Review: Addict Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


Now that I’ve completed the arduous task of reviewing every blowjob bar in Bangkok I can now focus more on the never ending quest to review all of the oily massage parlors in town though I fear that could be a task too monumental for any mere mortal. Thankfully even making the attempt is its own reward so I will continue to push forward even as I continue to reports on more countries and cities around the world in the coming weeks.

Addict Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 24 right next to the previously reviewed A Touch of Class and only steps away from EZ Massage 1 which I have also reported on in the past. In the middle of numerous massage parlors Addict Massage stands out since some of the women on its staff members can virtually always be found standing outside in their sexy purple uniforms that imitate old school flight attendant garb (right down to the hats). There are indications that Addict Massage is Japanese owned but if so that doesn’t influence the place as much as a place like Akane.

Far at Addict massage in Bangkok

Once customers enter they’ll see an area off to the side with seating where they can plonk down and wait while the manager calls the available women together for a line up. The staff at Addict is large by any measure with more than two dozen women available at times. Addict quite possibly has the largest lineup of any oily massage in Bangkok. The women all wear the aforementioned uniforms and most are quite attractive which is nice considering that these sorts of facilities aren’t always known for that sort of thing.

The normal range of ages seems to be present with a few women in their early twenties, plenty more in their mid to late twenties and a few over thirty. The age does seem to skew a little more toward the early twenties than in some other parlors and the women generally seem to be more on the slim and fit side. Rumor has it that there are even a few university students working which is pretty easy to believe.

Once a customer knows which gal he’d like to spend time with he either politely indicates that to the lady in question or gives her number to the manager. Once the decision is made the customer will be asked to pay for the massage. There are various options available including extras like time extensions and jacuzzi rooms but the standard price is basically the same as it is anywhere else in the area with an all inclusive rate of 2000 Baht ($61 USD) for a regular one hour massage with full service.

There is some debate amongst old timers who remember when ever place in Bangkok asked for payment after the fact as to whether the practice of collecting fees upfront leads to more shorted experiences and even rip offs since the place already has the customer’s money and thus doesn’t need to deliver much. I didn’t really notice the trend of oily massage shops asking for money up front until recently. There have always been times that shops would ask certain customers for the money up front if they had any expectation that they may have a hard time getting payment after but with some of the shops that have opened in recent years it has become standard practice. I have no real reason to decry the shops that ask for money up front and in fact it seems that many of the new shops that do have some of the most attractive women on staff.

The Addict Massage website states that the shop accepts credit cards. This seems to be another trend with some of the newer shops that have sprung up in recent years. I don’t know whether or not they actually do however and if not they wouldn’t be the first place to claim one thing and practice another in regards to swiping plastic.

Once the customer pays his fee he’ll be taken by his masseuse upstairs to one of the many available rooms. The rooms at Addict are nicer than some of the others around town even if they are nothing special. They are clean and simple with mirrors and full size walk in showers. The beds are normal if a tad bit on the small side and the only real issue is that towels can at times be tattered. I realize that the place isn’t the Four Seasons but it would be nice if they could keep up on their linens since everything else looks pretty good. I don’t know what else the owners have to spend their money on besides the towels so that’s one place they could show they care.

In any event customers are sure to be dried off before being led to the bed for the main event. The same full service available at any other oily parlor is available at Addict. Most providers will perform oral without a cover but there appear to be some who will not. While the shop isn’t known for over the top performances there are a few women working the place who provide all the extras like A level services. Some may be familiar to guys who have been around the block since at least two have built their reputations up at other shops previously.

There’s no clock watching at Addict and the women who work there seem to want to their customers to leave happy even if some put in no more effort than the minimum required. This is one place where paying for an hour long session can lead to exactly that with no rush or other problems involved. That’s always a plus.

Addict Massage has a decent website that contains pictures of the staff, contact info and more. Most of it is actually relevant and it seems to be updated frequently which is refreshing to see considering that too many shops still don’t even have websites in 2015. The staff photos are brushed up with Photoshop as can be expected but they are still relatively accurate. A few even look better in real life than they do in their pictures.

I can’t say that I am blown away by Addict Massage but then again I’ve seen so much that it is hard to impress me. I can say that Addict has one of the largest and on average most attractive staffs of any of the various oily massage parlors I have visited in Thailand. The prices are fair, the rooms are clean and the service is good. There’s not a lot more one can really ask for at this level. I give the place three-and-a-half stars.

Address:1 13-14 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 02-663-6369
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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