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Review: EZ Massage 1 in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is loaded with almost every sort of adult avenue imaginable, from go gos to blowjob bars. Perhaps most common of all are the massage parlors, which can be found all over the city.

Massage parlors in Thailand operate on a few different models. There are the “regular” or “mainstream” massage parlors that offer things like Thai and foot massage for a few dollars. Many individual masseuses in these shops will offer extras to male clients to make a few extra dollars, but it’s not the basis of the operation. Then there are the soapy massage parlors, where women will cover themselves in soapy suds before sliding around on your body and then giving you the “full service”. Finally, there are the oily massage parlors, which offer a variety of massage options followed by a hand, oral or full service finish at the end.

While there are plenty of each type of massage parlor around, I think there are many more oilies than soapies in existence. Amidst such competition, it’s even more notable that EZ Massage in the Sukhumvit section of Thailand’s capital city really stands out.

EZ Massage 1 in Bangkok

EZ Massage has two locations. The first is EZ Massage 1. The other is called EZ Massage 2. Both shops are located very near to each other. I’m familiar with shop number 1, and so that’s the location I will be reviewing in this post.

EZ Massage is located in a little side street just off of Sukhumvit Soi 24. The little street is filled with massage shops, but it’s not difficult to locate EZ. The shop is clearly marked with a sign. Once you enter the door you immediately head up a small flight of stairs where you are greeted by the mamasan. She shows you a menu and asks which course you would like. There are a few options.

In many oilies, the house only charges you a base rate of around 500 baht, with the rest going to the masseuse in the form of an appropriate tip. The usual expected tip is 500 for hand services, 1000 for oral and 1500 for full service. At EZ Massage, things are simplified with an all inclusive pricing system.

Rates and staff

At the rates charged you would expect to get full service if you so desire. And in fact you absolutely can. Prices fluctuate more according to the type of massage and the amount of time. There isn’t a lot of variation in price with the various massage options. The cheapest is the Thai massage at 1900 Baht ($62 USD). The more expensive aroma, gel, and lotion massages go for 2100 Baht ($68 USD). Upping the length of the massage from the standard hour to 90 or 120 minutes only increases the cost a few hundred more Baht. The most expensive options are things like 2 hour gel massages, but at only 2500 Baht ($81 USD) they are still reasonably priced.

Once you choose a course, you are shown a photo book from which to select a masseuse. They also allow for lineups by request. When the mamasan calls the lineup, the women available at the time stand in front of you in the lobby. With a lineup you view them all in person. In a photo book you see edited images.

Cat at EZ Massage 1 in Bangkok

There are a lot of women on staff at EZ Massage, and most are attractive. There is a lot of variety and there is probably someone satisfy every taste. Judging from the photos on their website, there is in fact a number of good looking women working at EZ Massage number 2 too. I will have to check it out in the future and compare, if I can build up the willpower to walk past the street EZ number 1 is located on.

A note about the mama here is deserved. Thai people are generally considered friendly, though the rigors of spending hours dealing with guys like me has to take its toll. You can see it in the faces of many a mamasan. At EZ Massage the mama is not only outwardly nice, she is genuinely kind. During one visit I made an off handed remark about having a headache. Within minutes she had some medicine for me to take, retrieved from a nearby store. What’s more, she didn’t even ask me to pay for it. That’s service! She’s also much younger than one might expect, at least judging by her appearance.


After you choose a lady, you are asked to take off your shoes and slide on a pair of slippers. Your masseuse then gathers her tools of the trade and leads you upstairs to your room. The rooms at EZ Massage aren’t huge, but they aren’t tiny either. There’s plenty of space to maneuver and do everything you need to get done. They’re also clean, which is not always the case at massage parlors in Bangkok. Additionally, each room is fitted with a large shower room, which is great since it means you don’t have to walk around in the hallways wrapped in a towel just to get your pre and post massage rinses.

Once in your room, you disrobe and get taken into the shower where your masseuse soaps you up with a sudsy gel and wash you off. Of course, special attention is paid to the most intimate of areas during this process. Once the shower is finished, the masseuse finishes rinsing herself off. Next you both dry and head to the bed, which is clean and comfortable.

Then you lie down on your stomach just as you would at any other massage parlor. The massage you chose will come next. Of course it won’t be the greatest massage in the world, but since that’s not the principle reason for visiting a place like this, no one seems to mind. Truth be told, the massages here are actually decent. They are even better at the services that follow.

A very happy ending

Once you flip over, the real fun will begin. What happens exactly is up to you and the masseuse you chose, but a combination of hand, oral and full services is normally up for grabs. All you have to do is enjoy. The staff at EZ Massage is particularly skilled, even when compared to the women that work at other massage shops around. They are also great at making you feel good and feel comfortable. They watch you instead of watching the clock waiting for your time to end. I doubt there are any clients who leave unhappy.

Once the fun time is over, you are showered again. Then you dry off and leisurely get dressed. Your masseuse walks you back downstairs and all the way out the door. Whether or not you tip is your choice. They are certainly happy to receive a few hundred Baht. Though they don’t give any bad looks or poor treatment to guys who simply pay the ticket price and leave.


I don’t generally make reviews on specific women working at massage parlors. One reason is that each person has their own tastes. Another is that women working in massage parlors tend to go from one place to another.

With that said, I do want to make mention of one employee at EZ Massage. Orange is a Bangkok masseuse who is both beautiful and in possession of large natural breasts. She’s 20, very cute, very sweet, and quiet well endowed up top. She has been working at EZ for a while, and I don’t think she has any intention to leave in the immediate future. She is one of the better gals I’ve met in this industry.

EZ Massage also offers outcall services to those who can’t visit the shop for whatever reason. They send a masseuse or two to your location in Bangkok for only a few hundred Baht more than the normal rate.

I think EZ Massage 1 is one of the best oily massage parlors in Bangkok. With so much competition that is really saying something. I give EZ Massage a solid four-and-a-half stars.

EZ Massage 1. 3/4 Soi Kasem Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 026-63-6938. Website:

37 thoughts on “Review: EZ Massage 1 in Bangkok, Thailand”

    1. Uncovered as far as I know, though I can’t certainly can’t speak for every single woman on staff. I think they’d be fine with answering that question in person if you get the line up. The lobby is small enough that you can engage in conversation.

  1. Question: so once you’ve decided 1hr, 1.5hr or 2hrs how many bullets are you allowed to shoot? 1 or 2? :-)
    Nice site to run across btw.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and I approve of your chosen username. The standard at one hour is one shot. You should probably be able to get two in at 90 minutes, and you definitely should at 2 hours. Of course your mileage may vary. At the end of the day, it comes down to your individual service provider. At a place like this, I wouldn’t be afraid to ask before hand to make sure if it was really important to me. Cheers!

  2. Thinking of getting into tourism early next year, having a thing for travel, and naturally, sex & Thailand seems like the place to start. I kept reading about EZ Massage a lot, and considering the nice rates & distance from the hotel i planned to stay at, i thought i’d start there.

    And when someone is new to something, there tends to be questions, sometimes stupid, which if this is the case, my apologies; Would it be considered rude to ask to see proof of the shops’ constant health/medical check documents? I reckon most of the well-known establishments regularly do so as it’s for their own good as well, but as a first timer, i can’t help but feel cautious.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment and question. It’s understandable to have such concerns but my honest belief is that guys who are so worried about this kind of thing that it can interfere with their enjoyment is that they would do better to try something else out instead, whether that be hands on happy ending massages or something even “safer” like webcams. Most of the massage places keep such paperwork on hand but there are a number of reasons I wouldn’t bother asking for it. One is that it will probably strike many places as odd and possibly lead to limited or even no service. Another reason is that a negative test is no real proof that someone isn’t infected with HIV. It can take weeks or months for an infection to show up on such tests. Beyond that it’s also incredibly easy for a woman in Southeast Asia to simply purchase a “negative” test without ever having any blood work done. A real positive is that most working women are good about keeping up no their health and few would continue to work in a massage parlor if they had an HIV infection. Someone who wanted full action but was really set on the paperwork could look at the Devil’s Den in Pattaya which I have reviewed on this site. They actually post test results on their website on a regular basis. As always this is just my opinion, I’m not a doctor or anything like that and I don’t advocate anything. Cheers!

  3. Hi Yr,
    I will be visting Bangkok in a month or two. I am planning to come here only for fun. I mean only for massages and sex. I am planning to stay for 3 three days. Is it advisable to stay/visit alone.
    I am looking for a soapy massage with full service(Unlimited shots), Nuru massage(Full service and unlimites shots). Can you guide me the best massage centers. I have heard about Annes Nuru massage and visited Eden Club long back. It would be great if you can help with the above queries. I am worried if I would get anyy STD if I do all those stuffs. Anticipating your reply at the earliest. Thanks

    1. Hi. I don’t make recommendations or suggest that anyone do anything. I think if you read through the site, especially the sections on the place you are interested in visiting, you will find all the information you are looking for. Cheers!

  4. Hi Ken,
    I thank you immensely for introducing me to your lovely staff during my past several visits. I have mentioned many a times that my favorites are Cindy & Sun for A level fantastic service which I envy every time.
    I have become your regular customer because of your friendly environment with good selection of nice staff.
    Wishing you & all your staff a very Happy New Year 2014 with remarkable business. Looking forward to meet with you soon.

  5. Had a similar experience to you but at Mango Massage ( my favorite ) a couple of years ago, where I became quite ill half way through my massage from something I ate or drank on the way there. My girl looked after me dutifully, escorting me to and from the toilet, a couple of times, waiting at the door for me, brave girl, just looking after me in a motherly way.
    When we went downstairs the Mamasan ( who was an absolute glamor ) took off to get something to give me, at no charge.
    Even though I felt terrible it strangely was a great experience.
    I returned the next day to say thanks, armed with all the chocolate I had brought with me for other friends. It went down a treat.
    Been thinking about EZ will try next time.


  7. Hello Rockit. Tried so hard to get to this venue but as usual..was side tracked. Ended up in Mangos next door.

  8. This is by far the worst massage place I ever visited in Bangkok. As much as possible stay away. I almost left in the middle of the massage. Please note that the mamasan selected the girl and told me she was great!!! The place is old and not very clean. If you want to have a bad time go at your own risk.

  9. aw man I wish I had listened to you! based on your recommendations I have tried a few places. on my way to EZ I spotted A Touch Of class very near and decided to give it a shot. I had read reviews and their website seems professional and promising. nope. only Three girls available and while the one I chose was pretty, Zero I mean zero English, no idea what she was doing no enthusiasm (even fake), and only CBJ. even when i literally showed her body and hands what to do she revperted back to robotic nothing. even the shower was dissapointing. I can usually communicate without much thai but this was amazing. And no spring chick she was probably 30 yrs old. name is manao (like lemon) and avoid her and touch of class like the plague. your site rocks and thank you for all the reviews!

  10. tried N* from EZ2
    damn. I cannot tell a ladyboy to a tranv. I believed i got a transv from an outcall svc.
    should never do a outcall without seeing the actual girl.
    PS skill cannot tell you details underneath and sagging boobs still better than fake implant.

    1st time try such svc ended with a puzzled shock. My dic* also went partial aslp.
    I still wonder if I got a bj from a transv?

    1. These massage parlors don’t hire ladyboys. A select few can send ladyboys on outcalls but they only do that if it’s requested. Cheers.

  11. I actually ended up in EZ when I was planning to visit Cherry based on your review of them. I just couldn’t find cherry but found the staff at EZ so nice and helpful that I went back there. I can definitely tell you that I left satisfied and will return again, not only return but ask for the same masseuse. She was just my taste with a beautiful smile and great attitude. That will be the first time ever that I visit the same person twice. It made me happy when she told me I was a real gentleman and I could tell that she meant it (I always try to be) :)

    1. Hi Happy. Cherry is on Soi 24/1 which is the next street after Soi 24 (where EZ Massage is located). If someone was walking down Sukhumvit they’d see Soi 24 on their right and then a little further on they’d see Soi 24/1. Soi 24/1 is a short street with massage parlors on both sides. I like both EZ and Cherry though the experiences are a little different. Cheers.

  12. Ez has picure and names of ladies like all star massage. Not sure wich are originals but more than 3 girls sre listed at both places.

  13. So far my worst experience in Bangkok. I have tried 7 or 8 places that are all referenced in this website and I must say that I always agree with the review (except maybe for Cherry that was not that great but maybe I came on the wrong day or wrong time).
    Today my experience in EZ Massage was really poor. Unfriendly mamsan, 2 girls available only (I came at 3pm so normally all the girls should be on shift until the evening). Impossible to see the girl in person so I picked up from the 2 photos and I must say that both were very pretty. So I did my choice and waited for 10 minutes at the reception.
    When the girl came it was obviously not the same girl that I selected, not pretty, much older and seems not friendly but I was lazy to claim my money back and find another place so I decided to give it a try. Then very very poor experience, the girl was a disaster, very unfriendly even if I tried to chat with her, play or joke but she couldn’t show better that she doesn’t want to work. Room was dirty on top of it and the air condition was working randomly. All in one a very poor experience, Last time for me there. As of now my favorite places remain Dream Heaven on soi 33 and Thonglor 2 on 26. Cheers. Marko

    1. Thanks for the report. I posted this review nearly two years ago. Things can change but I think variances in experiences are more likely due to things like different timing, different service providers and different outlooks. Usually that early in the afternoon staff is limited not only at EZ but at many other oily massage parlors as well. I also try not to select from photo books as the pictures are always heavily edited. Judging by your praise of two shops that I think are among the best of their kind in Bangkok I’d say we probably have similar tastes so please understand that this comment is not meant to attack you in any way. Cheers.

  14. Thanks for your answer and totally understand.
    Don’t get me wrong, indeed your review was posted long time ago and of course things can change so I didn’t mean to account your review responsible for this bad experience.
    I do value your reviews that have an exceptional quality and accuracy in this field, you also know how to have the right balance between detailing a service that remains sex oriented with a high respect for the girls that are for the large majority of them exceptional persons.
    Thanks once again for sharing your experiences with us, you helped me to discover great places and my favorite escapes to paradise for the weekends. Cheers

  15. I was there a few years ago, after reading the Stickman interview. On entering EZ1, I was invited to sit and leaf through a photo album with pictures of the girls, with a staffer looking over my shoulder saying “she’s available” or “she not here” as the case warranted. After choosing (“Orange,” as chance would have it), my experience was much as you describe above.

    Some few days later I decided to give EZ2 a try. Again, I was invited to sit and was presented with… the very same photo album! Apparently the two “locations,” in adjacent sois, are actually back-to-back and share a single pool of masseuses, so it makes no odds which one you choose.

  16. Hi again. I wrote to you previously about the excellent service I had at addict massage ( thanks for the recommendation). Tonight I wanted to get an out call from ez massage and found their line ID and started chatting. This lady called kiki introduced herself and then said if I wanted tonight or tomorrow so I said tomorrow. She said give me your room no and hotel. I said not for now. She says “fuck you dont waste my time you stupid”. I was shocked! Never been treated so badly by anyone in this country! She then blocked me. I don’t even know who to complain to but it’s not a nice feeling. I’m sure in translation something was lost and maybe I came across as not being sure buy swearing me is a bit much don’t you think? PS: if I need a heads-up on any place your website is the first place I check. Thanks so much

    1. Thanks for the report. I have no way to confirm what you write but I would say that it is not necessarily out of the ordinary for the local industry today. Cheers.

  17. According to Your recommendation I spent 2 hours with Orange last sunday. Wow… She really knows how to use her knockers to make You completely crazy

    1. I would note that I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. But I do thank you for your report. It sounds like you had a great time. Cheers.

  18. EZ is now charging basic 1 shot full service hour at 2100. I went there at 2pm and only two girls to choose from. But good experience.

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