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Review: Thonglor 2 Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Why Thonglor 2 Massage? In the years that this site has been online I’ve reviewed adult entertainment facilities around the world. Early on I spent a bit of time talking about the thriving but underground industry in the United States but moved away from that after I got tired of reading about and busts in small town newspapers. One day I hope to see the industry legalized as pot has been but for the time being I don’t have much to say about what goes on in the states.

Since 2013 I’ve written much more about the industry in some of the countries that make up the vast continent of Asia. This has caused a handful of readers to criticize my writing here or otherwise mischaracterize the site as something focused only on one or two countries. The real issue is that I have to balance the time I have available against the knowledge I have accumulated. I try to make a variety of posts that readers will find entertaining, getting reports on things I’ve long known about out of the while still writing enough about new things I encounter to keep it all interesting.

The Thonglor 2 massage parlor

So today I find myself again reviewing a Bangkok massage parlor. For many this may seem like more of the same. But for me it seems like it’s well past due, as the place under review is one of the better oilies in all of Thailand.

ladies at Thonglor 2 massage

Although it’s very conveniently located Thonglor 2 isn’t the easiest place to find for those who haven’t been there before. It’s at the very end of the first side alley off to the right of Sukhumvit Soi 24 when entering from Sukhumvit. Don’t worry, there’s a map on the website for those who don’t understand what I just wrote. There’s not much of a sign for Thonglor 2, or if there is I haven’t really noticed in several visits. That said, the place is rather large and is more like a massage building than a massage parlor. The place is very nice and looks more like a mainstream spa than a place guys go to get a little relief.

Customers enter through glass doors to find the decent looking but usually bored or grumpy mamasan who will direct them to another lobby off to the right where they can take a seat in a comfortable chair. Then they will be shown the menu and asked to select a service.

Prices and procedure

The house rates for massage are a little higher at Thonglor 2 than they are at most other oily massage parlors around town but that is to some degree fair since the establishment is also looks a lot nicer than much of its competition. An oil massage is 650 Baht ($20 USD) which is 150 Baht ($4.50) higher than the average and 250 Baht higher than what Cherry Massage charges. On the plus side, the tips expected for extra services are the same as they are anywhere else in Bangkok. There’s no discount offered on a four hands massage though it is still a great service at 1,300 Baht and it usually includes use of one of the better rooms containing a whirlpool bath and large standing shower with glass door.

Once the customer selects a service the mama manager will call out the ladies on duty to line up. This is as awkward here as it is anywhere else though many prefer in person line ups to airbrushed photos in books. Things are made a little more difficult at Thonglor 2 by the unflattering uniforms that the women wear, consisting of baggy brown pants and a shirt that look like they belong in one of the tourist centered foot massage places scattered along Sukhumvit. There’s no real way to see or even really guess what a woman’s body looks like under the uniform. The mama isn’t much help in making selections either so the customer is pretty much on their own. There is a photo gallery on the Thonglor 2 website and the pictures are surprisingly accurate though the ladies on staff are known to change their hairstyles from time to time. The ages can be completely disregarded as by some of the gal’s own admissions they are more than 10 years off. That’s not to say the women at Thonglor are old. They range from 19 to mid-30’s like most other oilies. It’s just that some women who are 31 are listed as being 21 on the website. The women aren’t the most attractive in Bangkok or even the oily massage circuit but there are plenty who look quite good. Beauty is always a matter of opinion in any event and any woman who never got picked probably wouldn’t work very long so natural selections means there’s probably someone for every taste.

After the customer selects a woman or women he will be taken back to the original lobby to switch his shoes out for a pair of the house slippers. The slippers are a bit better than what is usually provided in a Thai massage parlor. This isn’t a big deal but it’s another mark of quality. A variety of drinks are available but unfortunately they are not included with a massage as they are in some other facilities.

Up and in

Once the feet have been inserted into the slippers the customer is guided to one of many rooms located up one to four flights of stairs. Yes, I did say four. Reaching the rooms on the top floor can leave a guy in need of a rub down if he wasn’t already. The rooms themselves are all fairly nice. Some show very minor signs of age but others look as good or better than the well decorated “Super VIP” rooms in Ho Chi Minh City massage parlors.

Showers are usually given before the massage and the woman or women will usually do all the soaping and rinsing for the customer so that he doesn’t have to do anything but lay back and pretend to be an automobile at a car wash. No surprise then if the tailpipe is sticking up before it’s all done. After the squirt down comes the rub down.

Besides the nice rooms another huge plus is that the women at Thonglor almost all know how to give a real massage and are in fact very good at it. This stands in stark contrast to most oily and soapy massage parlors in the city where the women on staff give a perfunctory rub down if indeed they give any kind of “massage” at all! A 90 minute session at Thonglor will usually start with a serious massage that lasts up to an hour and it’s often as good as one would get at any mainstream massage shop with professionally trained masseuses. For some this wouldn’t matter a bit but it’s a nice addition to everything else available. They also use a high quality oil that doesn’t irritate or perfume the skin as some of the cheaper lubricants used at other places do. Yet another nice touch.

The happy endings

After the standard massage, which is performed in the nude, customers are offered all the standard extra services that can be expected from an oily massage parlor. The women seem to be up for whatever the customer is in the mood for though I believe they prefer to do full service since it brings them a bigger tip of 1500 Baht ($46). All the services are provided expertly, even surpassing the level of the great massages that are given. Things can get very erotic and many times it all seems more like a high class Korean massage parlor than a down and dirty Thai oily.

After everything is done the customer is given another shower or takes one alone himself and then is led back downstairs to get back into his street shoes and head out the door. The aforementioned mama does seem to be a bit more gracious to repeat customers. After several visits they can even expect to hear a “thank you” that doesn’t sound like to was forced out by means of some kind of electrocution-based torture device. Regulars even see smiles from time to time. It should be said that the women who perform the massages always wait by the door to show the customer out and they are universally friendly and full of smiles.

With the exception of a review I did of two ladies at Cherry back in May I don’t usually comment much on specific staff members at places like these for a number of reasons. One is that the ladies on staff at many places come and go. Many of the masseuses at Thonglor 2 have been around for a year or more and are fine with their pictures and names-they-give-to-customers being listed online. Rung isn’t the most beautiful woman in the world but she is an expert with a killer enhanced body. May is quite possibly the prettiest face in the place but she’s more playful than serious and she doesn’t focus on giving a real massage as much as most others. Ann is a little on the older side but her exotic looks and terrific skills certainly make up for it. Nong is a very cute 20-year-old who is excellent at her job though her body isn’t the nicest. Som looks very hot but she always seems to be booked.

Now that I’ve mentioned it, booking itself is another matter. It’s certainly possible but it’s not exactly easy outside of showing up at the shop in person and scheduling ahead. There is a form to send emails to management but return emails don’t seem to be sent. There are also some numbers listed but one often isn’t answered and the other is answered by someone, probably the mama, who has a very hard time speaking English over the telly. This is the shop’s biggest flaw.

As one of the nicest oily massage parlors in Bangkok hands down, with a large staff of dozens of women who know how to give great massages and even greater special services, Thonglor 2 Massage certainly deserves four-and-half stars in my esteemed opinion. If the staff was skewed a little more toward 19 than 30 and it was easier to book an appointment by internet and phone with a favorite masseuse or masseuses the place would merit one of the rare five star reviews I give out, but perhaps I’m only dreaming.

Thonglor 2 Massage. 2/10 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from Hours: 10:30 AM – 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 022-588-639. Website:

59 thoughts on “Review: Thonglor 2 Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. I second this FR. Had MAY for afternoon snack, out of 11 possible MLs. Can classify 7 of the 11 as nice looking lasses…uniform, however, not too enticing…
    Overall satisfied, but note there is heavy construction works next door. So a “bang” or “slam” may occasionally sound out loudly. Cheers.

  2. Might check this out this week. Do they do outcall for couples? Any recommendations for an outcall oily massage for a couple? Great site.

  3. What extra services do they offer if im not up for full service? If they do, do they offer just HJ/BJ? Or what happens if i totally do not take up extra services.

    1. No one’s obligated to take full service. As far as I know hand and mouth services are available at all oily massage parlors. The standard rate is 500 for hj and 1000 for bj. This place is no exception.

  4. This is the first place that I came back disappointed from.there was a particular lady “ploy “. Under no circumstances should you take barely touch her she says ticklish,you try to have sex with her two seconds later she says hurts and the worst part she is she asks for money and throws a tantrum.other than that the atmosphere I agree is great

  5. been to thonglor 2 3x now (just finished, in fact). i’ve had ploy, nong, and a third girl i can no longer remember. i had bad experiences all 3 times. first time, massage + nude shower + hj was 500. 2nd time it was 1,000 (500 for hj, 500 to get nude). third time, she tried to ask me for 1,500. i complained (very politely) to the mamasan, but she told me “i think 1,000 is small money anyway.” imo, after 3 tries, not a place for just a massage + hj, if thats what youre looking for. also, the mamasan just plain does not like you! i wai’ed to her on the way out, but she was upset (that i complained) and didn’t look up from her phone.

    1. The mamasan isn’t very friendly most times but she actually isn’t bad when you get familiar with her. I haven’t seen any other negatives but I would say that with lesser services in any oily the women sometimes seem to resent that they’ll bet getting less and thus don’t perform as well. This seems to be true even in many places that specialize in lesser services as I mentioned in my review of Akane Massage on Soi 33. Thanks for the report. Cheers.

  6. totally agree. though this place really seems to be racking up negative experiences at least as far as (only) massage + hj are concerned. the place has really nice facilities. just might not be a place to go to for just massage + hj, that’s all i meant (and seems to be about right, given comments above – including mine, of course, so i might be biased)

  7. Nice review. I’m probably unusual in that I’d rather have a good massage with no extras than a bad massage with extras, so this sounds like my kind of place. The girls on their website look good, too. I’ll have to give it a go next time I’m in the neighborhood .

  8. Great review, I am pretty much persuaded into checking it out. I have a couple questions though:
    1) Do you know if they give you one or two shots? Or do you have to pay extra?
    2) If you are willing to share, what exactly is included in full service? E.g. HJ, BJ (included?) or allow oral both ways? Or is it just sex.

    I am new to this scene having just moved here, so any further insight would be fantastic.

    1. Full service anywhere typically includes lesser services too. There are a few exceptions but not in any Thai oily massage parlor that I know of. The number of shots can depend on the house rules or the service provider. Two shots are possible but certainly not the rule. Cheers.

  9. Thanks for the swift reply, no worries. I had also been told by a friend about checking out Tantra Massage Bangkok on Soi 22, but I am a little unsure given Thonglor 2 actually gives a good massage as you said, which is what I need… (Maybe you could add it to your list of places to review?). My friend recommended a girl called Olive if you decide to check it out.

  10. I tried to take a visit but the store seem closed. (When there around 8:30pm on Wednesday) There was a neon sign said about 2nd floor but it is very dark and I don’t see an entry.

    1. I guess it’s possible that the place was closed at that time but it seems highly unlikely to me. It is easy to miss the entrance since it’s down a side alley but once one sees it there’s no way to miss it. The lobby where the booking is done is on the ground floor. Cheers.

  11. Just to confirm: the prices on the website are for the nude massage only. Extra services will require additional standard tips of 1500 baht for FJ, 1000 baht for BJ & 500 baht for HJ?

    1. I don’t know what the prices on the website are as they seem to change it around on a regular basis. The prices for massage and expected tip for full service are listed in the review. As mentioned the standard tips for lesser services are the same as they are at any other oily parlor which would match what you’ve written here. Cheers.

  12. Once again a great review. And very accurate. Recently visited this place, indeed it’s very clean and nice, would even bring a mother in law without fear. Indeed the room is nice. Indeed the girl really focus on providing a quality massage first. All in one a bit more expensive than other place but only by THB 200 or 300 which is nothing looking at the quality of the place. My favourite one in the city so far. Just to comment on the booking process that is describe above to be a challenge, I actually called and were answered by a person speaking decent English that helped to book the requested slot with the requested girl. All good on that side then.

    1. Thanks for the report. It’s great that you were able to get through by phone. I may have to try again if I visit again though trying to review every oily keeps me busy when I am in town. Cheers.

  13. Sounds great! Do you know if they welcome couples? If so, would it be possible to hire two girls each? Are their rooms big enough to accomodate six people? Would you recommend that?

    1. I have no idea if this particular place is open to couples but most oily massage parlors of this type are. They do indeed have rooms that could fit six or even more people comfortably as anyone who has taken a four hands massage could attest. Cheers.

    2. Thanks a lot! if I understand it correctly, the prices on their website are for the nude massage only and we will have to tip the ladies for extra services. If I fuck only one, will I still have to tip the other? And how much should my wife, who is most likely to receive oral service, tip her lady?

      Thanks a lot for replying!

      1. At most oily massage parlors a fee is paid to the house for the massage and then a tip is given to each service provider afterwards. Thonglor 2 is no different in that regard though they charge 650 for an hour oil massage per woman while most places charge 500 and a few like Cherry and Bongkot only charge 400. A few places charge the whole sum including the gal’s tip up front but this isn’t one of them. The same tips are expected at every place like this in Bangkok. Hand service gets 500, mouth service gets 1000 and full service gets 1500. If two or more women are taken into a room its generally expected that they all will receive the same tip even if one provides lesser services than another. I don’t know if there are any special rates for female customers at places that accept them but from what I hear things are doubled. Cheers.

  14. Cheers! What would that mean exactly? If my wife and me take four girls to a room, would we have to tip them 1500 Baht per girl (6000 Baht total) or 2×1500 Baht per girl (12000 baht total)?

    1. I don’t the exact rates for couples at this place or even if they accept them but generally things are doubled as I said. Sorry that’s all I know. Cheers.

    1. Individual women in any place may offer things on their own but it’s not on the shop menu if that’s what you’re asking. Cheers.

  15. I were there today in the end of day (9pm)
    Definitely the massage was really good
    But the girl I choose, the more friendlier one and not as tired as others when lined-up, asked me 1500 at first, but after 1st punt, by 1 ttj, she asked 500 more for for 2nd punt, totaling 2000.
    I would go again only for massage, for more fun I would choose another place
    Definitely it’s not a good idea to go in the end of day
    I hope A Touch of Class will be much better and more money worth for only fun time

  16. 1. Out of the services they have, which ones are b2b services?
    2. And, in what parts of a session does the masseuse get nude?
    3. What to expect (besides actual massage) when someone doesn’t take the full service/hj/bj/fj?

    1. I don’t know what “b2b” is. The last time I checked that was an abbreviation for business to business. I assume you are you using the “body to body” slang phrase which apparently indicates full service. Full service is typically available with any type of massage at oily massage parlors in Bangkok. The masseuses usually get nude after entering the room. I would expect a service provider to be quite unhappy if a customer only wanted a massage since that would mean she wouldn’t be making much money. As they say your mileage may vary. Cheers.

  17. Great Review. I have gone to Thonglor 2 off and on for years when in BKK. Super clean with nice rooms and very friendly. I have seen Coco, Ja, Bua and Keeta. Including a couple of doubles. All top notch. The other thing I have noticed is that the girls seem to have worked here for years which I think is a good sign. I only had one mediocre experience here and that girl (part of a double) was gone pretty quickly. Is there any other parlour offering Eden Club like services or is it just variable? Thanks

  18. I have been in BKK 2 weeks ago and I have taken the opportunity to visit Thonglor 2, around 9/10 pm.
    Despite the late hour, I had around 15 ladies who lined up and I choose Rad.
    In the darkness I have just seen her nice face and her engaging smile was sufficient to me.
    I decided for a 60 mn nuru massage for a total of 2400 bahts + tip.
    If the first ground is just clean, the floors are better looking with a lot of wood everywhere.
    The room was small with a shower and enough for what we have to do.
    Naked, Rad appeared to be older than stated (probably closer to 35s than 27 stated), but pleasant to see with nice and heavy boobs and a real will to do her best. Around 6 on 10 in my books.
    She performed bbbj and cim with her permanent smile.
    She told me she agreed A level with add fees, but I didn’t try.
    I have been very satisfied there with the whole treatment I received, and I will go back next time I am in town.

  19. Was at Thonglor 2 a few days ago.
    The 3 girls I had favoured based on the photos online were all off duty (meh!). Picked Rung out of a lineup of around 8-10. She looks different compared to the pics online (better imo) and still has a killer body as described in the initial review. I went for 120 min oil massage and was led up to the room.
    Extras were discussed right away: 1500 THB for 2 HJ. Price seemed a bit steep but she looked like she could use some cheering up and I was not in the mood to negotiate. Room was small but very clean. Shower and massage were very good. The handjobs were decent but not spectacular. Her sucking on my nipples was a bit irritating, but hey, great effort.
    After all was over (more like 90mins than 120) there was another shower together with some thorough cleaning (that oil went everywhere).
    Would give it a 4/5. Mainly because of the disappointing choice of girls.

    Does anyone have experience with the 4 hand massage at this place?

    1. Thanks for the report. The four hand massage is a major service at Thonglor 2 and usually involves full service. Cheers.

  20. Just came back from the place 2 days ago, still operating but turnover of the girls has been heavy, also a line-up is now proposed which wasn’t the case before. Rooms still clean and not at all oudated, look like they even renovated recently. At 7pm on a Monday 9 girls were available with 1 or 2 pretty attractives.

  21. I visited this place a couple years ago and then again last week. So much has changed since then, especially the selection of girls. My favorite girl was named “M” but she no longer works here. Any idea where she is now? Thanks very much!!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am not familiar with the girl you are talking about. I don’t know where she works now either. Someone else might. Staff comes and goes at these kinds of place with regularity. Cheers.

  22. Just wondering if anyone who’s been there recently can comment on the quality of the massage? Regular oilies are a dime a dozen but would love to enjoy a professional-quality message with ‘afters’

    1. I haven’t checked in on the place in years. The most recent reports posted here about a year ago seem to suggest that the place is still operating as it has in the past even though the staff has gone through some changes. Cheers.

        1. Thanks for the update. I hadn’t checked. Sometimes website shut downs are actually requested by the powers that be though I don’t know if that is true in this case. Cheers.

  23. I’ve been here many times in the past. The most recent visit was about a year ago. Different owner and all the girls are different as well with a much smaller lineup than before. The previous website was down for a long time and is now back up under new management. Quality is still good overall, but not as good as before. But with any place, that all depends on the particular worker.

    1. Thanks for the report. Ultimately things usually do come down to the interaction between the individual provider and customer. Cheers.

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