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Windmill is a well known go go bar in Pattaya that bills itself as “Pattaya’s Naughtiest Agogo.” With so many go go bars in Pattaya it is easy for one place to blend in with another. Windmill is in no real danger of that. The bar sets itself apart from the dozens of other go go bars in the city in a number of ways.

The naughtiness is of course a key factor. Mainly that means that there are fully nude dancers, lesbian and bath shows, and a lot of interaction between staff and customers. What is “naughty” is ultimately subjective. But it would probably be difficult for any other go go bar in Pattaya to argue that it offers more in terms of mileage than Windmill.


Windmill is commonly described as a Walking Street Agogo. Walking Street is of course the most famous road in Pattaya. It is lined from one end to the other with go go bars. Some of the most interesting go go bars are actually located off of Walking Street however. That includes Windmill.

Windmill can easily be accessed from Walking Street on foot as it is only a few steps away. However, it is actually located on a side street called Soi Diamond. Soi Diamond can also be accessed from Second Road and this route is often preferred by those seeking to avoid the crowds.

Windmill Pattaya dancer

The Windmill agogo is easily found thanks to its location. There are many large signs on the outside of the bar as well as staff that work the front. On top of that there are signs on Walking Street pointing the way to Windmill. Those can blend in with all of the sites and sounds of the street but they are complimented by staff who stand on Walking Street holding signs and calling out to customers.

Surely this all helps people find Windmill. Even in this age of increasing reliance on smart phones when people can just pull up a location on Google maps having personal guides can only help. Walking Street is often described as a circus and it is easy to miss things when trying to get down the street. Soi Diamond on the other hand is quiet but nondescript. In any event the bar never seems to lack for customers. A majority of the seats downstairs remained filled throughout most nights.

Layout and service

The ground floor of Windmill has a lot of room but you cannot always tell. That is because the place absolutely fills up with people nearly every night. Even though the place always seems to be full it never feels crowded unlike some nearby bars like Baccara. The fun atmosphere certainly has a lot to do with that. Windmill is also billed as “the friendliest bar in Pattaya” and with good reason.

There is a large stage in the middle of the floor. Several women dance there wearing nothing but skirts. At the end of the stage a few are usually fully nude and interacting with themselves and customers. On the far right there of the room there is a large tub where two or women bath each other and also interact with customers.

There is another flat stage area where two dancers play with each other in the buff. In addition there are several small stages all around where the women dance in their short skirts. Finally there are plenty of others just working the floor or sitting with or on customers.

Windmill gets so busy that it actually expanded to add an extra floor. A second level above the ground floor is accessed via a flight of stairs in the back corner. The top floor is laid out with a stage in the middle filled with the same kinds of women doing the same kinds of things.

The second floor can get just as busy as the ground level. Indeed it often does. Customers therefor chose which level to visit based on their own taste. Things do not necessarily get more “naughty” or “friendly” on either level. It’s all more or less the same. The added level just added space for additional ladies and clients to entertain.

Staff and prices

There are lots of ladies working as wait staff in Windmill. It is never difficult to track one down to make a drink order. Even when Windmill is filled with customers there are plenty of waitresses around. They are hard working and attentive. In a few cases they are even multilingual. Of course they are not the main draw.

Customers visit Windmill for the dancers. And there are many of them. On any given night there may be close to one hundred dancers at Windmill in various states of undress. They come from all over Thailand and vary in looks. There are gorgeous twenty year olds with fit unmarked bodies. There are also chubby gals and older ladies with tattoos. Looks are no indication of service but most of the ladies seem to get along quite well with customers.

brown Thai babe at windmill

Their obvious motivation is money. But at Windmill that is not always so obvious. Still the fact remains that dancers work this and any other bar to make money. At Windmill they do that through lady drink commissions, tips and direct compensation from customers.

Lady drinks at Windmill are 170 Baht each. Customers who buy them usually spend some time interacting with the ladies. It is pretty common to see petting going on. Often time things get even more friendly than that. This is why Windmill is often referred to as a “hands on” bar.

The barfine at Windmill is 1000 Baht short time and 1500 Baht long time. The difference being that ladies are expected to return to the bar before closing if they only go out for a “short time”. The service providers seem willing to leave the bar with most customers. They expect payments of between 1500 to 3000 Baht for their time.


Advertising is often based on a very creative interpretation of fact. That is not the case with the promotion of Windmill. Some may argue that there are naughtier or friendlier venues in Thailand’s sin city. But few could argue that Windmill is not very friendly, very naughty, or both. While ultimately it all a matter of perspective the truth is that there are not many places where customers get more bang for their buck in terms of in bar activity.

Windmill has been open for years. It has become so popular that the place has even expanded. The women and the atmosphere have a lot to do with that. The very approachable Western manager stationed near the door at all times certainly contributes quite a bit too. Windmill is a Pattaya institution for good reason. Four stars.

Address:Soi Diamond, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Hours:7:00 PM - 3:30 AM
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