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Foreigner friendly ANMA massage in Seoul, South Korea

By popular demand I am assembling a short list of foreigners friendly anma massage spas in South Korea. This list of shops that is known to accept foreigners is not exhaustive or exact by any means. I had to try to pull together the information I have into something cohesive. While I have been to plenty of anmas in the country and seen even more, I can’t recall every name and location. This is what I have, and it’s all I have for now. If I get more info, I will try to report it here.

Anmas are among the most popular options for adult entertainment in Seoul. Most of them do not accept foreigner customers. Yet the Anmas are concrete both literally and figuratively. So they contain to intrigue.

What is an “anma”? It’s basically an erotic spa for adult men. In many ways they are like the Korean massage parlors in the United States. But they usually offer a little higher level of service. The word “anma” most likely comes from the Japanese word anma which described a traditional form of massage. That word has its roots in the Chinese word anmo (按摩) which has been used to described therapeutic massage in China going back to the Shang Dynasty in the second millennium BC.

Anma in South Korea

Anmas exist all over South Korea, as do various sorts of massage parlors (like these ones near Seoul-Incheon airport), barbershops offering erotic massage, and high end jack shacks like the previously reviewed Belle, Cool, and Jinju Massage.

Korean ANMA sign
This sign says “ANMA” in Korean.

Anmas differ from other shops in the type and quality of service offered. As a customer, you receive a nice table shower, a decent massage, uncovered oral, thorough full service and most likely a little more. Many anma offer food, drinks, nap space, soapy massage, hair washing service, or tubs for soaking your tired bones.

As I’ve written here numerous times before, the massive sex service industry in South Korea is largely off limits to foreigners. While Hooker Hill in Itaewon basically caters to non-Koreans, and open minded independent escorts abound, a lot of the other places will simply turn foreigners away. Especially if they don’t speak the local language.

Foreigner friendly ANMA

These are three anma around Seoul that have accepted foreigners in the past. Whether they still do or are even still open is unknown to me at this point. All were up and running at the time of writing, but things do change.

A1 Anma in Itaewon is a low end anma that has always been totally open to foreigners. It is located out of exit 2 of Itaewon Station. It is straight ahead on the main street after an Ali Baba restaurant and the Itaewon Hotel. A1 anma shares a building with a Thai restaurant. The cost is 200,000 Won ($169 USD). Note that this place is reported to be closed.

Castle Anma in Seolleung is a top end facility at least in terms of surroundings. The place is located out of exit 4 of Seolleung Station. It is not far from Gangnam. Castle is welcoming of foreigners. There is even a multilingual website for the place online.

Fish Anma in Gangnam is a mid-range anma that sets itself apart by having a fluffer on staff. As she takes you down to the massage area in the elevator she gives you a few seconds of oral action. Nothing special, but it is an added benefit for sure. Do note that the fluffer apparently isn’t there at all times as some report visiting without as much as a lick in the lift. 

ace anma fish anma seoul south korea
The Fish Anma entrance is on the left. The Ace Anma sign is on the right.

Fish Anma is outside of exit 2 and 3 of the Gangnam-gu Office Station. It’s up a small hill a few blocks from the station. There is a large blue white sign that says “Fish Massage” and “ANMA” ouotside. Here’s a map of the location. The cost is 220,000 Won ($186 USD).

Ace Anma in Gangnam in another mid-range anma that has been taking foreigners for some time. It has a huge staff full of attractive Korean women. Another standout feature of Ace are the mirrors in the rooms which give a good view of the action.

Ace is located out of exit 3 of the Gangnam-Gu Office Station. It is up a small alley which is immediately to the right of the exit. The anma has a big red pole sign that reads “안마” in Korean and “Massage” in English and Japanese. It’s difficult to miss. Here’s a map of Ace Anma. The price is 230,000 Won ($195 USD).

Castle is just out of exit 4 of Seolleung Station and to the left up a side street next to the Lotteria Building. The place is obvious and easy to see since it is actually made up like a classic European building with large white pillars. The name Castle is even displayed over the door in large English letters. The price is 230,000 Won during the day. At night the price increases by 10,000 Won.

As far as I know, all anmas in South Korea are open 24 hours a day. There are usually more women on staff late in the day, as you’d probably expect. But there are also more customers at that time too. It is not uncommon to wait for an available women. They even have waiting rooms for that purpose in many location.

That’s it. Sorry for any inaccuracies as I am going purely by memory. And ultimately this is all just for entertainment anyway. Any reports on these or other anma from knowledgeable readers would be helpful. Comments and corrections would be great too.

117 thoughts on “Foreigner friendly ANMA massage in Seoul, South Korea”

  1. Hi!
    Thankyou for all the information!!
    I just wondering if you could tell us a little more about how it is at the anmas. Like: How long are you there for? Will it be private (not seeing other guys)? Are the girls pretty? What do you mean with a good full service and a little more?

    Best regards

    1. An ANMA is a Korean massage set up for men. The exact routine varies by location, but as the post mentions, normally you’ll get something like a shower, a massage, and sexual services. Standard sessions are 1 hour, but there may be other options. Full service is a standard term in the pay for sex industry to discreetly indicate intercourse. A little more means exactly that, eg. a little more than intercourse. I am sure you can imagine if you try. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Enjoy!

  2. I went to Dallas today, and they are definitely foreigner-friendly (Hak-dong station, exit 7, first left, cross the street and enter downstairs next to the spinning barbershop pole). Paid 130,000 and got fifteen minutes of massage before being led to a shower and an adjacent room where the girl did a little licking and sucking before she put on a condom and started riding me. She was petite, cute and very tight, and I finished pretty fast after a change of position. Then I had a shower and she handed me a vitamin drink before I dressed and left. Service was ok, but as they were foreigner-friendly and not that expensive, I was quite satisfied. The downside is, they don’t let you choose the girl.

    1. Solid report. How’d you find the place? As far as I know, new customers don’t get to chose their service provider at most ANMA. If you know the name of a particular provider you could surely ask for them. Thanks for taking the time to post here. Cheers!

    2. I believe I read about it in an online forum. Doing extensive research before visiting a new city saves a lot of time, and in areas where foreigners don’t always get in, it also saves a lot of disappointment. Going to try a kissbang too while I’m here, and maybe Hooker Hill.

  3. Hi, can anyone tell me when Dallas is open? Actually, i went there today, Saturday at about 6.15 pm, because i read on another forum you can have a threesome for 220 000 won. First of all it’s easy to find (thank you, Dick, for the clear directions), you see a huge single barberpole. I went inside the building took the stairs down, since i didn’t see any doorbell, i just knocked the door. Nothing happened, i tried to open the door but it’s locked, i knock once again, nothing. Strange, because the big barberpole outtside was lighted and turning, also a smaller barberpole inside was lighted and turning. At the beginning of the stairs downwards, i noticed some kind of device, like an intercom, but the wire was cut. Next to the locked door, there are 3 switches, i tried all of them, but none of them was a bell. In fact, with one of them i turned down the light and the small barberpole. Then i got out of the building, entering it from the backside, but i just arrived at the 2nd floor, and went downstairs to the same locked door (som there is no other entrence). I knocked again, but nothing happened. Are they still operational, and if som, when? Or did the cops close the place down (it seemed weird to me that the wire of the intercom was cut). Thanks if anyone can help here. To Dick: be warned if you go to hooker hill: it’s a crazy negotiation (some of these women even start with quoting prices at 500 000 won to start, and that’s only for 1 woman, although one of the pretties there).

    1. Maybe someone (Dick?) can help you out. As for Hooker Hill, check the post I did on the subject on this site. If they are asking 500,000 Won they must have seen you coming. I think it’s outrageous when I hear guys say they paid 200,000. Here’s what I wrote: “I don’t know if it’s because they can see in my eyes that I’m not up for bullshit or what, but I’ve never been quoted more than 125,000 won here, and I’ve never paid more than 100,000. A little light negotiation can help if it’s necessary. Once I had to leave a bar when the short curvy girl working it wouldn’t budge. The going rate is around 60,000 – 75,000 won ($55 – $70 US) for a short romp. That’s usually what I pay. Sometimes lower, sometimes higher, but never by much. Stick to your guns and act like you know what you’re doing and you will be fine.”

  4. Hi, will they overcharge me if I don’t speak korean? And do you usually pay before or after service? Thanks for any advice.

    1. Since you were smart enough to read this post, you already know the going rates. With that information how could they overcharge you? You usually pay up front, upon entry, but there are variations. Just go with the flow and follow instructions. You shouldn’t be ripped off at any of these places (or any other anmas in South Korea for that matter). Cheers.

  5. I just discovered “rockitreports” for the very first time. Very, very useful information, especially
    about the action in Asia.

  6. Another good place is B&J very friendly just raised price from 180 to 200.
    Sillim Station line 2 exit 8 walk straight ahead 3 minutes on your left 2nd floor
    sign in English B&J Massage.

  7. Just tried today Fish And ACE. Has been send away at both places. They told me they just serve koreans not foreigners. To my defend: i’m a nice looking clean sporty guy.
    As to A1: couldnt find it. I found the Ali Baba restaurant, but Then the explanation fails or i’m to dumb. Can’t find the Hotel, can’t find the Thai restaurant. But i did find the Bank of which you wrote “if you see this, you are to far.”

    1. Sorry to hear about that. It does happen sometimes, and unfortunately there isn’t much explanation I can offer. Many guys have gained entry, so it appears to be another one of those “your mileage may vary” situations. Cheers.

  8. I have planned to go to Fish Anma, but this was closed (it was the first day of the Thanksgiving)….So I went to Ace Anma which is closeby. Staff is very friendly, you will see a lot of security personnel. The place itself looks like a Hotel. After paying (they increased to 230,000) you will be guided to a room where you can wait. After a short while a lady is guiding you to a room where your service provider is waiting for you. After greeting and short small talk (limited English) you will undressed and you will taken to the attached bathroom. You will be showered and the action is starting with the shower table, little Nuru massage, Blowjob etc. after that your lady will dry you and take you to the bed. Again blowjob and your dick will be covered. (in my case she put the condom on just with her mouth, unbelievable…) after several positions and filling your rubber you will try to drink something and try some small talk. After that she is doing a short call and you will be guided to the door. Everybody is friendly and asking you if the service was OK. As described the Mirrors in the Room giving you a nice view of the action…. Only one thing I wasn’t very happy with: the girl I’ve got was very beautifull but with full bush, this was really not my style. but my little friend was happy with the service…. ;-) Just read my other reviews of Belle and Sarah Miehn

  9. I went to Fish yesterday. Got through the doors and then stopped before ben reaching the counter. Lady said very politely but firmly sorry sir but “foreigners are banned”. I had greeted them in my best (basic) Korean but no dice.

    1. Hi Gary. It seems these things change or depend on the time and person. You and another poster were refused entry, but some others report recent access. It’s tough to tell exactly what goes on or what logic is behind turning people away. Maybe a foreigner caused problems recently. That’s a good way to get us all blocked. Thanks for the report!

    1. There have been some places mentioned in recent comments. Sorry I can’t help more. I haven’t been on the ground in a while. Cheers.

  10. Does anyone have contact numbers of any anmas…like Cool, Belle, Fish anma, Ace anma or any mamasans contact number so that we can make an appointment…thanks

    1. Sorry, I don’t have anything on hand. A search online using Korean characters would probably turn something up. I’m of the “show up and see” school myself when it comes to these kinds of places. Cheers.

    1. No problem. It really depends on the place and whoever is working at the time. Non-Koreans often have a hard time accessing a number of adult oriented places, even “foreigner friendly” ones like those listed here (as some of the comments on this report indicate). As I’m sure you know, having a certain look or being from a certain country can make things even more difficult, if not totally impossible. My advice for someone with dark skin who wanted to visit an Anma would be the same as it would for any other non-Korean. Just show up and act polite. You may get in or you may not. There’s not much else you can. Good luck.

    2. Hey dude I’m black and have been to Seoul and have gone to a few anmas in seoul and other cities surrounding seoul. Usually it’s not a problem if you act polite no big deal at all.

      1. Thanks for the comment. That’s usually been my experience too. I’ve never actually been refused service anywhere in South Korea, but apparently plenty of others have.

    3. Yeah no problem. I’ve been to places that have refused my service. I’ve been living in Korea for 4 years and the past few years there has been an increase in anti-foreigner sentiment. At some of the massage parlors they will tell a foreigner regardless of skin color they won’t be accepted because of stereotypical things std and penis size lol. However in bigger cities I think the only color that matters is green.

  11. Wonderful experience last Saturday and Sunday. I visited Suwon RLD on Saturday evening around 6:30 PM. The girls in the main row did not want anything to do with a foreigner (I am a dark guy with a big mustache) so turned left down the side road, many girls accept foreigner in these rows. When i was walking on the small roads seen a stunning girl rate 7/10. Before i approach her there was a Filipino guy asking for the price, she said 80,000 Won for 20 min and then he left later on i approached her and asked for the price she said 30,000 Won, i could not believe this i entered immediately and went in to her tiny room and she asked me for the money. She then told me to undress and she left the room. When she returned she undressed and wiped down my little johnny, she started to lick/nibble my nipples. She then moved to BJ for about 3 min and she asked for my choice of position so I let her get on top. She rode me for about 5 minutes, then i finished with the missionary position. After that she went out of the room and brought me a vitamin drink and then i left the place.

    Again went back on Sunday evening around 4:30 PM and found a sexy girl with a curvy body rate 8/10. She also quoted me the same 30,000 Won remaining all the same as above. Wowwwww what a wonderful weekend.

  12. My first post but I just had to share. Went to ace anma today for the 2nd time…first time was mediocre at best but today….oh my lord. The girl i was assigned was cute enough, not your standard stick figure korean but cute none the less. I would say a solid 7 on looks alone but as u will see she is a 10 when it comes to prowess. Started off pretty normal teeth brushing washing blaseblase and then into the nuru massage. Felt pretty good…slightly cold but nice none the less got a little bbbj action towards the end..always appreciated. Anyways after that she dryed me off and we went to the bed and had me lay on my stomach. Standard cat bath AND THEN OH GOD she starts rimming me while jerking me off. Felt fucking amazing. She did that for quite some time then I rolled over she continued the cat bath and carried on with a bbbj yet again. Then she flipped around and put her pussy in my face and 69 commenced. Somewhere along the line she put a condom on me. She got on top and started riding me, kissing all that good shit. It honestly was GFE to the max but I would have def liked to bareback her and bust inside. Soon we changed positions…mish…we were legitimatly making love it was crazy. Soon it started feeling pretty good for her so she atarted thrusting her hips up…sounded and felt like she legitimately got off and it was so hot I blew my load inside the condom. She took the condom off me…sucked my dick a little more (had I known I woukda gone for CIM) and then went to shower.

    Whole thing set me back 240, 000 ₩ but it was a special treat because I am now done mongering forever as I will be marrying a beautiful korean girl soon.

    Overall experience was amazing. Expensive but in this case…totally worh it.

    1. There is no real answer to that. It depends on each location, and possibly your Korean language skills, but you should always be prepared for refusal. The Korean scene is very much based on the locals. They’d rather turn away 100 foreigners than risk losing the business of 10000 Koreans. Cheers.

    1. I honestly don’t know as I’ve never tried. Cash is probably the best option, though with how widespread credit card use is in South Korea it’s quite possible that they will run your plastic. Cheers.

  13. Rockit, thanks for your time and effort to make such a helpful and resourceful site for the guys seeking some fun. I just got back from Ace 안마 massage parlor and man…was definitely a mind blower. Easy to find, and easy to access. Right off of exit 3 to the right. Cant miss it. I am an Asian American and had no problems getting in. Tried to use my broken Korean but the guy knew right away that I was a foreigner. He asked me where I was from but nothing more. Said a few things in Korean and then showed me the price of 230,000₩. All I can say is…it was totally worth my money. This experience has set a high expectation for me for the other 안마 massages. Here is my experience: hesitated to go in the first few mins but finay took the courage to go in. Was greeted by two male individuals (sort of like body guards). Very nice and friendly. Went to the counter where a female worker is there to see what you want. Gave her money and was guided by another male guard to a room. Waited about 7-8 mins and went upstairs in an elevator. Came out and shown into the room where all the magic is done. The female worker’s was a 7/10, body was petite around 5’1 or so, breast was A but I didnt care. I thought she was pretty enough and was happy with whatever I was given. Small chat for about 6-7 mins. She smoked and asked me if I wanted one. I dont smoke. Her level of English was very basic but I talked slowly and asked her a few questions. She was def nice and friendly. A great GFE. After that, she showered me. Some rubbing and cleaning. Lied down on a table in the bathroom where she put oil on me and gave me a nice massage. Rubbing, tittie fucking, bj, and, hj. She then turn around and played with me some more then stood up to wash off the oil. After that, wiped myself down and sat down in the room where you 1st entered. Sat face down. She climb on top of me and sucked all over my body, even my ass. Took about 6-7 mins with that and had me turned over. Gave me more hj and sucked my nipples. I almost blew my nut twice and tried to hold it in longer. I asked if it was ok to touch and she said it was ok. I started rubbing her clit and she was super wet. But she moved down on me only after a while and bj me with a condom. The sad part of the story, I couldn’t hold myself anymore. Was disappointed that I didnt last for intercourse but I was still completely satisfied. She wiped me down and talked some more. Put a face mask on my and massaged my arm a little. She smoked another cig and would make circles shapes with her finger on my stomach. Onced finished smoking, took another shower and waited for her to finish washing herself. Put on my clothes and left. Overall, I give the experience a 9.5/10 only because I couldnt hold myself long enough to let her ride me. Definitely going back!

  14. Went to Ace on a Thursday night at about 11PM. I was rather surprised by the amount of staff working. Everyone was friendly… met at the door by a guy who welcomed me and another who was arranging slippers. I wasn’t 100% sure I was in the right place so I said “What is this place?” He answered, “massage,” rather matter of factly. “Right place,” I said. There was no question about whether or not I should be allowed in (I’m caucasian and speak no Korean). I was guided past a desk (like a hotel check in, kind-of) of more smiling staff and into an elevator. My guide, a young woman, had a pad of paper with her. On the paper, she wrote a number which was the cost. It was W230,000. She asked if it was ok. I have no idea if I could have negotiated that, or not. I just said “yes,” and she smiled. She led me into a private room to make the monetary transaction. There was no receipt :). She then led me across the hall to a room where a lovely young woman was waiting. My masseuse did not speak any English, but it didn’t seem to hamper my experience. I mean, we both know what’s going on, even if the specifics took some gesturing and direction. She looked to be in her upper twenties, I’d guess, with an amazing body (10/10). She stripped pretty quickly and indicated that I should do the same…

    After I brushed my teeth, we went right to the table shower. It was my first and I enjoyed it. She was thorough and we did some slippery slidy fun on the table. After that, she led me to the bed for a “massage”. I put that in quotes because it never happened. You should not read that as disappointment. She just simply knew what she was doing and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was all I could do to hold in my excitement.

    I left feeling very relaxed and satisfied.

  15. hey there, thanks for valuable info mate! im now un Seoul and looking to get some good times..
    my question is, whats the deal with the credit cards? can I use it to pay at the anma?

    1. Credit cards are accepted pretty widely in South Korea, but I’m not sure what the policy is at Anmas. I do use them at the legal saunas in Macau though. Nothing like racking up miles on a full service session and dick massage. Cheers!

  16. Just left Ace for my third visit over the past month and a half and I figure I ought to write about my experiences…all of which were fabulous. I went on each a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all afternoon/early evening.

    Very easy to find, when you’re atop the exit 3 escalator of Gagnam-Gu Office stn, it’s at your 1 o’clock, the hotel-like building with red neon Hangul for “Sauna”(is that correct?) up on the side. Turn the corner at the tarp cubicle and an older gentlemen will welcome you in and ask you trade your shoes for slippers. You then enter a hotel lobby with a check in counter to your immediate left. There always seems to be two younger guys hanging out with earpieces in…but generally friendly guys…in no way bouncer-like. Behind the counter is a girl or two who show you the 230,000w price on a calculator…you hand over the cash and proceed to a waiting area. Twice I was sat around the corner behind a partition with two couches and a coffee table and a drink (water, coffee, coke, tea etc.)…where I waited 3 minutes maximum. The third visit (today) I was brought to a room on the ground floor with floor mats and a television where I waited about 30 minutes. After the wait, one of the staff would lead me upstairs and down a hallway (this is a hotel set up…numbered rooms down a hallway). I grasp maybe 5 Korean words total, but I’m pretty sure at this point they wished me a good time with a smile as they open the door and usher me in to meet the girl. At this point in my first visit I was quite nervous to see the girl I will be spending the hour with…I am generally too polite/spineless to request a switch, so I would accept whoever I am given. However each visit I peek in the door to see an absolutely lovely girl, the same Korean girl you see on any train, in any cafe or at any park you would love to meet. Cliche as it may be, they really do seem to be young girls at their part time job earning some extra cash…not the lifers ambushing you on Hooker Hill. Cannot stress enough, you would be satisfied with either of the three girls I have met, but the third one I saw today was a notch above the others (behind appearances)…very passable English (the previous two spoke none)…and perhaps the most telling, she showed a disregard for the alarm when the time was up…she waved it off and we continued.

    The rooms are great. Sure they are always in low light, they appear genuinely clean and smell lovely…even if your girl takes a cigarette (only with your permission). They are compact hotel rooms, with the rear third of the room dedicated to the shower and to accommodate the shower massage table. In the front of the room is a bed surrounded by mirrors (to include the ceiling) and a dresser with a large television mounted on the wall…for the girls to watch during slow times or for customers to watch porn…I suppose.

    On to service. Each visit the session followed the same basic sequence with variations that I guess are preference of the girl. You enter, have a break the ice chat…disrobe…brush teeth…then she scrubs you down in the shower (once was on the table, twice was standing next to the table). Then on the table is a quick massage and cat bath, sometimes with or without nuru get…but the nuru gel inevitably makes it into the job. Twice the BBBJ commenced on the table, once I was asked to sit on the edge of the table and received a sort of nuru lap dance followed by the oral…brilliant. Then comes my one complaint…at this point the girl will stand you up and rinse you off, and ask you to towel off and wait in the main room while she rinses herself off…I suppose a fluent Korean speaker could bridge this pause with some conversation…? She will then come out and lay you on the bed…more catbath and oral…followed by oral condom application and then you usually get about 15-20 minutes of shagging until times up. At this point on my recent visit we earned ourselves a cuddle to catch or breath a few minutes past time. Once time is up, another mutual shower and towelling off. She will call with the room phone to summon your escort back downstairs and when they arrive the girl always gives a gracious send off. I have noticed each time I am being led back downstairs, the young man (I say young because he usually is…I’m only 28) has always asked if I enjoyed myself and then asks the girl’s name…which I find odd. He is always in the lobby when the desk attendant gets the call saying that room is ready for me. Wild guess…they don’t want girls meeting guests outside of work and wants to make sure she didn’t give me a real name? So on the way out, everyone is still very accommodating and pleasant and make you feel very welcome to return.

    That’s about it…I wrote this much because it’s a long train home…and I wanted to give back something in return for the good info I have received from others on the site…so thanks for the great info!

  17. The A1 Anma in Itaewon has long closed. At best it’s a disco now, but even the disco looks closed (there’s a grill gate through which you can see detritus down the stairs). Most likely the disco took over the Anma then closed its doors as well.

  18. Went by Fish today, it was pretty crowded.

    Here’s how it went down: showed up around 11ish, walked up to the bouncer looking guy and straight up asked him if this was the massage place? He said something in Korean (I don’t understand/speak Korean) and pointed to the door, I followed his gesture and walked through the door. A gentleman helped me to a pair of slippers and then I walked to the front desk. I noticed a sign on the table with English that read something along the lines of: “No foreigners.” I greeted the lady behind the counter with broken Korean and pointed to the word foreigner, then pointed to myself and said: “no Korean.” She responded in English with an “okay” and then typed 220000 into the calculator, I nodded and paid. I was the given a wrist band with locker number and walked into what I guess is the common room. Lo and behold there were 12 other older gentleman in there waiting in bath robes. So I showered and waited for my number to be called.

    Upon having the number called I was ushered into a small private room with a lady using google translate to tell me my options and lay down the ground rules (something about time and only one shot). She asked me for my preference–I said sexy (options were cute, sexy, pretty, and something else?). She brought out a small notepad thing with a bunch of names (I think, each row a name i guess) made a note of one and then opened up a folder on her iPad and selected a girl. The picture had the girls measurements and a few hq photos, the photos were pretty damn artistic. I said okay, she then looked at a small notepad and checked something. Told me it would be another fifty minutes of waiting, wish I knew this before as now I would have to take a taxi back because I’d miss last train. I nodded said thank you and returned to the common room.

    When my number was called I was brought to the elevator and had no idea what was coming next, I was greeted by a young woman wearing a sexy nurse outfit, great body super fit but sadly wearing a mask. She knew some English and asked me to sit on a chair. I obliged and she disrobed me. She then proceeded to start licking my nipple–she was good. The mirror opposite me gave a great view and I felt amazing. She worked on both nipples and then went in for the BJ–most definitely a pro. After a minute or two she stood up and–oh shit there’s a condom on my D! Before I could come up with an answer as to when or how that got there she turned around and she slid herself right down my D. Now I’m starting to thing is this where the massage takes place? Shits going pretty quick! But before long she stands up, removes the condom and towels me down. She grabs my hand and leads me to a door, a young woman greets me and she is pretty cute, body not as hard as the one in the picture but pretty damn cute nonetheless.

    Walked in and small talk, or rather many a hand gesture. Now I’m guessing here is where different SP’s routine start to be a factor. The short of it is, she washes you, you brush your teeth, the she massages you with gel. After a few minutes it’s another wash and dry then onto the bed. Cat bath for a few minutes al over your body. She flips you onto your back and then you have your way with her. Once you finish there was just enough time for a little cuddle and then you are escorted to the elevator. Back to the common room you change and and proceed to leave. Overall fun and interesting experience.

    Now I’m wondering if I should return or try Ace as many people above have posted good reports.

    1. Thanks for the detailed report! I always wonder what would happen if the elevator broke down and got stuck. Imagine getting rescued in that situation. Cheers.

  19. Thank you for the website; good advice, and plenty of detail.

    Ace Anma is a great experience; recommend it 100%. Worth every won. Professional, clean, and the women are fantastic. I’ve never had an experience this good in the States.

    The comments above sum it up. Just a couple of other details I liked.

    1) My girl had music in the room from her phone; 2000s stuff, but it made all the difference. Good mood, great idea.

    2) Best I’ve ever had….. That’s how good it was. Maybe things somehow clicked with the girl, the music, the light, etc…, but best I’ve ever had. I left that place feeling like a new man.

    Foreigners are definitely not allowed in other places. I tested it, and it’s true. I tried going into other office buildings, I even got past the unguarded front doors, and usually, a polite man with an earpiece shows up and makes it clear that it is a no go. FYI, I dressed business casual before going to Ace because I didn’t want them to get nervous and not let me in…I had no problems.

    Finally, you get out of the station, make a right, and then an immediate left. You actually go into this guard shack looking thing connected to the building.

    Oh, and no f-ing tip, omg that was great. This girl deserved it, but man, it was so professional…so professional, really knew what they were doing. I’m tired of wasting good money on girls that really don’t know what the f…. they’re doing, not this place though.

  20. Hey what are fish anmas operation times? I have gon3 there twice once at 5 pm and another in the early morning. Both time I was turned away with we are closed.

    1. I don’t know the exact operating hours of Fish but I think a lot of these kinds of places are open around the clock. At 5 pm any and all anma should be open. If someone was actually there and they told you they were closed I would guess that they didn’t want you add a customer for some reason. I have heard of Fish turning people away before. Or maybe they really were closed for repairs or something like that. Cheers.

  21. I had some cash left as the next paycheck approaches, so I decided to splurge and I went to Ace Anma (에이스 안마) after reading the reviews here.

    Firstly, it was INCREDIBLY easy to find. I walked in and was greeted by a young guy asking me to remove my shoes and put on some slippers. Showed me to the desk where the woman showed me ₩230,000 on a calculator. After paying I was lead upstairs.

    The girl that greeted me was faily attractive, but older than I would like. She said she was 29, but I’m guessing early 30’s. Ok body, meh face. Not to impressed. Definitely older than 29 though. I’ve run into more attractive girls at Belle, Cool and Tiffany. However, the girls who work there typically are university age anyway. Perhaps I was expecting too much.

    She offered me something to drink, smokr and after the ice breaking chit-chat, got to business. I brushed my teeth then we showered togeather. After that layed me down on the table for that oil slip-n-slide routine and then a bit of a bbbj. Not too much time spent on that. Showered again and was taken to the bed. Did the deed there. Chatted a bit more afterward, showered again, then got dressed. I was escorted out by the same guy. Nothing extravagant to report.

    Overall, I was not too impressed. The quality and service of the girls at the 대딸방 places like Belle, Cool and Tiffany are much better. I will try Fish Anma next week. If that doesnt work out, I guess its back to Belle lol.

    Thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks for the report. Anmas offer more services but the gals can be a little worse for wear. Then again customers can get gems at Anmas and older women at jack shacks (check some recent reports in Belle fit example). There’s a luck of the draw involved unless one requests a particular woman or asks to change providers (which may or may not be okay). Besides, everyone has their own tastes. Cheers.

  22. Had a great time at Ace – excellent recommendation. No problems finding it or getting in – foreigner friendly smiles all round. Girl was hot – great tits, early twenties. I had to stop her on the shower table at one point otherwise I’d have been done there. Experience as many have described. Great looking and talented girl – plenty of excellent bbbj – I would definitely recommend and I’ll be back.

    Thanks for posting about this place.

  23. I am starting to have regular business trips to Korea, Dejeon and Seoul.
    The reports here are amazing because they release a little bit the timidity to visit such a massage parlor.
    Next trip will be in 3rd week of July and I want t o visit the ACE.

    I have 3 questions in the moment:
    o is it allowed to touch the body of the girl (boobs, butt, pussy)
    o is it allowed to kiss the girl ?

    o Does somebody know if there are similar masage parlors in Daejeon ?

    Thx a lot in advance for your feedback

    1. Thanks for the comment. I’m not up on what’s available in Daejon. The rules at anmas are explained clearly. Best practice is to go with the flow. Cheers.

    2. The girls that Ive been with, I have just sat back and let them do their business. After a while, I do ask to see if its ok to touch and I havent had a decline. Just be generous and kind.

  24. Ace anma 10pm Wednesday

    The girl I was led to was too mechanic. She did not speak any English, but that is not a requirement of course. But she had me wait several times, almost seemed like she was more into cleaning the room and putting on make-up than focusing on me. Not worth the money (230 000 W), though having done an anma is of course an experience.

  25. A friend of mine took me to massage place. He never mentioned the name of the place, so I was curious to see what the place was called and how the experience was gonna be. Right before we went in, I looked up and saw Fish Anma. I was like, “ah, this is the other massage parlor that was on rockitreports.” Haha. Anyways, just a heads up….this place is NOT foreign friendly. They dont accept foreigners and they have signs to show you that. Although Im not Korean, I am an Asian decent and therefore, sort of blend in so they didnt question me much. I also went in with a Korean American friend who could speak Korean so we got in with no problems. The guy there, was suspicious of me and my other friend who also came along because we werent Koreans. My friend talked the guy down and made it clear that we were good. Another advantage we had was that my friend frequent the place, so they knew him (connections).

    Anyways….we werent in, undressed, showered, and waited until we were called our numbers to go. Once we were called our numbers we were pointed into a dark lit room and waited some more. It was pretty busy during the time we went and it was a weekend. During our wait, we had a 30 min massage (regular). Then we were once again called for our numbers and went into the rooms to meet the girls. My friend went first and I waited another 10 mins until I went down. As I was guided downstairs, the women who wore a mask sat me down. Closed the doors went down on me. It didnt take long before she started to ride me. Though, this only was a tease and “service” they provided. But my other friend never got to engage in intercourse during his “tease” session. Not sure if it depends on the person or not. The teasing only took about a few mins until she led me downstairs into the room where I met my girl. Skinny, B cups, plastic, and beautiful. I wasnt picky with my girl. She knew very little English as I knew very little Korean. Our conversations were very short but also very comfortable. I tried not to make it awkward and Im sure she made sure of it too. She was very kind and sincere. As I got in, we talked for a bit, she smoked, I had a drink of green tea. Then, she took me into the shower room and rinsed me off once more as she started to do her business. Then came back into the bedroom. My girl was VERY kind. She let me shoot 2 loads during this session and it was an amazing time. Why 2 loads you ask? Because I told her 2 times during the bj session to stop or else it wouldve been over. The 2nd time I was about to blow, she stopped and thought to herself for a few secs. She then said, “sex 1 time, hand job 1 time = 2 times ok?” I just smiled and nodded my head. Compared this to Ace Anma, it was far better than I had expected. No wonder there were tons of men sitting and waiting in the lobby area. This place has a lot of hype and popularity. My overall experience 10/10. I came out smiling. The only downfall is that they dont allow foreigners into the place and the girls are a bit skinny, but thats a given since its Korea. Korean girls are tend to be skinny by culture. But like I said, I wasnt picky when it came to this kind of stuff. Just make the experience a great one. Def going back again.

    1. Thanks for the report. I’m definitely not Korean but I have been accepted at Fish. Who knows what goes on at any given time in the minds of management at places like these? It seems to vary as much as the elevator service. Cheers.

    1. I know a anma shop in Busan, but it’s HJ only. no BJ or FJ.
      However, Girls is cute, 8/10. Massage skill is good. 8/10.
      Loc: 35.21107, 129.00675
      Name: Lime Massage, 5F

      1. I’ve never heard of an anma that doesn’t offer full service. Are you sure it’s not just a jack shack? Cheers.

  26. Early FebruaryI went to Ace Anma, and it was pretty good, but not perfect.
    It is really easy to find walking from exit no 3 of the subway station. However, I am a pansy. it took me several attempts to get the courage to go in. In the room that is covered by plastic there are a lot of slippers. A big bald guy who looked like one of the sons of the lady doctor in „Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance“ was standing there looking surley, a young guy with a headset welcomed me and showed me to change shoes. In the lobby were several young guys and behind the counter, a nice woman showed me calculator with 230000 on it, I said ok and gave her the money. Everyone had a headset. The young guy led me up the stairs and into a small room, asked me „first time?“, I said „first time here“. „wait 2 minute“. after 15 seconds he said „ok, ready“, i was led down the hallway into a room with my girl waiting for me.
    She was amazing. 5’5“, slim but not skinny, nice B-C cups, nice little round ass, very cute face and big ass smile on her face, very nice girl. Nice clothes, too. Revealing but not too slutty. We said hello, names, I was offered a drink. She smoked, I declined. After 5 minutes, we undressed. Wow, what a little tease, she knew how to turn a guy on, did stretches naked in front of me. She sat on the counter and played a little with her clit, doing big moans, saying „American style“, then she squeeked and said „Japanese style“. I asked “Korean stlye?”, she did some mix of both. What a little freak. She was shaved, BTW, which was OK, i would’ve liked to see a full bush, Korean stlye, though. She, Ashley, had the most amazig skin. It was firm and tight wrapped around her, but incredibly soft to the touch. It was surreal. We went into her shower/massage room, brushed teeth, she washed me gently, paying special attention to my asshole. Back in her room she told me to sit, she gave me nice BBBJ w/ DT and some spanish. She told me to lie on my stomach, she tongued my knees, so gently it made me horny. Worked her way up, to my ass. First time AR, felt weird at first, then really good. I requested 69, boy was she sweet to lick. She put on a Korean condom with her mouth, or tried, she had to use her hands, really tight. Cowgirl with the ceiling mirror makes you want to cum instantly, it’s insane seeing this little bundle of sexyness going up and down on you. Went into missiony, and doggy, all nice, some more cowgirl. She wanted to finish with HJ/BJ. I motioned that I was about to come, she sucked on my unit, great CIM. Here comes the bad part: right at that moment someone knocked on the door, she had her mouth full and responded … went into the bathroom, spit out, used the phone. We were only 45 minutes in, so what’s the fucking hurry? I should’ve delayed and then cum good. Anyway, after that: washing, dressing up and go go go.
    All in all a good exp., could’ve been easily on of the best, but the hurry hurry wtowards the end shaves off some points. Name’s Ashley, BTW, she only works weekdays. Def. a foreigner-friendly place. Recommended!

  27. Hi, just moved here to Korea…been reading a lot of stories on here. Decided to dabble in some of the korean delights. Enjoyed myself pretty well. I did go check out Belle, Ace anma, and galaxy. All good places. I was wondering if anyone new of some spots to get a legit massage with some teasing then along with HJ,BBBJ endings…?

  28. Hey thanks for the review of this place, I just came back from Korean and spent the last two days in a row at there. Truthfully, I have never done this before and it took me a couple days to really decide whether I wanted to do it or not. But this place is definitely easy to find, right outside of exit 3 at Gangnam-gu Office Station. The first time, I was really nervous and I went in with my broken Korean, and was surprisingly good enough to get the “Gyopo” price (Korean that lives outside of Korea) which was $210, 000 Won, I was quite relieved because I did not want to pay 250, though its pretty worth it.

    So my first time, very systematic, went in and wore the slippers, paid up front and sat in the waiting room and offered “Sheekeh” (cold sweet rice beverage). 2-3 mins later, guy says we are ready and leads me up to a small room where my girl was just preparing the room. Honestly, at this point, so very nervous and haven’t really had sex before, so very inexperienced. We greeted and chatted for a bit, she offered a drink and a smoke, passed on both…She was definitely a little older than me, guessing late 20s, around 5’7″ and natural beauty. She undressed while I laid in the bed, what an amazing ass (for a Korean girl) and natural tits, also shaved. She chatted with me, some formalities, “where are you from? how did you find this place?”, etc. While doing so, she does some facial cleansing stuff and does some quick tugs.

    Afterwards, led me to the shower room and washed up, then went straight into nuru massage and licking my entire body while occasionally gave me a BBBJ. Cleaned up again and was led back to the room, where she did BBBJ from standing to laying down position. She went into CG position and I didn’t even know when she put on the condom, but it must have been a really thin one because I felt everything inside her. I guess her pussy was pretty tight as I was climaxing pretty quickly, went into missionary position and without really saying anything came inside, and she knew I was done. I know pretty sad, only lasted like 15 mins. She was nice about it though, really enjoyed just chatting with her and cuddling a bit beside her. I couldn’t really ask her too many questions, wasn’t sure what is too invasive or not. Finally, just finished with a wash and was led out, first experience was more than expected and the session did last from between 50mins to an hour. I definitely wanted to come back once more before I left.

    Second time around, was expecting same thing, in and out in an hour, they remembered me and kindly asked what style I wanted. No idea, what to say and I just said “Young”. I went later in the evening (Friday early evening) and I guess it was a little different, went to their bathroom and washed myself up, was then led to another room for an actual AN MA, full body blind massage. It was pretty good, guessing that they don’t put too much strength in to leave you sore when you meet your girl. Massage took like 45 mins, I was thinking to myself and was like man…I am only going to have a 15 mins session with this next girl. Was led back up and into a small elevator (this wasn’t here before..) when I got out the girl assistant said, “you have an hour date with your girl, enjoy.” At this point, I was pretty excited, though nervous again.

    My second girl, definitely younger than the last, I would say 24 years old, 5’5″, and really pretty gal. My nervousness broke up my Korean so much that I could barely talk to her. We had fun though, giggles here and there on how bad my Korean is. She was great, got to help her out of her dress and uncovered her fit luscious body. Quickly went to wash up and did the whole nuru thing again. Though, she definitely did a better job, she licked my ass which felt way better than the first time around. We washed and went back to the room and I guess I had a GFE. We FKissed, 69 (she was nicely trimmed), RCG and missionary. Finished up with a hand job, which was stupid on my part because I was enjoying so much I didn’t signal that I was cumming. She laughed and told me some advice for the future to never do that with another Korean girl or else she will be really pissed. I was sad because I’m an idiot in the sack…Though I really enjoyed my second round, whole experience lasted two and a half hours (in my mind, yes, longer than last time, but was like crap, need to go home and pack…). I definitely enjoyed this place and would like to come back, but don’t even know when my next visit to Korea will be, I definitely recommend.

    1. Some Filipinas work in the juicy bars at the top of Hooker Hill. But they don’t normally leave the bar with customers or offer actual sex. Cheers.

  29. Not sure if this is appropriate to post here, so my apologies if not.

    There is another foreigner friendly anma in Incheon just a couple of minutes walk from Yeonsu Station on the Suin Line. Take Exit 2 and walk straight down the large street slightly to your right and perpendicular to the street you exit on. Walk about 3 blocks down until you see McDonald’s. At that intersection, the anma will be on the 6th floor of the corner building to your left. You’ll see the big red sign blazing. The elevator to the 6th floor opens right to the reception area.

    I went last weekend and expected to be turned away (foreigner, no real Korean ability), but encountered no problems. 200,000 KRW got me a private room, shower, CBJ, and FS. The woman I met had limited English and was probably in her 30s. Looks were a 5-6/10, attitude was a 6/10. Showered again at the end and was served a drink. Overall a good experience, but might go back at a time when more are working.

    I was there at about 8 pm on a weeknight and encountered no other customers. I wonder if I’ll be turned away when other Koreans are present.

  30. After having lots of fun at Belle, the next time I wanted to have some fun I decided to try out one of the Anma’s. Since I found Itaewon to be way too touristy and I didn’t want to go there, Ace Anma and Dr Fish were my two only options.

    Ace Anma – found it after maybe 10 minutes, again it was my blindness and not being sure what I’m looking for. I went inside, seems like the price has gone up, they told me 230,000won. I was decided to do it but then she told me it’s 1h wait. It was Sunday evening and I was flying out the next day so I wasn’t really up for the wait and I though Dr Fish is around so I bailed. Seems like Sundays are busy everywhere.

    Dr Fish – this is closed on Sunday. The easiest to find though. I get inside, take of my shoes and the guys comes out ‘wow wow, wait buddy, we are closed. We open tomorrow 8am if you want’. I’m like ‘fuck this shit, I’m going to Belle….’.

  31. Wondering if you have any updated Anma info for Seoul. I’ve seen a lot of anmas reviewed on Japanese and Chinese blogs but not sure if they are open to white clientele. Some of these places sound amazing with their club system of play.

    1. I updated this post about one week ago. It reflects what I know right now. I wouldn’t mind looking at the blogs you mention. Perhaps I can discover something new. Cheers.

  32. Hello, this forum is amazing I am doing research for my upcoming seoul trip and man this site is a gem. First of all, tks for all the info everyone (not sure if anyone is till reading) but currently there are 2 anma I want to check out Donuts and Castle. Does anyone have any experience with these 2 establishments? Like how were the girls? the current price? I checked their websites but much rather hear from an user, therefore any info will be much appreciated.


  33. I went to Seoul last year and tried Fish. It was amazing. I still remember that girl. I just checked google about it, it says permanently closed. Is it true? Thanks guys!

    1. I cannot confirm or deny the closure. But Google can be inaccurate when it comes to adult entertainment venues. So take what you see there with a grain of salt. Cheers.

  34. Yes I didn’t know if I need my dick cut off my dick is y I didn’t know if my dick is picking up the satisfied woman with more than hot and 6 inches is that too small

    1. I don’t make suggestions or give advice as this website is only meant to entertain. But you might want to look into getting some mental health care. Cheers.

  35. Update from Sept 2021
    I live in Gangnam and been to a few nearby massage places.
    Unlike what is described above, and probably due to covid, crackdowns, etc. I recommend you go visit your local massage parlors and keep an eye out. There’s no obvious “full service” at reception. You only know when the girl comes in to give you the massage. If she looks hot then you should ask her if she performs other services. I’m sure the shop knows about this but they technically can’t know, won’t answer, and will deny all inquiries, but the girls themselves it’s up to you to do a private deal with her. (Bring cash and condoms duh). So go explore and you’ll find that there’s many working girls.

  36. Also, as far as escorts go, I don’t recommend independent ones, it’s a hit or a miss, usually a miss (based on my percentages), because those that can converse I’m English will charge more and look disappointing, just be quick to reject her as soon as you see her, as your dick might go “ah fk it”. If you do want outcall, I recommend the agency, at least they provide legit girls for that pricing (250-350k won).

    You might find some incalls which Korean men use, but also hit/miss, they overbook and pick/choose so if you converse in English, you may get ignored until they free up.

    All Norebangs/clubs/gatherings banned due to covid, I’m sure there’s always some illegal shady shit going on.

    Also, a general rule of thumb, the younger the hotter (obviously) but less experience and worse attitude, best age range is 25-28.

    Also, watch out for red flags:
    – if she picky about anything, asking/demanding you for shit
    – slow to wash up, do anything
    – charge extra for bbbj, other services
    – a strict list of dos/don’t
    ***mentioning the “time left” or bringing your attention to “time left”*** is a huge turnoff, instead weak sausage
    – has an attitude in general, looks bored, uninterested, unintimate, are total turnoffs
    (Unfortunately you only get to see these flags after you pay, smart thing is to not fuck her, cut it short, cut your losses, and get half your money back if you know you won’t cum anyway, also hard since you already horny, and she may not agree)

    Stay woke
    Stay curious
    Explore and conquer

  37. Great tips Dudu…I hope to return to Korea, since when I was there decades ago I acquired an appreciation for the local ladies but hadn’t yet taken on the hobby. Back then all I knew about was Hooker Hill, and was naive to all that was going on behind other closed doors.

  38. Currently I am at Seoul for 4 months job.. Maybe you guys can give me more hints about recommend escort or foreigner friendly parlor? Appreciate alot

  39. Update as of 2022 post covid.
    For the record I’m a white guy, 29.
    Castle anma is now gone, it it’s place another Korean Only anma called Lyra
    Ace/Fish is Korean Only
    Belle is gone, now just a villa
    Cool is gone, now a Japanese restaurant

    1. Confirming Bella is gone
      As of June 2022, Jinju was Korean Only
      On July 2022, lyra accepted foreginer.
      Was charged 300k won at Lyra. Chair massage, not by ahjumma like Jinju was. Got 30+ overweight girl who smoked. Its ok considering limited option. Wont repeat

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