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Review: Mossa HUE in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The most well known parts of Thailand are undoubtedly Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. Chiang Mai is often described as a quiet town but it’s actually a relatively large city with an abundance of adult entertainment and nightlife. Mossa HUE is a modern massage parlor located in the heart of the city.

For some reason at least one website posing as an expert guide labels Mossa HUE as being mainly for Thai customers. While the shop is run and mostly staffed by Thais they are more than happy to take on customers from other countries as well. That is evidenced most clearly by the large sign on Ratchuangsaen Road that says “Tourists Welcome” in English.

Mossa HUE massage

Mossa HUE is just off of Ratchuangsaen which is the road that makes up the southernmost part of the “square” surrounding the moats that define the main historical part of Chiang Mai. It is on a main route and very near a popular night market and some popular shops and restaurants which means that countless people pass by every day.

The front of Mossa HUE is marked with a large clear sign. There are usually a lot of shoes outside too. Customers take off their shoes before entering the lobby. There they find a desk staffed by an attractive Thai woman who manages the place. She prefers to speak in Thai but she does speak English too.

Yun Ah Mossa Hue Massage Chiang Mai

The manager has a menu of prices that very according to the length of session and the class of service provider selected. There are too many options and types of women to mention let alone remember but generally speaking a hour long appointment with a woman at Mossa HUE costs around 1800 Baht ($54 USD). The shop constantly runs promotions on its Facebook and Line accounts offering discounts but customers must mention them if they want to take advantage of the lower prices.

After customers are given the rundown on the prices and the way things work they are taken to a small side room where the available women lineup. The women then file in and the manager gives the name and class of each. Customers then make a selection and pay their fee. Then they join their selected service provider in one of the rooms on premises.

Staff, services and summary

There are a lot of women on staff at Mossa HUE but they work different schedules. Many of them maintain other jobs or study and use Mossa HUE as a place to pick up extra money though some do work full time. As pictures published by the Mossa HUE management indicate there are a lot of university students working at the shop. That bodes well for the customers since Chiang Mai and especially its universities are considered to be home to some of the most beautiful women in Thailand.

The women who work at Mossa HUE mainly hail from northern Thailand. Most are locals but there are also others on staff including some Burmese gals. All of the women are in the early twenties. All are also fit and generally attractive. Few if any have had babies or have large guts. Few speak much English either.

The rooms are Mossa HUE are sterile looking but clean. They have white walls and sturdy beds lined up across from mirrored walls. At the end of each room there are shower cubicles that are surprisingly spotless.

The standard service at Mossa HUE entails a mediocre nude body rub followed by hand or mouth release. As mentioned many of the women on the staff are amateurs and part times so they are not always skilled in the art of happy endings but they all try hard to leave their customers satisfied. The women are not scam artists or clock watchers.

The shop would probably deny the existence of any other services if pressed but some of the women do in fact offer full service in the rooms at times. For that they usually ask for an additional 1000 to 1500 Baht ($30-45 USD). If customers accept the offer and pay for the premium the service providers disappear to fetch rubbers then return for the main event.

Generally speaking everyone at Mossa HUE is kind and cordial. The shop is well maintained and clean. The women who staff the place are very good looking and vibrant. For all of these reasons it is a bit strange that Mossa HUE isn’t mentioned by more foreigners in Chiang Mai. Three-and-a-half stars.

Mossa HUE. 10-12 Rat-Chiang Saen 1, Hai Ya Chiang Mai, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open everyday from 11:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Phone: +66 080-490-7227.

9 thoughts on “Review: Mossa HUE in Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. Mossa Hue’s Line account had a list of about a dozen girls working the night I visited, but only 3 came out for the lineup because the mamasan announced in Thai to the girls in the back that I was a farang. So while the shop may be ‘foreigner friendly’, some of the girls may not be. Having said that, the three girls in my lineup were all very cute and 20-22 years old. Service was just ok, but in the interest of research I will likely return to try out another 20 y/o cutie at Mossa next time I visit CM.

    1. Thanks for the report. That’s quite interesting. I don’t think it is done always. Or at least it wasn’t in the past. Cheers.

  2. My info is a little dated as I was there in September of 2015 but I didn’t have that experience. I’m farang and in my early 40’s. It was late afternoon when I visited and they had about 6-8 women there that they showed me one by one. I was impressed with how young and attractive they were. The one I chose said she was a university student in Bangkok and claimed to be leaving the next day to go back to school. The massage was nothing to write home about but she did ask if I wanted anything else including full service. I can’t remember the price but it was reasonable. She admitted she didn’t like doing it ‘long time’ and true to her word was squirming around after a little while asking if I could finish in a different way. Despite that she was bubbly, cute, and definitely an amateur which I found appealing. I’ll be in Chiang Mai again in June so will check it out again.

  3. I was there in July when I came back to CM for the first time in 2 years. The city has changed a bit nicer with public transportation finally. (city buses) Since it was in July and in the low season there were not too many tourists around in the city. Mossa Hue was easy to find as it was listed in the google map. Only 3 girls in line and I didn’t find anyone interesting for my taste and the rates they were charging seemed too high for it seems quite a lot for a hand job although the girls may be in bikinis or even naked(not sure for free). I found Loi kruh massage girls more attractive and also more reasonable. You can get a massage and a HJ all for 500~700 bt) Even the legit massage spa called Lotus spa in the 3 star hotel offer HJ services and the girls are really good at massage. Of course HJ is the maximum service you can get and nothing more. I flew to Pattaya and I was quite happy for available choices there and I think I won’t go back to CM for any adult entertainment even though the city itself is nice and very inexpensive.

    1. Thanks for the comment. At least some of the women at Mossa HUE offer much more than a nude hand finish when in private with their customers. Cheers.

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