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Paradise Kawasaki returns as “GFE Soapland”

Paradise Kawasaki was one of two main foreigner friendly soaplands in Japan. There are actually a few soaplands in the land of the rising sun that will accept foreign customers. But the two Paradise branches were the only soaplands established specifically for foreign guys. Unfortunately the paradise soaplands are gone. But the new GFE Soapland picks right up where Paradise Kawasaki left off.

GFE Soapland is a full service Japanese soapland that is actually set up for non-Japanese customers. This is a big thing. Especially since GFE Soapland operates on an English first model. So customers who do not even speak a word of Japanese can still experience the world famous pleasures of the Japanese soapland.

GFE soapland kawasaki

GFE Soapland is easy to find. It is located in Kawasaki. The place is just across the river from Tokyo proper. Located just 7 kilometers from Haneda airport, the soapland is easy to access. The major JR Kawasaki Station and Keikyu-Kawasaki Station are both just a brief walk away.

The GFE Soapland has prominent signage outside with the name written out in English. There’s even a big sign that reads “ALL FOREIGNERS WELCOME.” It can’t be any more straightforward than that.

japanese soapland ladies

Inside the place is clean and well designed. The English speaking staff is very professional. There are even discreet private booths with nice red leather chairs where customers can wait a few moments for their sessions.

There are ten play rooms at GFE Soapland. Over a dozen women working at GFE Soapland keep these rooms busy. Yet they are also maintained and kept hygienic. Each room comes complete with the usual furnishings. There is a dry area, a wet area, and of course the famous inflatable nuru mat for body slide action.

kawasaki nuru massage

The prices are very reasonable too. For example a 30 minute quickie runs just 20,000 Yen ($133 USD). A more thorough one hour session costs 30,000 Yen ($200 USD). A 75 minute threesome option runs 80000 Yen.

Considering what goes into a soapland session these prices are not high at all. Especially in Japan which is often described as one of the most expensive countries on earth. With current exchange rates many foreigners would probably find things in Japan to be even cheaper than they are in their home countries.

GFE soapland

All of the women who work at GFE Soapland are attractive in my book. The nearly two dozen gals are all in their twenties. There are of course differences between the ladies. But they are all good looking and skilled at their work. These women have specifically chosen to work at a place that focuses on foreigners. So there are no surprises. A few of the gals on staff like the outgoing Victoria and super sexy Kylee even speak English.

Others may not have great English skills though they still have other assets. For example the busty Iroha has some of the largest natural breasts of any woman I have seen working a fuzoku establishment anywhere in Japan.

GFE Soapland accepts Japanese Yen and credit cards as payment. Credit card charges come with a 10 percent surcharge. Cash is king in Japan. And GFE Soapland is queen when it comes to gaijin friendly soapy massage parlors.

GFE Soapland. 7-7 Horinouchicho, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 210-0003, Japan. Click here for a map. Opem every day from 9:00 AM until 11:00 PM. Website:

16 thoughts on “Paradise Kawasaki returns as “GFE Soapland””

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  2. Would love to know as well if there’s any better way for me to exchange crypto to ¥ cash if its any better than the 10% credit card fee.. Thank you

  3. This was a great place to visit, and is easy to get to from Haneda Airport. About 25 minutes or so, including the walk. (Just refer to their official website for detailed directions and photos.) I had a short session with Rui, as my flight was delayed and it was getting to the end of the day. But she gave great service and would certainly like to meet with her again on a future trip. We didn’t have enough time for nuru massage, as we only had 30 minutes. But I left satisfied. The facilities are very clean, the staff is very helpful (they all speak English), and the girls are beautiful. What more could you want?

    1. I’ve never seen that offered here or at any other soapland. It is more common at delivery healthy services like GFE Escorts. Cheers.

  4. Do all the girls offer rimming? I saw some mentioned about rimming in their review, but wondering if that’s their standard SOP.

    Have you tried the threesome?

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