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Sabai Dee is one of the oldest adult entertainment facilities in all of Thailand that is still in operation. This soapy massage parlor has been around since at least the 1980’s and it continues to go strong. It seems that it may now be busier than ever possibly because it is so obvious to people visiting the Central Marina Mall across the street and the new Terminal 21 mall a little further up the road.

The fact that Sabai Dee is able to maintain such a large and elaborate building in a key location goes to show what kind of custom it draws in. The place obviously makes a lot of money. This review should help to explain how it does so at least in part.


There are several soapy massage parlors in Pattaya. Many of them have similar names. There is Honey and Honey 2. Honey 2 used to be called Sabai Land. There is also the previously reviewed Sabai Room which is not far from Sabai Dee. It can all get confusing to the uninitiated.

sabai dee pattaya

Sabai Dee is located on Second Road across from the Central Marina. It is housed in a large and obvious building that would be very difficult to miss. The building and street around it have several large signs with the name of the shop and “soapy body massage” written in several languages. On top of that the exterior of the building itself is decorated with various brightly colored blocks.

Layout and procedure

There are men stationed near the entrance and at the door itself to help customers if needed. Inside the door opens to a large lobby. At the far sides of the room there are long sets of bleachers where the massage women sit waiting for customers. In front of them there are several tables. On the walls there are topless pictures of women who look a lot better than the current lineup. They are either models or workers from a bygone era.

Each table has a drink menu and a massage menu. A male manager or waiter usually comes around to take drink orders. There is no obligation for customers to buy a drink. But they are available if needed. The managers may approach as well with suggestions, but customers can sit and look at all the ladies as long as they would like.

The male managers can converse in several languages at least in basic terms. But the truth is that they are rarely very helpful. They don’t seem to know much about any of the ladies on staff. And their recommendations can be based on many things including personal relationships. Rarely do they reflect actual preferences or service strengths.

The massage ladies

A major selling point for Sabai Dee is the huge number of women who work there. The numbers are really astonishing even for a guy like me who some say has “seen it all.” On any given night there might be over fifty women available at one time. In fact the numbers can be much higher than that. This is much different from some other soapies in the country which only have a handful of women on staff at the best of times.

There is a range of looks at Sabai Dee. Some ladies are tall and slim with brown skin. Others and more curvy with lighter skin. There is a general look at this soapy though. And it is similar to the look at many other places.

That means there are a lot of breast implants and nose jobs in the mix. The ladies are mainly in their mid twenties to early thirties with some being more advanced in age. Most of the women have had children too with many showing obvious signs of previous pregnancy once their clothes are off. There are not really any overweight women however.

The looks then could properly be described as average in general with some exceptions. The fact is most customers never get a real sense of the looks of the ladies until they have selected one or two for service. There are several reasons for that.

First the tables are located far from the actual ladies. Second bright and disorienting lights are focused on the women. Finally the ladies use a lot of makeup and other tricks of the trade like push up bras to improve their superficial appearance in the “fish bowl” section of the parlor.


As with any soapy massage parlor the prices mainly depend on the lady or ladies chosen by the customers. Each gal wears a number badge with a different color. The colors indicate “class” with the so-called models getting the most money for their time and effort.

A standard one-on-one session with a regular lady at Sabai Dee runs 2000 Baht. Prices go up from there with other ladies requiring 2500 or 3000 Baht per session. The male managers can explain all of the pricing in advance before any selection is made.

To their credit Sabai Dee offers a menu in multiple languages that very clearly spells out the prices. Basic illustrations are even utilized to help the less literate understand exactly what is being offered and for what price.

Interestingly Sabai Dee also offers a “honeymoon massage” package right up front and on the menu. This 4000 Baht service includes full body soapy massage for a male and female couple provided by two women from the parlor. Some may be surprised at just how popular this is.

Happy ending services

Any Asian soapy massage porn will give you a good idea of what the service is like at this and similar parlors. Nowadays the women in some modern soapy massage parlors have given up on the soapy part of the service. But at Sabai Dee they still deliver it as a standard part of the package.

The rooms are large. They were remodeled somewhat recently though they already show some signs of water damage. Perhaps that is par for the course. More to the point they have large beds and dedicated wet areas that include large tubs and the famous big silver inflatable mattress.

Sessions normally begin with a waitress bringing in towels and taking any drink orders. After that the door is closed and locked. Customer and service provider strip down. Then the customer is washed thoroughly. After that the mat is washed and the customer lies on it face down. The masseuse then covers her body with soapy suds and slides up and down against the customer.

The soapy slide is typically followed by mutual bathing. Hand action and blowjobs can began on the mat or in the bed. They can even conclude there if the customer climaxes. Either way things move from there to the bed next after all the parties are dried off. In bed a brief massage usually preludes into oral and full sex with a condom for solo male customers. Couples on the other hand can choose to just engage with each other or fully involve their providers after receiving and hand and oral service from their hired helpers.


A soapy massage is some way to be washed. The feeling is quite enjoyable and it is something that can only be described to a certain degree. Experience is the solely genuine way to know what this sort of thing is like. Experience also shows why soapy massage is popular and intriguing even for couples on holiday. That said some old hands can become jaded by a mechanical soapy slide but anyone who has a bad time with a naked lady may have more to look at than their surroundings.

Sabai Dee is one of the oldest and most well known soapy massage parlors in Pattaya and the world in general. The place is quite reliable and trustworthy which is why it has been able to stay in business for so long. Customers get what they pay for with no strings attached. That doesn’t mean it is perfect though.

The ladies working at Sabai Dee aren’t bad looking. But they certainly aren’t the most attractive to be found either. And while age and experience can be applied quite well in this line of work, the truth is that a lot of soapy massage providers in Thailand just call it in. Mechanical service and a sort of rehearsed routine is the norm. That includes most of the gals at Sabai Dee but there are always exceptions. Chemistry and all kinds of other factors play a part in the level of service a person receives here or anywhere else in the world. That’s why they say “your mileage may vary”. Two-and-a-half stars.

Address:380/4 Pattayasaisong Rd, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 03-836-1659
Hours:12:30 PM - 12:30 AM
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