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Review: Happy Hinomaru in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)

Happy Hinomaru is one of the more popular foreigner friendly blowjob bars in Japan. Located right in the heart of the infamous Kabukicho, one of the largest adult entertainment areas in the world today.

Happy Hinomaru in Tokyo

I’ve held off on reviewing some of the better known places thus far, preferring to report about shops that are a little more off the radar. Now I figure I should give some of the more popular places some coverage. Even the places those in the know are well aware of are probably still unknown to most people.

Although Kabukicho is filled with sex shops of all kinds, most of the venues do not accept foreign customers. There are a few exceptions like Asian Relax and Asian Feeling, New Hot Point, Happy Very, and the shop under review here.

Happy Hinomaru in Kabukicho

Happy Hinomaru is just a short walk from both the Shinjuku and Seibu-Shinjuku train stations. There is a map on the Happy Hinomaru website that shows the location of the shop in relation to the train. The front of the shop has a lot of bright yellow lights and a sign that says “4000 Yen”. They also have a tout who stands in the street and urges guys to enter. So it’s not difficult to find, even in the neon madness of the area’s crowded and narrow streets.

The entrance is actually up a set of stairs. Once you enter the facility you are shown a board with pictures of the available women. The photos are heavily edited and do not reflect the actual looks of the women on staff. The woman shown on the top row are immediately available. The women shown on lower rows are already busy with other customers.

Happy Hinomaru blowjob bar worker
An actual picture of a proud employee at Happy Hinomaru

The fee is 4320 Yen ($40 USD) for twenty minutes of service at Hinomaru. There is an add on charge of 2000 Yen more for each additional 10 minutes. This is up from a price of just 2000 Yen for 20 minutes a few years ago.

You pay up front as you enter. There is a guy who works the front desk. He is curt but not impolite by any means. His English speaking ability is basic. The guy on the microphone warns you as your time is about to run out if you haven’t finished. Adding more time is done by simply handing the necessary money over to the service provider.

Suck job service

After you pay the guy from the front desk takes you to your station. Happy Hinomaru is basically a dimly lit room with two rows of booth type seats all pointing in the same direction. There is a walkway in the middle. Upon entering you only see the backs of heads and possibly a little action out of the corner of your eye. On the way out you often catch a lot more. Blowjob bar etiquette says everyone should mind their own business. Staring is frowned upon in venues like these.

Not long after you sit down a suckstress from staff shows up. If you nominated a lady she appears. If not you get whoever is next in line. The ladies start by doing some greetings and small talk. Then they pull down your pants and undress themselves. Finally they wipe down the dick with a wet napkin to prepare for the bareback blowjob to come.

pink salon hidden cam porn

Customers typically have a lot of range when it comes to permitted activities at Hinomaru. Along with the standard blowjob, customers can suck tits and pussy. Finger banging and 69 is seen with some frequency too. A few members on staff are reportedly even open to ass play.

There have even been reports of full action going down in the past but that’s not on any official menu whatsoever these days. Any guy who tries for it will likely just cause a lot of problems for himself and any foreigners that follow.

Foreigners who don’t speak Japanese are limited to going with the flow at this place. Body language does wonders. But I don’t know how someone would request anything extra like deep throating without use of words. No matter the language spoken, most guys seem to just lay back and enjoy the oral as it is offered.

After you ejaculate or run out of time, the provider cleans you up with more alcohol soaked napkins. They they go in the back and rinse out their mouth. Finally they come back to wish you farewell and escort you to the front door.

Staff and summary

The staff is a little toward the older side, but unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily translate into improved skill or experience. This is no surprise. Pink salons don’t always have the most beautiful women. And Japanese sex shops that are wide open to foreigners tend to attract an older and arguably less attractive staff.

Happy Hinomaru is an old standby, but that seems to have more to do with convenience than anything else. They do seem to have a lot of repeat customers. But to be honest I am not sure why. Maybe I’m just missing something.

I personally prefer the New Hot Point shop nearby. I can’t think of any situation that would prompt me to revisit Hinomaru. To be honest, I think it is one of the worst shops around. Not because the place cheats people or anything like that. It’s just my opinion based on the reality of the area. But when you stop and think about it, Hinomaru is still a place where a guy can drop in with no notice and get a nice no strings attached blowjob. And they deliver as promised. For that reason I give Happy Hinomaru an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Note: Happy Hinomaru has closed.

Happy Hinomaru. 2-chome-36 Kabukicho, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 4:00 AM. Phone: +81 03-3209-0088. Website:

66 thoughts on “Review: Happy Hinomaru in Tokyo, Japan (CLOSED)”

  1. Well I was charged 4000 yen which is more than I expected and I think more than it costs for a seesion at Strawberry Fields.

    However, the friendliness of the greeters made a pleasant change from the japs only places and the pretty, if not stunning girl, was charming and very skilled. The doorman made it clear that no sex was available as I entered at 12.45 in the afternoon. 4000 seemed to be the going rate and only one girl was immediately on call. Another three were 15 to 30 minutes from being available.

    This friendly if a little skinny 29 year old appears and speaks a little English. She asked if I wanted some tea and a glass was fetched.

    Now I wasn’t expecting too much as I’d had a FS at nishi funabashi the previous evening. Yet Maria number 8 could teach that lacklustre Chinese trollop how to turn a man on.She snuggled in my lap and started snogging which wasnt allowed last night. She then snogs me while rubbing my cock through my trousers. I got so stiff I almost snapped it off when dropping my pants. She continues with the snogging while reaching behind and gentle wanking me off. Before I could cum, the BBBJ commences. After fighting the urge I seemed to do a huge cumshot in her mouth. Then after cleaning me off she happily chatted in English before escorting me down the stairs. Thank God she did as they’re so steep, they are a health and safety nightmare.

    So even if its more expensive than strawberry, but the same price as Dio, its less seedy than either and Maria is well worth it. She’s 9 to 5 with Wednesday as her day off.

    Thanks for recommending the place.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Which option did you choose? Glad you found a looker as they can be lacking in that department, not that it matters all too much. Have you tried Jan Jan before? Cheers!

    2. Paid a visit last night. My hotel is at the train station here. Rockit’s Report is spot on. Not the best blowjob I have ever received, but she got the job was done. It was a slow night I was the only guy in the place. I would recommend that if you visit the area stay away from the “Massage girls” that are on the streets, I understand they will nickel and dime you to death. For a quick, no frills BJ Hinomaru is ok for the price.

      1. I don’t think this place or any other pinsaro in Japan has any policy that requires testing. Women may go to get tested on their own but typically that would involve testing of the vagina which wouldn’t detect gonorrhea infections in the throat. Gonorrhea is the most common std passed on by oral sex as far as I am aware. Almost no one in the world is tested for herpes. Testing is uncommon and from what I’ve read often imprecise. I’m not a medical professional but here’s something written by people who are. It says that up to 80% of adults in the US have herpes 1 and up to 20% have herpes 2. As far as I know no one has died from either. Condoms can protect from some things but not others. There’s evidence that herpes can be spread with a condom. I’ve never heard of a woman in a blowjob bar refusing a condom and a few even require them but most don’t use them. The only way to avoid STDs and herpes completely is to avoid sexual contact all together, including as the piece I linked to above says “even a casual peck on the lips.” Most people aren’t willing to do that. Cheers.

  2. Funny enough I wasn’t given an option, so I think I must have been the standard 20 minutes.Out of the three pinks ive tied I think I put this level with dio, with strawberry fields top as its so inexpensive and sleazy.
    Maria gave the best head however. She even runs a blog but sadly I dont think it’s about life on the suck. I will try jan jan if I’m in the area

    1. I’ve heard they give people a 4000 yen course standard if they don’t speak up. There is even that sign on the street. According to the prices 4000 should get you 30 minutes or maybe 20 minutes with nomination. But I always got the short 2000 yen session. Maybe because I’ve been going there for so long? Then again I haven’t been back in over a year, so that may not even be an option anymore. Jan Jan offers slightly more privacy, but it’s not a real high quality place. Some of the Japanese-only shops are fantastic I hear. Too bad we can’t gain entrance. Cheers.

  3. I popped into Hinomaru last night. It has been a long time since my last visit as I don’t like to be hassled by scummy people trying to get me to go into some rip-off joint in that area of Tokyo. First I should say they have increased the prices so it is now 4,360 yen for 20 minutes (this is to cover the increase in consumption tax). It is a bit stupid fiddling with small coins to pay for sexual services – they should change the pricing structure to something which isn’t so ridiculous.

    A good point is that you can chose the lady without paying any extra fee. I had a choice of 5. I went for Hikaru because she seemed to have nice long hair. Anyway she seemed extremely tired / stoned. Basically she put my dick in her mouth but didn’t do much else with it. Towards the end I took my dick out and she left her mouth open while I jerk it. She had her eyes closed so I very nearly gave her a nice facial until she suddenly woke up.

    She perked up when she was escorting me to the door.

    Other points, Mimi seems to be on the schedule 17 hours a day every day. I guess she must lurve the cock. But she is 50 something so I will skip that. I might go back sometime but not for a while. I want to try a young one next time.

    1. Hi Daves. Thanks for the report. I know what you mean about the area. Those puffed up host guys are especially revolting. Still, it’s worth the visit for places like Hinomaru and New Hot Point. I may have another review from the area soon. I don’t know Mimi but the Hoover vacuum champion of Jan Jan is probably over 60 years old, yet she still gets a ton of customers. I would love to interview these women about their jobs. Maybe sometime in the future. Cheers.

    2. Just stopped in there tonight myself. Paid the same 4360 and chose #33, didn’t catch the name. Sort of the same experience, just put the head in and barely moved. Had to finish my self by hand but she perked up and was pretty friendly after I blew by load. She actually seemed like she might be partially deaf, but she was nice enough and I wont complain much about a $40 blowjob.

      1. Thanks for the report. Odd “services” going on there maybe. I have had some lackluster experiences, but I’ve never run into anything like that in all my visits to BJ bars over the years. Cheers.

  4. I can confirm that it is the same women. Anyway if JanJan is still 3,000 yen before 7pm, the 4,360 yen looks relatively expensive. After 7pm when JanJan is 4,000 yen I guess Hinamaru becomes a viable option if you have a girl you particularly like there.

    About 3 years ago, Hinamaru only offered one option, 40 minutes for 8,000 yen. In those days, there were various reports of full service being offered. I’m wondering if anyone has tried the 40 minute course and been offered any extras….

    1. I remember a particular lady at Hinomaru who was happy to go the full mile. I don’t think she’s working any longer though.

  5. Thanks for the info! I was wondering, does it always end immediately after you cum? Say I’m a bit too excited and finish within a minute or so, won’t they keep at it if I get it up again quickly? Does anybody know?

    1. Customers usually get the block of time they pay for, but the shots are usually limited. If a guy shoots quick and can’t speak Japanese they are basically limited to leaving early, sitting there awkwardly, or ponying up for another go or another lady. Cheers.

  6. Went to Hinumaru today (May 6, 2014) out of curiosity and grandma literally did the blowjob. The pictures in the lobby is far fetch from the actual person, a little make up and good photography and maybe a little bit of Photoshop can make a lot of difference.

    This is a really gaijin friendly pink salon. I am an asian gaijin and can speak a little Nihonggo so I can literally walk around Tokyo converse in their native language (though broken) with the help of a bit of sign language.

    Old guy who calls in customers up front can also speak broken English and basically said that everything can be done except actual sexual intercourse.

    I proceeded to climb upstairs while I heard the old guy radioed the lobby that “1 customer is coming” in nihonggo and up I went.

    Upstairs, the receptionist told me that there are only 2 ladies available. I picked the better looking lady which suits my taste and told me that I need to pay 4,320Yen (Tax included). After paying he led me to the area where the deed will be done and told me to wait for the girl. The place itself don’t have any privacy at all. I can actually see everybody else doing the act just in front of me. Its just sofa with no dividers. The sofa itself are the dividers.

    After around 5 minutes, the lady came dressed in a nightie. I can tell that she was old even with the make up. We greeted each other in Japanese and I told her that I’m a gaijin and can speak little of their language. She was quite surprised for my greeting seems to be genuine Nihonggo, I told her its a product of a lot of practice.

    She told me to wait and when she came back she had two small glasses with “ocha” she gave me one of the glasses and proceeded to say “Itadakimasu” and “Kampai”. I asked her name and she said her name was “Hikago”.

    Afterwards, she asked me to pull my pants down and asked me politely that she will start the session. She started by wetting a piece of thick tissue like paper by spraying it with what seems like a mixture of alcohol and water. She washed her hands first then she washed my thing afterwards. She sprays my hand with the mixture and told me to wash my hand with it she then sprays another paper with the mixture and gave it to me to wipe my hands with.

    After making sure that everything was set she then started her thing. The BJ itself was not that extraordinary but it was smooth. Her age shows on her face but her skin is still very smooth. Her boobs are average with big nipples. She asked me if I want to suck her breast but I declined for I dont like her nipples. I just proceeded on stroking her breast and her vagines and I can clearly feel the age of her pussy. She was pretty old. I fingered her pussy and can sense that she is getting turned on and is moaning a little. Everytime she starts moaning she will move her hips away from my finger. She was very wet!

    After 10 minutes, I still can’t manage to cum and I tried to move my waist to coincide with her head movement for I really wanted to cum but thinking that I was being blown by grandma kinda makes it hard for me. Around 15 minutes I finally came. She again washed my dick the same way as before with my cum still inside her mouth. After washing me she left and when she came back with 2 glasses of “ocha” again with her and asked me to drink to which I obliged gladly.

    After my 20 minutes was up, she then escorted me down the stairs and hugged me and she kissed me gently on the cheeks and I also kissed her on her cheeks with me grasping her breast a little. She then bid me farewell and so did I.

    So much for trying out pink salon for the first time. Every thing could have been fine if she was alittle younger. :D

    Hope this field report of mine will help the gaijins out there thinking of trying out “Hinumaro”.

    Will try “Janjan” next.

  7. Hey Guys. Going to tokyo soon. Wondering what the new Ayaka at hinomaru is like because I heard the old one who was really good left about a year ago. Does anyone have any experiences with ayaka recently?

    Also, are there other girls or are the ones posted on the website the only ones?

    1. I don’t know Ayala but there are definitely women working who don’t appear on the website. Few are great in the looks department. Cheers.

  8. Hey, anybody know if you can take a female friend with you to one of these places? I have a friend coming to Tokyo, and I think it would be really hot to take her and let her watch. She’d be totally into it. I’ve been to Hinamaru once before, on my own. I would think that maybe it’s frowned upon to take a woman, but if it works that would be awesome. Thanks!

    1. I can’t be completely sure but I very strongly doubt that such a thing would be permitted. I know for a fact that it’s not a problem at BJ bars in Thailand however. Cheers.

  9. So I headed over to Hinomaru today to see if the action was anything similar to Jan Jan, and once again everything was stated just as above, I actually went around the back side of Kabukicho to find it but the maps are correct and it really isn’t hard to find: Take the main Kabukicho drag all the way down to the dead end, turn right, turn immediately left.

    I thought it may actually had been closed as there was no tout. I went down the street a bit, had a smoke and waited as it was raining and threatening to storm real badly. Rain thinned a bit, I walked back and the tout was finally out front. (This was about quarter to one). He enthusiastically waved me inside, I asked “Hinomaru?” just to make triple sure and he confirmed. Was greeted upstairs by the older gentleman with the really bad black suit who showed me the board. There were only two ladies, Mimi #15 and #5 Nagisa. I went with Mimi cause Nagisa looked like a bit of a porker and I am sorry but I love the tinier, skinnier Japanese ladies..just me.

    That was mistake #1. Mimi was nice, tried very hard even though I told her Watashi wa nihongo ga hanasenai, she said “ok” and proceeded with the wipe down and undressing. She then proceeded to start kissing me which started with a couple of innocent pecks and turned into full tonsil hockey, it was nice. Then I let her lower her head to begin the semen suctioning.

    That was mistake #2. Mimi, gentlemen, has a problem keeping her teeth off the member. I had to stop and tell her a couple or three times that she needed to settle down with the toothing. She did figure it out, which lead to issue number 2, like I previously read about one the soaplands somewhere she could not freaking stay awake.

    It was literally head goes up, head goes down, head goes up, down then snoooze. This went on for a bit. But I mean who the hell do I complain to in one of these places? Nagisa was unfortunately indisposed.

    I guess I must be a glutton for punishment, after my hum drum visit to Jan Jan, I decided to opt for the hour course to give the sucker time to get me off. I left once again unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

    I guess your mileage may vary, but nope, Pinsaros do not do the trick for me. Not in Japan anyway. If I ever find myself in Pattaya on the other hand…

    1. They can be hit or miss, though I’ve never liked Hinomaru much. Thailand is the clear winner when it comes to foreigner friendly blow job bars, though the naughty barber shops of Vietnam are sharp also and open to all comers.

  10. Its a great place if u r trying out Pink Salon in Japan for the first time as a foreigner. No part of Hino Maru makes u feel uncomfortable. I went there reading the review here and it was exactly as i read. Except for the part where they asked u to submit your phone and wallet. i did not need to. I am living in Japan for quite some time so i did not have any problems with the language but looking at me all the staff (door man) talked in broken english. The girls r obviously not as they seem to be in the picture but what I really enjoyed was if you pain for 20 mins the girls wait and let you fondle them (COMPLETELY ANYWHERE AND ANYWAY) untill u re-direct them to ur blow ur Jhonnie. To make it more clear abt the limitations – u can do anything to the girl as long as ur Jonnie is not inside her. I saw a guy get on top on a girl in the sofa with bare minimum clothes but i assumed he wasn”t having sex. But i must say – wut a hospitality !! The price is slightly under 5000 Yen now for 20 mins but I”d go there anytime i’m in Tokyo at least once because BJ never felt as good as Japanese women ever.

    1. Hi Kiann. I have no idea how I could possibly quantify the health risks of getting a blowjob in a pink salon even if I was a doctor who had access to all sorts of tests, statistics and studies. All I can say is that blowjob bars have been around for a long time and as far as I know no one has died from getting sucked off in one. I’ve never heard of a blowjob bar worker saying no to a customer who wanted to use a condom either. Of course the safest bet would be to avoid sexual acts all together, but most people don’t consider that to be a viable option. Cheers.

  11. Mimi is nice, but her pussy is always stinky and musty. I’ve fucked her many times even for the ¥4,000 option, maybe 15 times over a four year period. I always had to wash my dick in the closest KFC afterwards. Mimi is the only one now who will fuck, but not if you ask her directly.

  12. I swung by Hinomaru after having a bad experience at Jan Jan. I asked for Mimi since it seems like she’s gotten the best reviews and seeing as she works there all day I figured her technique would be the best. The guy was kind of sketchy about it when I picked her (he seemed to be gesturing at one of the other girls even though I kept pointing at Mimi), so I’m pretty sure that’s not who I got. I’ve heard the pictures are really inaccurate so it’s hard for me to say. Anyway, I can sum up this woman’s technique in one word: Teeth. It was like putting my dick in a meat grinder.

    To my surprise, I was actually able to get off after about 15 minutes. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel like the chicks at Pink Salons want you gone ASAP even when you paid for 20 minutes. Anybody else get that vibe? They’re not rude or anything, but it seems like after two minutes of sucking they just want to get you to cum right away rather than let you sit back and enjoy it.

    Anyway, I probably won’t ever go back. It’s pricier than Jan Jan and you’re pretty much getting the same thing. The only thing it really has on Jan Jan are roomier booths, though there is significantly less privacy. I don’t mind that at all, but if you’re uncomfortable about that kind of thing I wouldn’t recommend this place at all. They literally put me right by the entrance, but it was early in the afternoon so nobody was coming in.

    That’s all I really have to say about the place. Don’t go unless you’re in the area and REALLY desperate.

  13. Not sure if my review will help anyone since I look and speak Japanese well enough to enter any non-foreigner place and I’m relatively new to this game, but I did find out quite a bit about this place after visiting 4 times.

    I decided to check hinomaru out since its talked about a lot on the web. Compared to the various ‘no-gaijin’ pinsaros I visited in kabukicho and otsuka, I’d say the place is about average to below-average in terms of niceness and huge in terms of size(of the place). My first visit, I opted for 30min, which cost 4000+tax(wtf?I have to mess with coins?), with #33 Hikaru. The place was packed and I was a bit disappointed as I was seated in the very first chair from the entrance(I’m easily distracted). I had to wait for quite a while before she showed up. We talked for a bit and she told me she wished she could speak english as they get foreigners quite often. She talks like she has a speech impediment or wears a retainer. She wasn’t awesome, but she kept sucking for a few minutes after I got off. I wondered if she was wearing a dental dam and didn’t realize I finished, but was happy because most girls stop before I’m done unloading. I did not intend to return as the other pinsaros available to me have hotter girls at the same or better skill level.

    A week later, I got turned away from the soapland up the street because they had no girls available and were closing. So I decided a bj was better than nothing and went back. I chose #16 ai, but decided on 50min since I already was planning on spending soapland money and time. This time it was pretty dead and I got seated in the far right booth that offers more privacy than the rest of the room. She’s on the heavy side and in her 30’s. Same deal, talked for a bit before she started, but she only takes off her top because she’s on her period. She was just ok, but I managed to finish pretty quickly. She cleaned up, came back and talked a bit more. She started kissing and licking me, telling me how good I smelled. I told her I had showered at my hotel just before getting there. (I know, it sounds stupid, showering before going to a soap; but I was filthy in my work clothes and didn’t want to get my clean clothes I changed into, dirty.) I asked if that was uncommon and she said most customers come by after work or partying, so yes. She also mentioned that some foreigners have an odor that she can’t quite get used to and its kind of hard for her to get into it when they are especially pungent.(Hint: Wash up to get better service). Anyways, she turned a 180 from the from the first half and really knew how to press my buttons and got me off again, hard this time. I was hooked.

    I went back a third time for Ai for the full 60min. 12000+tax is a lot for a BJ, but I knew I would get my money’s worth. It was packed and I had to wait 30min before being seated in far corner, a pretty good spot since there won’t be any distractions in my periphery vision. She remembered me and this time started right away with the flirting and GFE after getting me a glass of tea. After getting me off and cleaning up, she comes back and tells me to take off my shirt since we were alone. I look around and see the place is empty. She works her magic and gets me off twice more before my time is up.

    I went one last time before returning to the states. As I step off the street, the tout asks me “Mata ai-san desuka?”(Ms. Ai again?). I tell him yes and go up the stairs(I guess I’m a regular now). I tell the porter I want Ai for the hour, but I think he already knew as he didn’t point at the wall of photos(the tout notifies the porter on his cb as you walk up the stairs). As the guy leads me to my seat, one of the girls pops out(I don’t know which one because none of the girls look like their photos), tells him something and hurriedly disappears into the side hallway. He follows her and walks deep past the bathrooms. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to go with him so I stop. He pops back out and tells me to follow him and leads me to a second room. This room is just like the main room with 2 rows of 4 seats, but is in better shape. I could tell they only use 2 of the seats because only the near and far booths have the paper supplies and lantern they stand up when they seat you. When Ai showed up, I ask about the room and she tells me they only use it when its really busy and for 60min customers. Since it’s a ‘private’ room she has me take off all of my clothes from the start. After getting me off twice and getting me hard again, she suddenly stops, tells me to wait and runs off. I wonder if something’s gone wrong but she comes back with a rubber and we fuck every which way until I, and my time(actually we went a bit over the time limit), is spent. On top of that, I spent another 5 minutes halfway down the front stairs kissing and hugging because, she wouldn’t let me go.

    I’ve managed to get way hotter girls at the non-gaijin sex shops in Tokyo and Kitakyushu, but hinomaru has been the best experience for me. If hinomaru isn’t bad for you, I’d suggest try being a regular to get the vip treatment. That, and visit when you are squeaky clean.

    1. I did get FS with no. 7 Sally. I got it after seeing her 6th or 7th time. After that first FS, I went for her FS service repeatedly for about 8 months. Then things started to get weird. One day, she told the tencho about our activities, and the tencho told me to pick another girl and that I shouldn’t be forcing sex on the girls. I don’t know why she’d tell the shop about our secret.

      About a week after that incident, the shop deleted her from the cast list. I didn’t know if she got fired for openly admitting providing extra service. Any of you guys know something about her whereabouts?

  14. I went to Happy Hinomaru for 30 minutes with Ai. I was disappointed by her looks and it was a novel experience but I don’t think I’d go again. The part I wanted to share with you is this: There was a Japanese guy in the front seat so I couldn’t help but occasionally peek out the corner of my eye. His lady was in much better shape than the 2 I saw wandering around the shop, and they were sitting face to face just cuddling and whispering. She was giggling and at some point she straddled him and it looked like either frottage or FS. Afterward she moved to the BJ position. He was there when I got in and they were still at it when I left. Seems like the locals are treated way better than Gaijins in Tokyo!

  15. Just visited hinomaru today. Paid 4000 yen and some change for 20 minutes. It felt shorter, she told me 5 minutes was up so I had to make myself finish. Overall pleasant experience. Can’t remember the girls name but I liked her. Cute face, average body and she said was 20 years old. She wasn’t very good at giving head but the effort was there. She gave me two cards. She wrote down a cell phone number on one, I’m assuming it’s hers. Does this usually happen? I’m not sure if I should try to contact the number cause she doesn’t speak English. Also I’m not Japanese.

  16. Just visited hinomaru 3,5 hours ago. A little tricky finding. A tout(not for HH) happily pointed out and led me to it. And shouted what i guess meant: one is coming! A little worn down place up a red carpeted stair. Lots of mirrors lots of character. Picked one girl. Paid 4320 y for 20 min. Was sjown to a red “sofa” after a while a happy woman shows up. Chats wash hands, and dick…. Takes of/rolls down maid dress. Not the best blowjob by far. Didnt allowes touching her head. Finished of with CIM. She seemed happy and talkative. Opted for cold tea. Left. Had alot better bjs at bars in thailand. But great experience. Walked out with a smile and felt above the unknowing pedestrians….. Go try!

  17. Visited a couple of times in January 2015. Not sure what Hinomaru means in Japanese (saw it on a taxi in Kyoto), but I call this place the Happy Hippo. Most of the girls are that shape, but ALL are happy, ALL are enthusiastic and do an excellent job: they go till you blow. Just close your eyes and think of the stripper you saw at TS Music down the road.

    Having read the reviews I avoided Mimi (no 15). No 27 was quite good, while No 5 was better than good (allowed my hand inside her pants and a little bit into her pussy).

    Sure, you get a better job with more attractive women at Jan Jan’s, but it’s a few stops on the train, and if you don’t feel like pushing through crowds of drunken Japanese at Shinjuku station on Friday or Saturday nights, it’s easier to come here and blow freely without any hassles.

  18. Hit Kabukicho for the first time in 20 years and decided to check out Hinomaru after wandering the streets for hours in the rain. I was surprised how few places are left that accept gaijin, though I left before nightfall and my ancient experiences used to usually involve having a tout (I actually had one’s business card) take me to Thai or Chinese full service take out bars, so perhaps my memory is faulty in terms of how many pinsaros may have been available. Was surprised to see TS Music and DX hadn’t changed a bit in two decades. Anyway, I had trouble finding Hinomaru since it is over in 2-chome away from the glut of other hetero bars, so when I finally found it I was determined to go right in. At the top of the long, wide stairs, the host showed me three photos. The oft-mentioned-above Mimi was still there and was immediately available. The other two, prettier girls were a 20-minute wait. It was approaching rush hour and my train ride home was 90 minutes, plus I knew from reviews here hat the photos were probably irrelevant, so I just took Mimi. Her photo didn’t look bad anyway.

    Paid, was shown to my table and saw the other two girls working their clients. Yep, nothing like their photos. The one with the prettiest picture (I could correlate only because of the hair color) was a solid 200 pounds. She was attempting oral on an enormous BBC as I took my seat, her large shapeless ass stuck in the air. The other girl was behind a bead curtain snuggling with an ojichan in his late 70s, so I didn’t get a good look (especially since looking TOO hard is a no-no) but could tell from her voice and ass she was in her 5th or 6th decade as well.

    Before I go on, I feel I should point out I’m 50 myself, none too attractive, and am fluent in Japanese. But I mention these women’s appearance because when sex is being sold as a commodity in exchange for actual cash, then age and appearance are part of the package. If I am paying, I want the fantasy: hot, young, a good actress.

    My girl showed up after what felt like an eternity but was probably 5 minutes. It would have been fine if I could have gawked at the other couples for a free live show, but barring that I was just uncomfortable thinking about the long, crowded train ride home and anticipating how my girl would likely look. When she arrived, I was not disappointed in being disappointed, if you know what I mean. If that photo in the lobby was ever her, it was from back when I made my first trip to Kabukicho around 1994. She strode up, sat down, and we exchanged a “konnichiwa” after which she remarked, “Nihongo jodzu ne” and I auto-replied with a polite “iie” but was thinking, “How the fuck do you know my Japanese is good from one word even people on their first day in Japan know?” Then again, maybe the guy at the door gave her a heads up that it was ok to speak Japanese to me. Anyway, she was already telling me to get my kit down, which I did without hesitation while she let loose her unhappy breasts and removed her panties as well. After the obligatory cleanup with what seemed to be just water on a wet wipe — no iodine or other disinfectant — she positioned herself for access to her pussy and went straight to work. I touched her ass and a bit of fur but really found the idea of dipping a finger in her to be the opposite of erotic, so mostly I just sat there with my hand on her small, droopy boob and watched her go at it, fantasizing occasionally that I was getting a surprise BJ in a train station restroom from a horny cleaning lady, which is pretty much what his woman looked like. I’ll give her this, she didn’t tire. She bobbed that head and hummed softly for vibration effect for a solid 10 minutes without complaint, and for my part, for reasons I’m unable to explain, I stayed hard as hell he whole time. The only annoying thing, other than her looks, the feel of the aged vinyl seat under my bare, sweaty ass, and the hideous ’80s J-Pop blaring through the house speakers was that she would occasionally let her side teeth scrape my cock during her vigorous bobbing, and while it wasn’t more than a 3/10 on the pain scale, it was enough to be unpleasant and to get me thinking how I didn’t particularly want the added risk of broken skin while bathing my manmeat in this veteran BJ girl’s saliva. So I decided to focus and fulfill my part of the contract, which I must have done rather enthusiastically because as soon as the last surge subsided, she popped up like she was going to vomit and spit a pretty big load into the 15 or so tissues she ripped rapid fire from the box. Then she gave a seemingly genuine laugh and made a remark about me being “genki” and I thought, hell yeah I save up before I come in these places. :). I will give her credit for staying on the hose until I was done. I’ve had younger, prettier girls in Yokohama “herusu” shops come off it after the first surge, leaving the rest of it gushing down my shaft like lava, and that always seems unprofessional.

    A quick water wipe down and she was ready to be rid of me. Instead of the usual chitchat until time expired, she said in Japanese, words to the effect of, you probably want to get going, to which I quickly agreed, buckled up, and bounded for the door.

    I’ve been in a lot of Japanese sex shops of a lot of different kinds, from cabaret club grope shops to hot girl BJ fashion healths to full service soaplands to video shops where a girl comes in and services you while you watch porn in a booth. I’ve been in a pinsaro in Okinawa where two people could barely fit in the pitch black booth and you never get the slightest look at the girl in the absolute darkness. I’ve been in a peep show (not New Hot Point, the other one in Kabukicho) where the “lip service” was nothing more than a covered handjob with the girl’s lips barely placed on the tip of the condom. And I’ve been in Hinomaru-style BJ bars a few times as well. To be honest, Hinomaru is really no different than the others of its ilk. I have never seen, much less been serviced by a pretty girl in one of these open booth shops, and I’ve only been serviced by a *young* girl in one of these at one location, though she was easily 250 pounds and tattooed from head to toe. Point is, I knew what to expect walking into this shop and got exactly what I expected, and for cheaper than I’ve paid at similar shops. So, I thought as I headed straight from Hinomaru to Asian Relax out of a desperate desire for an immediate shower, I’ve only myself and my sexual addiction to blame for sinking occasionally into the depths of the sexual equivalent of a crack house or opium den. I can’t see any reason to go back, but I will give them genuine kudos for the following:
    1. They truly welcome foreigners. It’s their niche, I guess.
    2. In spite of #1, they don’t overcharge. In fact, they are damn cheap.
    3. The ladies get it done. They can’t help how they look any more than I can, but they do what you paid them to do, no complaint if you make them work at it awhile or pump them full like an eclair or force them to fit a ginormous cock in their facehole like that young gentleman in the booth near mine.

  19. I have recently visited the place just for the experience on its own. I didnt have much expectations and I was pleasantly surprised
    The girl that took care of me was young, a little chubby with quite big boobs and had a cute face. After a short and funny japenglish chit-chat, she went down to the point. I have never experienced such BJ technique before – quick moves, sloppy and lots of attention to the head, I definitely liked it. The biggest disadvantage for me was poor visibility and the angle in the posiotion she choose – I couldnt see her face while she was blowing me, and due to communication difficulties I couldn’t explain that I would like more of it in my view. As this is actually very important to me – I didn’t pop in the end, even though the girl was very dedicated for the whole 20 min. It doesn’t bother me though, as it’s not uncommon in my case, and I greatly enjoyed the massage – I left relaxed and with a good mood for the rest of the day
    I can recommend it and I’m going to visit it the next time I’m in Tokyo

  20. The place is easy to find if you have found Hot Point before. Again use the East exit of JR Shinjuku station. Once you have Hot Point on the left to you, look straight ahead and you can see the hotel tower with Godzilla on the roof. Hinomaru is right behind it. Since Godzilla is in your way though, you need to go around him and the tower, on the right hand side. At the T junction turn left, then immediately right again. On the right hand side you will see a building with colourful squares on it. Happy Hinomaru is well advertised on the front, so you can’t miss it.

    Papasan (and he is actually, the guy must be in his 60ies) spots you immediately and he knows what you want. I smile and nod: no words needed. He leads me up the broad stairs, laid out in red carpet. On the way up he talks into a walkie talkie, announcing a new customer. Inside he shows me a row of photographs: the ladies that are available. The row below? Ladies that are currently busy. He points out a lady and talks to me in Japanese; I understand nothing. And here my friends my good luck runs out. I select a different lady that is more to my liking. That was a mistake I think. I wonder if he had suggested a better performer?

    At the cash booth the times/prices match exactly what is advertised on their website. I selected 20 minutes for, get this, 4320 Yen = 35 USD = 32 EUR. 40 minutes is exactly twice that price. Papasan then leads me to my seat. That room has four couches on the left, and four on the right. In the middle there is some divider and there is a curtain of some sort. However, the couches are just that: couches. No booths, no high backs or semi closed sides. Being the way I am, I couldn’t care less. By now I know that every man minds his own business. If some guy looks at me on the way out, what do I care? I don’t.

    As it so happens, I am in the very front, so I will have to walk back passing the other couches. But I am the only customer. I was in my seat at 15:07 exactly. My lady arrives a minute later; I am pleased with the sight since I had selected her and the photo was kind of accurate; not quite 100%, but near enough. Needless to say, she’s petite, small on top, friendly face, good teeth (do I have to say that now every time?), I guess she is in her mid 30ies. Again, not a word of English from her, and I didn’t learn Japanese in 4 days either.

    Procedure as known by now: pull down your trowser, she undresses, cleans you with plenty of cold cloths. Then she starts leaning into me; every time I think they expect me to kiss, but I simply can’t do that. Remember her line of work? I love kissing and eating a lady out; alas, not ladies working in these shops. Again she gets the message and moves down south.

    First time for me in Tokyo she’s not up to expectations. I can feel too much teeth and not enough wetness. Pretty soon I know I won’t finish in this session. I didn’t mind. I roamed her body as usual and entered her with my fingers, also as usual. She did have a nice body after all. And I enjoyed watching her doing her job. Before I hardly watched because I focussed on my own feelings. Towards the end she got sort of desperate and tried her best, also using hj. I let her, knowing this won’t go anywhere. After exactly 20 minutes the announcement came and she stopped. I thanked her for the session anyway; for me, finishing is but one part of the overall experience.

    She cleaned me, we both dressed, and she lead me out. I was slightly concerned, but then realised she lead me only half way down the steps; I didn’t want to emerge with her on the street since she was dressed her part.

  21. Read some reviews here, thought I’d check it out. It’s exactly as everyone else said so I’ll skip a lot. I speak enough Japanese to get around without trouble, but the doorman needed only for me to point at which girl and which time length. (More girls were available than on the website’s schedule) I picked ayaka no. 27 because I figured it didn’t matter. Of course she looks nothing like the photo, she was older and nothing to write home about, but she was nice and we talked while she got ready.
    The service itself was exactly what I paid for, no more no less. She even gave me options for my drink. Afterward we chatted for about 5 min and she told me to bring all my foreign friends next time.
    If you need a young/pretty chick, this isn’t the spot. If you wanna just get the job done, have at it.

  22. Just went here for my first ever p4p experience. #7, 3, and 35 were all busy, so I took 5. And she was about a 5 in terms of looks, but what bothered me more was that she seemed tired not really into it. That said, her service was actually pretty good. I had to remind her a few times not to switch to hj, but her technique was solid and she kept at it. Would have been nice if she were a little more into it though.

    Oh and in the beginning when I asked her to switch from hj to bj, she asked me something I wasn’t clear on as my Japanese is only basic. She said, “Ecchi?” I looked it up later and it seems maybe she was offering me FS? Can anyone confirm?

    1. Thanks for the report. There are rumors of some people getting full service in a back room but that is usually not available at places like this. Cheers.

  23. Just came back from Hinomaru. From what i gathered from research….out of the current line-up the only people worth seeing are Rimu and Hotaru (avoid mimi unless you like grandma teeth action according to alot of reviews). I had the opportunity to see Rumi today.

    My experience is as follows: wandered into the area in the afternoon. A few people (touts?) were saying something to me that i could only make out as “dvd” but with an accent. Ignored them all and went straight to the venue. Was welcomed by an old guy standing in the front and was shown the lineup. Chose Rumi but had to wait 15 mins. Was given water and told to take a seat. Venue…photo doctoring, etc were all accurately described by rockit so i’ll skip that.

    When it was my turn, Rimu came around (she speaks passable english) introduced herself, wiped my hands, took off my pants, wiped my dong down, took off her panties and bra, and went straight to sucking. I hear brutally horrendous feedback on the looks of the women but Rimu wasnt bad (probably because i had done my research and avoided the worst ones) she looks like an average 30s~ japanese woman a bit on the chunky side. Not fat, but not skinny either. I personally went for the 20min session for 4320 and it was more than enough. She gave a pretty damn good BJ and after a 15min BBBJ+CIM session i was given tea and shown out the entrance.

    Looks: 5/10
    Body: 5/10
    Service: 9/10
    Overall: 7/10~

    Would i return? Depends how badly i want a BJ .. and only if Hotaru or Rumi are there. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of the p4p scene in Japan is closed off to foreigners. Would recommend a visit to anyone who wants to try out a foreigner-friendly BJ bar.

    1. Went again to Hinomaru today.

      Wanted Hotaru but she was booked for the next 1hr. Didnt want to wait or leave so i decided to test my luck and chose Nana which i have heard 0 reviews for so i guess this will be the first out there for people who decide to visit.

      Skinny but not extremely skinny. A tad older than Rumi but better body. BJ skills were just as good … maybe even better than Rimu. She was definitely more vocal but is NOT as touch friendly as Rimu.

      Good experience however will not go for again.

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