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Review: Snow White Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Snow White Massage is a legendary oily massage parlor in Bangkok. The place has been around for ages. It stands out from the myriad of massage parlors in the city mainly due to its reputation. Snow White is known for employing women who offer a “PSE”, or porn star experience.

Snow White is a lot like the previously reviewed Tulip Massage. Both shops are known for the enthusiasm, skill and services of the ladies they have on staff. Neither employs any supermodels to be sure. But they both hire ladies who are known to go the extra mile.

Snow White Massage on Soi 24/1

For years Snow White was located on Sukhumvit Soi 26. It closed for a period during the pandemic. Now it has reoopened in a new space on Sukumvit Soi 24/1. It’s inside the first small alley on the right side of the street when traveling from Sukhumvit Road.

Snow White massage parlor in Bangkok

The place is quite easy to find with a green sign marking the door. Inside there is a long lobby. To the left there is a desk where the female manager sits. Towards the back there is a display room where the ladies on staff wait for customers. It’s not exactly a fishbowl. It’s more like benches organized against a wall.

Rates and staff

The price for a standard session at Snow White is 1900 Baht ($62 USD). Despite fluctuations in the Thai Baht against other currencies, this price has remained consistent for some time. Payment is traditionally rendered after sessions complete. But apparently some customers are asked to pay upfront for whatever reason.

There are several women on staff at Snow White. But at any given time there may be as few as three or four available. That’s because they keep different hours. And once they are in the shop, some of the gals become quite busy. One popular lady told me she has six customers per shift most days. I have no reason to doubt her.

beer massage bangkok

The ladies at Snow White are average in looks. Most are in their twenties or thirties. Some are on the larger side or have very obvious damage from past pregnancies. This sort of thing is the rule rather than the exception. Some of the better looking women pictured on the outdated Snow White website haven’t been seen in the shop for many years.

The women who do work at Snow White today sit on red bench seats towards the back of the ground floor. This is reminiscent of the fish bowl style seating arrangements at soapy massage parlors. But Snow White is no soapy and there is no glass between the gals and customers who enter the shop. The situation is a lot more up close and personal.

Service and summary

As stated, Snow White is known most for the PSE most ladies offer. Recently, a few people online report that they were not given what were once standard services like bareback oral. I haven’t seen any changes like that while doing my own research. But that’s why the phrase “your mileage may vary” is as common in the commercial sex scene as it is in the automotive industry.

Normally the women at Snow White are unconstrained. It is not out of the norm for a gal to give an “instant blowjob” soon after entering the room. For some it might even be expected. On top of that most of the ladies are up for all sorts of “extras” that can’t always be found elsewhere. Quite a few do things like extended rimming and A+, often without even being asked. They don’t normally ask for any tips either.

Of course some women are different than others. And sometimes things come down to the exact moment, or the interaction between the people involved. While I am positive that ladies like V at Snow White can do deepthroat quite well, I have no way of knowing if she throats every customer she spends times with. That is just the nature of the beast.

Snow White massage has long been known for its outgoing and experienced staff. It has been in business for many years. And as far as I can tell, nothing has changed. It is just as reliable now as it ever was. So while there are no fashion models working at the shop, the ladies who are there deliver as promised. In many cases, they even go above and beyond the call of duty. In that way, Snow White is like a taste of what things used to be like everywhere in Bangkok. Three-and-a-half stars.

Snow White Massage. Sukhumvit Soi 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Phone: +66 080-652-3588

23 thoughts on “Review: Snow White Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. This place is clearly the best quality / price ratio in the area. It has also this “vintage” Bangkok naughty vibes that as an” old timer” now in the city I really appreciate. It is much better to go there early , like before 12 or to book a lady. The place is busy and it can affect the mood of the staff. Yes, ladies like V, Nana, Sunny ( I haven t seen Amy for a while now but she was gold) will go deep. Regarding the so called “extras” ( which are pretty much a casual routine there) all the ladies are willing to please and do their best as long as you keep it fun and friendly.

  2. I can highly recommend Kibsy. I would not have picked her from the pictures on the Website but it was quite a different experience when she stood before me. Excellent Service and well shaped and soft Silicone funbags that made the hour with her a lot of fun. Her English is limited but she is very eager to please any way you wish for.

      1. I think Tulip Massage and Snow White Massage are some of the original hardcore places in bkk still in business. I have not seen anyone over 7 on a scale of 10 but there could be from time to time. Looks are getting less important sometimes and this place can easily be the best for its high service level. You may have a porn star experience here. Cheers:)

      2. Went to Snow White recently. Picked based on photos on their web and reality was completely different (not better).
        Jenny blew me as soon as we entered the room, which was nice, and when in the shower she made really sure my ass was clean. As a noob I had no idea how awesome rimming feels and she wasn’t afraid to do it.
        Some hard miles on that body tho!
        Place looks a bit dingy and and you have to step over things to get to the “reception” area.
        I got a really good deal (90 minutes with A+ for 2100) but next time I will pay a little extra somewhere else where photos don’t lie as much.

        1. Thanks for the report Jay. I would note that edited pictures are the norm in Bangkok. Apparently a lot of the professional photographers will edit the pictures they take even when the shops request that they don’t. Cheers.

  3. I used to love this place but service standards have gone downhill recently, especially Tangmo. She has a horrible hostile attitude and really poor service in general. Grumpy rather than Snow White would be a better name for her.

  4. Hi all you guys! I miss a lot one girl who was working at the “old” Snowhite, at pre-Covid times; A litlle chubby, smiley girl, who was very good at deep throat; I think the name was “Aom”, but I can´t remember.
    She´s not in the pictures of the new cherry website, so I think she´s no longer working there;
    Anyone knows any actual info about this girl?

    Thanks in advance

  5. I went to snow white today. Was easy to chat to them via line and make booking. Ice was available so based on your review of here at cherry I booked her. Booked 90 minutes so would I rush. I was blown away -at least 4 times. Amazing smile and attitude. Very little English but enough to get us by.
    She sucked me deep as she showered me and gave amazing rim job.
    Fucked her multiple times. She was amazing. Great body. Amazing tight shaved pussy. Was so happy to please and ready to take everything I gave her.

  6. Didn’t choose but was assigned “Lucky” by Mamasan for a 90 minute session. I was lucky indeed.

    She was in her late thirties, maybe early forties, and had a bit of flab / fat around the body, but her breasts were perky, and her pussy and asshole really tight (and I’m not on the thick side). She was really friendly too, initiated DFK, and sang and hummed this nostalgic folk tune when her mouth wasn’t busy deep throating my cock or shoving a tongue deep into my ass, none of which I had to ask for.

    After a good fifteen minutes of BBBJ, rimming, and 69, I rubbered up, entered her ass, and came not too long after, and Lucky hugged me tight as she clenched and unclenched her hole while I was still inside her and enjoying my post nut bliss.

    After showering again, I enjoyed an innocent oil massage for a good twenty minutes or so to relax and recover, and noticing I needed a little more encouragement to get ready for my second shot, Lucky *really* began rimming me, spreading my cheeks and penetrating my hole deep with her tongue. It felt so good that I began jerking myself off as she took turns sucking my balls and fucking my ass with her tongue, and when I got close to nutting, Lucky swallowed my cock and took a load deep in her throat.

    Places like Tulip and Snow White may provide the best in value for those who aren’t picky about youth or looks. I mean, the ladies here are not unattractive, but they are not the types to turn heads on the street either. I’d personally go for the near 90 mins of bliss with someone experienced and friendly like Lucky than rolling the dice with the younger ladies elsewhere who have no incentive to work as hard.

  7. Rockit, it’s easy to add to the great reviews of Snow White/Cherry – after a half dozen recent visits I remain convinced that they offer the best service in BKK. As many have said, the women are not the youngest, but I care as much about friendliness, and visits with Lucky, Ava, and Nikki all proved to be a blast. DFK, rimming, enthusiastic A+, fantastic BBBJs, etc., have left me worn out and content. But, I was with a friend who was visiting and his lack of Thai seemed to have been a bit of a damper. He was not as enthusiastic about his time there as I continue to be.
    Keep up your good work!

  8. Last September I made a visit to snow white and after being led in was presented with a lineup of about 15 girls. Must of been a friday or saturday night. Kind of overwhelming to make a decision. Mamasan points to Nana and says she is A level. She was cute so I went with Nana. She led me up to the room and grabbed 2 waters on the way. I believe I choose the 2 hour lotion massage. First time here, so didn’t know exactly what to expect, but had a good idea. Shower was really nice. She washes you down well with some mutual fondling and light kisses. On to the bed, she started a nice relaxing massage and did some fairly light rimming. Not really a rimming fan or having my nipples sucked. After I asked if we could 69 for a bit and she jumped on top. Very clean and she sucked very nicely. Right after some missionary and after that she was right back to the massage. I really had a great time and was very content. Considering I didn’t even avail myself to the second pop which could have been A level I left very happy and consider it my best experience in bangkok. And to be clear, I was there 28 days and was very active. Unfortunately, the best experience was the last one before I flew out. Next trip to bangkok will be much better now that I know the better spots to hit up.

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