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Pattaya go go bars – The best and the worst

The go go bars in Pattaya are world famous. I have been reporting on them for a decade, and visiting them for longer still. I’m not alone in either case. But I have been compiling information on Pattaya’s go go bars for long enough to matter.

I work diligently to keep this list of Pattaya agogos up to date. But things change quickly and often in the bars of the Land of Smiles. Today’s dump could be tomorrow’s hot spot. As always this list of the best and worst go go bars is provided for entertainment only. Your mileage may vary.

Pattaya and its go go bars

The city of Pattaya first became known internationally after US soldiers were stationed there during the war in Vietnam. After that bars started to spring up, mainly catering to male visitors. Then men started to come in from all around the world to visit the bars. Eventually Walking Street was established with all its go go bars and neon lights.

Pattaya go go girls in black panties

In more recent years things started to change. Walking Street became a tourist attraction visited by groups of Asian and Russian families on holiday who gawk at the bars and their staff. Family entertainment facilities were built and ladyboy shows started catering to group tours of people from countries like China. Condos sprung up all over. They’re marketed as either investments or vacation homes, depending on who is pushing them.

During all of this the go go bars seemed to decline a bit. The number of ladies in the bars seemed to decrease. At the same time older and less fit ladies started appearing on stages. And there were noticeably fewer customers in many bars. Yet at the same time, prices have gone up almost universally. It’s not unusual to hear of barfines in the thousands of Baht at Pattaya go go bars today. This is up from the hundreds common just a few years ago. It also approaches or surpasses places like Germany in terms of the price of sex.

Changes in Pattaya

The pandemic brought about a lot of changes in Pattaya. Many places closed temporarily only to reopen in some form in 2022. Other bars never came back at all. A few places resorted to live streaming to maintain some sort of income. As of Summer 2022 however Pattaya does seem to be coming back to life.

At this point many who live in Pattaya or regularly visit the city avoid the go go bars completely. Or they only visit them on a special occasion. Still there can be no doubt that Walking Street and its go go bars remain the main attraction in Pattaya, even if some officials wish it were otherwise.

This is not to paint a picture of total gloom and doom. I just want to give an idea of the general state of the go go bars today. Someone visiting Pattaya for the first time today may be amazed at all the bars filled with semi-clothed women who are looking to be paid for sex. Meanwhile a lot of old timers pine on about the glory days gone by. Perhaps that is just the way of the world.

In any event, these are the best and the worst go go bars in Pattaya right now.

Walking Street

Walking Street may still be the most known part of Pattaya. But is seems to be rather empty inside a lot of the bars. Sure there are still crowds of people on the street itself. At times it can even be difficult to simply walk from one end to the other thanks to all the people, street performers, beggars, and flag following groups. But inside some of the bars are nearly empty. Of course there are exceptions.

Baccara is probably still the most popular go go bar on Walking Street. It draws in plenty of guys each night. The ladies inside aren’t much different than they were in the past. In fact, I’ve recently seen a couple of dancers on stage who were there in the past too. The gals at Baccara are often well made up, but very mechanical in bed with customers outside of the bar. Because Baccara is so popular, it can actually be tough to get a seat. The wait staff has no issue moving around inside however. They always seem to bounce from patron to patron trying to sell more drinks. These days, it almost seems as if most guys who visit just go for the show.

Sapphire might be the second most popular go go bar in Pattaya. The management are quite good at promotion. The dancers appear in an annual calendar that is even sold on Amazon in the United States! There are certainly many women in the bar. And a fair share of guys visit nightly too. Yet there never seems to be a lot of interaction between the dancers and customers. And many of the tattooed and artificially enhanced gals on staff have a very “professional” approach. These internet stars also have a habit of pushing for tequila shot lady drinks which of course come at a premium price.

the dollhouse xxx lounge

Dollhouse might not be the most popular go go bar on Walking Street, but it is definitely one of the best. Downstairs the bar is spacious with some friendly and fun bikini clad and topless gals working the stage. Upstairs is even better. Cushioned seats all around the floor are spaced out nicely and give great views of the various small stages. Fully nude dancers work those stages and interact well with the guys in attendance. It helps that the dancers almost all have the kind of fit bodies and nice perky breasts that used to be common in venues of the kind.

A newer place called Panda is very well fitted out for a go go bar. As the name might suggest, this go go bar seems to cater more towards the increasing number of Chinese visitors in Pattaya. At least some of the dancers don’t even seem to do barfines at all. Instead they just talk to customers and fish for lady drinks. So it’s like a karaoke bar in that sense. The guys inside don’t really seem to mind.

The elaborate Skyfall is another bar where lady drinks seem to take precedence over all else. I don’t think I’ve seen such aggressive gals in any go go bar in Thailand, baring perhaps the ladyboys at Cockatoo on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok who encircle anyone who walks in and more or less beg. In some cases guys barfine women at Skyfall, then are asked to wait around a few hours for their gal of the night to make more money for the bar before she leaves. The management at Skyfall doesn’t seem to have heard the American proverb about skinning sheep. Or perhaps they just don’t care as there are always new tourists coming to town. Skyfall is one of the bars that still seems to be filled with customers most times.

heavan above agogo

Heaven Above is a really hit or miss place. During one visit the place seemed to be filled with stunners to the point that even my weary old eyes were surprised. Yet on a subsequent visit the pickings were quite slim, but the gals not so much. On the plus side they have friendly mamasans and wait staff who are not pushy in the least. They also have topless dancing and nude oil massage and spanking shows off to the side of the room. Alas, the barfine is a whopping 2000 Baht ($65 USD) before midnight.

Babydolls is still in business. They even seemed to have picked up a few new dancers. The bar has a reputation for staffing adventurous women. That still seems to be true of the some of the veteran staffers, including one gal who has been working the place for quite a while. They have a tub for shower shows but the facilities are a little worse for wear. There is an air conditioning unit near the bath tub that drips water down onto some of the seats, and occasionally the customers seated in them!

Club Electric Blue is still running too. Though whenever I visit it seems to be very quiet. Maybe I am missing something or just visiting the place at off hours. But although there are plenty of dancers in the bar, it doesn’t seem to approach the glory days of the now shuttered CEB in Bangkok. Nothing really stands out about the Pattaya Club Electric Blue to me. But that could also be because I’ve seen so many.

Perhaps a sign of the times, the well known Sugar Baby go go bar on Walking Street has closed up shop. Most of the ladies from that bar seem to have shifted over to Diamond go go bar across from Windmill. They’re not nearly as wild there as they were in the old place. There are still some nude dancers and the occasional hands on action. But for some reason one of the mamasans rushes the babes in their birthday suits back to the stage after encouraging them to gulp down lady drinks as fast as possible.

Windmill itself on the other hand is as good as it has ever been. The place is so popular and filled with ladies that it expanded to add an upper floor. Both levels are often crowded with customers and gals in the buff, yet it never feels uncomfortable. Perhaps that’s due to the party like atmosphere. Most of the women are surprisingly fun loving and eager to please. Although they are of course they are looking for tips, lady drinks, or barfines, they rarely bring these things up themselves. The bar is the last of a dying breed.

LK Metro

LK Metro has grown in popularity over the years. It is not nearly as crowded as Walking Street. Yet at least some of the bars do always seem to be filled with customers. Regular visitors to Pattaya are more likely to visit the LK Metro go go bars, though the prices aren’t necessarily lower than Walking Street agogos these days.

Sugar Sugar and Champagne agogo have both been around for many years. Sugar Sugar in particular seems to have paved the way for the rest of the go go bars on the street. Both bars get their share of customers. And they both have multiple ladies on stage each night. They are basically what you expect from go go bars in Pattaya these days. Sugar Sugar perhaps stands out more due to its dancers, who are often topless. Champagne is perhaps less unique, which could explain why it is often devoid of customers.

Paradise is a large go go bar with a fun environment inside. The ladies inside are quite friendly and the management is creative. This might be the only go go bars to ever hire a guy to beat a pair of bongos in tribal regalia. That’s not necessarily a reason to visit a place like this. But it is worth mentioning.

Kink Pattaya go go

Kink is one of the newest go go bars in the city. They clearly spent some money laying the place out too. The ground floor is fairly vanilla with women in revealing clothes shifting back and forth on stage. The upstairs is modeled to be something like the Windmill, complete with a mattress type show space in the middle. The prices upstairs are higher than those below, and the place doesn’t employ nearly as many dancers as Windmill.

The Office always seemed to have a fun approach in the past. After a recent remodel, they seem to pay less mind to the theme and instead just have gals dancing in bikinis. They’ve also added some sort of tiered barfine system with “models” requiring several thousand Baht to leave the bar. I haven’t seen any gals inside who look like any models I have seen.

Destiny agogo seems to be one of the more popular go go bars on the strip. I can see why. They have many attractive and fit ladies inside. That includes a few who dance in various states of undress. The small stage always seems packed with women. And the seats fill up with guys too. There is a lot of interaction between the ladies and customers. And all the gals seem eager to get barfined.

Area 51 just outside of LK Metro was refitted and now has a number of women on staff. The place is open to the street and remains a sort of hybrid between a go go bar and a lounge with pool tables in the back and a big bar in the middle of the floor. The place never seems to get very busy.


As you can see, things are still going strong in the Pattaya hot spots even if it isn’t all necessarily like it used to be. Outside of Walking Street and LK Metro however, things seem to be on more of a downward slope.

Silver Star 2 is back in business after being raided a while ago. Yet the place have obviously slowed down a bit. There are still several women inside prancing around in very little, but the feeling isn’t what it once was. There are noticeably less attractive women and customers inside too.

Dolls at the end of Soi 6 seems to pack in customers, though I am not totally sure why. They do have a couple of dancers who are better looking than average. But they dance in shorts and tops and seem much more interested in lady drinks than barfines. That seems odd considering that the bar is literally surrounded by suck shops like My Friend You and short time bars like Lust.

But it is what it is. Notably, the price of lady drinks at Dolls is higher than normal too. When the curtains on the windows close, some of the ladies do dance topless. But that’s not necessarily special here or in many other parts of the world.

And that is the state of the go go bars in Pattaya today. In all likelihood I will continue to update on the massive go go bar scene in Pattaya in the future. That is of course as long as you continue to come here and read what I write.

21 thoughts on “Pattaya go go bars – The best and the worst”

  1. Your reports on pattaya are close to being spot on . It’s a seasonal town , you have to pick your times to go , ladies to give your time and money to . It like anything , experience counts , the more time you spend there the more fun you will have and with that you will get value for money . I’ve been to all but a few places in your reports and pattaya is the grand daddy of them all .!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t think Pattaya is necessarily a top destination but it does offer many options in a small area. Cheers!

  2. Hello,

    I come often to your bar Baccara Pattaya and came again yesterday and spent ~10,000B.

    Lady (#128) when she came my room she had “migraine”, that’s what she said :(

    Because I am a gentleman I let her sleep and said nothing but because I am a gentleman also I will never set again foot in your place and I will tell story to all my friends…

    More ladies like this you have and faster you’re going to loose faithfull customers :(

    An ex customer.

  3. Hello Rockit, I’ll be visiting Pattaya for the first time in January and I had a few queries:
    Is it necessary to book a room before barfining a girl from a go go bar? Or will the girl take me to one of the short time hotels?
    Also, can you please suggest me a few cheap go go bars on walking street since I’ll be on a budget.

    1. Most go go bar dancers will actually prefer short time hotels and they will know where they are located. I don’t think there are any cheap go go bars on Walking Street. The prices are all in the same range and a short time session with drinks, bar fine and the room coming out to somewhere around 100 US dollars. In the past I wrote a report called Cheap sex is on sale in Pattaya. Cheers.

  4. Hi Rockit – I thought I’d make a mention of a few Go Go bars I visited in Pattaya showing my buddy around on his first time in town.

    Going up Walking Street and Soi Diamond we went into Sugarbaby where we found girls in tandem doing soapy Jacuzzi shows for drinks if we sat up close by, then they would remain nude and get up together on a vinyl cushion beside the girls dancing and gyrate together in all sorts of provocative positions. What got my attention was the dancer’s outfits – a small white cheerleader’s top that is supposed to tie together in the front but all were left purposely undone to continually show their ample tits to all, a tiny miniskirt all with no panties and sexy high heels. I couldn’t help myself but invite one young stunner up into the seat beside me for a closer observation. After buying her a drink she told me it was ok to physically peruse ( and pursue ) her ample features. So for a while over a couple of drinks I was happily watching the jacuzzi shows or sexy girls dancing in a state of undress while caressing her great set of tits or downstairs shaved pleasure pit all of which she gladly obliged by stroking my cock through my ever tightening beach shorts. A very enjoyable time was had and the whole time we were there my buddy was all goggle eyed with the obvious raunchiness of the bar which we made a return visit to a couple of nights later.

    We then went to the Casanova GoGo bar where on entry we found we both had to relieve ourselves at the men’s toilet out the back. There we were standing next to each other at our respective urinals when two stunners dressed in nothing but G-string and high heels came out of the adjacent toilet booth and asked us if we would like a hand having a pee. My buddy could not believe what was taking place as we had our cocks in their hands helping us. As my arm and hand instinctively found its way to a gorgeous perky bare ass I winked at my buddy and said ‘ how’s this for customer service?’ He just replied by shaking his head in disbelief! We then went out into the bar and found a table and seats where the two girls joined us for a round of drinks. Quite a raunchy bar I thought with a good selection of girls.

    We then went into the Windmill GoGo bar which I found to be rather disappointing as far as the dancing girls were concerned – as far as I could observe a fair few of them were old and flat chested.

    We probably had our most fun around at LK Metro strip of bars – the Office GoGo was a great bar with a great selection of dancers and the drinks wait staff were very friendly and courteous I found which I feel adds to the overall enjoyment at a place. I called up a dancer from the stage to join me for a drink where she stayed for the rest of our time there. A real sexy little chic who was happy to sit with me and my buddy who by then was also enjoying the company of a busty delight. I paid the 500 baht barfine for her and couldn’t wait to get back to my room where, after the obligatory shower together, she proved herself to be a proper little pocket rocket pornstar. It was absolutely fantastic – screwing our brains out every which way and even after starting off with a little show for me, talking dirty ( which I’ve always found to be encouraging ) and telling me what she’s going to do with me and my little brother down her throat which she happily obliged. So guess where we went to the next night? Straight back to the Office GoGo and after a few drinks again with her took her back to my room for a repeat all night performance – it was absolutely fantastic!

    Another bar which we found to be well worth the visit was the Batchelor GoGo – well laid out with a good selection of quality girls, some of whom dance topless and even fully nude.

    Another bar in LK Metro worth mentioning was the Paradise GoGo bar. Upon entry and getting ushered to a good perch with a drink by good, friendly staff I couldn’t help but observe the array of quality girls in there both dancing nude and around the rest of the bar. Well worth a return visit.

    Another bar we enjoyed was Secrets GoGo in Soi 14 – well set out inside with a good selection of girls dancing. The girls were friendly and the staff were not like hovering, harassing vultures – rather courteous to customers which I feel adds to a bars general reputation.

    We also went into Spanky’s GoGo bar on Soi Diamond where I was almost fooled by the most gorgeous ladyboy dancer. She was by far the best dancer in the place which got my attention but what really caught my eye ( apart from her great pair of bolt on tits ) was her ( I’ll refer to her as ‘her’ as it looked rather evident by the obvious cameltoe that she had been through the full chop job ) slinky waist, ass and legs which I find to be very sexy and instantly appealing on the eye. I make this observation because of something I have noticed distinctly about the girls in the bars around both Bangkok and Pattaya. Since my last visits to Thailand was some years ago I can’t help but notice that so many bar girls and dancers these days have big chunky thighs and asses on them. This is not a negative, critical comment by any means but I could not help but take notice – I still love’m all!. It’s just that the slinky little size 8 girls are fewer and far between than my past times here in Thailand.

    Anyway that’s about it – thanks Rockit, I thoroughly enjoy this website to read and compare other punter’s experiences and to share my own – after all it’s all about entertainment. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the very detailed report. It’s certainly true that the women seem to be getting bigger on average. Cheers!

  5. Hi Rockit do you know what are the main differences between pattaya and bangkok? for example the price and quality of the gogo girl, what makes one person choose one over the other?

    1. Bangkok is a large capital city and metropolis. Pattaya is a small city on a beach. The prices women charge in both are basically the same. I have no way to know what each of the millions of people who visit each base their decisions on.

  6. Hi Rockit, I thought I’d share with you and other readers a night out I had down Walking Street in Pattaya recently cruising around some various gogo bars. In Soi Diamond, to be more specific, up the far end is Babydolls GoGo bar. I’d already been to about 3 different bars so I was wondering what sort of sexy entertainment this bar can provide. As you enter looking over to the left hand corner there is a table or bench type set up with a vinyl padded surface for the girls to gyrate over each other in pairs naked in various positions,ie 69 and doggystyle, etc.. As I was sitting in the booth type corner this sexy show was going on right in front of me at barely arm’s length. Sitting next to me was a German couple I guess in their 30’s – the woman was dressed in a short miniskirt and very sexy. The girls started running their hands over her breasts and between her legs with her partner happily being entertained by all this which made me think they were definitely swingers. Then one of the girls laid herself out in front of me on the edge of the vinyl bench looking me straight in the eye inviting me to get my tongue into gear. I happily obliged her by giving her lovely little shaven haven a severe tongue lashing! The German woman who was no more than 2 feet from all of this going on gave me a subtle smile of approval when I came up for air and then proceeded to grope and ravage her man who was sitting next to me. I then finished my drink, checkbinned and moved onto another gogo bar. A great night out was had. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the report. Soi Diamond is still the freest Soi in that area but it seems the days of the really wild action in go go bars may have passed. Cheers.

  7. Hi Rockit, just a quick mention in regard to the way bars, in this case or observation, a gogo bar in Soi LK Metro – the Office Agogo change staff in the matter of a relatively short time. I was in Pattaya back in June and frequented the Office Agogo bar for a couple of great nights out enjoying the delights of a very sexy little pocket rocket pornstar, as mentioned above in this thread. I made a recent return to Pattaya in early November and went back there expecting to see some familiar faces and figures dancing as well as the great friendly drinks staff. I couldn’t believe it when I could not see one familiar face at all in the bar – a completely new staff was working there! Whether it’s because of new management I don’t know. I also experienced a police raid when I was out one night with my latest little lover in the Lady Love Gogo bar in Soi LK Metro. The officers were all in plain clothes, the mamasan came rushing in gesturing for all the girls dancing topless to cover up as the cops were quickly taking photos with their phones and then checking the bars business registration papers, etc. The lights came on throughout the bar and more or less spoiled it for all the punters in the bar. I quickly checkbinned and we moved on to another bar to continue a good night out. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the report. There seems to be more and more of this sort of thing going on lately. Yet a big police official just visited Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok a few days ago to promote tourism and ensure safety after the earlier shrine attack a few blocks away. Go figure. Cheers.

  8. Hi Rockit – I thought I’d share with you and the other punters a night out I had in Soi LK Metro back in March. As my local little girlfriend had the red flag up and her mother visiting I thought I’d head out to some gogo bars in LK Metro as I’d been told there were some good new bars ( or at least renovated with a new name ) there. After going to 3 or 4 different bars having some drinks and perusing the available talent I ended up going into the Touch AGoGo bar. As I’ve been coming to Thailand since 1987 I might also add that I’m no young spring chicken anymore but still thoroughly enjoy getting amongst it. Having said that as I have got older I notice that I have taken a hungry eye balled penchant for the so called Milf, that is sexy women between the ages of about 30 – 45. When I entered the Touch AGoGo and settled in with a drink I started to take notice of the ladies up on the stage dancing and my eyes were immediately locked onto a dancer who seemed to be the best looking lady in the bar. As they do – she noticed me eye balling her and when she finished her set she came over and joined me. To me I thought that she was absolutely stunning – I’d be more than happy to give her a 9/10 no problem. I ordered a round of drinks for us both and chatted with my new companion. She was fine with telling me she was 40 years old and she laughed when my disbelieving jaw dropped. After another round of drinks I paid the barfine and whisked her back to my room where she pranced and posed around the room in her high heels for me talking dirty ( this always encourages the little soldier ). She was keen for anything and while I was mesmerised by her beauty she gave me the pornstar girlfriend experience with an amazing sloppy headjob during a 69 and a fantastic fuck every which way. I unloaded all over her great pair of tits which left me exhausted. After we both showered each other off we laid back on the bed where she gave me one of the best massages that I have ever had anywhere. I woke up in the morning with her all wrapped around me and a caressing hand waking up my little soldier which was soon replaced by her willing mouth. There is nothing better on this Earth I believe than waking up to some sexy horny girl slowly sucking your cock to welcome in the new day. We had a repeat performance screwing each others brains out and after cleaning up we went for breakfast at a nearby café. She more or less insisted that I make a return visit to her bar as she said that she had enjoyed herself the night before. I happily obliged and went back about 3 nights later where we repeated the whole scenario again. An absolutely magnificent woman she was and I really feel lucky to have had the pleasure with her a couple of times. I must have done something to impress her as she gave me her phone number ( after telling her that I have a local Pattaya girlfriend ) and invited me to come to her home town of Kohn Kaen with her next time I’m in town. Cheers.

  9. Hi Rockit

    Nice summary article, if you have the energy for it this would be a great article to update once a year. I just got back from a 30 day stay in Thailand 2 weeks of which were in Pattaya. I pulled girls from the gogo bars on Walking Street, Soi 7, Soi 6, and LK metro. During my second week in Pattaya, I ran into something new on LK Metro. None of the gogo girls would sit with a customer unless the customer bought them a drink first. I visited 6 different bars it was the same each time. It was so off putting that I stopped visited the area.

    1. It sounds corny but the best bars in Pattaya are all named after gemstones. Sapphire Club on Soi 15 (off Walking Street), Ruby Club on Soi 6, and Crystal Club on LK Metro.

    2. I have also been thinking about turning certain posts including the rundown of Pattaya go go bars into an annual tradition. I definitely have the energy to do it. Time and resources are something else to consider. I do have a new report of the go go bars in Pattaya planned soon. Requiring the purchase of a drink is fairly normal nowadays in Thai go go bars. So is the practice of customers spending more than $100 USD to spend a few hours with a Thai go go dancer. Cheers.

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