Review: Thonglor 2 Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


Why Thonglor 2 Massage? In the years that this site has been online I’ve reviewed adult entertainment facilities around the world. Early on I spent a bit of time talking about the thriving but underground industry in the United States but moved away from that after I got tired of reading about and busts in small town newspapers. One day I hope to see the industry legalized as pot has been but for the time being I don’t have much to say about what goes on in the states.

Since 2013 I’ve written much more about the industry in some of the countries that make up the vast continent of Asia. This has caused a handful of readers to criticize my writing here or otherwise mischaracterize the site as something focused only on one or two countries. The real issue is that I have to balance the time I have available against the knowledge I have accumulated. I try to make a variety of posts that readers will find entertaining, getting reports on things I’ve long known about out of the while still writing enough about new things I encounter to keep it all interesting.

ladies at Thonglor 2 massage

So today I find myself again reviewing a Bangkok massage parlor. For many this may seem like more of the same. But for me it seems like it’s well past due, as the place under review is one of the better oilies in all of Thailand.

Although it’s very conveniently located Thonglor 2 isn’t the easiest place to find for those who haven’t been there before. It’s at the very end of the first side alley off to the right of Sukhumvit Soi 24 when entering from Sukhumvit. Don’t worry, there’s a map on the website for those who don’t understand what I just wrote. There’s not much of a sign for Thonglor 2, or if there is I haven’t really noticed in several visits. That said, the place is rather large and is more like a massage building than a massage parlor. The place is very nice and looks more like a mainstream spa than a place guys go to get a little relief.

Customers enter through glass doors to find the decent looking but usually bored or grumpy mamasan who will direct them to another lobby off to the right where they can take a seat in a comfortable chair. Then they will be shown the menu and asked to select a service.

The house rates for massage are a little higher at Thonglor 2 than they are at most other oily massage parlors around town but that is to some degree fair since the establishment is also looks a lot nicer than much of its competition. An oil massage is 650 Baht ($20 USD) which is 150 Baht ($4.50) higher than the average and 250 Baht higher than what Cherry Massage charges. On the plus side, the tips expected for extra services are the same as they are anywhere else in Bangkok. There’s no discount offered on a four hands massage though it is still a great service at 1,300 Baht and it usually includes use of one of the better rooms containing a whirlpool bath and large standing shower with glass door.

Once the customer selects a service the mama manager will call out the ladies on duty to line up. This is as awkward here as it is anywhere else though many prefer in person line ups to airbrushed photos in books. Things are made a little more difficult at Thonglor 2 by the unflattering uniforms that the women wear, consisting of baggy brown pants and a shirt that look like they belong in one of the tourist centered foot massage places scattered along Sukhumvit. There’s no real way to see or even really guess what a woman’s body looks like under the uniform. The mama isn’t much help in making selections either so the customer is pretty much on their own. There is a photo gallery on the Thonglor 2 website and the pictures are surprisingly accurate though the ladies on staff are known to change their hairstyles from time to time. The ages can be completely disregarded as by some of the gal’s own admissions they are more than 10 years off. That’s not to say the women at Thonglor are old. They range from 19 to mid-30’s like most other oilies. It’s just that some women who are 31 are listed as being 21 on the website. The women aren’t the most attractive in Bangkok or even the oily massage circuit but there are plenty who look quite good. Beauty is always a matter of opinion in any event and any woman who never got picked probably wouldn’t work very long so natural selections means there’s probably someone for every taste.

After the customer selects a woman or women he will be taken back to the original lobby to switch his shoes out for a pair of the house slippers. The slippers are a bit better than what is usually provided in a Thai massage parlor. This isn’t a big deal but it’s another mark of quality. A variety of drinks are available but unfortunately they are not included with a massage as they are in some other facilities.

Once the feet have been inserted into the slippers the customer is guided to one of many rooms located up one to four flights of stairs. Yes, I did say four. Reaching the rooms on the top floor can leave a guy in need of a rub down if he wasn’t already. The rooms themselves are all fairly nice. Some show very minor signs of age but others look as good or better than the well decorated “Super VIP” rooms in Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors.

Showers are usually given before the massage and the woman or women will usually do all the soaping and rinsing for the customer so that he doesn’t have to do anything but lay back and pretend to be an automobile at a car wash. No surprise then if the tailpipe is sticking up before it’s all done. After the squirt down comes the rub down.

Besides the nice rooms another huge plus is that the women at Thonglor almost all know how to give a real massage and are in fact very good at it. This stands in stark contrast to most oily and soapy massage parlors in the city where the women on staff give a perfunctory rub down if indeed they give any kind of “massage” at all! A 90 minute session at Thonglor will usually start with a serious massage that lasts up to an hour and it’s often as good as one would get at any mainstream massage shop with professionally trained masseuses. For some this wouldn’t matter a bit but it’s a nice addition to everything else available. They also use a high quality oil that doesn’t irritate or perfume the skin as some of the cheaper lubricants used at other places do. Yet another nice touch.

After the standard massage, which is performed in the nude, customers are offered all the standard extra services that can be expected from an oily massage parlor. The women seem to be up for whatever the customer is in the mood for though I believe they prefer to do full service since it brings them a bigger tip of 1500 Baht ($46). All the services are provided expertly, even surpassing the level of the great massages that are given. Things can get very erotic and many times it all seems more like a high class Korean massage parlor than a down and dirty Thai oily.

After everything is done the customer is given another shower or takes one alone himself and then is led back downstairs to get back into his street shoes and head out the door. The aforementioned mama does seem to be a bit more gracious to repeat customers. After several visits they can even expect to hear a “thank you” that doesn’t sound like to was forced out by means of some kind of electrocution-based torture device. Regulars even see smiles from time to time. It should be said that the women who perform the massages always wait by the door to show the customer out and they are universally friendly and full of smiles.

With the exception of a review I did of two ladies at Cherry back in May I don’t usually comment much on specific staff members at places like these for a number of reasons. One is that the ladies on staff at many places come and go. Many of the masseuses at Thonglor 2 have been around for a year or more and are fine with their pictures and names-they-give-to-customers being listed online. Rung isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world but she is an expert with a killer enhanced body. May is quite possibly the prettiest face in the place but she’s more playful than serious and she doesn’t focus on giving a real massage as much as most others. Ann is a little on the older side but her exotic looks and terrific skills certainly make up for it. Nong is a very cute 20-year-old who is excellent at her job though her body isn’t the nicest. Som looks very hot but she always seems to be booked.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, booking itself is another matter. It’s certainly possible but it’s not exactly easy outside of showing up at the shop in person and scheduling ahead. There is a form to send emails to management but return emails don’t seem to be sent. There are also some numbers listed but one often isn’t answered and the other is answered by someone, probably the mama, who has a very hard time speaking English over the telly. This is the shop’s biggest flaw.

As one of the nicest oily massage parlors in Bangkok hands down, with a large staff of dozens of women who know how to give great massages and even greater special services, Thonglor 2 Massage certainly deserves four-and-half stars in my esteemed opinion. If the staff was skewed a little more toward 19 than 30 and it was easier to book an appointment by internet and phone with a favorite masseuse or masseuses the place would merit one of the rare five star reviews I give out, but perhaps I’m only dreaming.

Address:2/10 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 022-588-639
Hours:10:30 AM - 12:00 AM
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