Review: Tulip Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


What’s better than a rose on your piano? Tulips on your organ. I don’t know if Tulip massage is any better than Rose’s but I do know enough to report on both of these legendary Bangkok venues here.

Tulip is an oily massage parlor located right on the main Sukhumvit thoroughfare in Bangkok. Situated under one of the exits of the elevated Thong Lo BTS station the place doesn’t look like much. From the outside it is like any other regular massage parlor in the country. There aren’t even any women sitting outside beckoning customers in most of the time.

Tulip massage in Bangkok

The interior isn’t any different. It is a decidedly run of the mill type of place. It has its little lobby along with some private rooms containing beds and showers. The place is relatively clean by Bangkok standards but it definitely wouldn’t win any Better Homes and Gardens awards.

Tulip Massage Thong Lo

The women on staff at Tulip might be described in a similar way by most men. The dozen or so Thai women who work at Tulip are for the most part average in looks and in their thirties. Some are quite chubby. They don’t wear particularly revealing or sexy clothes either.

Inside Tulip

So why is Tulip so well known by so many regular punters in Bangkok? To put it simply the level of service and enthusiasm offered at Tulip is much higher than what is provided at most other massage parlors in the city and the country more generally. That seems to be the key.

Once in the room the women who work at Tulip are known to really let their hair down and get into their work. From mutual showering in the beginning of each session to the fond farewells they bid to customers on the way out they are known for this sort of behavior.

Services and prices

For the most part the women at Tulip do away with any pretensions of actually massages. So they don’t typically deliver any mediocre body rubs. They just get down to business and seem to really aim to pleasure their customers.

The Tulip ladies are also known for their skill. From oral to full service they have developed a reputation for being truly great at what they do. Some gals in particular like Golf and Leena have been at their jobs for years and really seem to have developed their abilities. In certain circles they are talked about the way baseball fans discuss Babe Ruth.

Finally there is the fact that A level service is offered by most ladies at Tulip in some cases very enthusiastically. At Tulip there is no extra charge for this above and beyond service which is different from places like the previously reviewed Bamboo which tacks on a 500 Baht fee.

Although the level of service is higher at Tulip than at most other places of the type in the city the prices are more or less standard for the industry. A ninety minute session is 600 Baht ($19 USD) and the standard tip given by customers to the service providers is 1500 Baht ($48 USD). Other sessions are also available at different prices. The tip amount usually stay about the same. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:806 2/3 Sukhumvit Soi 38, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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