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Review: Sugar Sugar in Pattaya, Thailand

Sugar Sugar is one of the many go go bars of Pattaya. It has one of the better online promotional plans. Or at the very least it is easier to run into pictures of dancers from Sugar Sugar online than it is to find women from many other similar establishments. That is quite possibly by design as the place seems to be managed by a westerner.

There are so many agogos in Pattaya that the places can all seem to run into each other after a while. But there are places that are unique or otherwise stand out for one reason or another.

Sugar Sugar Pattaya go go dancers

The previously reviewed Baccara on Walking Street is popular with Japanese guys and is known for its see through floor that allows guys on the ground floor to look up the skirts of the dancers upstairs. Windmill has fully nude dancers who are known for getting quite hands on with customers.The neighboring Paradise had a well known bongo player and dancers with the words “fuck ass” tattooed across their backsides.

For its part Sugar Sugar has plenty of pictures online and a convenient corner location that helps draw in customers. They have some lookers on the staff too. Though it is really a mixed bag.

Sugar Sugar on LK Metro

Sugar Sugar is located in LK Metro. This L-shaped street is the second most popular place for go go bars after the world famous Walking Street. While tourists tend to flock to Walking Street experienced travelers and long term expats are more likely to visit LK Metro for their go go bar fix. For a while it was much difference though the lines have started to blur over the years.

As mentioned the bar is very easy to find as it is right on the corner with Soi Bukhao. The large frontage of the bar is set off even more by a big black awning that broadcasts the name of the place in big white letters repeatedly. It would be a difficult place to miss.

sugar sugar go go bar

Inside the bar has an elongated layout. There is a stage stretching from one end to the other. Several stool style seats line the stage. Then there are also booth or bench style seats along the back wall that seem to be a lot more popular with guests. At least that is where most of them sit.

One thing that does stand out about the bar is that they actually enforce a no smoking rule. A ban on indoor smoking has been the norm throughout most of the world for many years. Yet in Pattaya there are many places that continue to allow it. Sugar Sugar is not one of them. For those who prefer to avoid smoke exhaled by other men that can only be plus.

Staff, service and summary

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and places can change from one day to the next. I can only judge by what I have seen. After stopping into Sugar Sugar on several occasions over a period of years it seems that the bar staffs a large handful of relatively average looking ladies doing a two step in bikinis. Things do seem to pick up during high season. Or at least they did when high season had more meaning.

Although the gals are mostly average in looks, or perhaps because of that, they tend to be a bit more pushy for lady drinks than women in some other establishments. I don’t think they are overly aggressive or out of control by any means. But it is a feature of the bar that stands out. On the other hand drink prices are pretty reasonable and the women are in the bar to make money. So I am not especially put off by it.

If anything I am more impacted by the atmosphere or lack thereof. The place always seems to be a little cold and sterile especially when compared to some other bars. Everyone inside does their job to a satisfactory level but it is always very obvious that they are in fact doing a job. Sometimes they come right out and say it.

Sugar Sugar is a fairly regular agogo. I could take it or leave it. Of course my assessment isn’t the be all and end all. I write what I write based on what I see and feel. After researching adult entertainment establishments all over the world for many years I do think I have a fairly good idea of what is going on. But my opinions are exactly that. Taking that into consideration I give Sugar Sugar two stars.

Sugar Sugar. 33 75-76 LK Metro Alley, Pattaya City, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Website:

2 thoughts on “Review: Sugar Sugar in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Another great review Rockit. My own experiences in Sugar Sugar were really a mixed bag (as with most Agogos really) ultimately it’s not a venue in LK Metro I tend to seek out as the positive experiences didn’t really stand out nor could I say that I had a distinctly negative experience. Ultimately I would answer “Meh” when asked about SugarSugar

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I am always glad to see confirmation of my views. “Meh” would probably be the most accurate description. Though in the current conditions I am quite sure there are millions of men who would love to be in such a “meh” sort of place. Cheers!

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