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Pattaya’s go go bars have a global reputation. Pattaya is known around the world as a destination for horny guys and gals. It’s also increasingly becoming known as a vacation spot for people mainly from Russia and East Asia. After countless visits I’m not exactly sure what the town has to offer outside of the adult entertainment but apparently some people are. What I have is information on the agogos.

I probably should have made a post like this long ago but I’m only getting around to it now. I hope readers will enjoy it nonetheless.

Walking Street

Walking Street is home to most of Pattaya’s go go bars. It remains the most famous (or infamous) street in the city. That’s no secret as evidenced by the never ending lines of tourist groups from China and South Korea who wander up and down the street taking pictures of nearly everything and everyone they come across. Between the tourists and the touts things are getting tougher for the guy looking for some of the fun that the place is actually known for. Still the go go bars remain for the moment, doing business as always.

Baccara is still one of the most popular go go bars on Walking Street and it’s pretty easy to see why. On the main floor customers pack around the stage to watch dancers and choreographed lesbian shows by women with silicone sculpted bodies. On the upper floor more “normal” gals in school uniforms dance on a glass floor so that customers below can see up their skirts.

Alcatraz go go bar Pattaya

The women working upstairs are more approachable though drink service is more spotty. The biggest downsides are that the place gets crowded quickly and going through with a bar fine can be quite the hassle. Some of the more popular women also key in on a certain demographic, so that an American guy may fall for a gal on stage only to find that she’s hunting for Japanese punters. Or vice versa. This is not always stated outright but it quickly becomes clear to those who pay attention.

Sweathearts has some of the friendliest ladies on the street, though to be honest I haven’t seen many lookers inside. Of course looks are always in the eye of the beholder so someone else may find the staff to be drop dead gorgeous. Drinks are reasonably priced, no one pushes hard for lady drinks, and the seats are close enough to the action to allow for interaction. A big plus is that the women move around on the stages quite a bit so it’s easy to see everyone available. In some other go gos the gals never seem to dance for hours before new ones take their places on stage.

Alcatraz is one of the largest go gos on the strip but is also one of the emptiest every time I visit. The place has a prison theme fitting with the name but it doesn’t do much for me. I don’t think the staff cares much about it either. At least the gal I saw trying to free her tangled uniform from the handcuffs dangling from her waste recently didn’t seem to. The staff is generally better looking at Alcatraz than in some of the other nearby joints but it’s still no place to find supermodels. It’s easy to barfine the women dancing for 800 Baht ($25 US) and drinks are moderately priced for the area.

Crazyhouse is a small bar with plenty of girls on staff though most of them are average looking at best. It does not compare to the bar of the same name in Bangkok.

Cassanovas near the entrance of Walking Street is one of the best places for boob lovers to visit. The staff is generally better looking than many other go gos in the area and almost all of the dancers on the main stage are topless, allowing customers to get a good show and figure out if they’re attracted to a gal completely before asking her over for a lady drink or a trip outside. Barfines are reasonable at 600 Baht ($19 US) though drink prices are on the higher end of the spectrum.

Go go bars on the side alleys that shoot off of Walking Street are easier to access and usually a little less crowded. These places are typically more oriented to guys (and gals) who are looking for the good old go go experience. What’s Up is popular though I don’t really know why. It has a white sterile interior that sets it apart from other bars but that’s about it as far as I can tell. Windmill is another popular bar with a few really good looking gals mixed in with a lot of older women. Superbaby doesn’t have the best looking atmosphere or staff but it’s a straightforward place with the 600 Baht bar fine rate posted right on the wall. There are shower shows near the stage and some services can even be provided on the couches to the left of the entrance. Heaven Above is probably the best. It a spacious bar with plenty of seating and a staff of dancers that is generally attractive. Some are absolutely beautiful. The women are approachable and action can easily be had at the surprisingly clean short time hotel just up the stairs. Bar fines are rather high though at 2000 Baht ($63) before midnight and 1500 Baht ($47) after.

LK Metro

LK Metro isn’t as well known as Walking Street though it packs almost as much punch. The little L shaped avenue is home to numerous go go bars (as well as the Devil’s Den) but is never crowded or filled with people pushing shows or “sexy massage.” The biggest bother one receives comes in the form of door girls calling out to passersby. As attractive as some of them are, this is actually no bother at all.

The Office is a themed go go bar where a number of women on staff dress like office ladies. It’s a very busy bar and there plenty of women on staff but to be honest most are very average in the looks department. Some of the dancers wear more revealing clothing and they alternate with the black clad gals on a revolving schedule.

Bachelor is a fairly regularly bar though the staff stands out. Those on the special team of dancers dressed like race girls are nearly all very attractive and another set of dancers that takes the stage on rotation is full of very busty babes in revealing little outfits. The bar fine is a bit high at 1000 Baht ($32 US). Like the Kitten Club and Clinic, Bachelor has a room upstairs for those looking for fun on premises.

Champagne is another run of the mill go go with the exception of the layout. The careful observer will notice a large glass box elevated above the ground. As many as three ladies at a time will enter the box and engage in erotic shower shows. The level of entertainment varies depending on how many customers are paying attention. When everyone is looking at the stage the ladies look like they’re doing little more than taking a bath.

Queens is a very large go go bar that remains spacious even when it’s filled up with patrons. This is a great alternative to crowded places like Baccara which can become uncomfortable some nights. The staff at Queens is very large with a whole range of looks. A small team of dancers wearing tight fitting shinny gold outfits is among the best looking group on the street. Guys have been known to be able to have a bit of fun on the couches and at times even on the stage. Drink prices are among the lowest of any go go in Pattaya.

Showgirls used to be one of the best go go bars in Pattaya in my opinion but my last few visits make me believe the glory days are gone. Maybe things will change again in the future.

The Oasis also known as “The Club” located on Soi Buakhao just across from LK Metro is another large establishment that may have seen better days. That may change soon though as they are apparently hiring new women now. On my last visit the small staff was dominated by attractive ladies in their early 20’s but most of them were quickly barfined.

Other Areas

Other parts of town also hold their share of go gos bars, though they are fairly scattered. There are too many in total to mention them all but a few either stand out or otherwise stand out in my mind.

Silver Star 2 on Soi 7 always has plenty of gals dancing fully nude on stage. I haven’t seen many amazingly attractive women but there are quite a few who are packing some serious breasts. Even a few of the petite gals have big boobs. Shower shoes are performed regularly in a tub surrounded by seats that customers are encouraged to sit in. Those who do are in for fun and interaction of the kind that used to abound in Pattaya go gos. Bar fining is as easy as requesting it. The rates for everything are reasonable. As one of the few places keeping things as they used to be I’ll probably do a full review of Silver Star 2 at some point in the future.

World Wide A Go Go on walking street has a great location but it never seems to get too crowded. I’ve heard people rave that there are some beauties on staff but I have personally never seen any in a number of visits. In fact the prettiest gal I ever saw working at World Wide was a 20 year old waitress. The seats are comfortable, the drink prices are very reasonable and the dancers are not aggressive at all.

Nevada on Soi 13/2 near the beach is very unassuming. This is one of the old school bars that is still surviving. I’ve never even seen a tout standing out front and the first time I entered I wasn’t even sure it was open. It turned out that’s just because it’s a laid back go go bar. The doors open early in the afternoon and bikini clad dancers stay on stage through the night. Most of the women aren’t exactly what I’d call attractive but some are average and a select few actually look pretty good. Although the place is apparently trying to be some kind of biker bar all comers are welcomed in by the very friendly Thai staff. Prices are reasonable and a number of rooms are even available upstairs for those who like to have their fun without leaving the building. Some fun can even be had on the seats around the stage and at the very least previews are pretty easy to acquire before one makes any agreements.

And now you’ve seen Rockit’s rundown of the go go scene in Pattaya. It’s up to date as of the time of publication but things change quickly and often in the bars of the Land of Smiles. Today’s dump could be tomorrow’s hot spot. As always this is provided for entertainment only, your mileage may vary and nothing I write should be taken for fact.

Note: This post was originally published in 2014. I made an updated report on the go go bars of Pattaya in 2018.

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