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Review: Cherry Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Cherry Massage has become one of the most beloved erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. The place has made a name for itself over many years by offering reliable services at a reasonable rate. Even after relocating the shop continues to be one of the most well liked businesses of its sort in the entire city.

There are so many oily massage parlors in Thailand that a man aiming to visit them all would almost have to make a career out of it to be successful. When I review a massage shop in Bangkok it means nothing more than I visited the place. When I give it a high score however, that means that the place really stands out. Such is the case with Cherry Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 in Bangkok.

Cherry Massage is incredibly easy to find. A simple walk down the soi brings you right to it. It’s near the end of the short street on the right hand side. Sure getting there requires walking past countless other massage parlors on the same street, but those able to avoid the temptations of the other shops on Soi 24/1 will be glad they did.

Cherry’s current location is just a brief walk from its previous setup. It should be noted that both Cherry and the legendary Snow White Massage now operate out of this same united shop. The place has become a sort of center for PSE massage in Bangkok.

Cherry Massage in Bangkok

Cherry Massage doesn’t have the largest staff, but it does have a very good one. Not only are most of the women in the shop attractive,they all go above and beyond the standard of service you may expect elsewhere.

Those visitors who would like to know which gals do and do not do whatever it is they’re after will be happy to know that Cherry lists the services of each member of the staff right in the book next to their photos.

Jenny from Cherry Massage in Bangkok

Along with the standard oral and full service, quite a few offer A+ Greek action and all over tongue massages as a part of their regular repertoire. The book also lists the language skills of the women on staff for those who like to have a bit of a chat with their rub down.

What’s more, the number of pops customers receive at Cherry’s is totally up to them and their capabilities. That means if a customer books an hour, they get the full hour. If they can pop two or three times during that period, they’re more than welcome to do so.

cherry massage lady

This is not an occasional thing that occurs with certain women on staff but a stated policy of the shop. Many readers have written to express their concern over popping early and thus coming up short. At many massage parlors this can indeed be an issue. At Cherry, it isn’t.

Another great feature about Cherry Massage is that they are honest enough to include real photographs of the women on staff at their website alongside the more standard photoshopped fare. This is very refreshing, and it allows clients to get a real idea of who they will meet when they arrive.

Staff, service, and summary

With this level of service, one may expect the rates at Cherry Massage to be higher than other shops in the area. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. The prices at Cherry are actually lower than some other places around town.

A forty minute Thai or Oil Massage at Cherry runs only 1700 Baht ($50 USD). Lotion massages, longer massages and things like the addition of another lady are a little more. The increasingly popular nuru massage option is also available. The prices are all inclusive and no tips for the providers are required. Though obviously they are appreciated when given.

The wide array of pricing is all spelled out on their website. Well except for the rates on some more specialty services such as erotic massage for women and couples.

Those unwilling or unable to make the trip to Soi 24/1 on foot, by taxi or on the BTS skytrain (which stops nearby at Phrom Phong) will be happy to note that Cherry Massage also offers outcall. The rate for a two hour session is 3000 Baht ($88 USD) all inclusive, which again is quite reasonable.

Nana from Cherry Massage in Bangkok

While I can certainly understand the appeal of that option for some, I also understand showing up in person. After perusing the photobook and asking for a line up of the available staff, one can then take advantage of the rooms on the premises, which allow for a much needed cool down with new air conditioners, followed by a much desired heat up with mood lighting and mirrored walls (I am a sucker for the latter and always have been since the first time I watched myself go at it on a ceiling mirror many moons ago).

Combined with a very skilled staff with universal charms and warm personalities, this all adds up to something very special right in the heart of Bangkok.

When I visited Cherry Massage I met the shop’s proprietor Nadear in the lobby. I’m sure a few readers may already know her but this was my first encounter with this young lady. She incredibly kind and eager to please her customers. As a former masseuse herself, she knows what it takes.

This kind of customer service is meaningful in the sensual massage industry especially, and at Cherry, it extends to every part of the operations. It really makes the place stand out in the crowd. For that reason and everything else mentioned above, I give Cherry Massage a very solid four-and-a-half stars.

Reviews of Cherry Massage providers

Cherry Massage has been in operation for many years. I have been fortunate enough to visit the place several times over those years. In order to help paint a more complete picture of Cherry Massage I have produced the following reviews of Cherry Massage masseuses.

Some of these women have become rather famous in the local scene. At times they are reviewed more than once. When such local celebrities combine and work together it can create an entirely different experience.

Of course these are simply my views. They come with no warranties expressed or implied. I write for the entertainment of the readers and nothing more.

Review of Ice and May (4.5/5)

Those who have spent some time visiting massage parlors in Bangkok, especially in the Phrom Phong area, may already be familiar with one or even both of these ladies. Ice has been in the game for some time, honing her skills all along while not losing much at all in the looks department. May, who previously went by Mony, previously worked right up the street from Cherry. That the two have come together under one roof provides stupendous potential for those who value service above all else.

Lisa at Cherry Massage

It’s not difficult to book a two gal session involving these two ladies. Many time it would require nothing more than showing up and requesting it. Both Ice and May seem to be available most times. On the other hand, there’s a good chance one or both would be busy with a customer at any given time, so the prudent guy wanting a sure thing would probably book ahead.

Meeting May and Ice

May is still as exuberant as a young gal and has a warm smile that could light up a room. I believe Ice is a few years older than May but her looks have held up well. She has a good frame complimented by a very large rack that is either natural or one of the better tit jobs to have ever been performed. Her hooters offer much more than a handful and do not hang low.

Ann at Cherry Massage in Bangkok

Both May and Ice have been at this long enough to know how it goes and be comfortable in almost any situation. There’s probably not a lot that could shock either or even make them nervous. That can be a great thing for veterans and those to the scene alike.

What’s nice though is that neither of these ladies seems to have been hardened by their work at all. With years in, lots of experience, and a pair of implants to top it all off, May might still feign shyness when getting in the shower with a new customer before a sessions. That’s just one example of the kind of variation and novelty that can keep things lively. This may not sound like much, but I think it could help put new players at ease as well as keeping things interesting for those of us who have been around the block several (or several hundred) times.

The porn star experience

Ice tends to be more straight ahead and at times even aggressive (though certainly in a good way). She definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. This contrasts nicely against the slightly more modest and playful May. And that’s something else to note. While it’s not uncommon for certain ladies to be put off by working together, Ice and May seem happy to go at things as a team. They may a great combination not only because of their knowledge and experience but because Ice’s personality and way of doing things works perfectly with May’s.

There’s a lot of talk online and in numerous pubs and beer bars around the world about the “girlfriend experience” and “porn star experience.” One things for sure, it’s very unlikely to get a “GFE” when in a room together with the two ladies being mentioned here. But since that’s not why one would book the two together there’s no need to worry about that. What can accurately be called a “PSE” is not only possible with Ice and May working together, it is in fact very likely.

Ice operates like a gal out of the classic era of classic porn. Nicely put together, she’s an expert at everything a normal guy could want, and much of what a freak would like too. In the oral department she really shines, with an ability to go deep and stay there, or spin a guy around for a nice tongue bath from the back. She likes to take the lead and whenever she’s not somehow involved directly with her customer her hands and more will be all over any other lady in the room. When that lady is May this seems to really be the case.

I don’t think a good or even great session necessarily makes up a porn star experience. At least not in its original sense. With these ladies, the real deal is possible and no holes are barred.

Enjoying the work

Some ladies are clearly in the service industry for the money. This becomes most obvious when they are providing service in a mechanical or halfhearted way. That’s not to say I blame them. I could see how such work could take a lot out of a gal. Even those who don’t hate what they do can get worn out from time to time, just like any one of us. When a woman in this industry likes her job though, it’s definitely obvious. If May and Ice don’t like what they do then they both deserve Academy Awards.

With as much experience as they have, May and Ice could be forgiven for being a bit mechanical in their approach. Thankfully for their customers that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. While the standard around the world for commercial three person play (even at supposedly PSE places like Eden or Devil’s Den) seems to be a wipe with a towel in between interactions with each gal, that’s not the case with these two pros. This too may seem like a minor thing in the abstract, but those who’ve experience it know better.

As two lively ladies with a real talent for what they do, the tag team of Ice and May deserves a high score. They aren’t they hottest women in Bangkok in the looks department, but both are quite sexy in their own right. Ice’s big boobies are great and May’s sweet smile is too. When I consider the level of service they can provide as a team along with everything else, it seems only natural that they should get a solid four stars.

Finally I’d like to note something that should be self-evident, but is worth clarifying in any event. This post serves as a review of the services of Ice and May in the professional capacity. It is not a review of them as individual people. Such a thing would be wrong in my view, and even attempting it would be shameful. Each human being has their own worth and it needn’t be tied to any line of work.

Review of Yaya and Ploy (4/5)

Ploy is a twenty year old with a cute face and wry smile. While the photographs of her on the Cherry website are totally accurate in my experience they don’t capture everything including her bust which is bigger than it appears in the pictures I’ve seen. She does has a bit of post birth belly which resulted from her giving birth not long ago. This didn’t do too much of a number on her physically though it is worth a mention. She is affable but not the most eager woman working at Cherry let alone in the local industry generally.

Ploy at Cherry Massage in Bangkok Thailand

Yaya is also a twenty year old and I would say that she is actually a lot better looking than Ploy at least in my opinion. The pictures of her on the website don’t do her justice at all. Her face is much prettier in person than it appears in the shots I’ve seen and the pics can’t do her body justice either. She is one of the few massage providers I’ve seen in Thailand who looks immensely better than her photos in the shop. Usually it is the other way around with a healthy dose of Photoshop effects thrown in to make everyone look like a princess. As I’ve mentioned before Cherry Massage deserves credit for going out of their way to post doctored photographs whenever possible.

Yaya at Cherry Massage in Bangkok Thailand

The Cherry Massage website says that Yaya and Ploy are both 45 kilograms. Since Ploy is a little taller it would make sense that she would then appear to be thinner than Yaya. In reality Yaya is the one who appears to be thinner. This is probably a result of Ploy giving birth and while she is nowhere near large it again is something worth noting.

Ploy and Yaya at work

Ploy’s body is curvy and nice enough but Yaya’s body is great. She’s thinner and tighter than most oily massage parlor workers yet she has shape and curves in just the right place. Her bust is small but full and perky and she looks even better from the back. Her legs are long, smooth and proportioned well. She looks like the kind of sexy lady that used to be common in nearly every go go bar in the country back when the pastures were a little greener. I’d say that everything about her looks nice and the fact that you’re reading this review means that you probably are interested in what I think.

Yaya is also playful, active and willing to please. She is willing to deliver most of the standard services as well as plenty of extras. She gets an A plus for that reason. Ploy is also available for the same services in theory though to be honest she is decidedly less enthusiastic about performing them.

That’s not to say Ploy is all bad. She has a quirky personality that I’m sure many enjoy. She also does well in the cosmetic and hygiene departments. I spent significant time with her but I had no idea she was a cigarette smoker until I saw her having a puff outside of Cherry. She certainly isn’t a gal most guys would throw out of bed for eating crackers but I do find Yaya preferable.

All in all both Ploy and Yaya are a lot of fun. Yaya in particular seems to enjoy her work or at least is able to realistically act like she does. At the very least she seems very concerned that customers leave fully satisfied. That’s almost as refreshing as her appearance which as mentioned is nicer than one who has been around might expect. As a team I them four stars.

Review of Bell and Lisa (4/5)

Lisa is a beautiful young woman who has been at Cherry Massage for some time. Probably due to her looks she was busy every time I visited the shop for the first few months of her employment.

When I finally was able to meet her I was pleased to see that her face is just as pretty in person as it is in the pictures of her on the Cherry Massage website. This is refreshing since websites for Thai massage parlors usually post heavily edited pictures with lightened skin tones and photoshop-enabled bust enhancements.

Bell from Cherry Massage in Bangkok

Bell joined the staff at Cherry later. She also has a very pretty face and she’s one of the most jovial women I’ve ever met in a place like this.

To the shop’s credit Cherry posted a photo of Bell when she started that is about as accurate depiction as I have seen on any massage parlor website anywhere in the world. Early on her listed repertoire didn’t include A level service but today it does. One can only take this to mean that she is becoming more open as time goes on. I don’t believe she worked in a massage parlor before coming to Cherry but I could certainly be wrong about that.

Bell and Lisa are fun

Both Bell and Lisa are a lot of fun. Although Thailand is commonly called the “land of smiles” the actual act of smiling seems to get less common every time I visit the country. That’s especially true in Bangkok. Not so for Bell and Lisa. They are all smiles and they love to be playful, joke around and generally have a lot of fun. This makes for a great ice breaker and certainly helps customers to relax. That’s great since relaxation is after all the whole point of a massage.

There’s no point going into another description of the rooms, showers, prices and other details since I’ve already written a full review of Cherry Massage earlier this year. Suffice to say that all those things have stayed the same over the ensuing months. The only new thing besides the addition of Bell and some other gals is that the shop now offers a bonus card that gives customers a free massage after they’ve paid for ten.

In summary

There’s only so much that can be said about the service that the two ladies in question provide but then again there’s only so much that needs to be said. They are both very skilled where it counts and they are absolutely out to please. There’s no sense of hesitation and they seem open to almost anything. Together they form a great pair that knows how to take just the right kind of action when and where it counts. The fact that they both go at things at the same time rather than hanging out on the sidelines waiting for one another to finish is ideal.

While Lisa is indeed beautiful and young at age 20 I should note that she has had a child and she bears obvious signs of that. It doesn’t take away from things in my book but it is something to note. Bell is older and a little bigger than Lisa (though not big in a general sense by any means) but her body is perky and responsive. Neither would be thrown out of any sane guy’s bed for eating cookies.

I’ve always appreciated Cherry Massage for the level of service provided from the greeting in the lobby to the farewell on the way out. That’s what makes it stand out the most and Lisa and Bell only build on that and enhance it.

Lisa and Bell are both great gals who are a lot of fun. If they don’t enjoy their work they are great actors. Either that or they simply know what it means to make the most of it. Together or apart they know what they are doing and they should be able to leave any customer satisfied. I give their service a solid four stars. Again this isn’t a review of the women themselves as such a thing would be ridiculous. I’m simply giving their skills a rating in comparison to what else is out there.

Cherry Massage. 6/10 Suhkumvit Soi 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 022-604-576. Website:

155 thoughts on “Review: Cherry Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. hi ,
    i am going to pattaya and bangkok.i read your reviews and highly impressed.i just want to know that all girls are available in cherry massage which has shown on website.what is the price

    1. I saw everyone pictured on the website in the shop, plus another. Cost depends on the option you choose, but most are around 2000 Baht all-in. Cheers.

  2. hI

    Atfirst let me acknowledge you for your great reviews and feedbacks
    do cherry massage parlour do regular health check ups?can they show the latest certificate of the chosen girl if we demand.

    can i go for services if they dont have regular it safe.
    which lady is the per your suggestion.

    1. Thank you for the comment. My honest thoughts on potential clients who want to see things like health certificates for working women is that they should probably avoid the hands-on aspects of the sex industry all together. Leaving aside that certificates offer nothing more than a false sense of safety (they can be baseless, they can be faked, they can be wrong, they can be accurate to the date but rendered meaningless by events since the test), it seems to me that people with such worries would never be able to enjoy the services. Better to stick to things like hands and toys. These are much safer, though still not totally safe. Nothing is — even walking around — and we all have to die at some point. I’m not sure if Cherry maintains such records as I’ve never asked, there or anywhere else. Cheers.

  3. This is my first experience.So what you suggest one lady or two at a time.Also the time will be 2 hrs or 4 hrs in that case

    1. In my experience less is more. When you take two ladies, often one will let the other do most of the work. Sometimes the two of them start messing around and just having a laugh with each other. 2 girls will be the same time as 1. One hour.

  4. Lisa at Cherry Massage is amazing. She is playful, funny, incredibly sexy, and just all around amazing. One of the best experiences I have had in Bangkok at any massage parlor. Do yourself a favor, book her, have an amazing time and leave a nice tip.

  5. I was thinking Barney Stinson’s “The Playbook” was a myth till i landed on your website.
    i been never to thailand before.after reading all your reviews and details description of location. i think now i know most of the best places in BKK, Thanks for handpicking for us.
    I swear not to break the Bro code, and make sure i share your site as much as possible.

  6. Hello all. I am planning on going to Thailand in June. I was wondering if the full service was included in the price of the massage or if there is an extra fee one needs to pay on top of the hour or two. Any info helps!

    1. Full service is right around 2000 Baht. So if the shop price is at that level it would usually mean it’s all inclusive. If the shop price is 400 or 500 Baht, another 1500 would have to be given to the gal for full service. This applies to the oily massage parlors around town, not the large soapy massage complexes like Poseidon. Cheers.

    1. The usual flow at massage parlors in Bangkok is one shot in one hour, with more available in longer sessions. Some shops tend to offer multiple shots if it’s possible in the one hour time frame. Cherry is one of those. At other shops it may be available at the discretion of the gal, but not promised. Cheers.

  7. Hi!
    Your reports are WAY better than most others on the internet! Great work! And you have respect for the girls, which is very important to me. They are not even 1% less than every other person on earth, if not the opposite.

    This massage place (as is the Korean place pretty much next to it, with Great furnishings and very nice decor, and great service) sounds wonderful.
    but I still have a question.

    If I book a 60-120 minute session for 400-600 baht or so, and give the girl 1500 (plus tip if she is great) it includes evrythig? Also multiple pops (it does, you already answered that one) and A+ service if the girl is up for that? and if I would bring a costume for her to wear (new and clean) she will wear it you think?

    1. Hi Johan. Thanks a lot for the comment. I agree that the ladies are no lower than anyone else. In fact for me they are much higher than many. The prices are listed for massage only on the website but I believe most customers pay in one lump sum to the cashier when actually at the shop. The price of the massage plus 1500 would normally be inclusive of everything, including A level service for those who offer it. Your costume question has confounded me. To be honest I really have no idea. My first guess would be that it would be no problem, but I could certainly be wrong. There’s only one way to find out the answer really. Thanks again. Cheers.

  8. Hey Rockit,

    Just to echo everybody else, fantastic website, such a comprehensive overview and very informative.

    Off the back of the above report, Cherry’s is going to be my first stop in BKK.

    Can you confirm if the girls kiss and face sitting are apart of the full service? Kissing is off the menu in Europe but I have yet to delve in to the Asian market … Not long now though :)

    I’ll be sure to post a report following my visit.

    Kindest regards!

    1. Hi David. Thanks for the comment. I can’t confirm the services each and every provider will offer for an absolute certainty but I can say that those things are normally no problem. As I’ve written here Cherry is good in that it lists the services along with the stats of each provider in the book. The front desk staff is also great about answering any questions in advance. Cheers.

  9. Hi there,
    did you had Nuru massage there? how much did you have to pay for everything?
    do you think the masseuse will let us fuck her?

    any girl that you’d like to recommend to me? bcause i am planning to go there soon
    thanks a lot

    1. It’s a full service massage parlor. Total price is 1900 baht or more if special services are requested. I don’t make recommendations on this site. It’s for entertainment only. Most customers just ask to see who is available when they visit.

  10. hi there, for outcall massage, 2500 baht covers everything. any cut off time for outcall? or i can call for service at any time?

    on a side note. your site is one of the best that i have ever been to. the info that you have put in sure help out a lot.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Out call was available at the rates listed when this post was made. It would be best to contact Cherry directly for up to date info. They are good about replying to inquiries. Cheers.

  11. went to Cherry massage and took 2 hour package with BB. Got the 100B discount as well. It was wonderful experience. Must have been inside her A for 1 hour during my time. She is really into A level service. Does not like so much of rimming but BBBJ was good. Also not at all a time watcher. Must have come multiple times in that two hours – two she counted and 1-2 times she did not realize. Lots of fun. Will surely recommend her for folks who are not crazy about big jugs.

    1. BB gave treat service. Came 3 times in 2 hours and a lot was due to her. She swallowed my cum and gave good anal without batting an eyelid. Lovely slim body

  12. great website rockit!
    enjoyed reading over the reports on various establishments that you have visited.
    I will be making a 5-10 day trip to Bangkok in October (mainly going for the exotic fishing but don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill some fantasies).

    for someone who have never been to Thailand or really anywhere outside of the States, how easy is it to get around Bangkok without getting lost or distracted? should I bring my own condom or can i trust the quality provided on location? and for someone without any experience, do you think gogo bars, beer bars, freelancers, or parlors would be the best place for me start exploring and fulfill my sex fantasies.


    1. Hi Ken. I don’t advocate that people do anything. This site was created purely to entertain. So I don’t have any specific advice. Most first time visitors to Bangkok would stay around Sukhumvit which is easy to navigate as it is one long road with numbered roads lining it. Most condoms are as reliable as any you’d get in the US. There are many entertainment venues. They range much in quality, style and price. Different individuals have their own opinions on each. Oily massage parlors are probably the easiest and most straight forward. Cheers.

  13. Always outstanding posts, I agree with the others that your personal writing style and absolute respect for the girls is the best I’ve seen. Too many sites, although informative, treat the girls like disposable goods.

    My thoughts on some questions above:
    Kissing: I was shocked the first time a girl was forward with me and kissed me. At Annie’s and Akane, for example, all the girls seem to start off with a peck on the lips. dFK is almost always on offer. This is very NON Thai! If you want to really drive your girl crazy and get her to relax, sniff her neck. That is a Thai kiss, and in my experience it leads to very very good things.

    Condoms: they provide their own, are reliable but sometimes “industrial” strength with less sensation. Also – and I’m not particularly big – they can be small/tight. If you buy some locally they have the circumference listed on the package. Get the bigger ones, and most places the girls will use yours if they can inspect them first. And of course, the girls always put it on for you.

    Thanks again, this site Rocks It!

    And I plan to visit Cherry’s as soon as possible. Can’t believe I missed it when I was there in 2013.

  14. hi and thanks for the report. have tried cherrys twice since reading ur report and agree with every word. have been with Ice ( super pro) and Candy ( a bit on heavy side but omg best bbdtbj have ever received). thanks again!

  15. Hi there, i’ll visit Cherry this very soon, may i know your recommendation abt what time is the best for me to visit Cherry? And, which girl that you think can give the best service? Thanks

  16. I gave Cherry Massage on Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 24/1 a second shot last night. My first time there over a year ago was not particularly rewarding. But, ever the optimist and encouraged by the several rave reviews and overwhelming positive comments on the shop here, I decided to take a stroll down to the Phrom Phong area and see if my mind would be changed on this highly touted shop specifically and, frankly, the whole massage shop scene.

    Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

    Walking down Soi 24/1 at about 9:45PM, I noticed plenty of attractive young women sitting outside their massage shops, every one of them smiling and beckoning me to “come inside, I take care!” But I forged ahead to Cherry Massage, almost the last shop at the end of the Soi, because I understood it would probably be one of the best of its kind in the city, if not the entire country. Nobody was sitting outside of Cherry Massage. Again, ever the optimist, I figured the girls in this shop were so good at their job and, therefore, so busy, they were all inside their massage rooms making men happier than anyone could imagine. Or..maybe not.

    I took a look at the catalog and saw that BBBJ/CIM seemed to be universally available from the staff. Good for me. That was exactly what I was looking for this night. The mamasan/cashier was very friendly and smiley. Don’t remember if this was the same lady behind the counter on my previous trip. No line up was offered, only the catalog. I knew there were several girls on duty because I could hear them chatting to one another in that resting on the other side of the wall behind the cashier area. But, no matter, because the mamasan/cashier knew exactly who I should be with tonight and, according to her, I need not bother turning another page of the catalog; their reigning Super Star at BBBJ/CIM, a young lady I will call “Sweetie” for the purposes of this post. That is not her name as it appears in their catalog and website. This is not going to be a positive review, therefore I don’t like to identify by name a girl who apparently is thought of quite highly by the establishment, has apparently made other customers very happy in the past and, in fact, has been praised in at least one of the Cherry Massage reviews/comment threads on this site. Maybe this was a bad night for her…a bad night for me…a combination of the two, whatever. And I don’t want to have this bad experience sitting on the Internet for a long time as though it exemplified her usual massage shop service level.

    So, I look again at the catalog for “Sweetie’s” entry. Very fetching. I could certainly go for a Super Star BBBJ/CIM lady who looked like that. Except…that catalog pic was taken many…many kilos ago. The mamasan called out for Sweetie, she walked around to the lobby area and the woman standing before me, big appreciative smile on her face for having been “chosen” by me, was a really hefty lady. I don’t mean in a cute, cherubic way. I mean in a really, big, fat woman way. Holy mackerel. She looked absolutely nothing like the pic in the catalog. I mean, I could sorta-kinda tell it was the same woman from certain facial features. But that catalog pic was more misleading than any such collection of massage shop pics I have ever seen in my limited massage shop experiences (about a dozen visits to various shops). What to do now. Well…ever the optimist…I kept smiling and introduced myself to her, she to me and off we went to one of their private rooms with shower.

    Sweetie kept talking about her weight, how she can not resist eating food… That was not helping matters. In the shower, which I’d say was the only really sensual part of the experience, fleeting as it was, she asked me what I wanted to do, what I wanted her to do and so on. I told her I’d like to touch and kiss her all over and then for her to give me a BBBJ/CIM. I included the touching and kissing of her because, for one thing, I do like to feel that kind of closeness with a lady before we engage in the end game for me. And I felt it would be especially important for me to do that with this girl in order to personalize her and for me to feel more comfortable with her beyond her being merely this very large hefty woman about to take my penis into her mouth. However, she made it clear in no uncertain terms that my touching and kissing her all over was NOT on the agenda, not tonight, not with this lady, not from me, no way, no how. After all, she said, she is there to do her “job” for me. hmm…ok. So much for the previous pitch about the girls here aiming to please without hesitation and all of that. After the wildly misleading catalog pic, is that strike one or two already Sweetie on this trip to Cherry Massage? Not sure.

    I tried to just push it out of my mind and get into the spirit of Sweetie only being there to do her “job”, a point she mentioned several times over the next few minutes. Ok, I get it, honey. This is your “job”. After I stepped out of the shower to dry off, she asked me if I like music. I suppose she asked because I had started playing, very, very softly, some quiet jazz on my smartphone to add some much needed relaxing ambiance and she wanted me to know the kind of music she liked instead. She asked me what was that program I was playing on my phone. So when I was laying on the bed while she was drying off, I turned my phone screen to her to show her the program and that was another time she waved it off (but she brought it up…) and reminded me it was now time for her to do her “job”. Sorry to distract you by answering your own question, Sweetie. Ok, back to your “job”.

    I wasn’t laying on my stomach just so for her faux massage so she slapped my leg and pointed to me and the bed to get right with the world. Within about 2 minutes, she began to tongue my backside, which was not one of the things I said I wanted because I honestly don’t like it very much…but apparently it was one of the things she wanted, so who am I to contradict her while on the “job”? A mere customer, I guess. And not a very influential one at the moment.

    Not getting the expected response she wanted from the relatively mild ass-licking, I suppose, she ordered me to flip over so she could get on with it before we hit the opening 10 minute mark (I had booked a 1 hour session). What followed was ok at best oral attention on my package but with the kind of by-rote, mechanical, uninspired, hurry-hurry, robotic tongue and lip action one sometimes gets from the worst BBBJ service providers in the business.

    I took a big chance in garnering her wrath by daring to suggest a better position for this procedure. I’m not really a lie-flat-on-your-back and get a bj guy, which is one of the reasons I’ve never been too high on the massage shop scene, I guess. So, how about if I sit in that chair, you kneel or sit on this pillow on the floor and we try it that way. Oh well, ok. Then, her secret Super Star move, on that first full stroke in our new position, was to surreptitiously sneek a big swig of ICE WATER she had sitting next to the side table and immediately engulf my penis, balls deep, into the kind of shocking ICE WATER experience I have never associated with a warm and loving bj in my life. Yes, yes, I realize there are or were places in Thailand that specialized in the ICE WATER bj routine. But I didn’t go to one of those places on this night. And, yes, I realize there are guys who just love the feeling of their dick being plunged fully into ICE WATER as well as guys who like rimming, fingers up the butt, and hanging by a noose while whacking off…but none of those things were on my stated “to do” list at Cherry Massage with my Sweetie. In fact, only two things were on my “to do” list, as I replied to Sweetie’s question about it in the shower, and Sweetie was quite clear that only one of two things would be allowed.

    Unfortunately, my penile reaction to being plunged into ICE WATER is something I don’t think is all that different from the reaction of many…li’l smoothie immediately retreated and went into hiding to save his life from frost bite. Sweetie’s reaction to that was no surprise; a grunt of disapproval, pointing back to the bed for me to get back where I belonged (as if that had anything to do with it..?). I told her I am sorry but that is my normal reaction to plunging li’l smoothie balls deep into ICE WATER. Her next and, thank god, final go at it was to smack li’l smoothie for not responding well to the balls deep ICE WATER plunge. Yes, you read that right. She smacked it with her hand. I mean a genuine hit with her hand. Are massage shop guys really into this kind of treatment?

    Well, I was done. No, I don’t mean I finished in any pleasurable way. That would have been impossible, all things considered; the extremely hefty Super Star, the “just doing my job” attitude, the denial of my so much as touching her body or kissing any part of it, the balls deep ICE WATER plunge, the smacking around of my dick in order to, I guess, get it in line and all of that. I just smiled and said, “Sweetie, this just isn’t working for me. I will shower and go now.” That really upset her. Why, I have no idea. I mean, either that was the goal all along or this was one of the clumsiest, least professional, most cynical and impersonal massage shop encounters I hope I ever have in my lifetime.

    Less than 25 minutes from the time we ascended those stairs I returned to the mamasan/cashier to pay my bill, 1900b. The mamasan/cashier smiled and asked if I was ok. I said sure I’m ok. Seriously, what else could have been said about this experience since it was the mamasan/cashier’s judgement that their Super Star BBBJ/CIM lady was exactly what I ought to know about Cherry Massage? “No, actually, it was a pretty fucked up time”? Not my style actually. Clearly this place and that Super Star are highly regarded by those who are really into the massage shop scene. I guess I am just not that guy and there was no value in it for me to tell the mamasan/cashier her and Cherry Massage’s idea of a Super Star BBBJ/CIM lady for 1900b would not last 5 minutes at any one of a half dozen BJ Bars in the area for only 700b.

    Just My Humble Opinion, of course.

  17. Hi shelley. I’d rather not mention her by her working name for the reasons I stated above. But she has been mentioned (and praised) in at least one of the (3?) reviews and comments threads here for Cherry Massage or the girls working there. I would say if the girl you choose either from the catalog or in a line-up, should a line-up be offered to you (it wasn’t offered to me, perhaps because I don’t know if this girl would be chosen very often from a line-up), is dramatically heavier than she was in her photo, there is a very good chance that is the girl I had.

    That said, it is always possible it was that she and I were a bad combination, that her style and mine clashed too much, that the, to my mind, my rather ordinary and customary expectations were simply not on her agenda this night. Although I don’t believe that ought to be the case very often in a play-for-pay experience. I mean, isn’t it the girl’s mission not to clash with her customer at almost every turn?

    I guess the lesson or reminder to me in this case was that in the Thailand in which I live everything is up for negotiation, especially in the play-for-pay world, even when you don’t think it would be up for negotiation, even if you see something listed on a menu along with a price as though no negotiation is necessary. If I were ever to darken Cherry Massage’s doors again (which is highly doubtful after two disastrous visits out of two total visits with two different girls over the past year or so), I would then be compelled to negotiate NOT to have my dick and balls plunged into ICE WATER at the beginning of a bj, NOT to have my dick and balls smacked with an open hand when it does not respond as she wishes by the girl after that ICE WATER plunge, NOT to have my request to touch and kiss the girl’s body for starters to be denied and so on. Maybe if I’d offered “Sweetie” an additional 500b-1000b in the room, her “no touch, no kiss the body” restrictions would have loosened up and her attitude and performance level would have improved greatly, don’t know.

    1. YMMV but in my experience I managed to kiss almost all the girls except for few who didn’t didn’t do FK and touching pussy was not allowed sometimes but this was soon solved by using a condom on a finger. Cheers!

  18. Hi man, I have a question: what if all I want is HJ/BJ or TJ? Would the price be the same as the full service? And what if an early popping happens?


    1. On top of the house fee the rate for hand service at oilies is usually 500 Baht and the rate for mouth service is 1000. Full service is 1500. This is pretty much standard across the industry. Only the house fee changes. Cheers.

  19. I hosted Bell for an overnight outcall late last year and she was fantastic. Everything covered although she did BBBJ without CIM. That was fine, because I can get CIM elsewhere. She was also my first A+ gal, and the look in her face when I asked for it was priceless. Quick reveal of lube from her magic kit bag and before I knew it I was six inches deep and on my way to Greek pleasure. Nothing GFE about her although she was enthusiastic and attentive – when I woke up, jet lagged, at 3am she had no problem getting in the mood. I wouldn’t have taken her out for a night in the town (basic hooker chic) and she snored, but otherwise, I was very very pleased.

  20. I have recently visited the place smitten by rave reviews. Had a similar welcome like smoothie with cherry message being the only empty parlor in the street. But the thing that surprised me is that, as I have understood, the price for regular Nuru massage was 800 baht (as stated in the price list) but I was explained that 800 was only for room rent, where you have to pay additionaly 1000 baht for the girl. Which comes to 1800 baht in total for regular nuru with a HJ while full service was 2300?! Have I missed something?

  21. Intrigued by the idea upfront catalog listings of menu options for each girl, I headed to Cherry yesterday after being disappointed by my first oily massage parlor experience the day before over on Soi 33. The ladies out front of Cherry didn’t particularly inspire me, and in fact made me forget why I came to the street in the first place. There were cuties outside of several neighboring houses and I’m not sure why I entered the one that I did. I probably just succumbed to the loudest touts. Half a dozen girls on offer, only a couple were a little thicker than I’d like, and one was way too skinny. I asked the Mamasan to recommend one, and she chose the second skinniest girl. I just decided to trust her, though I didn’t have high expectations.

    Demure, mellow, and quiet, she spoke very little English, and was skinnier than I prefer, but had an innocence that definitely appealed to me. And with her long frame and white skin, she looked like some of the waitresses and classy Univesity girls that I see around and would jump at the chance for. The recommendation proved good. Even though I’d just popped at Kasalong, she was able to get me hard with some skillful light stroking. The best thing about this girl was the innocent little look she shot me before going down on me bareback. Her oral skills were very good, I’d say a 9 on a scale of 10, but that look she gave me was just fantastic. She gave me similar looks a few of the times we transitioned to something else, each time it was like “Okay, I know what you want. It’s naughty, and we really shouldn’t but I think I want to. I think I’m gonna like it.” One time I put her in a new position and she respomded with her innocent look of suprise and excitement, almost Iike she had never done it before but was sure it was going to feel really good. For better or worse, It was actually like making love. She really seemed to enjoy the boom-boom; I certainly did. Afterwards, as I got up, she let out this deeply satisfied sigh and soft crooked smile like she was in heaven and she wasn’t ready to move just yet. All I can say is that this is one talented actress, she really made me believe, ya know? But she also had a very stinky clam, just to remind that she was a dirty little wench, and I dare say the combination worked for me! With that, the disappointments of my earlier mediocore adventures in Sex City were of the “all’s well that end’s well” variety. On the way out, I asked her how old she was and she lit up like a Christmas tree, beaming “Twenty!” But still such a vaneer of innocence.

    I woke up the next morning (today) with an erection thinking of her, and went back to find her again. On my first pass, I was told she was not in for work yet. I tried again a couple hours later, and she was with a customer for the next hour or so. What a damn hooker! I said I’d be better off going with another girl, but that I liked her because she was such a good actress. The mamasan suggested someone else, who I didn’t find attractive, but assured me”All the girls here will make you just as happy! If not, you come downstairs afterward and take back all your money!” Think of that: take your pick of all this pussy, with a money-back guarantee! Instead of taking her suggestion, I asked her to call the girls in from outside. Only 3 of the 5 came in, as the two cutest ones (much cuter than any of the selection from the day before) were already booked. I selected one slightly older with a stunning round ass and a fit, hot body like a stripper.

    This girl was 25, and total extrovert and a ton of fun. It’s a stretch to say that she was the best lay of my life, but not by much. Especially for a girl I was only with once for a single pop. But in some ways, she was the best. So sexual, and so hot. She finished twice before I did, and either she was another great actress or she has found her calling in this life. Now, my only problem is the old familiar one: not enough money! Never enough money!

    I’m a visual person. Bad with names, I still don’t know the name of the place, or the names of the girls. But it’s a roll of the dice out there, guys. Life is like a box of chocolates, I guess. You just never know.

  22. […The mamasan suggested someone else, who I didn’t find attractive, but assured me”All the girls here will make you just as happy! If not, you come downstairs afterward and take back all your money!”

    …I’m a visual person. Bad with names, I still don’t know the name of the place, or the names of the girls. But it’s a roll of the dice out there, guys. Life is like a box of chocolates, I guess. You just never know.]

    Thanks for the report, Marcus, but I just wanted to ask for clarification; this isn’t a report on your experiences at Cherry Massage but at some other massage shop nearby or next door to Cherry Massage, the name of which you don’t remember?

    Sounds like a great place, wherever it is! And, based on my personal experiences at almost every massage shop I’ve ever visited (admittedly wildly different from most reports on this and other sites), that “money back” guarantee might be the only thing to bring me back to another. lol. If you wake up in the middle of the night sometime with the name of that massage shop popping back into your mind, please do post it here. ;)

  23. I had a nice time (2h) at Cherry Massage last night.

    I came early and only 3 girls were available so I choose one. Good choice I must say.
    She gave me a good massage (full body ;-)) and her attitude was excellent. If these girls don’t enjoy at their “job”
    they are hell of an actresses. No pressure or watching at the clock.

    After 2h of pleasure I left very happy, and while exiting I heard some more pleasure sounds from other rooms.
    While I was exiting there have been at least 5 new girls in front of the establishment.

    The one thing I didn’t like was doors if you can call them that(plastic sliders).

    I recomend this place to everybody.

  24. I must have bad luck traveling in Thailand. After found out one of the massage parlor that I decided to go was closed, my second choice was Cherry. Walking by there are few shops next to it and few has cute girls sitting, but I told myself I want a good service. So I went inside Cherry, cashier asked me if I wanted full service or just massage only. I said I want Bell, but she is not working today. She called out Ammi, I immediate rejected the offer and ask for someone else. I requested girl with good bj skills. Then a lady called Mon was shown to me and insisit offers good services.
    The room is standard and kind of old, I actual take a pic and it is better than other room like akane and kasalong. Moving forward, I told her I like good bj, and she did provided nonstop 20mins pretty good bj until she got tired. So what is the bad luck part? Well this is my third time that the provider has scar across her belly.

    Rock it, you had mentioned Lisa who worked in Cherry shown sight of had a child before. Do you means she has a scar too? It is a turn off for me and barely able to cum. I spent other 1 hr just chatting with her on the bed. Overall not a bad experience but those scars really stopping me order the full service.

    1. I had a similar experience in Seoul. This bj bar girl who was almost a 9 and I saw her twice. I didn’t notice the scar on her chest until the 2nd time. I was glad I still managed to cum but I got turned off from the scar and she told me she had a heart surgery and had to pay for her debt etc. Well, you will have to adjust to each girl if you see more than once because you will find more faults in her than before. For this I rarely see any girl more than twice no matter how good or beautiful she is. Cheers!!

  25. After such a nice review I decided to go and experience the place today.
    3 girls were available, very pretty, did my choice and went to the room. Indeed the room is very small and the main problem remain the door, just a plastic net so privacy is not great and we can easily hear the other rooms activity.. As for others I won’t mention the name of the girl but after a chat with her she told me that she’s quite new, 1 month on the spot. She was very pretty, nice body, smiley, attentive, cute and friendly. Very limited English but enough for a basic chat. But my surprise started after the shower. I booked for 90 minutes oil massage and she started straight away with a BJ, great I must say, without any introduction or massage! After we done I asked her what’s next, then she said massage. However it was obvious that she almost never did any massage before and doesn’t even know what it is. Then after 15 minutes she stopped without even using oil and told me that she doesn’t know how to do it, then she laid next to me and wanted to chat! So we did and after 15 minutes we went for a second round.
    All in one the girl was very nice and cute, but it seems that nobody told her that before ‘special’ this place provide massage, even if I know that such places are not really focusing on the massage skills of their staff (except Thonglor 2 that provide real and good massage before any special). So overall experience is ok, the girl was good but a bit strange feeling anyway..

    1. Thanks for the report. Many of the women working in oilies get straight to the action as that seems to be what most customers want. Cheers.

  26. I visited the place about a monh and half ago. Tried to get Bell first but she had just quit and had to send few emails until got the booking for Game. They were very helpful in arrangements.

    So, when I arrived I was a little surprised Game didn’t look quite as good as at their website pics. However, after getting there I didn’t want to give up so I paid for 90 mins.

    After shower I laid on my back so she understood I wanted to start with the extra services. After some nuru she slowly focused more on my not-so-big cock giving it pretty good oral attention. After a short while I wanted to get up on my knees to facefuck her. I quickly got really hard and almost blew my load into her mouth which would have ruined my experience as I knew I could only cum once during my session. So, she hooded my cock and we started doggy. She was wet by now and I was horny as hell. She also had a little hair on her small pussy which I prefer over full natural or fully trimmed.

    Anyway, with a proper amount of acted moaning and a super tight pussy I almost came after only a couple minutes of pumping so I decided to switch to missionary. That however wasn’t so good probably cause I’m so much taller than she, so we switched back to doggy. Then after a couple minutes in doggy her tight and wet pussy was too much for me to bear so I came hard into the condom. After pulling my softening dick out of her I took off the rubber and gave it to this lovely, smiling and friendly girl to be disposed.

    Then she gave me a pretty nice and relaxing massage after which we took another shower together. All and all I was pretty happy with her and thought an extra 500 THB was in order.

    The room was in ok condition as well as the shower. The nice thing I especially liked was the dimmable light.

    So I could recommend Game and might well see her again! Thinking of a meeting with BB in September, maybe I will even try A+ with her for the first time in my life!

  27. Rockit,

    Thanks for the website. I’m heading to Bangkok in 2 weeks and I’ve read every report you’ve written. This one stands out and made me decide to make Cherry my first stop.

    One of the things that stands out about this report (perhaps because it is uncommon in Bangkok?) is multiple pops. Have you considered a post on multiple pops and the massage parlors that offer it? Or is Cherry the only one you know of where it is the stated policy of the shop?

    1. I don’t know if any place guarantees it, but it’s a fairly regular practice at Bongkot, Mango, Bamboo and with longer sessions Mitu.

  28. i visited cherry around 2013, at that time the star of cherry massage is Ploy and i believe not much of you know her. As she told me she was gonna work for another half year then she will open her own bakery or boutique. i booked her for a 9pm appointment and was on my way to cherry on 7pm , and i was quite unlucky that my phone battery that saved the map of cherry is dead. but i roughly remember the street . I search the premise on foot and asked for direction from the locals but they are quite helpful but all the direction they given me is the direct opposite to my destination . After 3 hours of long tracking i was ready to give up as my leg is all bruised up from the walking . My last stop was at a 7-11 shop buying refreshment and i have developed a habit of asking anyone i came across cherry massage man yu tee nai kap(where is cherry massage ) and he just said is right behind this building . That direction is also the BTS station and so i say fuck it , its on the way . When i reached cherry , i was sooo happy words could not describe it . When i reach cherry i told the dude on the counter sorry im late and told my appointment, and Ploy suddenly hug me from behind and say you are lateeee. After that she bring me to a room , and she even notice my bruised leg and brought some first aid with her . After washing up she process to swallow my schlong whole. Im used to not getting CIM and told her i was going to cum but was supprised she picked up the speed and let me CIM . Blisss. After that she asked me wanna A+ or not. As i dunno what is A+ but dont wanna appear like a newbie i said yes. She make me felt like a pornstar.I came like two times during her A+. After the hour she hug me and say good bye to me . I slid 500 bath in her bra and she kiss me and said thank you darling .
    pardon my language as this is my first time writing an FR and english is not my
    boobs 6/10
    bj 7/10
    fj 10/10 porn star possition !!!

  29. Hi, for the benefit of others I thought I’d provide my own feedback on cherry massage. Unfortunately I’m somewhat underwhelmed by the experience.

    I went with one of the ladies featured in one of the reviews and was taken to a tiny scruffy room which resembled a child’s bedroom. After a very perfunctory shower it was down to business – after very little flirting or foreplay I didn’t feel very relaxed. The oil massage was ok and as good as I expected. BJ was average and not deep and no cim. I didn’t want to go the whole way because I was suspicious that she kept wiping herself. When she was in the shower I had a quick look at the discarded tissues and there was blood. I’m glad I only booked an hour as any longer then I would have left early.

    Was really looking forward to this but left disappointed. Even if it were not for the bleeding I still would have been disappointed as it was all a bit robotic. I am in my early 30s, in good shape and friendly so it’s not even as if I was a bad customer. Maybe it was just an off day but I won’t go back. Despite this, well done on the blogs as I have found them useful!

    1. Thanks for the report. Any women who is not fit should probably not be providing services but one can understand why they would try it if they rely on the income to live. That may be a strong motivation for working in a BJ since it only requires a mouth and those aren’t out of commission for one week a month. Cheers.

  30. I am planning to visit cherry tonight; last review is quiet upsetting. Can anyone suggest me if I should move to cherry or search something else. I was quest happy seeing previous reviews

  31. Hi rockit,

    First time I was a such detailed reviews & most importantly it’s getting updated with time unlike others where blogs/threads become dead after few initial entries. Thanks to you & you time.

    Now coming to the actual point, I’m travelling BKK in end of next Feb. As per my views of MPs till now Cherry looks good for a starter like me. So I’d like to know if Cherry’s website is updated with all latest girls. I’m asking this bcoz in the replies above read Lisa has already quit whereas she is still listed in their website. Could you please give me a confirmation on this.
    Next point is will they be able to provide the complete list of girls with pics if asked over mail.

    Lastly for a first timer like me what things would you suggest to look after while going for services.

    Best Regards.

    1. I don’t make suggestions or recommendations. This website is only intended as entertainment. In my experience Cherry keeps their website up to date which is something that most other oily massage parlors in Bangkok cannot say. In fact most don’t have websites at all. Cherry replies to emails but I don’t know that any place would email a staff list complete with photographs to anyone. Cheers.

  32. Thanks for the quick reply. Could you please suggest me the next options which offers multi-pop & A+ service.
    Also is kiss & touch allowed at Cherry’s ?

    1. Each service provider decides whether or not they want to kiss any customer. I have never heard of a rule that every woman must kiss every man at a massage parlor. Similarly I have never heard of an oily massage parlor that didn’t allow touching. It wouldn’t make much sense, would it? Cheers.

  33. i visited Cheery Massage 3 times last week. Each time was great. 2x with Lisa and once with Focus. Both outstanding service incl. A +, kissing, lot of touching everywhere, BBBJ, CIM, full PSE. Can highly recommend this place. Also did outcall overnight with Kita who was equally amazing and a real sweetheart who held me tight all night in my hotel room. She showed up at )pm and left at 8 am, 3 shots , 4k BHT. not all girls at Cherry will go overnight but if you ask mamasan, she’ll inform you who will. Great place.
    Also worth a mention is a new place on Soi 22, ‘Miss BJ’s’, just discovered it today and have beautiful ladies, good rooms, and prices are 1500 for 30 minutes/ 2000 60 minutes Full Service, they’ve only been open about a week I heard.

    1. I have been with 2, 3 and even 4 girls at a time. There are reviews of duos working at the place under review here on this site. Cheers.

  34. Scruffy and dirty little joint. Only one girl when I visited. Rooms appallingly dirty and run down. Nuru was pleasant and bbbj nice. Only one pop allowed. Not recommended.

    1. As far as I know customers are given the full amount of time they book at Cherry and allowed to pop as many times as they can in that period.

  35. Wishing you the best Rockit
    Your reviews have been amazingly accurate, and today it takes away the uncertainties of finding the right place for someone whoo has only one or two days to spend in Thailand
    My Dec 22-23 December was in one “an incredible” experience having followed your notes on Soms Haven, then Magic Table later that night. Brilliant and unmatched in the sense of satisfaction/value for money!
    Then before I left I popped into Cherry massage around 10.30 in the morning to a warm reception and a brilliant Pinky who made me wish I had another day to spend there.
    Thanks a million for the trouble you take to guide one to the best watering holes!

  36. Hey rockit, what’s included in the 450-baht oily package? I mean, regular ‘extra’ services such as bath/shower, touch, etc.? Thank you

    1. Nothing but a massage is included in that package. As I have written before oily massage parlors charge a house fee of 400-600 Baht. Customers must pay more on top of that for additional services like oral or full service. The usual additional fee for full service is 1000 Baht. Cheers.

  37. I’ve been living in Bangkok for about 3 months now. I’ve been to Cherry around 6 times. Of all the places I’ve tried, Cherry continues to be my favorite.


    The rooms are not as nice as some other places (but they are well within Bangkok standards).
    More than once I’ve dropped in and there were either very few, or no ladies available.


    The 2 hour rate is reasonable and below average.
    I’ve never had a bad experience, and each time I’ve gone its been with a different lady. The women want to please. I’ve popped 3 times and had ladies try to get me to go again. They just keep saying, “I want you to be happy.”
    Yes, YMMV, but smile, charm, and charisma go a very long way in Thailand.

    Because of the recent issues I’ve had with lady availability, I only book appointments now. They’re quick to answer emails. During business hours, I think they’ve always responded in under an hour.

    The fact that they’re always so busy lately also says something about the level of customer service.

    Cherry is top notch. I haven’t found a place that can match it.

    1. Hey, thx guy for the recom, Kita is a sweetheart. He doesnt speak well english but he is the first.
      I go there when I am in bangkok and I know Pinky, Yaya, BB and now Kita but if I can make a list from the top:1. Kita, 2. Pinky, 3. BB and 4. Yaya. The place is really special compared to other in bangkok even in the South-East Asia.
      A request to someone who knows the owner: add more mirrors and put good doors.

  38. Thank you for your review.
    I when to Cherry massage and I enjoyed it. BB is a lovely lady. She know what to do and try all to make you happy.

    1. I don’t understand the question. Full service is usually covered at most massage parlors if that’s what you’re asking. Cheers.

  39. Just got back from a session at Cherry. I arrived at 3 PM and asked to see a lineup. 5 women on staff, and I picked the one who struck my fancy: Nutty (NAHtee), who looks quite a lot like her photos. I just wanted to say that multiple ejaculations are not only permitted or encouraged, with her they were downright *mandatory*. I’m a one-orgasm guy, normally, and I’m fine with that, but Nutty wasn’t going to let me go without milking another one out of me. And milk she did. Her skills and enthusiasm are incredible.
    I also got the impression than anal was on the menu without a surcharge (though I didn’t sample her charms, alas.) That surprised me: other shops offer it for an extra 500-1000THB. One more reason Cherry Massage is outstanding.
    90 minutes for 2100 + 300 tip. Worth every penny. 5 stars.

    1. Thanks for the report. A few oily massage parlors in Bangkok have a surcharge for A level service but that is not standard. In the past it didn’t exist at all. Places like Cherry still follow the original model by not charging for it though it is only offered by some service providers. Others don’t do it at all. Cheers.

  40. First i would like to thank Rockit reports for all the help. I would say the review written is 100% true. This is one of the best place to get your sexual fantasies fulfilled. Here is my experience.

    I visited cherry 2 times and chose same girl – Bovi. I must say she is very cute and looks more beautiful than in pictures. Had GFE and PSE at the same time. She is very friendly and ready to try everything with a smile to please you. Only thing i did not try with her was A+ service as I am much into foreplay and less into Vaginal or Anal sex. BBBJ, CIM and Multishot was provided as advertised. Treat this lady good guys and she will make you very happy. For the record my visit dates were 24th and 26th June 16. As for the bookings, Nadear from Cherry was very quick to respond to all emails. I will keep visiting this place whenever i am in Bangkok.

  41. I was in BKK last week. I booked BB in my hotel room. First time with a Cherry lady, I m usually a ‘Bamboo’ fan. BB was early. She is slim, really cute. We started straight in the shower, DFK BBBJ ,deep throat …and move to the bed. And starts the fun, CIM, multiple shots, A+ …I was even surprise how it cames early ..after few minutes in her pussy, BB was requested ” fuck ass” ….ok.let’s go !!!
    I spent 2 great hours, she is not time watcher, and she is almost open to everything

  42. Hi, not sure if this is just me being blind but where are you guys seeing the pictures of the girls? I don’t see any pics on their website. Thanks for all the reports btw!

    1. Looks like they recently changed the website. That sort of thing happens a lot often because it is strongly suggested to them by people with power. Many places don’t even have websites and that is one of the reasons. Cheers.

  43. I booked a cherry girl yesterday by email for my next trip in august.
    See what I received from Nadear

    “…..(the website is just reduced available at the moment because of the current development )….”
    It seems maybe ‘Cherry’ was a bit scary with the recent political event. All internet – twitter, google+, seem to be frozen, ….only the website is working but no pictures.

  44. Hello. I have a new trip in BKK, and I wonder If someone can tell me how is Yok ??? BBBJ, CIM, RIM , touching ….what is on the menu . ?? Thanks

  45. Hey man,

    just wanted to say that your reviews are awesome and so helpful.

    I saw that cherry offers services llke rimming and im quite into those stuff ;) Do you know if they provide rimming for the 1000 baht package which includes the HJ (with no full service) because im more into rimming than FS

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  46. For the prices quoted on cherry’s website for the massage (thai/oil/etc) … those are the prices for the massage only right? You are expected to tip for FS / etc ontop of it, correct? What is a general amt people tip or is that discussed on a per girl basis? A bit new to the scene and would like more info.

    1. Websites and menus change all the time for various reasons including avoidance of trouble. As a general rule a full service massage at an oily massage parlor in Bangkok is around 2000 Baht. If a menu quotes a price of 1900 or 2100 Baht that is all inclusive. If a menu says 400 or 500 Baht an additional 1000 Baht tip would be expected for the service provider. Cheers.

    2. So say cherry’s website for example, 2 hours 800 baht so a 1500B tip goes ontop of that for FS (you said 1500 on your fourm post, but 1000 on your reply not to sure which is right). But they have a 2 hours outcall 2700 baht .. so for that one the only thing left to pay would be a 200/300 tip if the girl is good?

    3. The standard tip for full service at an oily massage parlor is 1000. That’s on top of whatever the house charges. Normally the total price is around 1500. Sometimes it’s 1400. Sometimes it’s 1600. For sessions that go longer than the normal hour guys usually give a higher tip. Of course the house fee is higher too. Outcall is usually double the in house rate. This is all general. Things can change from place to place and time to time. This website is only for entertainment. It’s not a guide to life. Cheers.

  47. No post for a while …so here is a short update
    I was in bkk last week, and gave few tries to Cherry (i m usually Bamboo customer)
    Tried BB (not the same BB than 3 years ago) , New, Sana and Focus. 4 goods GFE.
    Anal , rimming, BBBJ , mutiples shots, …well all these ladays were perfects. No time watchers. the shop is clean.
    my favorite was maybe Focus. good english, really good anal.

  48. I met her first time, 3-4 years ago. she told me she stopped working for 18 months, she had a boyfriend from Dubai. she went there and really improved her english.
    she came back in April, and back to cherry.
    depends when you’ve been there, it could be the same.
    she is a really sweet and fun lady.
    BB is really good to, but not the same BB working there 3 years ago…

  49. Yesterday I been to cherry shop ,the lady I was with her named is” Focus ” beautiful lady,
    nicebody,professional,good skills massage ,speaking very good English,care everything about me,good attitude .I have a good time and very enjoyed the time with Focus.
    Focus she is amazing girl !!

  50. I heard people are talking about cherry massage for a long time ,on 29th November I decided go to had a massage 10 girls are available at the shop , I took one lady her named is “Focus” her photos on the website look weird but originally at the shop very different!! I like her very much she is sexy and beautiful and her bodies are beautiful. I pay for 90min. she made me cum for 4 time very professional , Focus not only do sex but she can gave me very good massage ,her English very good,she is sweet girl and Funny I would like to sharing my experience with Focus she is the best girl I hadn’t met before. comfortable,relaxed,enjoyed,nice time,good experience with A+ that all how I felt when I was with Focus.
    Thanks cherry massage for bring me here to know ” Focus ” I like how she works.

  51. Well, since I’m in Thailand during this pandemic, I guess I have the duty to do some field research for everyone else. I went to Cherry last week, and was greeted by a slim tanned girl who brought me inside, and first tried to hand me off to another girl (I guess it was her turn). The other girl was a bit heavy for my liking so I asked to see the whole lineup. She brought out 2 more girls who were similarly a bit on the heavier side. They weren’t fat by any means, but I like my girls on the slimmer side.

    Anyhow, I asked the host if I could go with her, and she happily agreed. As we went upstairs I learned she was actually the famous “Focus” that has been mentioned in several posts above.

    Her service was excellent, she started with a shower and massage, and when it was time for the main event she immediately asked if we could do anal in doggie. I was planning on getting there eventually, but she was ready to jump right into it! Well I was more than happy to oblige. I had a great time with her, and will certainly look for her again the next time I go to Cherry.

  52. After three years, I’m back in Bangkok. I had wanted to visit Cherry and hoped to have a session with a lady named “New.” On their website, she looks really cute and full-figured. On my second visit, I found New…and immediately regretted having done so. To say that she looked “ different” than her website pics is a dramatic understatement. There is some serious image enhancement occurring at Cherry. Her hair was messy and looked unwashed. There were dark circles under her eyes and she looked like she was recovering from an illness. Also, she had lots of tats that ere not present in her pics. She asked me whaI wanted and I told her that I wanted a Nuru. To my surprise (and relief), she asked me to come back in an hour. I was out of there and had no intention of returning.

  53. Hey, read all the comments and went there, took Mint which looks different than photos, she’s 32 with c section and Yaya is 27 with great tits and ass, the only silicon free women on call. Yaya is a bit overweight but luscious and Mint had a great body and attitude. Had a great time, asked Yaya for anal while dogging but she said no. Mint was rimming without me asking. Overall I was very pleased and I would recommend them. Their English isnt good but luckily I speak a little Thai so we had fun and laughed a lot.
    4.5 out of 5

  54. Sad to say that Cherry is closed as of early February 2023. But, I talked to some girls in a shop across the street and there’s a new shop next door being fixed up right now. They said it’ll be the new Cherry, possible under the name of Rosie’s. They said it should open in a week or two….

    1. Cherry’s shop on Soi 24/1 has been closed for a few weeks as they move to another location. Cherry is still operating but on an outcall only basis. The shop will reopen under the same name and management soon. Cheers.

  55. It seems the line up of the ladies has changed. I’m unable to find any of them in this review in their website. Also, girls like Amy and New aren’t working there anymore. Not sure where they went.

  56. Thanks for your recent review of cherry massage. Some of the ladies you mentioned in your review are not on their website – do you know if they have left or are still updating their website since the renovation?

  57. I was back in Thailand last month & had a great time at Cherry, not as good as Bamboo IMHO (see another report) but here goes…

    I got to Cherry around 1 pm & there were 6-7 girls available, I wanted, experience, decent tits & preferred a MILF, so my choices were limited but ended up choosing ‘Janet’ for a 90-minute session.

    A good but not great experience (& I’ve had well over 50+), Janet was quite new (3 months only) but keen, eager & pretty dirty (in a good way) We started with the normal shower & BBJ, I then kissed / licked her pussy for a good 10 minutes, as per other reports she too may well have been ‘acting’ but it appeared that she genuinely came especially as I was also using my old friend a vibrating cock ring.

    After some 69 she wanted to fuck me in a variety of positions for 20+ minutes before I eventually came with a nice smile on my face. We had a quick chat & discussed her background in my limited Thai, we were soon back in to round 2, with much the same action, swapping various positions, including lots of doggy, I assume A was available but for some reason I just didn’t feel like it (strange I know!). I finished with CIM, which she later said she enjoyed (LOL)
    Finished with another shower & then left her a 300Baht tip & promised I would say good things about her to management on the way out, which I did, by having a good 2-minute chat with reception and telling her Janet had been great (which in fairness she had been) BTW. I heard lots of giggling as I left & although my Thai wasn’t good enough to understand, I got the impression I’d left a positive impression on her & some of the other WG’s.

    In summary, Janet was good, almost very good; she is a little older but has a decent rack and seems to be quite dirty and eager to please. Had it not been for earlier experiences (Bamboo & Phuket reports elsewhere) I’d have probably been chuffed to pieces with our session, as it was Janet only gets into 3rd place overall (for me that is) albeit I can recommend her to other punters, she’s one of the better one’s without a doubt. Cheers…

  58. Wandered past earlier tonight, about 10-15 ladies on staff, but unfortunately appears to have gone down hill in terms of quality available… all were completely unfuckable :/

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