Foreigner friendly ANMA massage in Seoul, South Korea


By popular demand I am assembling a short list of foreigners friendly anma massage spas in South Korea. This list of shops that is known to accept foreigners is not exhaustive or exact by any means. I had to try to pull together the infomation I have into something cohesive. While I have been to plenty of anmas in the country and seen even more, I can’t recall every name and location. This is what I have, and it’s all I have for now. If I get more info, I will try to report it here.

Anmas are among the most popular options for adult entertainment in Seoul. Most of them do not accept foreigner customers. That has helped open a space for escort agencies that cater to guys from other countries. But there’s nothing like the Smooci website with its on demand online booking operating in Seoul. So the escort scene remains spread out and limited. The anmas are more concrete both literally and figuratively. So they contain to intrigue.

What is an “anma”? It’s basically an erotic spa for adult men. In many ways they are like the Korean massage parlors in the United States. But they usually offer a little higher level of service. The word “anma” most likely comes from the Japanese word anma which described a traditional form of massage. That word has its roots in the Chinese word anmo (按摩) which has been used to described therapeutic massage in China going back to the Shang Dynasty in the second millennium BC.

Anma in South Korea

Anmas exist all over South Korea, as do various sorts of massage parlors like these ones near Seoul-Incheon airport), barbershops offering erotic massage, and high end jack shacks like the previously reviewed Belle, Cool, and Jinju Massage.

Korean ANMA sign

This sign says “ANMA” in Korean.

Anmas differ from other shops in the type and quality of service offered. As a customer, you receive a nice table shower, a decent massage, uncovered oral, thorough full service and most likely a little more. Many anma offer food, drinks, nap space, soapy massage, hair washing service, or tubs for soaking your tired bones.

As I’ve written here numerous times before, the massive sex service industry in South Korea is largely off limits to foreigners. While Hooker Hill in Itaewon basically caters to non-Koreans, and open minded independent escorts abound, a lot of the other places will simply turn foreigners away. Especially if they don’t speak the local language.

Foreigner friendly ANMA

These are three anma around Seoul that have accepted foreigners in the past. Whether they still do or are even still open is unknown to me at this point. All were up and running at the time of writing, but things do change.

A1 Anma in Itaewon is a low end anma that has always been totally open to foreigners. It is located out of exit 2 of Itaewon Station. It is straight ahead on the main street after an Ali Baba restaurant and the Itaewon Hotel. A1 anma shares a building with a Thai restaurant. The cost is 200,000 Won ($169 USD). Note that this place is reported to be closed.

Castle Anma in Seolleung is a top end facility at least in terms of surroundings. The place is located out of exit 4 of Seolleung Station. It is not far from Gangnam. Castle is welcoming of foreigners. There is even a multilingual website for the place online.

Fish Anma in Gangnam is a mid-range anma that sets itself apart by having a fluffer on staff. As she takes you down to the massage area in the elevator she gives you a few seconds of oral action. Nothing special, but it is an added benefit for sure. Do note that the fluffer apparently isn’t there at all times as some report visiting without as much as a lick in the lift. 

ace anma fish anma seoul south korea

The Fish Anma entrance is on the left. The Ace Anma sign is on the right.

Fish Anma is outside of exit 2 and 3 of the Gangnam-gu Office Station. It’s up a small hill a few blocks from the station. There is a large blue white sign that says “Fish Massage” and “ANMA” ouotside. Here’s a map of the location. The cost is 220,000 Won ($186 USD).

Ace Anma in Gangnam in another mid-range anma that has been taking foreigners for some time. It has a huge staff full of attractive Korean women. Another standout feature of Ace are the mirrors in the rooms which give a good view of the action.

Ace is located out of exit 3 of the Gangnam-Gu Office Station. It is up a small alley which is immediately to the right of the exit. The anma has a big red pole sign that reads “안마” in Korean and “Massage” in English and Japanese. It’s difficult to miss. Here’s a map of Ace Anma. The price is 230,000 Won ($195 USD).

Castle is just out of exit 4 of Seolleung Station and to the left up a side street next to the Lotteria Building. The place is obvious and easy to see since it is actually made up like a classic European building with large white pillars. The name Castle is even displayed over the door in large English letters. The price is 230,000 Won during the day. At night the price increases by 10,000 Won.

As far as I know, all anmas in South Korea are open 24 hours a day. There are usually more women on staff late in the day, as you’d probably expect. But there are also more customers at that time too. It is not uncommon to wait for an available women. They even have waiting rooms for that purpose in many location.

That’s it. Sorry for any inaccuracies as I am going purely by memory. And ultimately this is all just for entertainment anyway. Any reports on these or other anma from knowledgeable readers would be helpful. Comments and corrections would be great too.

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