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Is Smooci the new alternative to Backpage in Asia?

Not so long ago Backpage was one of the leading websites in the world for commercial sex workers to post advertisements. It was also one of the most popular websites in the world for guys interested in hiring sex workers to look for escorts. Apparently the website was also used by more nefarious forces however.

By now the news that Backpage was shut down has made its way around the world and back. The website was closed by order of authorities while litigation pends against people responsible for or otherwise involved with the site.

Because of this untold numbers of punters have surely been searching out other websites as alternatives to Backpage. A few such websites have emerged though they all seem to have the same flaws as the original site that is now shuttered. There are of course also some older websites around though they are limited by a number of factors with some very possibly set to close down next.

Smooci escort

Increasingly things are moving towards smart phones. That doesn’t mean that all traffic is going to mobile devices but a lot of it has been redirected from the old web page based model to sleeker and more capable responsive websites that are easy to view and navigate on phones and tablets. Smooci is posed to be the leader of such web based setups in Asia.

Regular readers of this website and others like it, along with general observers of the commercial sex industry in Thailand, may already be familiar with Smooci. It launched in the land of smiles a while back and made quite a splash. In a relatively short period of time Smooci has become the biggest database of working escorts in Bangkok and they are now set to expand to several other cities and countries around the world.

I have learned that Smooci will launch its services in Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur in the immediate future. That covers many of the major cities of south Asia and is sure to make quite an impact. It is very likely to make Smooci the most popular alternative to Backpage in Asia. The way things are going, Smooci could conceivably even become more popular than that controversial site ever was.

I don’t know if I would be considered an expert on the subject but I have spent a lot of time and energy on researching the commercial sex industry around the world. Much of my focus has been on Asia in particular. Asia is also where the bulk of the world’s population lives. Smooci is in a position to take advantage of the large population and correspondingly large adult entertainment industry with its expansion.

What is Smooci? It is basically a curated database of escorts. Customers can browse the escorts listed on the Smooci website with either a computer or a mobile device. The database is open to the general public but those who pay for a premium membership get a lot of added features.

Smooci contains profiles of escorts who sign up for the website. Each profile has pictures and stats of the escorts along with other information including verified photographs and user reviews. Each profile also lists the price the escort asks, what services they provide, and whether they are working for an agency or independent. Escorts can be filtered by these and other aspects of their profiles too.

The general public can only view the profiles of escorts that are online. The general public is also limited to booking sessions that are two hours or longer and cannot book sessions more than four hours in advance.

Premium members get full access to the site. Premium members can book sessions that are anywhere from one hour to twenty four hours long. They can also book sessions up to 24 hours in advance. Premium members can see community reviews too. Finally, premium members can track the location of escorts they book as they travel from wherever they are to the agreed meeting place. It’s almost like an Uber for escorts.

Smooci has become incredibly popular in Bangkok even though there are all sorts of adult establishments around the city. It seems very likely that it could become even popular in other cities where it will soon open.

21 thoughts on “Is Smooci the new alternative to Backpage in Asia?”

  1. The FOSTA act has really put a wrench into things in the States.

    One of the big review sites – The Erotic Review (aka TER) has shutdown all US access. Talking to some girls they are struggling to keep their business going. I would guess eventually they’ll move overseas like did. But with Craigslist completely shutting down personals and Backpage gone it is going to really make things go more undercover.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Although I don’t advocate anything and write solely to entertain the reader I do not report on the US in most cases. Cheers.

  2. Have looked at the Smooci web site a few times and compared to the agency that some of the girls are associated with, sometimes the price on Smooci are less than on the agency website. Is Smooci cutting out the agency ? Keep up the good work !!

    1. There does seem to be a fall in prices that may correspond with the common market created by Smooci. Cheers.

  3. I will miss BP only for the utility of cross referencing listings of AMPs in the US with 5eir reviews on rubmaps. Otherwise, good riddance! I didn’t know that CL was also shutting down personals…

    Smooch does indeed cut out the middleman, and also gives the option to find out which provider is available during your preferred window of opportunity, plus user ratings and an Uber-like estimated time of arrival. Big fan when in BKK, especially for attractive and sane LBs.

    1. Thanks for the comment as always Jack! CL closed their personals in the US immediately and the personal sections of other sections around the world closed a week or two later. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for the unfortunate news, Rockit! For entertainment purposes I checked CL for BKK and sure enough, even therapeutic services is gone. There’s still a health services where, surprise surprise, the still-healthy individual might still find things to his or her liking.

  5. What I dont like about smocci is the lack of description and very limited listings of services. It’s all just to basic for me.

  6. I tried to buy premium account and pay for that by btc but their generated btc address is not valid I cant send them the amount, contacted the support but no answer via email, so really dont know what r they doing

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