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Review: Dolls in Pattaya, Thailand

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Dolls is one of the few go go bars located on the infamous Soi 6 strip in Pattaya. It is probably the most visible of the small number of Soi 6 go go bars. One reason for that is its promotion and presence on the internet. There is also an associated Dolls go go bar on Walking Street in the same city. But that is not the venue under review here.

Dolls is definitely not the biggest go go bar in the city by any means. It does have a reputation for hiring some of the best looking dancers. As you will see that reputation is not necessarily undeserved. At the same time the staffing choices cannot make up for every other negative aspect. That’s why there are some popular bars staffed by average looking older ladies. Like anything else it comes down to the overall experience.

While Dolls is certainly a popular place it really breaks from the tried and true mold that made Soi 6 what it is. Or what it was. Because Dolls is certainly not the only place working around a new party oriented model. The straight ahead service style that made Soi 6 the talk of men around the world has slowly but surely been slipping away over the last few years. Only time can tell if the trend will continue.

Dolls on Soi 6

Soi 6 is well known for its concentration of bars staffed by ready and willing women. The small road is home to numerous blowjob bars such as My Friend You and King Kong. Even more numerous are the many short time bars with available of women and rooms on the upper levels. Dolls is not like those others bars. It is a go go bar. In a lot of ways it is even more conservative than other agogos in town especially when compared to places like Windmill.

Dolls is located on the beach end of Soi 6. Traveling from second road is located on the right hand side. The place is easy to find with a big sign that reads “DOLLS” out front. They also have big glass windows that show off some of the action inside. Unlike other bars you don’t normally see women sitting in front of the venue. That’s because the ladies at Dolls stay very busy. The bar opens early in the afternoon like the rest of the street. That makes it one of the few go go bars in Pattaya open during the day.

Dolls gogo bar on Soi 6 Pattaya

The building that houses Dolls is the same size as most others on the street. That’s fine for an open air beer bar layout. But it’s a bit cramped for a go go bar layout. That is easy to see at Dolls where things often get so crowded that it can be tough to even more around.

There is a bar at the back though it’s mostly used for wait staff to pick up drinks. One small stage in the front is parallel with the windows facing the street. Another longer skinny stage on the right just into the back of the place. Although the stages are small they are normally worked by dancing gals in hot pants and bikini tops.

It seems that a lot of guys get pulled into this place by dancers who are active on social media. They know how to get guys into the bar. Then once the guys are inside the ladies move around between them fishing out as many lady drinks as they can. There are also guys who wander into the place though they seem to get the same treatment.

Staff, service and summary

As stated above Dolls does have a knack for employing some of the best looking dancers of any go go bar in Pattaya. While beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder there are certain standards that most red blooded men can agree one. The gals dancing at Dolls tend to be slim and pretty with nice fit bodies. There are not any old or overweight dancers to be found inside. The ladies are usually outnumbered by the guys inside however. That sets the tone for all else.

There may be a reason that a gal would choose to work this bar over others. And that might help explain how they get so many pretty women. But the reason a dancer likes a venue may not translate into a reason for guys walking in off the street to enjoy. Even though there are hundreds of available women just outside it appears as if Dolls is a real seller’s market.

In other words the women working this bar set the standards. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that. But guys expecting to find easy action on Soi 6 could be quite surprised by what they find in Dolls. The barfine is on the high side for the street but that itself is beside the point since several of the dancers are either very picky about who they leave the bar with or refuse to leave the bar with customers all together. Many have a take it or leave it attitude that seems to be more calculating than cold.

If I was writing about a strip club in the United States this would hardly be an issue worth mentioning. But this is a bar on Soi 6 where scantly clad women yell out to guys passing in the street with all sorts of sensual offers. When dozens of women mere meters away offer full service sex to all takers for 1000 Baht ($32 USD) it is a bit odd to find dancers who won’t go to a room with guys who offer much more.

Of course some things are relative. If Dolls was in the middle of Iceland it might appear to be amazing. But being nestled on one end of Soi 6 makes it disappear into the background. It’s notable for the pretty women who work there. Yet it stands out more for the general lack of service. So I give it just a star-and-a-half.

Dolls. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 2:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

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