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Review: Peace Hand in Tokyo, Japan

Peace Hand is one of the many delivery health agencies in Tokyo. As regular readers and others familiar with the commercial sex industry in Japan know delivery health is basically another way of describing outcall escorting. Of course in Japan the law demands that service providers limit themselves to things like handjobs and blowjobs since they are not allowed to perform vaginal sex.

As the name might suggest the women who work at Peace Hand perform acts with their hands that would leave most customers feeling quite peaceful. In other words they show up and after a bit of chat they drop their tops and give clients a wank. It’s basically that simple and straight forward.

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On the other hand the booking process at Peace Hand is not straight forward at all. As is common in the local industry Peace Hand offers a wide variety of different options that can be absolutely bewildering. That’s especially true for those who don’t speak or read Japanese since the Peace Hand website is not offered in any other language.

Those who work the phones don’t speak any language other than Japanese either. So while Peace Hand is open to foreign customers it is nothing like Tokyo Style which is actually oriented towards foreigners and prepared to deal with them in the English language.

The plain fact of the matter is that even local customers who are fluent in the language can get mixed up by the myriad of options available at Peace Hand.

To put things into perspective a basic session lasts twenty minutes and costs 6000 Yen ($57 USD). That consists of the provider showing up in costume then stripping down and performing the task at hand. There is little time for showering or anything else.

At the same time customers can also book two hour long sessions for 24,900 Yen ($235 USD) or any of the many other options that cost different amounts and involve different things. Ultimately though all sessions conclude with a tug job.

In order to book a session customers have to call ahead and announce their intentions. Later they are called back and asked to agree on a love hotel or short time room location that is manageable for all parties involved. When customers arrive at the agreed upon hotel at the agreed upon time they check in then call the agency again with the room number. Then they wait for their provider to show up.

When the service provider arrives the customer hands over the full amount for the session. Then things get down to business usually with little delay.

Few if any of the women at Peace Hand can speak English but most of them are quite good looking. The vast majority are between the ages of 18 and 21. One or two may be at most twenty six years old. Most have what could only be described as stellar bodies. The staff consists of the kinds of women one might expect to see in a Japanese porn which is quite different from a lot of other shops.

Another thing that is different is that the statistics and photographs on the Peace Hand website are actually fairly accurate. That really sets Peace Hand apart from shops like JK Style who stretch the bounds of the human imagination with their profile inaccuracies.

The gals are very skilled at their jobs too. They speak and act in the sort of way that one who fantasizes about the famed “J-girls” might expect. Their touch is soft and expertly done. That’s why the place can remain popular despite all the competition and the intricacies involved in simply making an appointment. Three stars.

Peace Hand. Tokyo, Japan. Phone: +81 033-461-2322.

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