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Review: Kink in Pattaya, Thailand

Kink is one of the many go go bars in Pattaya. It sets itself apart from much of the competition by featuring fully nude dancers. At the same time these dancers are not obvious to all who walk in off the street. So some customers probably have no idea they are even present.

Bars tend to come and go with regularity. There are places that have been around for years. There are also bars that show up on the scene only to disappear soon after. I can’t report on every go go bar that opens in Thailand. But Kink is notable in some ways.

Location and layout

As mentioned Kink is located on LK Metro. The place is very easy to find. It has a large black entrance with big white letters that spell out the name of the bar. LK Metro never gets as crowded or hectic as Walking Street. So most places are easy to spot simply by looking around.

Kink took over the spot that formerly housed the Gold go go bar. After entering the bar customers find themselves in a rather large space. This is to be expected to some degree. Generally speaking the go go bars on LK Metro tend to be bigger and roomier than those down on Walking Street.

Kink Pattaya go go

There is a large stage in the middle of the floor that takes up a lot of the available space. There are also spacious and comfortable booths around the walls. They are a little better than the seats in a lot of other bars. Some investment was clearly made here.

The main draw for many is not obvious to immediate view. That is the upstairs stage and play area. It is reached by a staircase in the front left corner. The staircase is not marked but it is open for customers to traverse.

While the dancers on the ground floor wear bikinis the gals upstairs are fully nude. There is a large play pen type of area in the middle of the floor. There are also all sorts of semi-private spaces around the walls. A lot goes on and the place sort of resembles a less busy version of the previously reviewed Windmill.

Staff and prices

It’s fitting that the upstairs area of Kink resembles Windmill in some ways. That’s because several of the women on staff at Kink used to work at Windmill. A few dancers and at least one waitress have made the move.

The other dancers follow a similar pattern of behavior. The women start out either in the buff or wearing only short skirts and tops that are barely there. Customers who sit around the play area or kick back and buy lady drinks are treated to a lot of opportunity to interact with the dancers. It is not out of the norm to see quite a lot of adult activity going on.

Downstairs things are a lot more tame. There the place just looks like the standard go go bar. It could even be described as a demure place with a lounge type atmosphere. The differences are almost night and day.

A range of looks is represented in the bar. The dancers are all Thai. Some are in their early twenties. More are probably in their late twenties with a few being even older than that. Most would probably be described as average by a lot of guys. Ultimately beauty is in the eye of the beholder however. Some may think the place is filled with stunners.

Surprisingly prices can surpass those on Walking Street. Drinks are 10 baht more expensive upstairs than downstairs. So upstairs lady drinks cost a bit more at Kink than they do at the above mentioned Windmill. The barfine is 1500 Baht ($46 USD) before midnight and 2000 Baht ($63 USD) after that. This compares to a 1000 Baht short time and a 1500 Baht long time barfine at Windmill.


Kink is a large new go go bar in Pattaya. It is clear that considerable effort and investment was put into getting the place going. There are many dancers inside including several upstairs who seem quite happy to dance in their birthday suits and get very hands on with customers.

The main feature at Kink here is clearly that play area in the upstairs area. It is what sets this bar apart from many others. Though this is certainly not the only go go bar in Pattaya to feature nude dancers or touchy experiences.

Unfortunately I don’t think that the fully nude top floor of this place is good enough to overcome all the other weaknesses. There are so many go go bars in Pattaya that punters can choose to go one place or another. I might return to Kink at some point in the future. But I don’t have any immediate plans for that with so many other places around that I enjoy more.

I can sum up this review as follows. The downstairs area of Kink is much like any other average go go bar. The upstairs is reminiscence of Windmill but with fewer ladies and higher prices. There are customers inside. But that can be said of many places. I give it a below average score of 1.5 stars.

Kink. LK Metro, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:30 PM until 4:30 AM. Website:

32 thoughts on “Review: Kink in Pattaya, Thailand”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I reported the prices I was quoted when I visited. Perhaps things changed since then. Or perhaps the rate varies depending on the person. I’ve seen all sorts of things in Pattaya go go bars. Including “short time” and “long time” barfines, which are a relatively modern thing. Cheers.

      1. That’s probably the most accurate comment I’ve read in a while, meaning that there is little chance for anything to be accurate permanently when it comes to Pattaya.

      2. Bars in Bangkok and Pattaya have a shortage of girls. The prognosis for Bangkok is better, its a big vibrant city.

        But more dire in Pattaya, I am not in the city right now but according to others its mostly indian visitors and limited clusters of expats and repeat tourists (and of course the weekend people from Bangkok). If one watch vloggers its apparent that the girls who accutally are on location, are “rather mature”. If a new generation of women will emerge from Isaan they need high compensation to be tempted to join the industry, so probably high prices in this business at least until there is a massive influx of tourists and demand. Some Barowners and Vloggers in Pattaya say “its still possible to have a very good time (meaning get a girl). Sure. But many visitors who have strong memories from Pattaya priorities the vibe, we want Walking street to be kicking and a half empty city will tarnish old memories. So we wait.

        1. There are clear differences between the cities. Bangkok is an international city with a full time population of expats and locals. Pattaya has a full time population but the city undoubtedly revolves around tourism. Two years without significant tourism would then take more of a toll on Pattaya than Bangkok. That seems to be the case even now as some people are filtering back into the country. Walking Street is a shadow of its former self at the moment. But Soi Cowboy has seen much better days too. Nana is more vibrant with some bars staffing as many two or three dozen women nightly. But it’s also important to remember that go go bars were facing some issues even before the pandemic. The factors that went into that like the increase in internet usage have only increased. I covered some of this in my post on the permanent effects of the pandemic on prostitution. Cheers.

      1. See you have t corrected your mistake you made on the barfine, looks like your affiliated with windmill ?
        (Why else would you compare the two?)
        2 & 1/2 stars ???
        I love this place , it’s the best gogo bar in Thailand in my opinion.
        Your website and it’s ratings I think are the worst I’ve seen.

        1. Thanks for the comment. I haven’t changed anything in this post. Though I may in the future if I see fit. That’s one benefit of running a website. Both Kink and Windmill are Pattaya go go bars featuring fully nude dancers who are known to interact with customers. Kink got a star-and-a-half. Windmill got four. This is an independent website. It is not affiliated with any place of business in Thailand or anywhere else on earth. Cheers.

  1. Hello, I would like to thank all the clubs, bars that work and earn money to the girls who work for them. Many boss pay poorly and use his girls until they lose their health. Worst of all on Pattaya, some clubs have finally abandoned their employees without even paying them 1 baht after the government closed. Many girls find themselves like me, without money, without food and without help. Thanks to Kink Club Pattaya!

  2. I love KINK and can’t wait to go back. I must have visited almost every day on my last trip to Pattaya and it seemed to be the busiest place in Pattaya.

  3. I was there tonight and it’s was full opem naked ladies who spread their legs wide and interact with the customers. I had my part of the naughty fun. Love the place and I’m back for more all week long.

  4. Good report Habanero. Sounds like a great night, I will return to Kink. Dont know if you are an expat or a tourist. Dispite spending “a lot” of time in Pattaya, LK Metro-Soi Buk is not my first choice – mainly due to limited experience. I got stuck in other areas in Pattaya (but visited most of the Bars in LK once or a couple of times).

    On Stickman today, a submitter wrote about current impressions of LK Metro in may 2022: “The bars are cliquey and the girls tend to sneer at guys who are not regular customers”. Did you catch any of that vibe. I used to prefer Walking street because it was not expat-oriented, a very non-judgmental international party atomosphere. Cheers.

  5. This place is back in business but unfortunately its filled with single moms with saggy tits and old grannies. Pattaya is dead. Heading back to BKK.

  6. Just want to know is it okey for a couple (me and my girl friend) to visit a gogo bar in pattaya?
    Is there any club or go go bar where I can take my girl friend and visit dance floor where they semi / fully nude girls are dancing ? Just to watch only without doing for sex.

    1. The vast majority of go go bar customers visit on their own. Some customers buy one drink and leave. Others spend thousands of dollars. Cheers.

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