Review: Lust on Soi 6 in Pattaya, Thailand


Lust on Soi 6 is one of the many bars on Pattaya’s infamous Soi 6. Many of the bars on the street can seem to blend together especially as one group now owns several. But there are unique features that do set at least some of the places apart from the others.

Some say Soi 6 is not what it used to be. There is definitely something to that. Outfits and behaviors have been toned down to some degree in recent years as a different sort of tourist has become more common in town. At the same time there have been price increases along the strip. But Soi 6 is still lined with bars filled with women who offer full service to customers without much issue.

Location and layout

Lust is located about halfway down Soi 6 near Lisa Bar. Coming from Second Road and heading toward the beach it is located on the right side. With so many bars and women in a short space things can be a little confusing. But Lust is pretty easy to find. “Lust on Soi 6” appears clearly on the large red and black sign that hangs over the front of the bar.

bar girl at Lust Pattaya

The bar has an open front. You can see into the bar but at the back there is at least a minor level of privacy. Inside the bar there are the usual tables and chairs that follow the red and black theme. They can be a little close to each other when there are a lot of people in the place. Especially if some of the people are drunk which is not uncommon on Soi 6. There is a bar situated to the left. But since the ladies inside usually take the orders it is not of much concern to customers.

Lust is not one of the bigger bars on Soi 6. It takes up just a single shop space. And all the space is put to use. At the back of the bar there is a set of lockers across from two toilets that is used by the women who work at the bar. Just after that there is a massive menagerie of shoes lining the walls to the staircase that almost looks like something out of a modern art installment.

Staff and prices

The shoes belong to the women who work in the bar. As the numerous footwear would suggest there are quite a few women working at Lust. At any given time there are probably more than a dozen gals at Lust. Sometimes the number is even higher. That is significant in a Soi 6 bar of this size.

Another thing that is significant is that the bar seems to staff a number of fit and attractive women. That is not always the case on Soi 6. Of course many of the women are heavily marked with tattoos and piercings but that is the nature of things on the street.

Lust on Soi 6

They usually have some ladies standing in front of the bar and across from the bar on the other side of the street. The ladies working at the bar normally wear black and red outfits that help them stand out. At times they even wear tight tops that say “LUST” in big red letters.

The barfine at Lust is 350 Baht ($11 USD). That is slightly higher than what some other independent bars charge. But it is also less than what some other bars ask for. In general it seems things are trending up in regards to price. Though Soi 6 prices have not increased nearly as much as those at many Pattaya go go bars.

Most of the women in the bar seem eager to get barfines and go upstairs to the short time rooms for 1000 Baht ($31 USD). The rooms are located just past the mountains of shoes. They are big and clean enough with their own in-suite showers and large beds. They do have a lived in look however. Probably because some of the bar employs sleep in the rooms at night.


Lust is one of the newer bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya. The place always seems to be filled with women and customers. That goes to show that bars can still open up and make it in Pattaya even as the market seems to be greatly oversaturated at times.

The main draw at bars of this kind is always the women. The ladies at Lust tend towards the more attractive. Some of them appear a bit shy. But the majority are as experienced as their body decorations would indicate. They are a forward and friendly bunch that seem to leave all of their customers satisfied. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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