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Oily massage parlors: where they are, how they work

Oily massage parlors are quite common in some parts of Thailand. Not to be confused with traditional or “legitimate” Thai massage shops, the oilies offer erotic massage with happy ending. In some cases, they don’t even bother with the actual massage at all.

There are actually a lot of women working in regular Thai massage shops who discreetly offer hand happy happy endings or more to their male customers. But they normally do so of their own accord. Even if they think a “full release” is required in an oily massage, the people who employ them usually don’t make this an official part of the service.

To prevent confusion between traditional massage shops and happy ending parlors, Thai authorities even created regulations for business names and signs. The erotic venues are no longer allowed to have the word “massage” in their names. That’s why you see big pieces of tape of the word “massage” on signs at places like Orange Massage in Bangkok and Palace in Ubon.

How oily parlors work

Oily massage parlors in Thailand all function in a similar way. They charge a house fee for use of the room and massage. Then the ladies who do the massage charge an additional fee for whatever sensual services they offer. Sometimes the prices are combined into one single fee. No matter how the pricing is done however, the typical rate is right around 2000 Baht ($65 USD) for an hour long session with full service.

Some shops might charge 2100 or even more for an hour. And you might even see some that still charge 1800, though they are increasingly rare. Typically the ladies get 1500 Baht for their work, and the house keeps the rest. So anything over 1500 Baht normally goes to the shop. It used to be that guys always paid on the way out. But these days a lot of shops want guys to pay up front.

Cherry oily massage Bangkok

A full service session normally starts with both the lady and the customers showering. From there the lady normally gives the guy a blowjob. Then they have sex with a condom. Some ladies will do more or less depending on any number of things. And shops are more explicit than others about what exactly they offer. But this is the most basic explanation of what a session in an oily is like.

Short sessions normally include one “shot” or orgasm for the guys. But some places are known to offer “multiple pops”. There is no rule that say full service is required anywhere either. Some guys simply go to oily massage parlors to get a handjob or blowjob. It used to be widely accepted that a handjob cost 500 and a head job cost 1000 on top of the house fee. But this pricing isn’t as common these days. Especially in venues that charge an all inclusive fee. It only makes sense that the women work to make money, and want to earn as much as possible. Still most providers are happy to do only hand or mouth service for customers who don’t want to go all the way.

Ladies and extra services

Oily massage parlors can have anywhere from a few to a few dozen women on staff. Most places just have a handful of ladies. But some popular shops have a very large number of gals working busy shifts. The gals of course range in age and looks. But most are in their twenties and of average attractiveness. There are shops that are known for hiring better looking women. And then there are places where most of the women are on the older and heavier side. Things can also change from one day to the next.

Most oily massage parlors will have all available ladies line up when a customer come in for a session. But there are some shops that instead show customers a book with photos of the masseuses. Even in the photo book places, guys can often ask to see a woman in person before deciding. But there are a few places that simply refused to do in person lineups as a rule.

Some oily massage shops are known for having more adventurous and active women on staff. In those places things like bareback blowjobs and cum in mouth (CIM) are considered routine. But in some oily massage parlors there are women who won’t do either. Some of the more adventurous women in the oily circuit also offer anal, which is usually indicated by “A+” next to their name on a website or photo. In places like Tulip in Bangkok, the A+ ladies offer this service at no extra charge. But at shops like Bamboo on Soi 8, A+ service comes at a 500 Baht ($16 USD) premium price.

Where are Thai oily massage parlors?

Oily massage parlors are much more common in some parts of the country than others. Bangkok clearly leads the way when it comes to oily massage parlors. They can be found all over the city. In some parts of town like Phrom Phong there are several oily massage parlors nestled together.

Sukhumvit Soi 22 is home to the famous Cherry Massage. Nearby Soi 24 is home to Addict, EZ Massage 1, and Thonglor 2. The smaller 24/1 contains several other oily parlors including CamCam, Angel 26, Sweet Mango and more. Soi 26 is home to the legendary Snow White, Dream Heaven and others. These are just a few of the many oily massage parlors in Bangkok.

Oily massage parlors can also be found in other parts of Thailand. But they aren’t as common. Shops like Mossa Hue in Chiang Mai could vaguely be described as oily massage parlors. But they are more like body to body massage shops or massage clubs. As a rule they don’t typically offer full service, even if some ladies on staff make exceptions in private.

There are shops outside of Bangkok that could be described as oily massage parlors however. They more or less follow the same model set by the oilies in the capital. Those shops include places like Dream Teen and My House Massage in Pattaya. And Little Mermaid in Chiang Mai.

The oily massage model continues to be popular in Thailand. Many of the newer and more popular massage parlors opening are closer to the soapy massage or Japanese model. But oily massage parlors continue to do brisk business. That’s remains true even though Smooci is filled with escorts in Bangkok that customers can order direct to their rooms with a few clicks. As they say horses for courses. Some prefer to book private sessions with ladies online. But there are still many who walk into brick and mortar venues too.

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  1. Hi Rockit, thanks so much for the content on this site. Truly great info. You mention here that there are many “unofficial” places that offer HE discreetly. Is there any way to get info on those? Or generally how to go about finding those? For me the holy grail is a massage shop that does really good legit massage service with the HE (no FS, just simple HE). Seems to be very illusive and not popular among the various reviewing sites / forums.

    1. In that case I was simply describing the many “regular” Thai massage parlors where the women offer hand release to customers for extra tips. They’re all over Thailand. Cheers.

  2. Depending on where Oron lives, there’s a site that maps rub shops in the US and I think Canada. Almost exclusively Asian MPs that you’ve written about Rockit, and particularly useful now during times of the pandemic to find out which places remain open.

    I had two excellent sessions in two different parts of the Eastern Seaboard, both Korean providers and the unspoken menu went from simple release to full service. I had the cash to pay for a la carte service and will just say that there were table showers, 69 and condoms involved.


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