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Review: Paradise in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)

Paradise was a chain of foreigner friendly soaplands operating in Yoshiwara and Kawasaki. As regular readers of this site know, most of the massive commercial sex industry in Japan is mostly off limits to foreigners. A handful of soaplands in Yoshiwara accept foreigners on an individual basis and often with higher prices or restrictions.

Paradise was specifically created with foreigners in mind. Everything from the shop’s website to the signage and rules inside were in English. In addition, the front desk staff spoke English. Some of the service providers did as well.

The original Paradise soaplands have closed. But the new GFE Soapland has risen in their place. The foreigner friendly GFE Soapland operates in the same way as the old Paradise. The Paradise review is preserved here for posterity.

Paradise Yoshiwara

Paradise Yoshiwara is relatively easy to find in the grid structure of Yoshiwara’s blocks. It has a large English sign. And the location on Google maps is accurate. The immediate area is filled with soaplands. And each has a tout outside that tries to beckon in customers. Foreigners used to be totally ignored. Nowadays more touts appeal to gaijin to enter their shops.

Inside Paradise, there is a small counter to the right. Price lists and rules are there in English. And the desk is manned by an English speaking male. Customers pay for sessions up front. Rates start at 20,000 Yen for a quick 30 minute session and go up from there. Sessions longer than one hour usually come with the kind of nuru nuru mat play that made Japanese soaplands famous.

Prostitute from Paradise Soapland

There can be additional charges. But they are mostly negligible. For example, some of the women are in a higher class. They charge a little more for their time. This sort of thing is common in similar shops all over Asia. Even in the soapies of Thailand there are usually women in a “model class” who charge a premium.

After paying, customers go to a waiting room in the back. There are four leather chairs pointed towards a big screen TV that plays sexy introduction videos on loop. Walk in customers get a line up of the available women at this point. Those who book specific providers just wait for them to prepare.

Paradise Kawasaki

Paradise Kawasaki is also very easy to find with a large English sign. It’s just a short walk from Kawasaki Station. Kawsaki Station itself is just a short train ride from Tokyo. It only takes fifteen minutes to get from Haneda Airport to Kawasaki Station for example.

Sessions at Paradise can be booked in advance. The process is easy. They have English speaking staff manning the phone. They also have WeChat, Line, and Whatsapp accounts. Finally they have a live chat option on their webpage. The staff schedules are accurately listed on the site too, and updated in real time.

Paradise Kawasaki soapland

Walk in appointments are also accepted. There is a front desk where prices and rules are displayed. Then there is a waiting room off to the side with private curtained booths. Customers sit in the the booths and the available women come by to introduce themselves. It’s a lot like Agentur Liberty in Berlin in that regard.

Sessions at Paradise also start at 20,000 Yen for thirty minutes. Prices go up from there. Some women have gold or platinum status and charge a premium. Threesomes are available for double the normal rate. There is also a 120 minute Japanese style “double dip” service with two women servicing the customer in succession. It comes with a 10,000 Yen discount over the normal price for two separate sixty minute bookings.

Review of Paradise

After waiting a bit customers are greeted by their service provider. The providers wear sexy lingerie that usually consists of a lacy bra and a thong. They also wear high heels and impeccable makeup.

Down a hall there are several rooms waiting. Although they are totally private some sounds can pass from one room to the next. So it is not uncommon to hear Japanese moans of ecstasy. This only helps set the mood.

In the rooms customers are undressed. Their things are put in a basket then set in a closet. The providers undress next. After that, it is over to the bathing area. Customers are washed head to toe. Then they take a dip in the bath tub while the provider cleans herself.

Customers are undressed. Then they are washed from head to toe. Next they brush their teeth and use mouthwash. When they jump in the tub for a dip the providers clean themselves. After that comes the main part of the service.

Mat play involves a slippery body-to-body slide. It typically comes with some handjob and blowjob action too. Then full service sex with a condom is served up in any number of positions. It can be done on the mat, over on the dry bed, or all over the room.

The main event is a blowjob followed by condom covered sex in multiple positions. Some of the providers are better than others in this. That’s the case anywhere. But for the most part they are a professional bunch dedicated to their work. A few whose services I have reviewed individually below even verge on providing a girlfriend experience.

Simply put there is no easier place for a foreigner to get legal full service in Japan. The process is as simply as walking in and laying the money on the counter. Four-and-a-half stars.

Reviews of Paradise providers

As a long time visitor of Japan and observer of its massive fuzoku industry I was frankly amazed when Paradise opened its doors. I knew I had to do further investigations if only to report back here for the enjoyment of Rockit Reports readers.

I made multiple visits to both Paradise soapland locations all in the name of research. And when that was over I visited some more. You know, just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I believe I am now equipped to provide detailed reviews of the services rendered by various service providers from Paradise’s two locations. These reviews should help paint a picture of how the place works.

Review of Sunny (4.5/5)

Sunny is a good looking gal in her twenties who speaks English relatively well. She would probably be described by most as being more attractive than Sakura from Paradise. While Sakura has a demure demeanor and a big butt Sunny has a little more forward attitude packed into more of a typically Japanese frame.

Sunny at Paradise soapland

What is a typical Japanese frame? Who knows. A lot what people talk about are generalities and stereotypes. One trope is that Asian women are flat. Sunny is of above average height with fair skin and nice firm legs. She sports a nice rack with long pink nipples. She stays fully smooth down below which the Japanese call paipan. Apparently she relies on some sort of hair removal machine for her personal grooming.

Fun in the Sun

It would be fair to say Sunny has a girl next door style though of course the average women isn’t as sexy or sensual. Sunny gets down to business but also shows enjoyment toward her work. She has no tattoos and if she has any piercings they aren’t obvious or visible.

Sessions with Sunny go like they do with most women in a soapland. She undresses customers then seats them on the bed while she prepares the bath area. Then she gets nude and washes customers from head to toe before moving back to the bed for the grand finale.

Sunny seems to have a special penchant for oral as her stellar skills show. I don’t know where she learned to suck but she does that part of her job especially well. That is not always the case in Japan even when it comes to professionals who do that type of thing for a living.

It is obvious that Sunny is no stranger to any other aspect of her work either. She is no hardened professional but she knows her way around. She isn’t shy or hesitant in the least even though her outward appearance resembles the kind of every day Japanese woman you might expect to be a bit timid. Perhaps her big bust has something to do with her beaming self confidence. Four-and-a-half stars.

Review of Rola (3.5/5)

Rola is not to be confused with the famous Japanese porn star Rola Tokizawa. She doesn’t resemble or act like that famous AV actress in the least bit. Indeed the Rola who works at Paradise is a case all her own.

Rola at Paradise soapland

Rola is average height and size for a Japanese woman. I would venture to say that she has a more or less average face for a Japanese woman too. Like most people around the world the Japanese seem to be getting larger as time goes by. Rola is definitely not overweight but she does carry a little extra in the mid section. Compared to the average size 16 in the United States, she is a petite gal for sure but by the high standards set by the Japanese adult industry she might appear a little out of shape.

Rola has small breasts and light pink nipples that are very sensitive. Either that or she is a great actress. From behind Rola doesn’t look large at all. Any extra weight she carries is in the stomach. Her bottom is in fact round and very good looking especially when she bends over to pick up the soap.

How Rola gets busy

Sessions with Rola are more or less standard for a place like Paradise. Then again there really are no places like Paradise. Rola certainly doesn’t perform the kind of customer centered service as Sakura, and she isn’t as attractive as Sunny. As I wrote earlier she is a case all her own.

The phrase “girlfriend experience” has taken on different meanings over the years. Originally it described bareback full service. Years later it was more often used to describe a kind of session where things got so intimate that the customer forgot he was actually paying for a service. Nowadays the term is bandied about by people in all sorts of situations. When people describe a 15 minute condom covered blowjob in a small booth as a “GFE” the term starts to lose all meaning.

In any event Being with Rola is to a large extent like being with a Japanese girlfriend which of course is not always milk and honey. She doesn’t undress clients and fold their clothes. She doesn’t make the customer feel like a king. What she does do is offer herself to her customers. I am sure many would be plenty satisfied with that.

Rola is definitely a warm and kind person. She is fun to be around. Different people like different things and it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that Rola has a line of fans waiting for her at Paradise every time she is on the schedule. Three-and-a-half stars.

Review of Becky (4/5)

Japanese porn can be a bit deceiving. Generally speaking the Japanese AV industry recruits the cream of the crop in terms of looks. That’s not necessarily the case in the United States anymore where a lot of the women entering porn in recent years have been getting larger along with the general population.

People who watch Japanese AV may get the idea that every woman in Japan is incredibly beautiful and sexy. That is not the case. It is no different than people in countries like India who watch American movies and come to believe that everyone in the US is fit and attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes.

While AV fans might be disappointed if they come to Japan and go to a place like Hinomaru they would undoubtedly be ecstatic if they instead booked a session with Becky. She actually looks better than a lot of the women doing porn in Japan today. There is a reason her pictures appear in a lot of the Paradise marketing materials.

Becky is a babe

In reality Becky looks even better than her pictures. She is very tall and shapely without carrying a bit of fat. She has jet black hair and a beautiful face. Her long legs look like they are sculpted. Every curve seems to be in the right place.

Becky soapland Tokyo

Most Japanese people have fair skin. Becky’s skin is as white as snow. That is broken up by numerous black tattoos but they don’t take much away. Becky is a rare case of tattoos actually looking good on a woman. I am sure they won’t look so great when Becky is sixty but at the moment they only serve to accent her twenty three year old body. I know that she’s twenty three because she has her birth date tattooed on her body in roman numerals.

Tattooing is all the rage with young people around the world. I am not a fan but as mentioned the ink Becky sports actually looks good. Everything comes together quite nicely.

A talented lass

Becky apparently spent some time in the United States studying English. While she wasn’t there long enough to become fluent she did manage to learn how to speak naturally. I have to admit that it is a bit strange to hear someone speak so naturally when they lack vocabulary but it is no big deal. As far as I know no one goes to a place like Paradise for the conversation anyway.

It is often said that beautiful women are lazy especially when it comes to the bedroom. I have not always found that to be true but Becky certainly isn’t as service oriented as the less attractive Sakura who works at the same place. Some people prefer looks. Others put priority on service. That’s one reason places like Paradise have multiple women on staff to begin with.

If Becky doesn’t do things like bend over and take off her the shoes of her customers it isn’t because she thinks she’s above them. As far as I can tell she doesn’t think about it at all. She is a bit aloof in that regard. There is another stereotype that says beautiful women aren’t the most intelligent. I haven’t given Becky an IQ test. For all I know she may be a member of MENSA. What I can say is that she isn’t the most attentive service provider around.

Becky is one of the best looking women to be found however. Especially in the commercial sex industry in Japan. It seems that Becky purposely choose to work with foreigners too. That could be because she wants to work on her English but I would like to think there’s more than that involved. Especially since she finds the full service aspect of her job so pleasurable that she sometimes loses all control!

Review of Alice (3.5/5)

Alice is a very beautiful girl. Although I see many women in my life very good looking ladies always stick out in my mind.

Alice Japanese foreign friendly

Alice is slim with a pretty face and nice figure and lily white skin that is as smooth as silk. Her breasts are small but pert. Her legs and a bit on the short side but otherwise in tip top condition. Her body is basically blemish free. She obviously takes care of herself.

While definitely not at a native level Alice can speak English well enough for her work and more. That means she is able to hold basic conversation rather than simply relying on body language. That’s something notable in Japan.

Alice is as skilled as one would expect of someone in her line of work. She isn’t the most skilled provider in the world but she can keep up with her cohorts. She excels in her commitment to her job and willingness to go more or less as far as it takes to satisfy her customers. Three-and-a-half stars.

Review of Sakura (4/5)

Sakura has gained a reputation in some circles for her eagerness and especially her large derriere. In other words, she is packing a big old butt.

Sakura at Paradise soapland

Sakura is quite curvy. She is also short and her small frame sports several somewhat oddly placed tattoos. She has a cute or kawaii way of speaking that a lot of guys are into. She pretty much looks exactly as she does in her photos.

I’ve met Sakura in the past. But she has improved in the meantime. Sakura has apparently put in for some training though which is a bit of a change. Either that or she has just put in so much practice over the last months that she has gained in experience immensely. Sakura has really upped her game and it shows.

Sakura was never a slouch. I thought that mat play was fantastic when I first met her. I would now say that it is even one degree higher than fantastic whatever that would be. Incredible? Amazing? Those are subjective judgements but what can I say?

The subject here is Sakura and the way she works. It does not surprise me at all to find that continues to work at Paradise where she is very popular even as some other women formerly on staff have drifted away from the business or at least Paradise in particular. Sakura seems set but not set in her ways which can only help bring her new customers along with lots of repeat business. Four stars.

Review of Nana (4/5)

Nana is a name but also a number. Nana (なな) is basically the way the number seven is said in Japanese. Does this have any relevance? Maybe it does to Nana or whoever it is that came up with her stage name. I doubt Nana has seven customers a day but she is so popular that I might be wrong.

Nana soapland Japan

Why is Nana so popular? The main reason has got to be her looks. After all what else do perspective customers have to go by? The pictures of Nana on the Paradise website are pretty accurate though Nana’s face is blurred out. When customers go to the shop in person they are shown uncensored pictures however and those of course are accurate and revealing.

Nana is nice

Nana is twenty years old. Her grasp of English could be best be described as basic. Nana is a fully Japanese woman with a less than full bush that she trims and maintains. She doesn’t have any tattoos marking her pale skin nor does she smoke cigarettes.

Nana has a basically plain face though she dolls herself up nicely and has a warm smile. She is a little on the short side though she is probably average height in Japan. One thing that is not average whatsoever is her bust. Nana has a big firm set of boobs that are truly fantastic. From afar one might even wonder if they are a result of surgery but in fact they’re real and they’re spectacular.

The rest of Nana’s body isn’t bad either. In fact most guys would probably agree that it’s pretty good to the look and the touch. Her breasts in particular really stand out though both literally and figuratively.

On top of that Nana is a real service minded professional. She would not be out of place in any Japanese oriented soapland in the country except for her special bosoms. In terms of the way she carries herself and carries out her work she is on the mark for the high standard set by soaplands that has made the places known all around the world. Four stars.

Review of Hazu (4/5)

Despite having a very Japanese name Hazu is totally fluent in the English language. She speaks with a rather neutral or standard dialect of English though very occasionally a hint of an Australian accent will come through with her. That’s only fitting since she has spent a lot of time in Australia.

Hazu is an attractive young lady who is 22 years of age. She is somewhat tall for Japanese standards with a slim and fit body. Her breasts and backside are just right for her body. Neither is overly small or so large as to get in the way of anything. Her body is quite nice and would likely turn on just about any man with a pulse and two eyes to see with.

More on Hazu

Hazu has big bright eyes and seems to be an intelligent young woman. She does not have any tattoos. On top of that she is totally paipan which is a Japanese way of saying completely hairless with the obvious exception of her head.

Hazu does exercises to keep her body in shape and certainly her work must help in that regard too. Although it is not healthy at all Hazu’s smoking habit probably helps keep her weight down too at least if what I understand about the effects of cigarettes is accurate.

How Hazu operates

In terms of service Hazu is experienced and knows her way around a man. She is not necessarily a traditional Japanese woman or courtesan but she is as skilled as any soapland staff in the country. She was trained in nuru nuru massage on the air mattress by a real professional and picked it up perfectly.

She can do it all on the inflatable silver nuru matress or over on the bed that each room at Paradise contains. She’s also somewhat more adventurous than some of her counterparts at Paradise. Hazu is open for deep tongue kissing with customers as well as providing oral without a condom until completion.

Hazu is no clock watcher either. She seems determined to give customers the full value of their payment. She is not only okay with customers who want to climax multiple times per session she actually seems to encourage it. Hazu shows a seriousness about her work that cannot be found everywhere or with everyone. Four stars.

Review of Stacy (5/5)

You never know exactly what you are going to get when you walk into a soapland. Even after reading reviews of a place you can still be surprised for better or worse. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Stacy at Paradise soapland in Yoshiwara. She is a real performer in a petite package.

Stacy from Paradise Soapland

Stacy is with the “silver class” staff at Paradise. That means there is no extra charge to select her at the soapland. Gold class ladies come with an additional surcharge. I am not sure about how the classes are determined. I don’t think it has anything to do with quality. Because in my opinion Stacy is probably the best service provider at the shop.

There are two things main things to know about fuzoku in Japan. One is that most of it is off limits to foreigners. The other is that pictures used for advertising are usually heavily edited. Paradise is actually oriented to foreigners though. And Stacy’s profile is faithful to the actual woman.

Stacy at Paradise

Stacy is somewhat short and slender with brown hair that goes to about the middle of her back. Many experienced guys would call her a spinner, and that would be accurate in more ways than one. She is a non-smoker who smells great and knows her way around a man’s body.

Paradise soapland Stacy

Stacy speaks English very well. Her profile says “I love foreigners”. And that absolutely seems to be the truth. I don’t know that I have ever been greeted as warmly anywhere as I have when I first met Stacy at the top of the steps in Paradise.

In the room Stacy is committed to her work. She knows her way around the soapland yet she continues with casual chat and banter in a way that makes everything feel sort of informal. It is almost like receiving a soapy massage session from an old lover.

Stacy’s style and services

According to the gals down Soi 6 in Pattaya I am a very “handsome man”. But I don’t think I have ever been complimented as much on my decidedly average physique as I was by Stacy in a one hour period. Even though I am definitely no He-man the praise somehow didn’t seem totally inauthentic either.

Nor did the moans of ecstasy that Stacy produced in the heat of the moment. She doesn’t make the sort of squeals common in AV. But she doesn’t go the other way and scream out voluminous obscenities like most American porn stars either. She is just expressive in a way that is true to her. Again it’s almost like being with a lover. Or at least an excited one night stand. Like a tea kettle she can’t help but let you know when she’s reached her peak.

Stacy is not a clock watcher at all. She is ready and willing to go the whole length of the session. Multiple pops are no issue with her. Especially as she is readily able to get a few of her own pops off when she is on top. She offers great french kissing and oral too. Plus her pussy is quite tight. She’s just a great provider all around.

At this point in my life I am somewhat hard to impress. But I have to say that even I am somewhat surprised by how good Stacy is from beginning to end. She seems to have a real enthusiasm for her work. Either that or she is a world class actress. For most customers it won’t matter either way. Five stars.

Review of Erika (4/5)

Erika is a relatively tall and busty babe at Paradise Kawasaki who I would describe as “very Japanese.” While the shop she works at is actually oriented towards foreigners with all materials in English, Erika herself can only speak Japanese. Her ways and actions also reflect her origins. She is a real “J girl”.

Erika soapland girl Kawasaki

There are a lot of women working at Paradise in Kawasaki. It could be difficult for a guy to chose one without feeling they may have missed out on another. But the prices are reasonable and it is easy enough to return to the shop. That should be obvious from the multiple reviews of individual providers I have done of Paradise gals here.

I have to hand it to Paradise for using pretty accurate photographs. Pretty much every shop in Japan edits pictures of the women on staff. But some like JK Style can do it to the point of outright distortion. The women I have seen at Paradise over the last two years look like their pictures. That is also true of Erika.

All about Erika

At 174 centimeters Erika is a bit tall for Japan. At least she seems so to me. But she is not lanky at all. Erika’s body is filled out nicely. She has curves in the right place and a substantial bust and backside that both fill the hand nicely. Her hair is somewhat short but is accents her face nicely.

Soapland sex Erika Japan

As stated Erika only speaks Japanese. That obviously doesn’t mean she can’t work foreigners however. She is quite nice to chat with even in limited Japanese. But she can also go about her soapland work well even if she is not able to hold long conversations. Her eyes are expressive and possibly her best feature though I am partial to the arch in her back for some reason.

Being in Paradise with Erika

Erika is a consummate soapland professional. In my experience it seems that service providers who only speak Japanese tend to be better at the actual soapy section of the services in these kinds of places. It almost appears as if English skill corresponds with soapy skill an attentiveness. No wonder so many guys look for an authentic “Japanese gal” experience.

A Japanese soapland experience is exactly what Erika providers. And her experience shines through the entire time. Erika is 24 years old. I don’t know exactly when she got into the game. But she has had plenty of time to hone her skills. And she has obviously done so.

Erika knows her way all over the silver inflatable mat used for the nuru massage. She also knows her way around a man’s body. She can cover you from top to bottom in a matter of seconds, slithering her sensuous frame all around like a stripper works a metal pole.

When it comes to the main event she also shows off her skills. Her blowjob is quite good and she spends a good amount of time sucking. She doesn’t appear to just be going through the motions. It’s almost as if she likes having something in her mouth to swirl her tongue around. And her full service is just as enthusiastic. She is a real rough rider on the mat. And all the nuru gel somehow heightens the experience. Erika can almost make you forget you’re paying for it.

Finding a foreigner friendly soapland in Tokyo was difficult even a few years ago. It took a lot of work to gain admission to any shop. Then you were usually stuck with whoever was available or willing to work with a gaijin. Paradise has changed all that. The experience isn’t exactly the same as a traditional soapland in all cases. But being in a private room with Erika is exactly like being in a “Japanese only” soapland. Four stars.

Review of Rika (3.5/5)

Rika is a short and slim service provider at Paradise Kawasaki. Rika is a Japanese woman through and through. Indeed Japanese is the only language she can communicate in. Yet she is totally open to working with foreigners and even seems to prefer it. Hence her employment at Paradise.

Rika is not to be confused with Erika who also works at Paradise. Both are J-girls through and through. Erika is curvy and forward. But Rika is petite and slightly more demure. Rika is also a few years older than Erika though that doesn’t have any bearing on her service.

Meet Rika

I would say that Rika is a very good looking girl. I imagine most guys would find her pretty whether they hailed from Osaka or Ohio. She has universally appreciated features. Although big butts seem to be hailed in many parts of the world today I can still find myself attracted to a nice slender figure as well. Rika has that with a small backside and legs that are very visually appealing.

Rika Japanese soapland prostitute

Rika is perhaps a little bustier than her photos on the Paradise website may indicate as well. She isn’t packing away a huge set of sweater puppies by any means. But she isn’t flat either. Her bra definitely has something to hold up during the day.

Rika in Paradise

Although Rika is a fully Japanese gal I wouldn’t say her service style is necessarily a traditional Japanese soapland style. The reason for that is that she actually seems to enjoy chatting with customers before and in part even during service. Rather than having a “customer is God” approach from beginning to end she acts like a girlfriend who wants to help her man relax.

In terms of actual service level Rika is good. At a purported twenty nine years of age she still has a vibrant look. But she has clearly had some experience. She knows her way around a man’s body. So she can give a blowjob like a champion and she is not hesitant to use her mouth at all. Early on she throws in suck samples during the showering stage. Later on she does a lot more of the same and gets more exploratory with her tongue and lips. No parts are safe from Rika’s hungry mouth.

Her sex service is quite enthusiastic. She seems comfortable in pretty much any position. And she either gets into it and off from of it or she is also trained in the art of acting. Her moans and groans sure seem genuine. They echo off the soapland room walls as she hurdles towards the finish line. But her sounds are those of a woman enjoying herself rather than the shrieks and squeals so common in Japanese porn.

Rika is certainly no fresh amateur that just got into the industry. But I wouldn’t necessarily classify her as a MILF either. In my view she is just a real experienced professional who knows how to please a man. And she’s willing to go the extra mile too. So she provides exactly the kind of service I would expect at a soapland in Japan. Three-and-a-half stars.

Review of Kanon (2.5/5)

Kanon stands out from the rest of the staff for a few reasons. The main one is that she sports a very big and round backside. The other is that she is more amateur like than some of her more professional coworkers.

It should be obvious that Kanon is totally fine working with gaijin. After all she has taken up employment at Paradise.

In fact she says she actually prefers foreign guys. And that seems to ring true. Most of the women who work at Paradise have chosen the place precisely because of its foreign clientele. While a few women at some other soaps will work with foreigners, they often do so begrudgingly. At Paradise the gals actually prefer to serve foreigners for whatever reason.

All about Kanon

Although Kanon chooses to work with foreigners her English is very limited. In fact she doesn’t seem to be able to speak much at all of the language. But that doesn’t really put a hamper on her services. Soaplands are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. Things usually go from the shower to the mat to the bed. That doesn’t require a ton of back and forth.

Japanese prostitute with big booty

Kanon is of average height for Japan. She is described as being a curvy gal. But she doesn’t seem big in any way. Well except around back. There she has quite a large bum for a gal of her size. Especially for a Japanese woman. I imagine that Kanon’s endowment could get any butt lover going. It is really something to see.

Kanon also has a very pretty face. She has some striking features that are set off and accented by her jet black hair. She might look even better if she smiled and laughed a bit more. But she has more of a plodding way about her.

Soapland service by Kanon

Kanon doesn’t necessarily act like a soapland lady otherwise would. While she is friendly enough she doesn’t greet customers in the typical way. Nor does she undress customers and fold their clothes as most soapland ladies do. She is more matter of fact. She gets naked and moves to the showers on her own to get things going. It’s something like a hookup with a woman from a bar.

But that is not to say Kanon is lacking. She likes to chat and she is not cold of standoffish. She does all of the necessary tasks of a soapland too. So all the standard procedures like showering and bathing are performed. These things go quickly though. Kanon gets them out of the way rather than extending them or trying to eroticize the proceedings.

It seems like Kanon prefers to go straight to the bed after the washing up is done. She can do nuru mat play. But she is no expert at it. At this early point in her career she just seems to be improvising as she goes along. That is something that some guys would find appealing. Others may prefer something more planned.

It also appears as if Kanon is used to guys admiring her body and putting in work. She isn’t very energetic or service minded when it comes to the main event. She does put her mouth to use. And she’s fine with doing the main event in a range of positions. She is just more passive. That all fits in with her overall personality and demeanor. This is illustrated by her whining moans that sound like they come right out of a Japanese AV. She is also quite sensitive in all erogenous zones.

Kanon is a nice young lady with a round back bumper. She’s quite attractive too. She is very clearly new to the soapland scene however. And she is not a service minded pro. Being with her is more like being with a civilian. And there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. Two and a half stars.

Review of Sherry (4/5)

I have seen many ladies at the shop over the last couple of years. But Sherry sticks out in my mind. One reason for that is that her back and backside is covered in a large Japanese style tattoo.

These days the majority of the women in the go go bars of Thailand are tattooed. Many are heavily tattooed. So it is not notable to see a lady with a full back or even full body tattoo there. It’s actually rarer to find a Thai go go dancer without tattoos!

But in Japan tattoos are still taboo. Although they are appearing with more frequency than they did even a few years ago, it is certainly out of the norm for a Japanese woman to have ink. The main reason for that seems to be the continued association of tattoos with the Yakuza. But attitudes may slowly be changing.

Sherry at Paradise

Sherry’s tattoos extend to her thighs. And they are really quite something. These days Western people might not even bat an eye at tattoos. Sherry is not limited to her tattoos of course. There’s a lot more to her, as with anyone else.

Sherry Paradise soapland prostitute

Sherry is quite petite. She is just 152 centimeters (5 feet) tall and somewhat slim. Yet she somehow seems full. Or at least she fills up the arms quite well when held in a full embrace. She also has quite the round derriere which is nicely accented by the thongs she wears.

Facially Sherry has an alluring look. Her big eyes are set off by short hair, which frames her face nicely. She is an attractive lady. Sherry is shaved down below. She’s also quite sensual and eager to please. That makes her a good fit for a place like Paradise.

Sherry’s soapland service

While Sherry’s English is basic, she is able to work well with foreigners. She guides from the beginning greeting through the slippery soapy slide and on to the main event. At Paradise that of course means that she goes all the way with full service.

Sherry starts with the typical warm Japanese greeting. She prepares the room as per normal too. But once she is let loose she seems to get quite into her work. Her oral skills are well developed and she fellates with vigor.

When it comes to going all the way, Sherry is straight forward. She does it in multiple positions and demonstrates real skill and experience. She is the kind of gal who takes the lead and keeps going until the mission is completed. So she is a very service oriented lady. As a nice looking lady who delivers full service with real effort I give her four stars.

Review of Nao (4/5)

Nao is one of the many service providers working at Paradise Kawasaki. There are several women on staff at Paradise. But Nao is clearly one of the most beautiful. In fact, she’s one the best looking ladies in the industry.

Above, I reviewed the services of a gal named Sherry at Paradise. As I wrote, she stands out mainly due to her full body tattoo. That sort of thing is rare in Japan. Nao also stands out from the pack. But it is due to her undeniable beauty. Her English skills are basic, but I doubt any of her customers care. All she has to do is flash her smile and everything somehow seems alright.

Nao at Paradise

Nao is twenty one years old. She is of average height for a Japanese gal. Nao has a slim body but her backside is rather big and bubbly for her slender frame. In other words, she has the kind of figure that a lot of guys like. Especially in this part of the world.

Nao the soapland prostitute

Unlike the above mentioned Sherry, Nao has no tattoos at all. She isn’t shaved down below either. Instead she simply maintains her bush with a bit of clipping. She does apparently smoke, but I couldn’t notice when I met her. I had other things on my mind.

Nao’s best feature may be her eyes. But it is somewhat hard to pinpoint anything exactly. It is easier just to say that she is a very attractive lady. She is the kind of gal that you would notice in a crowded bar. That’s even true for someone like me who has really been around.

Nao’s soapland sessions

Japan is famous for the punctuality of its people. The fuzoko game is no exemption. Guys who regularly pay to play are known to complain about “clock watchers” all around the world. But in Japan, it is more or less known that you get what you pay for. A one hour session in Japan typically lasts exactly sixty minutes. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se.

But there are different approaches people can take. Some ladies look like they can’t wait for sessions to end. Or they waste a lot of time either in the beginning or end of an appointment. Nao is not one of those ladies. She starts from the minute the session begins and doesn’t end until the final bell rings.

I wouldn’t say Nao is overeager. It is just that she performs from the second things start and doesn’t stop until the session ends. She pays attention to her work and puts in the full effort. So everything from the beginning bathing to the ending salutations are done well. Nao is a real professional without every being mechanical.

I hesitate to say that Nao gives a “girlfriend experience” for a few reasons. The first is that different people interact in different ways. The second is that few girlfriends do things like full body bathing and a nuru nuru slide on an inflatable mat. The third is that not many men have girlfriends as good looking as Nao. Four stars.

Review of Mami (3.5/5)

Mami is a half-Brazilian babe working at the foreigner friendly Paradise soapland in Kawasaki. While it is fairly common to meet hafu gals working out of places like Tokyo Hentai Club, I haven’t seen many in the soaplands. I don’t know the reason for that. But Mami is a fine exception to the rule.

Although Mami is of mixed parentage, she seems wholly Japanese. I wouldn’t have known she had a Brazilian parent if I had not read it on the Paradise Kawasaki website. Without trying to stereotype I can say she would not appear different than any other gal you would meet at Paradise or in Japan in general. She does have quite a bit of curvature on her lower half and backside, but that’s not nearly as rare as it used to be in the land of the rising sun.

Her name could be another indication of her heritage. Mami of course is a common word heard in Latin America both in Spanish and increasingly Portuguese. Since Portuguese is the language of Brazil, the name “Mami” fits this Paradise provider quite well.

Mami at Paradise

Mami is of average height and size. She is a pretty woman. She doesn’t have much to fill out her bra, but as mentioned, she is bigger around back. She also has thick thighs that are more firm than flabby. I would have to imagine that she would appeal most to butt lovers. But I don’t think she would turn off anyone even if they weren’t ass obsessed. In fact I highly doubt it. Because Mami is a good looking gal.

Mami soapland prostitute

Overall, Mami puts of a cute or “kawaii” vibe. She is very warm and has a good sense of humor. She wants to have fun and makes that obvious from the get go. You don’t get a cold or aloof feeling from her at all. Time can really fly with Mami, because she make things so enjoyable. One minute minute you are greeting her and the next minute you’re sad to see the arrangement come to an end.

Mami has nice full lips and she knows how to use them. The same goes for the rest of her body. She is in real control of her assets, and she knows how to turn guys on. Even though she is just twenty years old, there is no sense that Mami is an amateur at all. Yet she doesn’t work in a mechanical way either.

Mami’s soapland service

Mami’s slippery nuru nuru slide is pretty good. And her trimmed pubic patch comes in handy for scrubbing those hard to reach spots. She may have a little room to improve on the inflatable mat, but she is not bad. Her style is more sensual than professional in that she’s more likely to reach out and grab a handful of cock than to spend extensive time sliding around every inch of body.

When it comes to the sexual services Mami really shines. Although she comes off as a real Japanese gal, she has more of a Western style of erotic activity. She sucks quite well and spends a lot of time working the berries. There’s no half-assed licking. Her blowjobs are well done and wet with plenty of suction.

Mami also moves a lot more like a Western woman when she is in the heat of full service action. She can do it in almost any position. And she is definitely no stranger to taking it from the back. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s her favorite style. Of course it is the favorite of a lot of guys too. The most interesting thing about Mami may be that she keeps her eyes open even when she is in the throws of passion. That’s quite rare!

Being with Mami is a bit like being East and West simultaneously. She doesn’t speak much English at all. But she can climb on a guy and ride like a downtown party girl in New York. Her kissing style even reminds me of the way ladies French kiss in the West. In some ways, it’s like the best of both worlds. Three-and-a-half stars.

Review of Rui (3.5/5)

Rui is a pretty lady working at Paradise soapland in Tokyo. Rui is one of the more skilled providers at Paradise with a history in the business.

Rui has a very beautiful face. She is quite tall for a Japanese woman. And in some ways she is perhaps slightly larger frame than the average Japanese gal too. That is not to say that Rui is fat. Because she certainly isn’t at all. But she is not petite either.

How is Rui?

Paradise describes Rui as “busty”, but her breasts are average for a woman of her size. Even in Japan. She definitely has hooters, but they’re not huge by any means. Rui’s skin is light and she has silky hair that falls to about her shoulder. Her smile is very nice and she is pleasant to be around.

Rui Tokyo soapland prostitute

Rui doesn’t speak much English. But she is trying to learn the language. And in any event she prefers working with foreigners. Her lack of English skills isn’t much of an issue. She knows how to keep things moving from one step to the next. Rui is a full service soapland gal who does everything from undressing customers to thoroughly washing their most intimate of areas.

Rui shines when it comes to mat play and her willingness to go the extra mile in terms of service. First of all, her nuru nuru soapy slide skills are pretty good. She leaves little to be desired in that department. And she leaves no part of the body uncovered.

Rui’s soapland service

Some soapland providers are known for doing very extensive cat baths. Years ago it was almost a standard. But these days it seems like less ladies are willing to lick customers from top to toe.

Rui told me that she used to work at another soapland, and her experience shows. Rui does it all, including licking feet and sucking toes. She also actively sticks her tongue where the sun doesn’t shine. Rui does pretty extensive rimming, and she is skilled at doing it sensuously.

Her sucking skills aren’t bad either, and she doesn’t shy away from a bareback blowjob. She really excels at licking and puts a quite a bit of effort into her lingam lapping. She can go for quite a while too. Though due to her style I doubt many guys finish in her mouth.

Her full service is a little more enthusiastic than her head. By that I mean she goes more full throttle when she is on the stick. Rui does more of a bouncing in and out motion when she is on top than the typical back and forth. And in other positions she is quite able to take as well as she gives.

Rui is not necessarily mechanical. But she is clearly all business. In some ways that can be good. She knows her job and how to do it. On the other hand there is no illusion of mutual attraction or anything like that. Rui is very clearly performing a service for pay. Three-and-a-half stars.

Review of Ray (4.5/5)

Ray is a petite service provider at Paradise. Ray is a twenty two year old Japanese gal with a very small frame. Guys who routinely pay for sex long ago developed the term “spinner” to describe thin and petite women.

Ray yoshiwara soapland prostitute

The idea is that they are so small they can sit and spin on your dick. The term is often misused these days. But Ray would accurately fit the bill.

Due to her small stature, Ray obviously has small breasts and a little backside. Yet she is all woman. She looks pretty good in my opinion. And I believe most guys would share my view if they had her in their vision. Ray doesn’t have any tattoos. Paradise says she smokes, but I couldn’t tell.

While Rui is very Japanese in terms of culture and mannerisms, she has a good grasp of the English language. She speaks in a slow and deliberate manner. But everything she says is clear and easy to understand. Her way of talking is similar to her style of service too.

Ray’s soapland service

Ray’s sleek and slim body really slides well. It helps that she really knows what she is doing. She really takes her time on the inflatable mat and makes sure to cover every inch of the customer’s body. In my experience skinny women can do great nuru nuru massages with the proper skills and training. Ray’s slippery service proves my point. It’s also nice to look up at her while she gently scrubs your legs with her manicured bush!

I will say that Ray is not fast and aggressive when it comes to the sexual services. That’s simply not her style. She takes the lead and performs the promised service with skill. But she doesn’t jump around like a firecracker in a paper bag. Everything with Ray is more laid back, though that only adds to the sensuality.

Ray is really good at oral too. Suck jobs can be hit or miss, even when dealing with experienced service providers. But Rui knows what she’s doing when it comes to slurping the salami. She blows bareback with ability and enthusiasm. It’s not mechanical at all. She moves around and puts her tongue and lips to work. When she gets on top she puts her legs and hips to work in a similar fashion.

Ray is a great soapland service provider in Tokyo. I am glad that she has decided to work with foreigners. I believe she could have easily joined a high end soapland for locals only if she so desired. Rui’s English skills only make her that much better and apt for work at Paradise. Forgive the pun, but she is a Ray of light in a land where foreigners were recently refused service in most similar venues. She’s not perfect. But she is very good. Four-and-a-half stars.

Review of Mia (4/5)

Mia is one of the more experienced women working out of the Paradise soapland in Yoshiwara. At around thirty years of age she is one of the more mature gals at the shop too. Mia really knows her way around a man’s body. And she is very comfortable in any manner of sexual situations.

It seems that MILFs are becoming more popular across the board. MILF porn has been popular in the US for years. And there now lots of younger guys running around hunting for cougars. Apparently things are the same in Japan. Some of the most popular Japanese porn of the year has centered on women of a certain age.

Meet Mia

None of this is to say that Mia is old. Because she’s not. I actually think she is right around the peak of her sexuality. Or at least things appear that way. Because she is totally comfortable and forward. There’s no feeling of uncertainty with Mia. She gets right down to the sexual stuff, as I will go on to explain.

Mia soapland prostitute in Tokyo

Physically Mia looks good in my opinion. Her breasts aren’t large but they fit her body well. She has a short hairstyle that frames her face quite nicely. Her body is thin and feminine. With a defined back and a bell shaped bottom, Mia looks especially great from behind!

Mia’s English skills are very limited. But since she works at a soapland and is so straightforward, it doesn’t really matter. After all, how much conversation is required to pull a guy’s pants down and start giving him head? Blowjob bar workers do it all the time. Oral is an activity that erases all boundaries!

Mia’s soapland service

I focus on dick sucking here for a few reasons. One is that Mia gives a very good suck job. The other is that Mia seems quite eager to get a penis in her mouth, at least during her sessions. In most soaplands you expect to be thoroughly washed from top to bottom before any really sexual service is performed. But Mia had me in her mouth almost as soon as she undressed me.

At places like Tokyo Hentai Club some women offer this “instant blowjob” service for extra money. But Mia seems to be up for it as a standard part of service. I can’t be sure that just gets down on her knees and blows every guy who enters the room. But I can say that is obviously not opposed to popping a raw rod in her mouth either.

Mia is pretty good at the standard soapland services too, even if she might approach things in a reverse order. She knows how to clean a guy from top to bottom. And her nuru nuru slide on the inflatable mat is pretty good too. But she really shines and excels at oral. Though she certainly appears to enjoy riding on a salami more than sucking one, sucking is definitely her strong point.

As stated Mia is one of the more mature ladies at Paradise Yoshiwara. But she’s nothing like the old maids at Secret Touch. Mia is an experienced woman with a good body who is good at giving head. She’s eager to get started and she keeps on going until the final bell rings. Mia is the kind of woman who helped make Japanese soaplands famous around the world. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed. It has returned as GFE Soapland.

9 thoughts on “Review: Paradise in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)”

    1. Thanks for the comment. I understand that you might be upset. Paradise was the only soapland oriented entirely to foreigners. Still there are dozens of places that offer happy ending or more to foreigners in Japan. Many are covered on this website. Cheers.

        1. The only two Japanese soaplands oriented to foreigners are now closed. But there are still some places that accept foreign customers in certain conditions. I plan to report on them soon. Cheers.

  1. You mean Paradise Yoshiwara is closed now too ?? What happened ?? I tried going to their website and got directed to Tokyo Hentai Club.

    1. Both branches of Paradise have closed. I don’t have any inside information but I have to imagine business was tough for a business oriented to foreigners. In 2019, 29 million people visited Japan. That number is down by 99.9 percent this year. It could be why the Tokyo Hentai Club branch in Shibuya closed too. Cheers.

  2. I was fortunate enough to visit paradise yoshiwara last year. Are most the other places still open in the Yoshiwara Taito area ??

  3. “condom covered sex in multiple positions”

    Can you elaborate on this? I thought normal ‘penetration’ was technically illegal. Are you referring to a more intercrural type of play?

    1. The soaplands in Japan are the only venues that routinely offer full service. There are two explanations for this. One is that soaplands existed before the laws were changed and are grandfathered in. The other is that the shop only charges for bathing service and the women offer sex on their own accord. Whatever the actual case may be full service is the norm in soaplands. In several soaplands oriented to Japanese men the gals on staff are even known to offer bareback full service. Cheers.

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