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Review: Little Mermaid Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Little Mermaid Massage is an erotic massage parlor in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. Although Chiang Mai is much sleepier than Bangkok or Pattaya, it is home to a sizeable adult entertainment industry.

Of course Little Mermaid Massage is not not to be confused with the Chiang Mai restaurant or the famous animated movie of the same name. Clearly, Hans Christian Andersen’s words have made waves around the world.

Little Mermaid in Chiang Mai

The Little Mermaid shop is located on Chiangmailand Road not far from the previously reviewed Fang VIP Club. It has a very large engineered front with its name posted along a black exterior. While a lot of thought was obviously put into this the shop can still be easy to miss since it sits among so many other shops with their various signs. A large picture of a mermaid is more obvious than the shop’s name.

Little Mermaid Massage

Little Mermaid Massage has a very large and open lobby with a desk on the right side and a couch on the left. While there is usually a pile of shoes out front customers don’t have to take their shoes off to enter. When customers do enter they walk over to the desk where they are greeted by a woman with a menu showing the various services available. One course costs 2000 Baht ($59 USD) and another costs 2500 Baht ($73 USD). The more expensive course promises more service but both are advertised to end happy. Payment is expected up front. More often than not the woman working the desk doubles as one of the service providers on staff.

Women at Little Mermaid Massage

Unlike the ladies at the aforementioned Fang most of the women working at Little Mermaid can speak passable English. The shop opens around mid-day but women don’t start showing up until later. Early on there may be as little as one or two ladies on staff. Others show up as afternoon approaches. Some don’t show up until evening.

There are around a half dozen women working at Little Mermaid during peaks times. Most are in their twenties and of relatively average looks for the area. Many of the women working at the shop claim to be from the city though it is questionable whether or not some of them really are.

Sessions and services

After customers select a course and make their payment they are directed to a second room around a wall. There they sit on a couch and receive a glass of water and a cup of hot tea. The available women on staff then file in to the room one by one to introduce themselves. After customers select their service providers they take off their shoes and head up two flights of stairs to one of several available rooms.

The rooms at Little Mermaid Massage are incredibly large but contain nothing other than single mattresses covered in sheets that may or may not be changed daily. The linens look like they quite a bit of use. Though that could just be due to false appearances.

After customers enter the rooms and undress they are covered with a towel and taken across a hall to a joint shower room apparently used by everyone who visits the shop. After they and their masseuse are washed and cleaned customers head back to their rooms for the rest of their service.


All sessions start with a full body massage though customers are asked whether or not they want baby oil to be used. After that things move on to more intimate practices. Depending on how much they have paid customers receive either full service or services performed by hand and mouth. The women generally seem to be enthusiastic about their work but are not the most skilled ladies in the business.

There are some things to note about the extra services at Little Mermaid. One is that the ladies come equipped with Japanese nuru lotion though customers can decide whether or not they want it to be used. Additionally customers are given the full amount of time they pay for. This is not always the case in Thailand where sessions often end after customers finish for the first time. At Little Mermaid customers get what they pay for and tipping is not required or expected though surely any provider would be happy to receive additional payment to reward their efforts.

Little Mermaid Massage is basically what amounts to Chiang Mai’s version of the Thai oily massage parlor though with somewhat higher prices. Overall it is a mediocre place. So I think it’s only right to give it two-and-a-half stars.

Little Mermaid Massage. 316 Chaingmailand, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 1:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 061-791-0088.

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  1. Im really liking the Chiang Mai reports, especially as the place seems to have become much more popular among tourists. Thanks!

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