Female sex tourism in Pattaya


Female sex tourism is a real phenomenon. It only follows that the practice would exist in Pattaya. Known by many names including “Thailand’s sin city”, the seaside town is most famous for its adult entertainment. And that entertainment is no longer confined to men.

As I pointed out in my recent post on sexual services for women and couples in Pattaya, there are several shops open to females in Pattaya. But all of of those places are also staffed by women. Other places where women are frequent customers include bars staffed by men who most would commonly refer to as gigolos.

Although some people seem to think the idea of female tourism is just a fantasy, I can confirm that it does indeed exist. I have been to places where men offer sexual services to women. And I have talked to both the men who do the work and the women who hire them. Today I present some of my findings.

Female sex tourists in Pattaya

Female sex tourists who visit Pattaya may not be as easily identifiable as men who travel to the city mainly for sex. That is not to stereotype either group. All sorts of people all over the world pay for sex at some time or another. In Pattaya it happens countless times every single day of the year.

But we’ve all spotted guys who are obviously out to spend some money on sex. Sometimes they loudly vocalize it themselves. It’s not that uncommon to see a group of guys talking about a past or upcoming conquest at a coffee shop or restaurant in Pattaya. Female sex tourists I’ve found in Pattaya tend to go about things much differently.

soapy massage for women in Pattaya

There isn’t really a standard for female sex tourism in Pattaya. But many of the women who pay for sex in Pattaya only view it as an incidental part of their time in town. They may go see a show or do some shopping during the day. Then they may call up a friend or two and go check out a boy bar at night. Or they may not. They don’t seem to orient around service providers in that way that so many men do.

With all the talk of turning Pattaya into a family friendly resort over the last few years, people aren’t likely to view women they see around town as clients for sex workers. But some definitely are. The average female sex tourist in Pattaya seems to just be the average tourist who slips into a bar or soapy massage parlor a time or two. Except when they’re not tourists at all. Or at least not international tourists. Because some Thai women also visit adult venues in Pattaya and pay for sexual services too!


Boyztown is an L-shaped alley that juts off of Soi 13/4. It is the oldest of three areas in Pattaya filled with “boy bars”. Most people just refer to these as “gay areas”. But in at least one of the popular Boyztown bars female customers outnumber male customers by a wide margin.

boyz boyz boyz pattaya

There are only a handful of bars in Boyztown. Most seem to be pretty large though I confess that I have only ever been inside of two places there. And in the first instance I was dragged in by a friend years ago.

More recently I visited by request. And I have to admit that what I found was quite interesting. I don’t have a gay bone in my body and I plan to keep it that way. But I am not homophobic either. Besides that Boyztown is actually very subdued with none of the aggressive antics you find in ladyboy bar areas like Soi 6/1.

Boyz Boyz Boyz

Boyz Boyz Boyz is the largest and most popular bar in Boyztown. It is like a hybrid between a go go bar and a showplace. The entrance is marked by two large statues of golden guys with semi erect penises. Inside a square stage sits against one side of the room. Numerous booth and stool style seats surround the stage on the other three sides.

It may surprise many to know that Boyz Boyz Boyz gets many more female customers than males. In a recent visit even I was shocked to see that women outnumbered men in the audience at a rate of six-to-one. And apparently this is no aberration. I’m told that women are more common in the bar than men.

But who are these ladies? On a recent visit I saw several groups of women. All appeared to be in their twenties or thirties. None were overweight or unattractive. Some were from South Korea. Others were from Vietnam. There were also a couple of Thai ladies inside. A small group of twenty-something year old Russian women who entered the bar at one point must be regulars or big spenders as they were recognized and greeted warmly by most of the staff.

A guy on staff at Boyz Boyz Boyz told me that he is barfined by women almost every night of the week. A waiter with a hairstyle straight out of a Flock of Seagulls video confirmed. The guy in question reportedly has had customers from all over including the countries listed above as well as Cambodia, Japan and France.

How it works

I most recently visited the bar at 10 PM with a local lady who knows a guy inside. We found that a show begins at 10:30 every night. By the time it started I had already seen a group of attractive Korean women come in, sit down, and take out a group of guys from the stage. I don’t know where they were headed. But I do know that the barfine at Boyz Boyz Boyz is 1000 Baht ($32 USD) and it includes optional use of a short time room across the street.

The guys usually get 3000 Baht ($97 USD) or more from the ladies who take them out. Though the guy mentioned above did say he prefers Koreans because “they smell good and give me 10,000 Baht” ($324 US). Asked about Chinese women, he said “I get more of them, but they don’t smell good or give a lot of money.” I will probably end up posting the full transcript of my interview with him at some point in the future. I have to admit it was very enlightening.

The shows at Boyztown are basically just choreographed danced routines. Most involve guys in pants or costumes. Though during one number, dancers do sport fake oversized boners under long white towels. At the end of the show one guy pretends to masturbate as a machine of some short shoots water out of his fake dong all over unsuspecting women in the front row. People laugh and scream as waiters come around with a box of tissues for cleanup.

After the show ends the multilingual master of ceremonies gets on the microphone and encourages patrons to “pick who you like” from a few dozen guys standing on stage in their street clothes. Bar boys join women and a few men who call them down from stage over drinks. After that many head out into the night. I don’t know exactly what they all get up to. But I can take a guess based on my own knowledge and experience. I am sure you can too.

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