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Review: Secret Touch in Tokyo, Japan

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Secret Touch is a fashion health shop located around several love hotels in the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo. Just a short walk from Ikebukuro Station the venue specializes in a sort of erotic bathing service performed inside the shop itself.

Secret Touch is not a fetish shop though the uninitiated may suspect otherwise judging by the staff. That is because the four or five women who work Secret Touch at any given time are well into middle age with some approaching 60 if they haven’t passed that milestone already.

But Secret Touch is not necessarily a “MILF” shop made for guys who have an obsession with women of a certain age. Instead it is simply an old style fashion health shop where the women on staff happen to be on the older side. I don’t know the reason for that but it could be related by anything from the working conditions to the way management recruits workers.

About the Secret Touch

In any event customers are not able to select their service providers in person or even by photograph. While there are some edited and censored pictures on the Secret Touch website customers who rock up in person have the choice of either choosing one of the women working by name or simply taking whoever is next in line.

Yumi at Secret Touch Tokyo

The exterior of Secret Touch is pretty plain except for some large purple signs and a flashing light. The signs display the name of the shop but not much else. In that regard it is generally discreet.

A male manager works the lobby immediately inside the doors. He cannot any language other than Japanese though the shop is accepting of foreigners who can go with the flow and abide by the rules. They do seem to prefer that customers can speak at least a little of the local language though no one seems to be turned away on account of an inability to speak Japanese alone.

Prices and procedure

Customers pay for services at Secret Touch up front. The going rate is 9,800 Yen ($86 USD) for a 50 minute session. Payment is rendered at a counter in the lobby to a polite yet clearly jaded middle aged Japanese woman.

After customers render payment they are either led to a small waiting room or if there is no line directly to one of the many bathing rooms. Customers are greeted in front of the bathing rooms by their service providers. They usually wear some kind of slinky dress though there isn’t really anything sensual about it. If anything it seems to be convenient garb for women who spend days and nights getting dressed and undressed and then dressed again.

The bathing rooms at Secret Touch contain sturdy massage tables and shower sections. They also have high square baths in the corners along with some sort of bizarre sweat inducing machine that is as far as I know never used.

Once customers enter the bathing rooms they are undressed. Their clothes are put into a box for safe keeping. Then the service providers undress and things head over to the shower area. This is the typical soapland style shower spot complete with ass accessing stool.

Service and summary

Customers are quickly washed off and asked to sit in the tub while their providers scrub themselves down. Once that is over the customers are toweled off and led back to the massage table where the sensual services are provided.

The women at Secret Touch do not offer full service sex. Instead they do a combination of kissing, touching and sucking depending on the likes of the customer and their own code of conduct. Everything is done without a condom.

After the customer ejaculates or time runs out things move back to the shower for a brief final scrub down. From there things draw to a close. Customers put their clothes on and venture back out the door and into the street of Ikebukuro.

The women at Secret Touch don’t seem to be particularly enthusiastic about their work. For them it is a job like any other. They do what is required by normally nothing more. In some cases they seem to be calling it entirely while in others they just don’t seem have to have the energy or expertise to do anything remarkable.

Secret Touch is a decidedly unremarkable shop staffed by middle aged ladies where men can go to get a rinse and a blowjob. It’s not spectacular. And it’s not terrible either. I wish I could say more about the place. But I have basically written all that I could about it above. There just isn’t that much more to get into. Secret Touch is what it is. One star.

Secret Touch. 1 Chome-2-9 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 7:30 AM until 12:00 AM. Website:

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