Two go go bars raided in Pattaya


A few days ago the Daily Mirror published an article calling Pattaya “the world’s sex capital” and likening it to Sodom and Gomorrah. The article went out of its way to say that things are exactly as they have been, even though a minister pledged to eliminate sex tourism in the seaside city nearly a year ago.

These sorts of sensationalist headlines pop up all the time. A few years ago papers proclaimed that Germany was “Europe’s biggest brothel”. Before that, Sonagachi was marked as Asia’s “largest red light district”.

Although a lot of Thai people brushed off the recent Daily Mirror article, one could make a fortune wagering that some sort of crackdown would result from it. It took three days for the response to come.

Go Go bar raids

Last night swarms of police headed through Pattaya. Walking down Beach Road in a search for prostitutes or drug dealers produced nothing. Walks down Soi 7 and Soi 8 on the other hand allowed police to arrest two Thai women for the crime of dancing nude.

The arrests took place at the Silver Star 1 on Soi 8 where police say they found two women doing a nude show in a bath tub. Customers were ordered to pay their bills and disperse and the nude women were detained. Other women in the bar had their identification checked and the place was closed down.

Alcatraz go go bar Pattaya

After visiting the Silver Star 1 police headed over to the Silver Star 2 on Soi 7 which has been previously covered here. The police did not find any nude women at the Silver Star 2. Apparently they didn’t find any dancers at all which has been chalked up to women from the first go go warning women in the second. A few toys of some sort were apparently discovered however which led to the Silver Star 1 also being closed down.

The owner of the Silver Star go go bars was apparently called in for questioning. I don’t know what the results of that questioning session were or if it has even occurred. We may learn more in the future but if past events are any indication we also may not.

Walking Street and LK Metro

The city’s world famous Walking Street which is home to many go go bars was apparently not visited. LK Metro which is home to many go go bars of its own was also left alone.

This could all lead to a number of questions. One that sticks out is why customers were told to pay bills at a place that was apparently conducting illegal business. It is unimaginable that customers in a shop selling illegal ivory would be told to pay their bills during a raid.

Known unknowns

Maybe some things are not meant to be known. While I recognize that there is value in discovering facts and underlying truths this website is meant for entertainment only. I can report what I see or learn but nothing more.

I had planned to do a review on the Silver Star 1 at some point in the future. Considering the events of last night I may publish it soon just to get it out of the way so that it won’t end up being a post on a place that no longer exists. The Silver Star 1 will probably reopen but I can’t be sure. The nearby Clinic go go bar which was extremely popular at one point in time is no more after all.

The Silver Star bars are not the only go go bars to have problems recently. On Valentine’s Day police found a British guy bedded with a dancer in a private room at the Windmill go go bar which was mentioned in a summary of Pattaya’s go go bars posted here years ago. The dancer and the Brit were released with warnings though the bar owner was apparently cited for having lacking “the correct license”.

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