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Review: JK Style in Tokyo, Japan

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JK Style is one of the many delivery health agencies in Tokyo. If it were in another country this type of service might be described as an escort agency but the land of the rising sun has its own style and way of doing things.

As with most adult related businesses in Japan, JK Style is staffed by Japanese people and oriented towards local customers. That said JK Style is one of the increasingly numerous adult businesses in the city that does work with foreign clients even if there is a little difficulty involved.

JK Style gal Tokyo

Some attribute this growth in foreigner friendly services in Tokyo to the approaching Olympics while others say it is simply a result of falling local demand. I can’t possibly pretend to know the motivations behind each and every business’s policies. I can only report what I know.

As with most delivery health services customers book appointments at JK Style over the phone. There are at least two different Japanese men who answer the phones at JK Style. Both can speak English at some level but one is much more skilled in the language than the other.

Customers make an appointment with a lady of their choosing a few hours in advance. They either set the meeting for their own guest friendly hotel or agree on one of the many love hotels in Tokyo. Once they are in the room just before the meeting they call the shop again to confirm and give the room number.

There are different options available at JK Style but the most popular plan is probably just the hour appointment which costs 19000 Yen ($177 USD). That is paid up front to the service provider when she arrives at the room.

As the name would indicate JK Style has a sort of school girl theme and accordingly claims the women who work at the shop are between the ages of eighteen and twenty. In reality many of the women are much older with some perhaps approaching thirty years of age. All of the other statistics shown on the site are totally off too. It almost seems as they are completely made up out of thin air as some women listed as having thin bodies are actually quite heavy.

Some of the women look quite beautiful on the website but there is no real way to know whether or not they match their photos outside of experience. Some of the photos are so heavily doctored that the people who edited them must have mastered in Photoshop at university. There are some real lookers at JK Style but many of them may fall into the group that doesn’t work with foreigners.

Although the JK Style website is detailed to the point of excess complication there is no indication of which women will and won’t work with foreigners. Customers only find out that information if they try to call and book with a woman who doesn’t work with non-Japanese guys. They are then usually given a list of the available women who do work with foreigners. Customers can then look over the profiles of the available gals but it may be of little use since the pictures and statistics rarely match up with reality.

The women are on the amateur side of things though. Perhaps that is a part of the appeal for some though others may be frustrated with the lack of routine. The ladies just generally show up and go with the flow which could resemble a first date or something similar. There’s no set routine as one would find at a much more professional delivery health place like Tokyo Style. At the same time this lack of professionalism sometimes allows customers to go off script and get more than they might have expected.

While the standard and legal delivery health services are limited to things like massage and oral sex full service is officially prohibited. Yet it is not unheard of for customers to get exactly that with JK Style providers even though it is definitely not on the shop’s menu. It’s not a sure thing for every client to be certain but it does happen probably without the awareness of shop management. One-and-a-half stars.

JK Style. Tokyo, Japan. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Phone: +81 036-233-9969. Website:

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