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Ocean is a large soapy massage complex located on Ratchadaphisek Soi 7 just beyond the previously reviewed The Lord. The place operated as Colonze 2 for years until it was shut down on claims of illegal gambling activities occurring on premises. I don’t know whether or not the claims were true but the place reopened under its new name not long after.

Ocean looks like a large hotel to the unsuspecting eye. I often wonder how many civilians pass it every day without a clue as to what goes on inside. You might think that everyone would know the big buildings with flashing neon lights are soapy massage parlors but after many conversations with locals not in the industry I can tell you that this is not the case. Most either don’t know or don’t what to know what the soapies of Huay Kwang are all about.

Colonze 2 massage Bangkok

When the place was still operating as Colonze 2 it almost seemed as if it was ready to fall over. A lot of massage places in Thailand are in worn down buildings, but Colonze 2 ranked as one of the worst. The place went through a bit of a renovation when it reopened under the new Ocean name. It still doesn’t look fantastic by any means but it no longer seems as if it might fall over in a strong win.

When customers enter the lobby at Ocean they will see a line of women sitting at the left. They wait on seats under lighting that looks bright but actually serves to disguise things a bit. They kind of light used there does not resemble the “real life” lighting you’d see out in the street or in a hotel room. The women are not behind glass in the typical “fishbowl” setup. They are in the open air in the same room as the punters.

Anywhere from one to two dozen women can be found in the lobby at most times. They work for a variety of rates though the general price for a session is 1600 Baht ($46 USD). Upstairs there is another room where models and sideliners wait for customers. There are usually only a few models around. Guys book sessions with them well in advance. The number of sideliners varies from one moment to the next. Women waiting upstairs want as much as 3600 Baht ($104 USD) for a session.

A number of managers work the lobby and other parts of the building. They can’t really be described as friendly though they do their jobs. Most cannot speak English to any real degree though they can go through the necessary procedures involved in booking a session with a guy who does not speak Thai. They can also arrange for wait staff to bring food or drink to customers at a price which is pretty reasonable considering the venue.

Customers are under no obligation to book a session when they visit Ocean but if they do they will pay the price up front before meeting with the lady of their choice and heading upstairs to one of the many available rooms.

The women working at Ocean vary in appearance. Most are generally attractive and in their twenties. Some of the models may be older. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The models who usually have worked in print ads, auto shows or something similar would tend to follow the Thai standard of beauty more than the idea that most Westerners have. Some of the models are simply university students with white skin.

The rooms at Ocean are a bit worn down though not as bad as they once were. They aren’t exactly falling in though water damage is just as common as artwork on the walls. Each room is fitted with a large tub and a bed along with the other usual accouterments.

Sessions go as they normally do at soapy massages with the exception that most women at Ocean do not preform any kind of soapy body-to-body slide. Customers are bathed by the service provider before being taken to the bed for a round of full service. Most providers perform covered oral before getting to the main event. A select few will kick things off without a cover. Others wont perform oral at all. Although the place sees its fare share of customers from the West and other parts of the world most of the women can speak only cursory English if they have any grasp of the language at all. Service is usually satisfactory but uninspired. There are always exceptions.

Ocean is one of many soapy massage parlors operating in the area. It doesn’t really stand out in any way except that the quarters are a little worse than some of the other places around. The rooms are absolutely pitiful in comparison to the high end places like The Lord which is only steps away. I give it an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Note: Ocean fka Colonze 2 is closed.

Address:544 Soi Ratchadapisek 7, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 02-274-6445
Hours:1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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