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Review: Boss Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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Boss Massage is a sensual massage parlor in the heart of Bangkok. The place has been described as a PSE style parlor. It definitely has a great and skilled staff and fair prices. With so much competition in town it can be tough for a massage parlor to make a name for itself. Boss Massage has managed well.

Boss Massage bangok ladies

All things considered Bangkok has one of the best erotic massage industries in the world. There aren’t many cities where you can walk down a street and into massage parlors offering everything from hand happy endings to full service. Especially with such an open atmosphere.

That doesn’t mean each and every massage parlor in Bangkok is fantastic. That is simply not the case. Most places are by definition average. A few can even be downright awful. Then there are the top shops that really shine. While it might not be the very best I would say that Boss Massage is one of the better parlors I have visited. And I have visited a lot.

Boss Massage on Soi 24/1

Boss Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 near the Phrom Phong BTS station. This is a short L-shaped alley that connects to the main Sukhumvit Road on one end and the nearby Soi 26 on the other. Boss would be pretty tough to miss. Although it is in with many other businesses there are several clear signs around the entrance. They all spell out the name of the shop in big English letters.

One might not know what to expect from a sign that simply reads “BOSS”. Especially if they had never been to a massage parlor in this neck of the woods. Thankfully Boss is pretty straight forward. The lobby is lined with long sofas on either side. There is a desk in the back. This is where customers choose their masseuse and services. The shop presents a lineup of all the women on staff to any guy who walks in. They can then make a selection.

boss 26 massage bangkok

There are a variety of private rooms at Boss. Customers can choose between the regular shower room or an upgraded VIP suite. Both room styles are clean and well kept. The main difference is that the VIP rooms come with wet areas for bath play and nuru massage.

While it may not matter to most I truly appreciate that Boss Massage has a fully functional website. There they list everything from details about the various services to price lists and uncensored pictures of the masseuses. This is worlds better than the current practice of simply slapping a few pictures up on a Facebook feed. To me it says that the management is serious about doing business in a professional manner.

Staff, prices, service, and summary

There are well over a dozen women working at Boss Massage on any given day. The gals here wear matching uniforms with tight short skirts that I really appreciate. Most all of the ladies working here are in their twenties. They tend to be fit with good bodies and pretty faces too. As a general rule the part timers might look a little better than the full time employees. Yet the full timers are usually more skilled.

Boss Massage has done well at hiring. Ladies like Lisa and Noey stand out for their lucks. The busty Soda and pleasant Ploy have plenty of talent and experience. The whole team is pretty impressive. The leggy Vivi even offers anal albeit with a 500 Baht ($14 USD) surcharge.

A standard sixty minute massage at Boss costs 2000 Baht ($57 USD). This is less than many other competing parlors charge nowadays. A 90 minute full service massage from two ladies costs just 4000 Baht. Meanwhile 90 minutes with a single lady in the VIP mat room goes for 3300 Baht. Again these prices are quite good for the area.

So is the service. All of the women working here seem to know their way around a man. Some may be more skilled than others in certain area. But generally speaking they provide a great service for the price. Boss Massage provides exactly what they promise at fair rates. It might not be the fanciest establishment around but there’s nothing really wrong with that. Reliability means a lot. Especially in this industry. Four stars.

Boss Massage. 6/13 sukhumvit 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until Noon. Phone: +66 02-258-0785

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