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Agentur Liberty is a discreet bordello operating in the heart of Berlin. Since brothels are legal in Germany the business has no need to hide from law enforcement but it most likely chose its home out of a combination of practicality and respect for people in the area.

Liberty is tucked away inside a residential type of building but isn’t too difficult to find since it is located on a major road. Customers pass a store selling porn movies and related items before coming to the discrete entrance marked with the street number 14. There they ring a bell marked “Liberty.” After they are buzzed in they head up a flight of stairs and ring another bell next to a golden plague that is also marked “Liberty.”

Inside Agentur Liberty

A rotund and jovial middle aged German woman seems to be in charge of things most times. She typically opens the doors and invites customers inside. Her standard language is German but she can switch to passable English on request. First time customers receive a brief rundown when they enter Liberty before being led to a selection room. Repeat customers are led directly there without any need for explanation.

german prostitute at agentur liberty

The selection room looks a lot like what one might imagine if they picture a high end brothel from the prewar period. The room is nicely decorated with classy furniture including a seat where customers sit and wait for a lineup of the available women to form. There are even crystal bowls full of candy.

When the women are ready the manager starts the introductory sessions. Through this process each woman on staff opens the door, introduces herself and then leaves. Things are fast paced and as many as a dozen scantily clad gals can come into the room and then go back out again in a matter of a minute or two so customers need to stay sharp if they want to remember the name of any ladies that strikes their fancy.

Women at Agentur Liberty

All sorts of different women work at Liberty. Most come from Europe. A good number hail from Germany. Ladies from other parts of the world also appear though appearances can be deceiving. At least one woman who works at Liberty was born and raised in Germany to Thai parents. All can speak at least basic English. Many are fluent or nearly fluent in the language.

The ages of the gals at Liberty range from twenty up to over thirty though most seem to be in their twenties. Most are fit and at least of average attractiveness. There are also a few real classical beauties along with some rather large ladies. While a few are permanent professionals the place sees its share of part timers trying to make extra money before or after other jobs or university studies. The lineup changes from one day to the next with some ladies on staff working as little as once a week.

Introductions are basically displays where nothing but superficial looks can be seen. The only way for customers to find out anything about the women on staff beyond the fake names they use is to go through the model profiles on the Liberty website or spend time with the women in a private room.

At the conclusion of introductory sessions customers are rejoined by the manager. At this point they can give the name of whichever lady they would like to spend private time with. Unlike the lineups at Macau saunas women at Liberty wait outside of sight and sound of the customers so there is no pressure for clients to select a particular person or indeed anyone an all.


Once customers select a lady from the line they chose an amount of time for their session. The most common session lasts thirty minutes and costs 60 Euros ($66 USD) but other sessions are available at the similar pricing scheme. Twenty minute sessions cost 40 Euros, sixty minute sessions cost 120 Euros and so on. Payment is made to the manager up front though customers who want to extend sessions after they are in the room give extra payment to their service providers who in turn hand it over to the management.

After payment is made customers are led to private rooms. The standard rooms are large and luxurious. Although they have an antique look they are well preserved and include modern conveniences like climate control. A slightly more expensive pool suite which is available by the hour is even nicer.

Customers don’t need to wait long in the private rooms before their selected service providers arrive and start the clock. In any place with a large number of women performance will vary greatly but most of the gals at Liberty seem to know what they are doing. Most are also open to suggestion.

Service and summary

A session typically includes oral sex and intercourse. Most women use condoms for the oral sex. A few do not. Customers who want to participate in additional activities like kissing or finishing on a woman’s body or in her mouth normally have to pay more. Some providers offer services like anal and even things approaching BDSM. Rates are generally very reasonable and customers can discuss them with service providers beforehand.

Agentur Liberty is a well run business located in a large private space. The interior looks great and kept clean. The manager is friendly and accommodating. Several skilled women of different ages and backgrounds are on staff at all times and willing to work to make some money. Because of all these factors it is hard to find fault with the place.

Things do need to be taken into consideration though. If a legal brothel like this was located in some sexual desert like the middle of Idaho it would certainly stand out like a shining star. In a place like Germany where sex work is legal and abundant is but one of many similar businesses. Still it is a good model of what private brothels can be like. I give it three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Martin-Luther-Straße 14, Berlin, Germany (Map)
Hours:12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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