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How delihelu works in Japan

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Delivery healthy or delihelu is probably the most popular and common form of prostitution in Japan. Deli helu is comparable to the kind of escorting common to other parts of the world in at least some ways. But it also has characteristics and peculiarities that are totally unique to Japan. That’s why I find a need to explain exactly how delivery health in Japan works.

The name “delivery health” may sound strange but it does actually indicate what goes on with this sort of service. The first part is delivery. Simple enough. Although some women do travel alone the woman who work at deli helu are typically “delivered” to the customers by a driver. These drivers also serve as a sort of protection or security guard for the ladies. The second part of the name is “health”. This goes with the idea that extracting semen from a guy is actually a sort of health treatment. Don’t laugh. Even the American health journal prevention cheers the “health benefits of more frequent ejaculation“.

Why are there two forms of the term? “Delivery health” is written out in English which is fairly common in Japan. “Delihelu” is simply a contraction that is more in fitting with the way that Japanese people actually pronounce the term. Some may even refer to the service as just “deli” when speaking to other Japanese people. Don’t confuse that with a western deli that serves up cold cuts.

What is delivery health?

Earlier I explained that delivery health is similar to escorting. It is. But it differs in a few ways. The first is that delivery health services are actually customers. So they have a staff. It is not just a sole escort working independently.

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These shops sometimes have the drivers escort the ladies right to the customer’s door. They may even have the customer show ID and sign a paper promising the rules. This isn’t as intrusive as it may sound. It also helps ensure protection for the ladies. An added bonus is that the drivers often carry the bags for the lady. Those bags can be filled with everything from soft luxurious towels to nuru gel and sexy costumes.

The typical delivery health service involves an erotic massage with a happy ending. But there is a lot of variation between companies and even between providers. Some services will start out with mutual bathing or the kind of slippery gel bath you might have seen in Japanese porn. Others will get right into the action with an “instant blowjob”. There are also various themes ranging from angry school teacher to glamorous gal.

How much does delivery health cost?

The price of deli helu service can range immensely. There is huge variation in between shops, services and even providers. A 90 minute session with a platinum level AV Star at one shop may cost 10 or even 20 times more than a 30 minute quicky service from a run-of-the-mill place that staffs housewives looking to make extra money.

At the bare minimum a very sort session at a basic delivery health service runs about 5,000 Yen ($46 USD). On the high end of the spectrum a 2 hour session with a star performer could cost as much as 50,000 ($456 USD). An average session typically runs somewhere in the middle and costs about 27,000 Yen ($246 USD). All the prices are listed up front and any reputable service. Though some places do charge extra fees for specific services like instant blowjob or taking pictures. I should also mention that tipping is not expected anywhere in Japan. So the stated prices are all inclusive.

Do deli helu services offer sex?

At a minimum delivery health service should include a handjob. Many also include a blowjob. Many will do sumata which is a sort of simulated sex where the woman rubs her well lubricated labia over the penis. This is all legal in Japan. The law in the land of the rising sun only prohibits the exchange of money for actual vaginal intercourse. So other activities are excluded. This is also why some delivery health shops will offer “AF” or anal fucking.

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In some cases this service actually means what it is says and women will have anal sex with customers for cash. More commonly it is a sort of code to cover for regular dick-in-the-pussy sex which is not officially allowed. Some women will also offer sex in the privacy of the room. Some shops are strict about following the rules and will penalize any women or customer who even talks about it. Though others look the other way under the assumption that what goes on behind closed doors is up to the people involved.

Some of the better shops with really beautiful women and truly sensual services stick to the above board handjob and blowjob model. It can be a lot like a restaurant. Places with extensive menus don’t specialize in anything. The places with just one or two options are more likely to have the service perfected. Many shops will have a webpage dedicated to explaining their service like this. I did an interview with an expert deli helu provider that helps explain things further.

Where to find delivery health in Japan

I have covered a number of delivery health services in Japan over the years. They are:

As this list shows, delivery health services can be found all over the country. The highest concentration of deli helu services is in Japan. Not coincidentally that is also where the most people live. Yet even the smaller towns in the country are usually covered by at least a couple of these services.

While all of the delivery health services above willingly accept foreign customers that is not the norm. As with the Japanese sex industry in general the deli helu services are oriented towards local men. Many or even most of the delivery health services outright refuse foreign customers. Others will accept gaijin only if they can speak Japanese. Then there are a handful of places set up entirely for foreign men. Those include places like the aforementioned Tokyo Style and Tokyo Hentai Club.

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