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Review: Aries Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand

Aries Bangkok is the newest massage parlor in Bangkok. Though it is the quality rather than the “newness” that makes this place so impressive. With a full team of very attractive ladies delivering full body naked massage this place has already made a major splash.

Traditional massage has of course been a part of Thailand for a very long time. While perhaps more recent we can be sure that erotic massage parlors have been around for many years as well. Today Bangkok is littered with places claiming to offer massages of this or that variety. Yet only a handful actually comes through with what they promise and delivers a real value for money. Over the last few years a few really notable massage parlors offering high quality body to body services have emerged. Aries Bangkok is the latest to wow me with the excellent service and surroundings.

beautiful bangkok massage women from ariea

It wasn’t long ago that one could expect to find tattered linens in ragged rooms when they visited a Southeast Asian massage parlor. With the new crop of shops that is no longer the case. Aries Bangkok has a beautiful clean design that truly compliments some of the flawless service providers they have on staff.

On top of that the place is well run. It is obvious that the owners of this place want their business to succeed. At the same time they are sure to put the customer first. This shows in the way everything is done at this fantastic adult massage parlor.

Aries Bangkok Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 31

Aries Bangkok Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31 directly across from the Siamese Exclusive 31 condominiums. It is just a short jaunt from the Phrom Phong BTS station. The area has long been filled with great eateries like El Toro. It’s nice that it now has a wonderful local massage parlor too!

The space housing Aries Bangkok has been completely redesigned for its purpose. But rather than simply following the mold, Aries Bangkok has crafted its private quarters in a unique yet useful way. The rooms have the typical dry bed and wet play areas. Yet here it looks like something a professional architect designed.

bangkok nuru massage on sukhumvit

These rooms would not be out of place in Scandinavia or Japan. They remind me of a mix between an onsen hot spring and a Swedish sauna. Except that the walls are mirrored here. And the steam generated comes from the bodies in the room rubbing together rather than some natural magma pockets in the ground.

The wet areas come equipped with inflatable nuru massage mats. The nuru nuru body-to-body massage service here really puts this play area through its paces. The fully trained women on staff know there way around a soaking wet man’s body to be sure!

At the same time they also know their way around a woman’s body. This shop has a few performers who are more than comfortable with same sex activity. That’s true whether it’s a massage with ladies from the staff or a massage for a female customer or couple.

Staff, Service and Summary

The half dozen Thai women working at Aries Bangkok are really the cream of the crop. There are no space holders or bench warmers here. The management has assembled a small but strong group of incredibly attractive women with great bodies.

I often remark that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And of course that is true to a large extent. But the ladies working at Aries Bangkok are good looking in such a universal way that only a real philistine could ignore. We’re talking here about women in their twenties with bodies that look the way nature intended. Or at least the way nature intended women aiming to attract mates to look.

Soi 31 massage ladies

When it comes to the level of service things are just as good. While the women working here have a fresh and clean appearance they are certainly no group of innocents. These ladies know how to bring a man pleasure from head to toe. Whether they are delivering a slippery nuru nuru massage or straight up full service they leave customers fully satisfied yet somehow longing for more. There isn’t much more one could ask for from a place like this.

There is no doubt that Bangkok is filled with more adult entertainment options than most cities in the world. I have to admit that I was starting to get a little down on the scene not so long ago. Yet the rise of so many perfect and near perfect venues in the last couple of years has really brightened up my outlook. Fully nude Thai women glistening in the light of a private massage room can have that effect on a man. Aries Bangkok is an excellent place in my opinion. And since I find no faults with the place I give it a full five stars.

Aries Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31, Phrom Phong, Bangkok, Thailand. Open every day from 10:00 am until 10:00 PM. Click here for map. Open every day from 11:00 AM until 10:30 PM. Phone: +66 065-854-5708 Website:

7 thoughts on “Review: Aries Bangkok in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. This is a top tier shop in my experience, I kept going back. Rooms are clean, all the girls I have seen there look great. Similar if not better experience than some of the soaplands I went to in Japan. I recommend Nami, I went back to see her several times. Cute petite girl with a great attitude.

  2. Just left an 80 min session with Waka. Holy shit. Amazing. She was cuter than her pic on the iPad. 5000 baht. Toe sucking, ass licking, 2x if you want.

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