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Review: Addict Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Now that I’ve completed the arduous task of reviewing every blowjob bar in Bangkok I can now focus more on the never ending quest to review all of the oily massage parlors in town though I fear that could be a task too monumental for any mere mortal. Thankfully even making the attempt is its own reward so I will continue to push forward even as I continue to reports on more countries and cities around the world in the coming weeks.

Far at Addict massage in Bangkok

Addict Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 24 right next to the previously reviewed A Touch of Class and only steps away from EZ Massage 1 which I have also reported on in the past. In the middle of numerous massage parlors Addict Massage stands out since some of the women on its staff members can virtually always be found standing outside in their sexy purple uniforms that imitate old school flight attendant garb (right down to the hats). There are indications that Addict Massage is Japanese owned but if so that doesn’t influence the place as much as a place like Akane.

Inside Addict Massage

Once customers enter they’ll see an area off to the side with seating where they can plonk down and wait while the manager calls the available women together for a line up. The staff at Addict is large by any measure with more than two dozen women available at times. Addict quite possibly has the largest lineup of any oily massage in Bangkok. The women all wear the aforementioned uniforms and most are quite attractive which is nice considering that these sorts of facilities aren’t always known for that sort of thing.

The normal range of ages seems to be present with a few women in their early twenties, plenty more in their mid to late twenties and a few over thirty. The age does seem to skew a little more toward the early twenties than in some other parlors and the women generally seem to be more on the slim and fit side. Rumor has it that there are even a few university students working which is pretty easy to believe.

Once a customer knows which gal he’d like to spend time with he either politely indicates that to the lady in question or gives her number to the manager. Once the decision is made the customer will be asked to pay for the massage. There are various options available including extras like time extensions and jacuzzi rooms but the standard price is basically the same as it is anywhere else in the area with an all inclusive rate of 2000 Baht ($61 USD) for a regular one hour massage with full service.

Payment and rooms

There is some debate amongst old timers who remember when ever place in Bangkok asked for payment after the fact as to whether the practice of collecting fees upfront leads to more shorted experiences and even rip offs since the place already has the customer’s money and thus doesn’t need to deliver much. I didn’t really notice the trend of oily massage shops asking for money up front until recently. There have always been times that shops would ask certain customers for the money up front if they had any expectation that they may have a hard time getting payment after but with some of the shops that have opened in recent years it has become standard practice. I have no real reason to decry the shops that ask for money up front and in fact it seems that many of the new shops that do have some of the most attractive women on staff.

The Addict Massage website states that the shop accepts credit cards. This seems to be another trend with some of the newer shops that have sprung up in recent years. I don’t know whether or not they actually do however and if not they wouldn’t be the first place to claim one thing and practice another in regards to swiping plastic.

Once the customer pays his fee he’ll be taken by his masseuse upstairs to one of the many available rooms. The rooms at Addict are nicer than some of the others around town even if they are nothing special. They are clean and simple with mirrors and full size walk in showers. The beds are normal if a tad bit on the small side and the only real issue is that towels can at times be tattered. I realize that the place isn’t the Four Seasons but it would be nice if they could keep up on their linens since everything else looks pretty good. I don’t know what else the owners have to spend their money on besides the towels so that’s one place they could show they care.

Service and summary

In any event customers are sure to be dried off before being led to the bed for the main event. The same full service available at any other oily parlor is available at Addict. Most providers will perform oral without a cover but there appear to be some who will not. While the shop isn’t known for over the top performances there are a few women working the place who provide all the extras like A level services. Some may be familiar to guys who have been around the block since at least two have built their reputations up at other shops previously.

There’s no clock watching at Addict and the women who work there seem to want to their customers to leave happy even if some put in no more effort than the minimum required. This is one place where paying for an hour long session can lead to exactly that with no rush or other problems involved. That’s always a plus.

Addict Massage has a decent website that contains pictures of the staff, contact info and more. Most of it is actually relevant and it seems to be updated frequently which is refreshing to see considering that too many shops still don’t even have websites in 2015. The staff photos are brushed up with Photoshop as can be expected but they are still relatively accurate. A few even look better in real life than they do in their pictures.

I can’t say that I am blown away by Addict Massage but then again I’ve seen so much that it is hard to impress me. I can say that Addict has one of the largest and on average most attractive staffs of any of the various oily massage parlors I have visited in Thailand. The prices are fair, the rooms are clean and the service is good. There’s not a lot more one can really ask for at this level. I give the place three-and-a-half stars.

Addict Massage. 1 13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 02-663-6369. Website:

76 thoughts on “Review: Addict Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

    1. If it was limited to oral service I would write that. Full service means the full works is available, though that doesn’t always include extras like A+ service or foot jobs. Every massage parlor is different which is one reason there are many reviews on this site but oily massage parlors and soapy massage parlors typically offer full service.

    2. Best oily for lookers. Only a handful of them are HARDCORE like Mango or Cherry. Great service, location and girls are tested regularly. Go there early or book in advance the “superstars” are usually taken by 2100.

    3. Just went there yesterday, Wednesday at 11 a.m. Wow! 50, no shit, 50 girls there. Maybe it was a weekly pep rally. Anyway chose a lovely 100 lb sweetheart, maybe named Ma’a. 1.5 hours. 21 y.o. exquisite. Finished off by plunging two fingers deep into her perfect ass. Very accomodating.
      Went there maybe months ago and took Bam, and appropriate name. No anal, but tall slender and pretty girl with lovely b cups and great oral skills. Don’t know if she’s still there.
      Don’s hesitate. Just go there.
      Thanks for the reviews on this site. Very valuable.

  1. I visited this place in march and can only recommend it, nice girls, nice service !

    one thing that was a little odd to me was when a girl brought some brown water in a glass for refresment, i dint drank it obviously, the standart should be a sealed bottle of minreral warter not some unknown substance :)

    1. The drink sounds like tea which is commonly given out at Japanese establishments and restaurants and massage shops across Southeast Asia. Cheers.

  2. I visited the place twice in May and June. Attractive staff and great service. I was told I was allowed 2 shots if I booked 1.5 hour session. I was offered a bottled water. I highly recommend it.

    1. I think there may be a reason it is not clear. As far as I know it’s an oily massage parlor. I will try to review it in the near future. Cheers.

  3. Two questions:
    1) How are their massages? I’m nervous about STDs as I’m married, so I never get full service — just a rub and a tug and a bit of fooling around. These girls look attractive and it looks like it would be fun, but are they any good at massage? At Thonglor II for example they are and I had a great time, with a massage for an hour and fooling around for an hour.
    2) Can I get two girls at the same time here?

    By the way, I went to Mitu three times and had a great time all three times, but their website and pricing structure have changed so much that I don’t know if it’s still the same. It seemed to be the usual: I had a leisurely bath (paid extra for the big bath room), body-to-body on an air mattress in the bath room, a massage, fooled around. Nice, extremely polite girls and very clean and simple rooms (pure white). The Japanese influence was obvious in terms of cleanliness and service mentality. The place where I went the first two times is now Honey Massage.

    1. Addict is an oily massage parlor. Massages in these places are usually mediocre or even skipped all together. As far as I know it is possible to book a session with two or more women in every oily massage parlor in Bangkok. Many websites seem to have changed after some incidents that occurred months ago but as far as I know all the shops are still operating in the same way they always have. Cheers.

  4. Was there in July, tried May (short and sweet) and Sandy (curvy). Great times. Go with the bigger room for the extra 200-500 Baht, it’s much spacious with a tub. The girls are tested monthly was told by mamasan.

  5. Lots of lookers here. Is there any way of knowing who does A+ levels, other than by trial & error- I want to book 2 girls that both do anal sex when I am there in December..

  6. I was there on Nov 1, 1015 and my experience is not the same as the one shown above. The girl was definitely a looker and looked hot in her outfit. But in the room she was more of masseuses then anything else. In fact the massage was pretty good but everything else would barely qualify as service. Oral with cover and no touching should be banned. or at least highlighted like the A level service so the customer knows what to expect or not to expect.. In fact there should be different set of prices for reduction in services. I think the current way is not fair to the customer or to the providers who offer higher level of service. Let this be a notice to anyone going to this place. Ask the right questions before plunking down the money or suffer the consequences. Once the wheels are in motion there is no turning back.

    1. Thanks for the report. At oily massage parlors a rate of 2000 Baht is supposed to include full service. Lesser services typically cost less. Of course there are people who will try to get more for less. Cheers.

  7. If I want anal, should I ask for anal, a-level or A+? Will the manager understand, or should I try to communicate directly with the ladys?

    1. I think that guys who don’t speak Thai usually ask if a gal can do “a level”. Failing that a lot of people resort to internationally recognized hand signals and body language. Cheers.

  8. Thanks for the report!! I had so many chances to go in there but I hesitated for some weird reasons.
    Also I wasn’t really into a FS but just a massage and a BJ, which can be offered at regular massage places for
    a lot less. There was one really hot girl in Addict and she spoke very good English but she was the
    premium girl charging something like 10,000 bt an hour. I think she tried to rip me off.

  9. Second visit to Sandy this week, after she called me and said ‘I miss you’, I figured, why not? first time was hardcore as anything I’ve experienced and that is saying something. Today opted for 2 hours in the Bathtub room which costed 2500BHT, well worth the extra. Had another amazing time with Sandy, wont get into details but I’ll just say that there isn’t much that we didn’t do. Great woman, great sex. Thanks for the report to get me and junior pointed in the right direction.

  10. I finally did with a girl named “Latte”. She was pretty good and she spoke enough English and
    did bbbj in shower. Her massage skills were not good but that was OK. She did some amazing DT
    and she told me she gets mostly white guys than Asian customers. The only cons were
    she didn’t do CIM and tried to finish a little early that I had to hold her for a full hour.
    There were some girls available for A+ service but can’t remember her name.

  11. New to all of this, but going to Bangkok soon. This is going to sound like a stupid question, but is “A+ Service” more risky in terms of STDs? I know that’s relative, but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. When not using a condom the general consensus seems to be that anal is riskier than any other type of sexual intercourse. With even with a condom some say there’s a higher chance of breakage with anal. I’m not a medical expert but I enjoy anal from time to time. I haven’t run into any problems going that route but others certainly may. Cheers.

  12. Going to Bkk soon. Therefore thanks a lot for all the valuable info. Looks like having a “treatment” seems to be good value for money. I have some questions about Sandy.
    Does she speak English (a bit)?
    Does her services contains CIM, COF and A+
    Looks like I can make a booking over the phone. Do they talk English or in other words do they understand me when I want to have Sandy? I don’t want to have a girl named Roscoe instead!

    1. Sandy speaks decent English and she seems to open to most things including all of what you mentioned but any individual could have a different experience. Women are after all free to do what they wish with their bodies. The manager speak decent English too but she hasn’t always been great about answering the phone in my experience. Cheers.

  13. Great review as always Rockit. You and your site are rapidly becoming indispensable for my holiday planning lol. This is one place that is on my radar for my next visit. Their website however is not that informative, and I am unable to figure out how up to date the staff listing is. The review mentions that the site is updated fairly frequently but that was almost a year ago, an eternity in this industry. Can anyone confirm if the staff gallery page is reasonably current?

    1. Many of the sites in the beginning period of the biz seem very current. As soon as they got so many customers and become popular like Addict Massage, the staff gallery seems outdated quite often. You just have to call the number b4 you go. Cheers!

      1. Some places never even make websites. Cherry Massage and Bamboo Massage stay pretty up to date on their websites. Mitu updates seemingly daily. Cheers.

  14. Hi
    Am going to Bangkok in June. Was looking at your very useful reviews and also the website of Addict. Do you have any reviews on any of the girls like Kratae, Jelly, Bright,Pie, or Kiss ? Cheers

  15. Hi Rockit

    One question – do you please know if all the girls rom Addict or Bamboo massage can be taken out to a decent hotel for overnight. I mean do the girls agree to go out for the whole night or is this restricted to a few hours.
    I know girls from Snow-white and Mango could be taken out overnight, but not sure about Addict or Bamboo massage girls.


  16. Thanks Deca.

    I had actually called them up and asked if I can take any one of them out overnight, I was told except for the “A level” marked ones, the others can go out for the night.
    Will be interesting to find out if it is true for both Bamboo & Addict.

    1. You are welcome. Make sure your hotel is guest friendly though. Otherwise, you may end up paying extra 500~1,000 bt to the hotel and your take out cost becomes almost the same as another session fee that you could use for another girl.

  17. Hi Rockit, Deca

    Have you actually taken out any of the girls to your hotel for overnight from Addict or Bamboo or even Mitu massage?
    Please advise which one you did take out and if you could get the A level service.


    1. Bamboo is pretty well known for their outcall service. They also have a lot of women who do A levels as indicated on their website. Cherry or Snow White may be the only places with more A level women. Sandy at Addict has always been known as a top A level performer too. But one mans model is another mans mutt. Ultimately guys who visit these sorts of places have their own preferences and can only really learn through experience. Cheers.

  18. Hi Rockit
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
    If I am reaching Bangkok late night by the time I reach any of these places will be around 10:30, do you suggest I should book a girl by emailing earlier, say at Bamboo? Or is it best to go an check out if anyone suitable is available at that time at Bamboo, Addict or any other places.


    1. Emailing wouldn’t work. Calling is better. 1030 pm may be a little too late
      to look at all the girls as many will finish work before midnight. 10 pm is usually
      the last call for a session but some shops girls work till midnight. Good luck!!

    2. I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. A lot of shops close at midnight and they start wrapping things up even earlier. Many shops do not reply to emails or do so days or even weeks later. Cheers.

  19. Hi Decca, Rockit

    Thanks for your suggestions and comments, really appreciate. I will try calling and booking if they confirm. In case I cannot find any of the reasonably better looking ones available at any of these shops like Bamboo or Addict at 10:30 pm, after this do you think it will be a good idea to explore any of the clubs like Climax, Insanity, etc. I don’t have any idea on these clubs except for the write ups on the various websites.


    1. I’m not a fan of nightclubs and I don’t have much to report on them other than to say that they’re hot noisy and usually crowded. Some pros and semi pros work them but there are no hard and fast rules. Cheers.

    2. I feel the same about clubs like Rockit does. I prefer pay4play because it is efficient for the job in terms of time and cost. However, there are some hostess bar in Huey Kwang Area where they are open until 4 am and you can take them out to your hotel if the girl likes you. It is quite expensive like 1,500 bt an hour just talking and drinking. I am not of fan of this hostess bar either as sex is not guaranteed here.

  20. Hi Rockit & Deca

    Thank for your advice and ideas. I will try out Bamboo or Addict accordingly, otherwise maybe try Snow-white, Mango or Mitu as back-up options.


  21. Hi Rockit, Deca

    Do you know if I can take out any girl (fishbowl or sideline) from Emmanuelle or Nataree as an outcall service or even for overnight to the hotel where I will be staying. In that case should I be directly asking the Papasan first or the girls?


    1. I think taking a girl out might require being able to speak some Thai (which I don’t, unfortunately), because in that case you can negotiate with that lady directly after the session.

      I’ve tried taking sideliners out several time at Nataree, and every time the papasan either replied “maybe another time” or just told me right away it’s not possible.

      Usually the girls there speak too little English for them to understand the details of the conversation (when to meet, whether to go out for dinner, etc.), or maybe they are pretending not to understand because they feel uncomfortable.
      The only time I managed at Nataree was with this beautiful 21yo girl from Chiang Mai who could speak remarkably good English.
      She was actually one of those 5,000 THB girls who sit on the sofa away from the entrance – so probably a “model” rather than a “sideliner” as far as those made-up categories go – and she was absolutely gorgeous. Best performer I ever met at Nataree, hope she is still there…

      On the other hand, I’ve noticed that at the Lord most girls are quite comfortable with English (I’d guess they have many Western customers?) but the prices are too inflated, and I always feel like I am being ripped off, so I didn’t feel like negotiating a 8,000 THB or so getaway with the lady du jour.

  22. Time for an update; walked into Addict massage around 5PM, no girls outside. might have to do because of the rain.

    Got seated by a young guy that rallied 15+ girls, some were smiling, some disinterested. Picked Yaya and from the pictures on the website, it kinda look like her. She told me she was 21, a bit chatty when you initiate but otherwise a bit shy. Exactly my cup of tea.
    I opted for the bathtub,2h nuru option at 2700 baht.

    When the bathtub was filling up, we chatted and gave me a hand massage. After that some b2b in the tub including a wash.
    The oil massage before the b2b was a bit too long, it looked at some point she was stalling which didn’t made me very excited. Also the walls are quite thin and we could hear two couples going at it lol while we were in the pre-prestage.

    B2b nuru was quite satisfying but she only did my back. Covered BJ, no DFK but the ritual was pretty interesting. For 2h , only 1 shot though. Not sure if Addict is doing 2shots for 2h but I maybe should have asked beforehand.

    Would probably try out the other establishments

  23. I went there on Jul 30. There are many girls to select. But I would see the picture and their apperance is quite same (in clothes). Face are same except their body (thanks to photoshop and their boost up clothes). My girl is quite like. Her Eng is quite good and cute. I have to mention that they still try to cut the time. Waiting for water is 10-12min and other thing. IMO two 2 ticket is too much time waste. 1.5 hour would be the best.

  24. whatever you do avoid SODA, she was listening to K-pop the whole time during the massage AND while doing the deed, was horrible worst 2700 spent. there was still 40min to go but i decided to leave early, and she made me go to the counter to tell the boss she was good so she wouldn’t get into trouble.

    1. Thanks for the report. I’m not sure how a service provider could make a person give a good review but I guess anything is possible. Cheers.

  25. She said her boss would take it as bad service if a client left early, so she basically pulled me from the door to the counter and it was impossible for me to say anything bad in front of her as she would lose face. So I just said I was tired and it wasn’t her fault that I was leaving early. though I did phone the next day and complaine!

  26. Does anyone know if Sandy still works here? When I visited this place 4months ago the receptionist said she was on a long vacation.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, I fell out of contact and I haven’t been to Addict in ages. Perhaps someone else will be able to answer your question. Cheers.

  27. Just visited Addict today. Asked about Sandy. She is back now. Was told by management that the cost for 1 hour for Sandy is 4000….wtf….its quite hefty price

  28. I recently noticed that Sandy is now working as an escort through the Smooci platform. I found her profile there, though I did not get in touch.

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