Review: Paradise Yoshiwara in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)


Paradise is a foreigner friendly soapland in the historic Yoshiwara district of Tokyo. A few years ago Paradise opened the first Japanese soapland oriented to foreigners in Kawasaki. That is just outside of the Tokyo city limits. The new Paradise in Yoshiwara is basically in the middle of the city.

Yoshiwara has a history going back many years. It was declared a red light district way back in the seventeenth century when Tokyo was still called Edo. In modern days Yoshiwara is a somewhat normal neighborhood complete with schools. But many soaplands continue to do business there.

As regular readers of this site know, most of the massive commercial sex industry in Japan is off limits to foreigners. A handful of soaplands in Yoshiwara accept foreigners on an individual basis and often with higher prices or restrictions.

Paradise Yoshiwara was specifically created with foreigners in mind. Everything from the shop’s website to the signage and rules inside are in English. In addition, the front desk staff speaks English. Some of the service providers do as well.

Location, price and procedure

Paradise is relatively easy to find in the grid structure of Yoshiwara’s blocks. It has a large English sign. And the location on Google maps is accurate. The immediate area is filled with soaplands. And each has a tout outside that tries to beckon in customers. Foreigners used to be totally ignored. Nowadays more touts appeal to gaijin to enter their shops.

Inside Paradise, there is a small counter to the right. Price lists and rules are there in English. And the desk is manned by an English speaking male. Customers pay for sessions up front. Rates start at 20,000 Yen ($180 USD) for a quick 30 minute session and go up from there. Sessions longer than one hour usually come with the kind of nuru nuru mat play that made Japanese soaplands famous.

Prostitute from Paradise Soapland

There can be additional charges. But they are mostly negligible. For example, some of the women are in a higher class. They charge a little more for their time. This sort of thing is common in similar shops all over Asia. Even in the soapies of Thailand there are usually women in a “model class” who charge a premium.

After paying, customers go to a waiting room in the back. There are four leather chairs pointed towards a big screen TV that plays sexy introduction videos on loop. Walk in customers get a line up of the available women at this point. Those who book specific providers just wait for them to prepare.

Service and summary

After waiting a bit customers are greeted by their service provider at the top of a rather steep set of stairs. The providers wear sexy lingerie that usually consists of a lacy bra and a thong. They also wear high heels and impeccable makeup.

Down a small and short hall there are several small rooms. Although they are totally private some sounds can pass from one room to the next. So it is not uncommon to hear Japanese moans of ecstasy. This only helps set the mood.

In the rooms customers are undressed. Their things are put in a basket then set in a closet. The providers undress next. After that, it is over to the bathing area. Customers are washed head to toe. Then they take a dip in the bath tub while the provider cleans herself.

The next step is usually mat play for longer sessions. The wet area is rather small. So the mat barely fits and can touch one or both walls. This could possibly be a problem for the tallest of tall men. But most can fit with no issue. And in any event it is unlikely most are thinking about the walls while a totally nude Japanese babe slides up and down against their bodies.

The main event is a blowjob followed by condom covered sex in multiple positions. Some of the providers are better than others in this. That’s the case anywhere. But for the most part they are a professional bunch dedicated to their work. A few who I may review individually in the near future even verge on providing a girlfriend experience.

In my review of Paradise Kawasaki I wrote “there is no easier place for a foreigner to get full in service in Japan”. With the addition of this new Paradise in Yoshiwara that is no longer true. It is just as easy to walk in and get full service in Yoshiwara as it is in Kawasaki. Four-and-a-half stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward, Senzoku, 4-21-1 (Map)
Phone:+81 036-240-6736
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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