Review: Atami Soapy Massage in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand


Atami is a soapy massage parlor in Ubon Ratchatani, Thailand. While Ubon is probably not on the radar of most foreigners who visit or even live in Thailand, it is one of the bigger cities in the country. With something like 200,000 people in the metro area Ubon is considered one of the “big four” of the Isaan region.

A number of women have left Ubon over the years to work bars and massage parlors in other parts of the country like Bangkok, Pattaya, and even Chiang Mai. Still many have stayed put. Some of them work in the same kinds of venues in their hometown.

Objectively Ubon Ratchatani does not look like much more than a provincial center. And in some ways that it is true. But it is also a city with things going on including some adult entertainment that is not always up front and obvious. Atami is not the only soapy massage parlor in town either as I will explain in future posts and reviews.

Location and lobby

Atami is located on a street that is just one block over from the main Chayangkun thoroughfare. It would not be seen to people traveling on the main road that dissects the city. But it is prominent and easy to find on its own road. The outside of the building is even decorated with large pictures of bikini-clad women.

There is a fairly large parking lot at Atami that usually contains several vehicles. A sign for the parlor perches over the entrance where a security guard greets customers. It is all reminiscent of the previously reviewed Sayuri Massage complex in Chiang Mai that I covered a few years ago.

Atami soapy massage in Ubon Ratchathani

Inside there lobby opens up to a fairly large room with low ceilings. On one end there is a typical fishbowl set up but without the glass. Women sit on bleacher seats where they can be easily seen. Several plush chairs and couches are available for customers.

There are several male managers on staff and they are all quite friendly and welcoming. At least one can speak enough English to explain service and carry on a little conversation. Few others at Atami can speak English. Most customers are probably Thai. Though farangs and other foreigners do show up at the parlor with regularity.

Layout and rooms

As stated Atami is clearly the biggest soapy massage parlor in Ubon Ratchatani. Since Long Beach closed a while back many would also say it is the best soapy in town. I would agree with that assessment. The place is not gigantic but it is quite large and well appointed for an area like Ubon.

Since there is no glass in the viewing area at Atami the women can walk right out into the lobby when they are selected. They then guide customers down a long hall lined with stone style walls. It is all quite fitting for the venue.

Atami soapy massage rooms

The rooms at Atami are quite large. In fact they are some of the biggest I have ever seen since authorities shut down The Lord in Bangkok. This doesn’t add much of anything to the service. But it is worth noting as it helps describe the overall environment.

Each room has a large bed and a flat screen television on the wall that has a cable connection as well as a Japanese porn channel on infinite loop. The baths used are big round whirlpool style tubs that are large enough for a couple of people. Each room also contains a couch though they are harder than the rocks featured on the walls in the hallway.

Women at Atami

There are perhaps two dozen women working with customers at Atami overall. That does not include the dozens of others who work behind the scenes. Atami is open during the day but only a handful of women come in early. After nightfall there can be as many as twenty two women on call.

The gals range in appearance as is the case anywhere. But generally speaking they are all at least somewhat attractive. A few are simply beautiful by nearly anyone’s standard. Although Atami is located in Isaan, many of the women have light skin. A few also have surgically “enhanced” looks even though more have a natural look and even lack tattoos or thick cosmetics. As a general rule the women are also warmer and more friendly at Atami than most other soapies in the country.

Prices and services

The prices at Atami depend on the level or “class” of woman providing the services. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the pricing scheme as even the women who work at Atami are unable to explain why one women charges more than another.

The charge is 1500, 1700 or 2000 Baht ($48, 55 or 65 USD) per session depending on the woman. Prices are given up front. And customers are expected to pay up front at the cashier after they select a woman. Drinks are also offered at quite reasonable prices considering the venue.

Services at Atami are like those in most any Thai soapy massage. That means customers are undressed then washed in the bath. That is followed by a romp in the bed which typically includes fairly good oral and full service. After that there is a shorter bath before things draw to a close.

A session at Atami is supposed to run one hour. And indeed that is usually delivered if customers want it. But in reality things usually wind down naturally after services are rendered ad the final bathing ritual is performed.

To their credit the women who work at Atami do not ask for tips. Though they certainly do appreciate them when given. Although the women can have several customers each day that is not guaranteed. And they don’t receive the full amount customer pay either.

Atami is the predominant soapy massage parlor in Ubon Ratchasima. In a city of the size it really stands out even if many local residents may not even know of its existence. There isn’t much coverage of the place that I can find in any language. But that is no fault of Atami or the people who work there. Three-and-half stars.

Address:Atami Soapy Massage, Soi Suriyat 24, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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