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Review: Ola Ola Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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Ola Ola is a fantastic Asian style massage parlor centrally located in Bangkok offering full nuru nuru service and more. It has a high end feel without the bank breaking price tag. The shop also has a full staff of very attractive Thai ladies who know their way around a man’s body.

There are many types of massage parlors in Bangkok. Japanese style nuru massage parlors are among the best and most popular in the city. This sort of establishment started appearing Bangkok several years ago and made major waves. At this point there are several J-style massage parlors in operation. Even among that bunch Ola Ola proves to be one of the top operations. It is a real standout in a city with a large massage market.

sexy bangkok massage ladies

One of the best things about Ola Ola Massage is its attention to detail and high level of customer service. The multilingual front desk staff are very polite and welcoming. In addition the place is spotless inside. That even goes for the private rooms. I find this to be a major draw in such a crowded field. Especially when compared with some massage parlors in the area that rarely seem to do any cleaning whatsoever.

You might think that a place with a high level of service would be more expensive than your run of the mill jack shack. That is not necessarily the case however. Despite being one of the best run facilities of its kind in Bangkok, Ola Ola has rates that are totally inline with the rest of the local industry.

Ola Ola Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 22

Ola Ola Massage is located in a small side street off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. It is just a very short walk from Sukhumvit Road proper. When traveling south on Soi 22 from Sukhumvit Road the shop is located at the end of the first alley to the right.

Ola Ola Massage Bangkok

This is an open and clean area yet it is also quite discreet. So while one could walk to the shop from the famous Emporium Mall in a matter of minutes it is highly unlikely that anyone else would know where they were headed. I can only imagine how many guys have sneaked off for a quick session while their significant other has shopped away!

While Ola Ola is very discreet the place is also easy to find. There is an all glass front with a small but bright sign that reads “Ola Ola” out front. Since it is located on a dead end road it would also be impossible to pass the parlor. I think the location is really perfect.

ola ola massage room

Inside the doors the aforementioned front desk staff is among the most affable I have ever encountered in Thailand or anywhere else for that matter. Visiting Ola Ola makes me feel a bit like Norm heading in to Cheers for a drink or three.

As is customary in these sorts of places there is a computer “pad” on hand with pictures of all the available ladies. The shop management will also put together a lineup of the ladies on staff so they can be seen “in the flesh” too. I find the pictures to be fairly accurate in comparison with the real life looks of the ladies here.

Staff, service and summary

The people at Ola Ola have assembled a truly talented team of Thai beauties. This is clearly not a shop that accepts anyone who wants to work. Instead they are selective and only hire the best and brightest of applicants. This shows prominently in the shop’s lineup.

Close to two dozen very attractive women work at Ola Ola at the time of writing. While I have not had the pleasure of spending private time with each and every one of these ladies I can say that every gal I have seen at Ola Ola was quite good looking. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder but there is also a sort of baseline of attractiveness in society. So women like Sofia and Patty look good no matter how you slice it!

sexy thai women massage parlor bangkok

As mentioned earlier the rooms are also pristine. Even in this age of increasing scrutiny I never hesitate to plop myself down on a bed or nuru mat at Ola Ola. This means I can instead put my focus where it should be. After all the real intent of any massage is ultimately rest and relaxation.

Ola Ola massage has a straight forward menu. In my view this is a real positive. I don’t want to dig through pages of a book looking at various prices. Instead I would rather just pay a set rate for a definitive course and be on my way to a private room with my service provider of choice.

Ola Ola offers an AV massage and a nuru massage. AV massage is essentially a full service with a customer oriented flare. A 40 minute AV session costs 1900 Baht ($55 USD). Nuru massage involves a body-to-body slide on an inflatable mat. The use of specially designed lubricating gel makes this one of a kind service possible. Hour long nuru massages at Ola Ola cost 3000 Baht ($88 USD). A massage from two ladies in 5000 baht and any massage can take place in a room with a jacuzzi for an additional 500 Baht.

I have turned my critical eye to much of the adult entertainment industry worldwide. Over the last ten plus years I have reported on places near and far ranging from some of the best to some of the worst. I haven’t a single bad thing to say about Ola Ola Massage whatsoever. It’s a genuinely likable place that I look forward to visiting again whenever possible. For that reason it only makes sense for me to give it five stars.

Ola Ola Massage is located at 2/19, 22 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 10:30 PM. Phone: +66 090-298-9799 Website:

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