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Review: My Friend You Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

My Friend You is nestled at the eastern end of the notorious Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand. It is one of many bars in a city many call the sex tourism capital of the world. The bar is an inconspicuous establishment on Soi 6 with it’s half naked ladies and ladyboys. But My Friend You is also one of many blowjob bars in Pattaya.

When approaching the bar, marked by the requisite sign, you will see more than a dozen Thai women. They’re usually moderately dressed, and sitting in the front of the bar near the street. They may not call out to you as aggressively as the women working at other bars on the street. But when you turn your head in their direction or began walking toward the bar, you are always greeted warmly.

My Friend You Bar

The mode of operation at My Friend You Bar is straight forward. You walk up to the entrance, find the girl (or girls) you want, and motion for them to join you inside. Drinks are of course available for customers and the ladies. And they’re reasonably priced. Nowadays more guys hang around in the bar and drink. But there are still some who simply ask for oral service in the downstairs lounge.

My Friend You Bar in Pattaya

My Friend You bar has a somewhat darkened room near the back that contains some black leather couches. They are lit only with black lights and surrounded with walls. Their location gives you a modicum of privacy but they people do move through them from time to time. For the right kind of pervert, it can even be hot to be sitting on a leather couch in a bar drinking a beer, with a woman is on her knees blowing you. Especially while the occasional staff member walks past to grab something from upstairs.

Until recently the entire inside of the bar was closed off to the street. Recently the bar was remodeled. Now most of the ground floor is open to the street. So the private room is the only closed off area on the ground.

Prices and service

The standard rate for a blowjob in the bar is 1000 Baht ($33 USD), inclusive of the 300 barfine that goes to the bar and the 700 Baht that goes to the oral artist. The rate used to be 700 Baht before it raised to 800 Baht then finally 1000 Baht.

Amy at My Friend You in Pattaya

But hey, inflation is a cruel bitch. Or something like that. The price is still 800 Baht over at Bliss Lounge on Third Road. But that’s not in such a prime area.

Old hands simply pay the fee after their service is rendered and they are ready to head out the door. There’s usually not much discussion involved. It’s one of things people just sort of know. But the women are certain up front and forward about what they do and how much they want when need be.

Extras and private rooms

Guys who want to take two or more women simply need to ask. Most of the women at My Friend You Bar are happy to work together. There are also private rooms available upstairs. They are used by guys who want more private or full service.

The rate for the use of the room and a woman’s time and service is now 1300 Baht ($42 USD). The rooms are clean and decent enough. Each has a shower area which is used to clean up before and after sessions.

Nowadays more guys seem to prefer privacy. Not long ago the place had more of a reputation as a place to enter, drop trow, get some head, shoot some salty skeet, and leave a little lighter. Soi 6 is loaded with countless short time bars where women who are generally more attractive do the whole deed for 1300 Baht. So the question is why someone would go to McDonald’s for ice cream when there are Carvel’s and Baskin Robins located next door?

In bar activities

The woman you choose may kindly suggest going up to the room, but there is never any pressure, and so it’s very easy to simply counter that you’d prefer the couch. They don’t seem to mind, especially since they don’t have to take off their kits or shower while staying in the bar.

The in bar service usually follows a similar pattern. You sit on the couch and wait for the service provider to prepare and grab some tools of the trade. She returns with a wet napkin and a freshly washed mouth. Then she has you drop pants and sit on the couch. She then kneels down in front of you and start cleaning your junk.

After that it is pretty much what you would expect. She sucks your sausage until you reach your goal. The level of service and skill varies greatly but most will work hard. There are even some well known pros at the bar like the much loved Amy. Service can last from a minute to maybe thirty. Anything within reason is acceptable, but anyone who goes overboard runs the risk over being shown the door.


A few things to note. First, as always, the most beautiful woman is not always the most skilled. Second, repeat customers often get an enthusiastic performance from their ladies of choice. Women seem to get more comfortable with guys they’ve already worked. And that makes sense.

Remember though that the rule is here today, gone tomorrow. While some women seem to hang around forever, others disappear at the drop of a hat. Old hands know not to get too connected. Some women at My Friend You will do barfines and long time sessions for more money. But others prefer to keep everything at the bar no matter the price.

Tipping is not necessary or expected. But it is certainly appreciated when offered. Guys who tip may find that get an even warmer welcome when they return. Though there is no guarantee. Plenty of guys pay the set fee and nothing more. They still receive the same service anyone else would expect.

As one of the most easily accessible and straight up blowjob bars in Pattaya, I give My Friend You Bar a solid three-and-a-half stars. A big plus is the laid back, no pressure model. Even today as Soi 6 has changed so much My Friend You continues to offer a taste of the old Pattaya.

My Friend You. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

8 thoughts on “Review: My Friend You Bar in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Hi Rockit – regarding Pattaya Soi 6 bj bars I’ve been trying to find some review or blog about the Full Moon and 3 Angels bars but haven’t managed to find anything. I was wondering if they are still operating as bj bars and read some reviews and blog about them. Cheers.

    1. Full Moon is certainly open. I have review on the place scheduled. I try to change focus from week to week rather than concentrate on one particular country. I’m not sure about 3 Angels but other similar bars are also open, including some already reviewed on this site like Click Bar and the place under review here. Cheers.

  2. I’m in Pattaya now and read ur report before arriving. Went to this bar on the first day :-) Walked up and took a girl in, told her I’ll have a beer first before moving to the couch ;-) she started to get me ready at the bar god bless her. Moved to the couch and dropped draws. She returned with her kit and cleaned me up. Her performance was perfect. I returned to the bar for another beer and tipped her 100. I returned each day for the next 2 days and took the same girl. Her name is Nok, she is about 29/30, a bit chubby but definitely not fat and she has a beautiful face and a great rack. I can definitely recommended her. She got more enthusiastic on the 2nd and 3rd visit.

  3. Hi,
    I love to get blowjobs while drinking my beer and looking at girls etc. So I researched your website a bit and as I happened to be in Pattaya decided to go for “My Friend You”. It was pretty much as you described, but as the girl closed a proper curtain around that lace curtain, the view to the bar was closed off and I could only see the neighboring couch. Her BJ was pretty good though.
    But then, hey, the next day I went to Misty’s in Soi 15 Walking Street (opposite Angelwitch). The girls there are not the skinny type, but all right. After I chatted with one of them over 2 ladies drinks (which they are rather quick to ask for at that place), she told me that for only 3 more ladies drinks at Bt 140 each she would give me a BJ right in the open of the bar! So essentially it only cost me Bt 420 more than was already on my bill (or will set you back Bt 700 if you pay all the 5 drinks on a fresh bill). Her skills were good and while I was getting my enjoyment, I could watch the show, see the other girls and so on. Exactly as I had wanted!
    So while technically Misty’s is not a BJ Bar per se, you will get good BJ’s there and you might want to consider it adding to the list. Have fun checking it out!

    1. Thanks for the report. I have many things to look into the next time I’m in Pattaya but I don’t know when I will be there next. Cheers.

    1. If who swallows what load? Your question isn’t clear. In general it is not common for ladies at BJ bars to swallow. Some do at times. But as a generally rule it is not standard practice. Cheers.

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