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Review: Club Electric Blue in Pattaya, Thailand

Club Electric Blue is one of the many go go bars in Pattaya. While not located right on Walking Street it is still widely considered a “Walking Street Bar”. I can only agree with that assessment since it just a minute away on foot. More importantly it is filled with sexy dancers in g-strings that motivate people to make the short trip.

Way back in 2013 I posted a review of Club Electric Blue in Bangkok. At the time I gave it four-and-a-half stars and mentioned that it was filled with pretty women. Five years later I reported on the closure of that bar as a steak house was moving in to take its place. Now I am finally able to do a review of the Pattaya Club Electric Blue which is arguably a better venue.

Club Electric Blue in Pattaya

Club Electric Blue is located on Soi 15 just up from the previously reviewed and seriously overrated Sapphire. It is easy to find with a very obvious entrance. And there are usually some ladies either out front or down on Walking Street helping guys find the bar too.

Inside Club Electric Blue has a more or less normal layout. There are comfortable seats all around the bar. Then there are a couple of raised stages that are easy to see all of the seats. This isn’t one of those bars where some seats are much better than others. It’s open all around.

club electric blue pattaya

The wait staff is friendly and attentive. They’re always quick to take an order and return with what they were supposed to bring. The vibe varies from nonchalant to fun. There is never a dreary and depressing atmosphere. With old seadogs like me coming into the bar on a regular basis the staff is definitely to thank for that.

There are always an appropriate number of women working at Club Electric Blue. It isn’t overflowing with women like the previously reviewed Palace agogo. But there are enough women around to outnumber the customers and keep the stages and floor lively and busy. More to the point a significant share of those gals are extremely attractive.

Staff, service and summary

Unlike some of the other Thai go go bars in operation this place does seem to have some requirements in place for employment. That doesn’t mean there are no older or less attractive women around. But some standards are clearly adhered to. On top of that there is a pack of truly fit and gorgeous gals. So there is really something for everyone. I can’t imagine a man alive wouldn’t find at least some of these bar girls alluring unless they had some sort of strange aryan obsession.

Some of the best looking go go dancers in Thailand can be found at Club Electric Blue on any given night. I am talking about tight tanned babes in the nineteen to twenty three age range with all the right curves and very cute faces. It’s like a throwback to the old days when every woman working in a go go bar had a beautiful body. That’s always nice to see.

Club Electric Blue isn’t the cheapest place in town. A draft beer goes for 110 Baht for example. So it’s more expensive than the old CEB in Bangkok too. But times have changed and so have rates. That goes for almost anything. It extends to the barfine too and tips expected from dancers who go boom boom with guys too. So these days a woman might want a couple thousand Baht on top of the thousand a guy gives to the bar to end a work shift early. But all of this is announced up front. There’s no bill padding or other rip offs here. So anyone who thinks they overspent would only have themselves to blame.

There are lots of go go bars in Pattaya. After all it is what the city is most known for. Go go bars have become more popular with tourists than expats and regulars in recent years with the possible exception of a few places like Windmill. It is easy to see why. At the same time Club Electric Blue keeps up some of the old standards and continues to seek out the most attractive women they can find to work the poles. That is the key ingredient in any agogo. It could improve in some areas but this place is quite good where it counts. So I give Club Electric Blue Pattaya four stars.

Club Electric Blue. 175/48-50 Pattaya Soi 15, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 3:00 AM. Website:

29 thoughts on “Review: Club Electric Blue in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. WOW! Must be a great place to get that rating from the great Rockit !! Don’t know if I will be able to make it back there with all that is going on now between the Covid and the travel restrictions but do enjoy your reports , and gives me something to think about for an old fart !! But if the occasion arrises, will look it up. Thanks Sir !

    1. Thanks for the comment Vegas. I do think it is one of the better Thai go go bars in operation these days. Although it is all on pause again. Only time will tell what is going happen. Until then I will do my best to keep reporting as normal. Cheers!

    1. A lot of clubs were open for at least some point earlier in the year. I don’t think any go go bars are open at the moment however. Cheers.

  2. The quadratic layout is a bit of a bummer. Everybody in the Bar can see what all the other guests are up to. Feels a bit odd. But friendly girls and a fair amount of nudity. I will absolutely go back if they reopen.

    1. They indeed had some friendly women. And some of them were quite attractive. Did you ever visit the CEB in Bangkok back when it was open? Cheers.

  3. Sadly I have only limited experience of Patpong Soi 1 (but once got a watch at the nightmarket that looked great but started to rust? after the first day of rain). Always focused on Soi 2 and visited all the go gos in the soi on multipel occations. Even Barbar a couple of times (I found it a bit more authentic than Desmonia).

    I liked Eletric Blue Bangkok, but they had a strange loo, standing doing your thing one could look into the Bar through a rectangular window…

    One of my best Go go memories is from the Strip (and I dont mean being inside the booth which was mostly unpracticle, both the girl and I were too tall, did not repeat that activity).
    Early an evening, a japanese businessman and I were the first customers. The guy was totally drunk and did kareoke with the staff, constantly buying everybody drinks. Light came in from the soi through the open door. Fantastic atmosphere, even the short cashier was partying.

  4. I bought watches there as well, knowing that they were fake but thinking they’d make cool kind of joke gifts.

    I was a newly wed and the “Rolex” I gave my new FiL stopped working after a week. It took about a year to convince him I wasn’t a cheapskate…

  5. I got a fake Rolex on Sukhumvit, it lasted for over a year, but I insisted he installed a new battery. Looked great as well.

    In Saigon a fake Omega? stopped working in the taxi to the Airport…

    In Pattaya I used to pick up a couple of cheep real Thai watches from a stall outside Big C. Just for fun. The watches always lasted longer than the bracelets.

  6. It was many years ago but I’m a veteran batterer. Surely didn’t spend more than $15 US for what looked like a several thousand dollar timepiece. The father in law didn’t appreciate the joke…

  7. Hard to bargain in Patpong compared to other marketstalls in SEA. The fact that it is (was) a well established steet market made the dealers less shy on the prices. Crazy paying 500 baht or more for low, low quality – and my watch started to “rust” after a few days. Always demanding a new battery improves the odds a bit but its no gurantee.

    But its fun to haggle.

    When do you see your self back in Thailand Rockit? Cheers

  8. I’m referring to a visit back in the 90s. I was a wet behind my ears newlywed as yet uninitiated to the play scene. Our tuk tuk driver offered to take us to some sex shows and the bride just laughed. Patpong watch stalls were as far as we got.

  9. The driver even offered beastiality shows when we didn’t bite on the more anodyne ping pong or banana shows.

    Some too much is just too much, but to each his own.

    1. It sounds like you made the right decision. I do have to seriously wonder if such a thing ever really existed though. I guess anything is possible. The Patpong ping pong shows which were apparently going in some form until 2020 were nothing more than preludes to extortion. Meanwhile experienced dancers were doing ping pong shows, ice shows, candle wax shows, lesbian oil shows and more for free in bars like Suzie Wong’s. Cheers!

  10. Normal A Go Gos in Pattaya also (frequently) had shows like that 6-10 years ago. Whats up had a Lesbian Show. Mistys had girls with darts, razor blades, ping pong balls.

    As I stated on another page. Suzie Wong had the most explicit Lesbian show I ever seen. I remember one night, a couple of American guys were new to Bangkok – and they totally lost it during the performance. Suzie Wong did continue with shows, but sadly a bit more benign.

    1. Yes. The only Pattaya places I can remember having wild shows of any sort in recent years were go go bars like Windmill. The more common model in recent years is to have women stand around trying to be eye candy. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the report. Having met the owner, that doesn’t necessarily surprise me. He sold the CEB in Bangkok a few years ago. I wouldn’t really expect anyone to hold on to a business they couldn’t operate for two years though. Cheers.

  11. Stickman wrote that the brand will live on, in the 2nd floor of the Dollhouse building.

    Sounds interesting. And both Bars reopened on march 1 (again according to Stickman).

    1. That is an interesting development. I wonder if the original proprietor will be involved. Previously the upstairs was called XXX Lounge Pattaya and it had some of the best fully nude entertainment to be found on any stage in the city. I mentioned it in a past review. Let’s see how this move will change things. Cheers.

  12. I was there a couple of times but did not get very impressed, maybe just bad nights?

    No huge fan of Dollhouse in Bangkok or Pattaya. But soi 15 is a favourite, remember Anglewitch and Smile a Rock (both are history). And Mistys, Eletric Blue, Whats up, Babydolls (nowdays Beavers).

    Soi 15 needs a lot of tourists in town to get foot traffic. There are films on Youtube that capture this – and actually from nights I was in Pattaya. Also a lot of street food places on soi 15 which contributes to the vibe in this very Pattaya-ish, narrow soi.

    1. Babydolls was great under old management. One of the old style bars. Club Electric Blue was always good for having many good looking ladies. Cheers.

  13. Rockit, did you ever visit the Ice Bar on soi 15? Not that tempting for a man fleeing the cold during winter in Europe.

    But Shark, nowdays in the old Beach Club location (?) on soi 15 is a Bar i like to return to. Always an abundance of cute staff. The same could be said about Beach Club

    1. I was in the ice bar with a lady once. It was her idea to visit. I didn’t mind but I didn’t find it particularly amazing. Sort of like the penguin display in Manila. I guess it would be more impressive for those from tropical countries where the weather never gets cold. Incidentally we were the only two people in the bar when I visited. But Walking Street was filled with throngs of people. Cheers!

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