain entry. Nowadays there are several high end Asian style erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. Yet even among that select group Ola Ola is one of the best!

Ola Ola Massage Bangkok

Although Ola Ola Massage is what I would describe as an Asian style massage parlor the shop is welcoming of respectful gentlemen from all parts of the world. They have a multilingual staff that is quite cheerful. They obviously aim to please from beginning to end. It reminds me of the old days when the customer was king.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the reemergence of a truly vibrant massage parlor scene in Bangkok in recent times. While some may pine on about the good old days I have found more incredible massage parlors in the city recently than I ever have in years past. A prime example of that is Ola Ola!

Ola Ola Massage on Soi 22

Ola Ola Massage is located just off of Sukhumvit Road. The shop is at the end of the first short alley on the right side of Sukhumvit Soi 22 when traveling south from Sukhumvit. It is only minutes from the Phrom Pong BTS Station. And it’s even closer to the El Toro Steakhouse which has long been a favorite Bangkok eatery of mine.

ola ola massage room

The shop is very easy to find. At the same time is actually pretty discreet since it is located off of the main Soi. A stylized neon sign reading “Ola Ola” sits at the back of a recessed entrance way.

The Ola Ola front end is very welcoming and open. Walking in has more of a feeling of strolling into a friendly neighborhood cafe or salon than anything more seedy or insalubrious. Inside the people in charge are attentive and eager to show off their menu of available services along with the ladies on staff.

Staff, service and summary

The massage staff at Ola Ola consists of a team of truly talented Thai beauties. This isn’t a shop that takes in anyone off the street who wants to work. They have selected some really attractive and skilled women as their masseuses.

All of the ladies I have seen at Ola Ola were fantastic looking. They are complimented nicely by the rooms. The private quarters have been custom crafted to meet the needs of a full service body to body nuru massage session. They are also kept spotless which is doubly nice in this uncertain period. I personally have no hesitation to plop down on the bed or nuru mats here as everything is in tip top shape.

ola ola massage ladies

Ola Ola Massage has a pared-down menu that is focused around what I feel are the absolutely best sorts of body to body massages available. The shop offers nuru massage and AV massage with a few variations. There is a double service which is provided by two women. They also have a beautiful VIP room complete with fully functioning Jacuzzi. It’s like a men’s sauna with more privacy and convenience.

The most inexpensive session at Ola Ola is a 40 minute AV massage for 2300 Baht ($64 USD). The most expensive service is a double massage in a VIP room for 6700 Baht ($187 USD). There are also some other options in between. Considering the high level of service and the looks of the ladies this all seems more than reasonable to me in this day and age.

I have turned my critical eye to much of the adult entertainment industry worldwide. Over the last ten years I have reported on places near and far ranging from some of the best to some of the worst. I haven’t a single bad thing to say about Ola Ola Massage whatsoever. It’s a genuinely likable place that I look forward to visiting again whenever possible. For that reason it only makes sense for me to give it five stars.

Ola Ola Massage is located at 2/19, 22 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 10:30 PM. Phone: +66 090-298-9799 Website:

16 thoughts on “Review: Ola Ola Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

      1. I have visited this place twice during my recent Bkk trip. 1st time was amazing, 2nd time was disappointed. Ola Ola do share some ladies with Doki Doki, which mean certain ladies will support Ola Ola when on demand. Interesting is this shop offers cheaper rate than Doki Doki. You can choose the ladies thru the I-pad. The receptionist was friendly. I contacted her via Line before I reach. Just tell her what you need.

  1. I have been to the location during my last visit to Bangkok in June. Back then however it was temporaily used by Doki Doki during the refurbishment of their own location. The place is spotless and the amenities in the room pretty well thought out for what is happening there. Eager to give the Ola Ola during my next visit in November

  2. I too was there in June when Doki Doki was using the location. It did not look like much from the outside as there was no sign at the time but inside it was sparkling.

  3. I would really love a report on what an AV massage actually involves. I understand that customers can choose the girl’s outfit and the girl will play along. However, what sexual acts are performed? What I am looking for is an expert handjob with a good amount of high quality Japanese lubricant (not baby oil). Possibly augmented by rimming. Where would you suggest for this kind of service in Bangkok? Thank you

    1. I don’t make recommendations as this website is only meant to entertain. An AV massage is basically a full service massage with some extra effort. Cheers.

  4. I can report that my first nuru nuru experience was the best I have had yet. However, as with Icha Icha in Chiang Mai, there are no more unlimited shots; it’s now one shot per session. The girls came out lined up. I chose a short, petite, darker skinned girl. The mamasan added a jacuzzi for free. The price was higher than online, however. If I recall correctly, it was 3500 for 90 minutes, and the jacuzzi addition would have been 300 extra if it was not complimentary. The room was large, clean, and felt relaxing. Bubbles were added to the jacuzzi. Everything was very nice.

  5. Visited here recently – the nuru gel that they use is of low quality. It is not comparable to the gel that they have at doki/kokoro/mitu. The rooms were okay – and if you book a 90min session you can have 2 shots. Overall a mediocre experience IMO may be back to try other girls.

  6. Do not understand the hype about this place. Yes, it looks better(rooms) than Doki Doki few years back, yes the staff at reception is very nice and helpful. On the other hand they show you the girls pic only on iPad and the the photos are heavily photoshopped in my opinion. They strongly recommended me BeBe so I gave her a chance. She had maybe 4-5kg more than it looked like on pics for sure, diff hair and little bit face too. About her service she was far from GFE experience, yes of course it is a nuru massage but no kiss, no fingering and she was very reserved to show as less as possible from her down parts. For me the worst nuru experience ever I cannot compare her to Doki Doki professionals Pam/Victoria and to many girls in Thailand or other countries with I had a session in the past.

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