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Babydolls is a long running go go bar in Pattaya that has become a sort of institution. While the place doesn’t seem to be as busy as it used to be it still has legendary status for many agogo aficionado. That’s due mainly to the level of interaction between performers and customers at the club.

Most go go bars in Thailand now feature clothed dancers who work the stage or sit next to customers who buy them drinks. Babydolls is one of the few bars that follows the old school party atmosphere model. The women are typically all over the bar and customers often end up with their hands all over the women.

Location and layout

Babydolls is often described as a Walking Street agogo. While it is only steps away from Walking Street the bar is actually located on Soi 15. That means it can also be accessed from Second Road by those who want to avoid the crowds and spectacle of Walking Street itself.

Babydolls is located just one street over from the previously-reviewed Windmill. That is quite fitting since the bars offer very similar experiences. In many ways both bars are more less the same. The only real differences quantitative. Windmill has more women working, more floors, and usually more customers.

Babydolls Pattaya Agogo

In some ways Babydolls looks like most other go go bars. There is a large stage in the middle of the floor and lots of seating around the sides. The bath and mat areas where the shows take place aren’t totally unique either. But the sort of things that go on there aren’t commonly seen outside of a handful of “hands on” bars.

Babydolls is a large place with plenty of space. Although there are probably more than 50 women in the bar at any given time it never seems to be crowded. The bar gets its fair share of customers too. But it rarely gets to the point when one cannot move or even find a seat. There always seems to be space for more guys to slide into.

Staff, Services and Prices

As stated there are lots of women working at Babydolls most nights. The place isn’t necessarily known for staffing a lot of stunners but there are usually some very attractive women on the bar. There are also lots of ladies who would probably be described as average in looks by many. Finally there are a couple of large and older women working too but even they have their fans. Women from ages 20 and up can be found with the full range of Thai looks represented.

Babydolls Agogo Pattaya

The main draw at Babydolls has always been activity over looks. Topless and bottomless women dance on stage all the time. Other fully nude women perform shows in various areas of the bar and welcome customers seated nearby to get involved. On top of that all the ladies are open for a lot of mutual touching with customers who buy them drinks. Sometimes it goes even further than that.

Although the level of service is arguably higher at Babydolls than most other Pattaya go go bars the prices are about average. Lady drinks are 170 Baht ($5 USD) each. That is pretty standard for go go bars in the area. The barfine is 1000 Baht ($30 USD) which is also fairly average.


There are many go go bars in Pattaya. Some are well known and notable. Others seem to blend into the surroundings. Babydolls is a place that most Pattaya regulars are familiar with and for good reason. It is also the kind of place people put on their “to do” list when visiting the city for the first time.

There has been talk about “cleaning up” Pattaya and making the place “family friendly” in recent years. There are certainly more domesticated tourist groups showing up in the city but a lot of old standbys continue to hold on. That includes bars like Babydolls that operate the same way now that they did ten years ago.

Babydolls has won awards for being the best go go bar in Pattaya more than once. A visit to the place and its enthusiastic staff makes that very easy to understand. As the internet becomes a preferred way for many to meet each other go go bars may become a little less common. Yet there is nothing on the internet that can replicate the atmosphere at a place like Babydolls. Three stars.

Address:205/49-50 Soi 15, Pattaya, Thailand. (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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