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The Greatness of Japanese Gyaru

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Within the confines of the land of the rising son dwells a unique creature. While resembling the California style bleach blond bimbo on the surface, these imps are in reality much different. I’m talking here about the Japanese gyaru (which is a Japanese style pronunciation of the English world “gal”).

The Wikipedia entry on gyaru says:

Gyaru (ギャル) is a Japanese transliteration of the English word gal. The name originated from a 1970s brand of jeans called “gals”, with the advertising slogan: “I can’t live without men”, and was applied to fashion- and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties. Its usage peaked in the 1980s and has gradually declined. The term gradually drifted to apply to a younger group, whose seeming lack of interest in work or marriage gained the word a “childish” image.

Gyaru subculture is still a large influence in Japan’s fashion economy with gyaru brands branching out and becoming more accessible in rural areas. In Tokyo, more often than not, a shopping center at each main train station is dedicated to offering the newest and trendiest items from popular Gal brands. Some brands are also reaching overseas by having their items easily accessible in webshops offering world-wide shipping services. Gal Circles (gyaru-sa/ギャルサー) are also a fun part of a gal’s life. After peaking in 2007, the gyaru trend appears to have declined in Japan, but has gained in popularity in China

Gyaru only have a passing relationship to their American counterparts. Born out of the material excesses of the 1980’s and a rejection of traditional Japanese ideas of beauty (pale skin, nondescript figures, modesty and moderation), the gyaru tradition continues to live on today.

Japanese gals are hot

The gyaru trend, which admittedly has died down a bit in recent years, is all encompassing. Japanese gyaru have blond hair, dramatically overdone makeup and nails, extreme fashion and often have a dark tan (though there are also “white gals,” the opposite in tone of the super tanned girls known as “black gals”).

I like sweet, all natural girls as much as the next guy. But there also comes a time when you wanna get with a souped up hot piece of tail.

Japanese gyaru

Gyarus often have curvy figures. Big bodacious boobs are much more common among the gyaru than the female Japanese population at large. This is a generality. There are also gyaru with tight bodies and perky little tits and everything in between.

Many gyaru are average looking at best without all the clothing, hair and makeup. But who cares? They put all that work in precisely to look so good. And sometimes the accumulation of accessories make them so much sexier, even when their average level of natural attractiveness is apparent through the makeup and tan.

What are Japanese gals really like?

There was a mini online scandal recently after pictures appeared showing gyaru adult actress Mana Izumi without her makeup. Needless to say she looks a lot different before getting done up. Really, who didn’t know that already? And who cares?

Gyaru often feign weakness or stupidity, akin to the air headed style of the aforementioned bleach blond bimbos. But in reality they are often quite intelligent. Women of all walks of Japanese life make the transformation into gyarus for any number of reasons, rebellion, fashion, a rejection of career life and marriage, or for some other reason completely.

mana izumi before and after
Japanese gyaru porn star Mana Izumi before and after makeup

There is a pretty big subsection in the already huge Japanese porn industry focusing on gyaru. Some of my favorite Japanese gyaru AV idols are the previously mentioned Mana Izumi, Erika, Rumika, and Nao Tachibana and her big beautiful swaying boobs.

As you can see, in fitting with their image, gyaru porn stars often have names that sound or are written in English, like “Becky” or “Moka” (another good one). Japanese AV is made for domestic consumption (though there are the beginnings of an outward focus now taking shape). Titles are often translated poorly into English. A side effect of that is the billing of tanned gyaru as “black gals.”

In a country with very few actual black women, this sort of naming makes a little sense, but it looks strange to westerners. Another problem is the censorship. Japanese companies agree to blur out penises and vaginas in their movies. Semen and buttholes are okay though. You can uncensored copies of many movies officially designed for export (though a lot of Japanese customers watch them online). Unfortunately, most of the gyaru material is not released in uncensored versions as of now.

Where to find Japanese gals

Gyaru can be found all over Japan, though they are largely concentrated in the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. In Tokyo they can be most easily found in specific neighborhoods like Harajuku and Shibuya.

Do gyaru like foreign men? Some of them do. You can find some of those on dating sites like OK Cupid, dating apps like Tinder, or in bars in the famous “foreigner area” of Roppongi in Tokyo. Some gals are obsessed with a particular kind of man, like the blond haired blue eyes westerner or American black men. This is usually based more on stereotypes than anything.

ganguro gyaru
Extreme “ganguro” gyaru like these may want to repulse the advances of men just as much as they want to attract attention

Don’t expect gyaru to speak English any more than the average Japanese girl just because their style vaguely mimics that of some American women. If anything they are even less likely to speak anything but Japanese than some of their more well-traveled compatriots.

Many gyaru go for gyaruo (the male equivalents of themselves), as featured in J-pop music and the host bars where women pay for company (just like men). More than a few gyaru are involved in the fuzoku game, so you gave a good chance of running into one if you pay for play. You didn’t think they worked in an office looking like that did you?

Should you expect success?

Some of them are only into themselves or fashion and don’t want anything to do with at all. It’s basically like any other scene. Some of the more extreme gyaru go way over the top to actually turn men off. They are tired of being ogled and hit on by horny old businessmen.

No particular style or way of acting is going to get you every gyaru. If you are knowledgeable about fashion, particularly of the kind that Japanese gyaru fashionistas would be interested in, that would probably be a big help. But I doubt you are. Their interests can be as wide and varied as anyone else. Talk about your country, what you do, or any of the old standbys. Flash your smile and go from there.

In reality, even the best approach will probably only get you few gyaru. But I think they are worth pursuing if you ever get the chance, if only for the fun.

Alternatives to Japanese gals

Don’t worry too much. If you never get a chance to meet a gyaru in person, you can at least work a couple of batches of spunk out while watching them drain a cock or two on video.

There is a ton of this kind of porn all over the internet. It doesn’t take much to find it. You can view it streaming, download it, or purchase DVDs from any number of sources. Keep in mind that while there is a wider variety of movies designed for the Japanese market than the international one, those will suffer from the idiotic censoring of genitalia (but not asshole or semen remember!). If you can find uncensored stuff, you’re in good.

The best videos can be found by running a search for Mana Izumi. You can get a good look at her asshole and watch her scarf down cock before taking it nuts deep in her warm, wet love canal. Maybe I’m getting carried away, but I love sex, I love gyarus, and so I love watching gyaru fuck.

Of course live action can be even better, especially when you can interact. When you can’t be there in person, reach out and cum for someone. There are always a few sexy English-speaking gyaru showing off their bodies at any given time over at Sakura Live and DX Live. When I need a fix and can’t get to Tokyo anytime soon, I usually head there.

The website Neojaponisme brought out a three piece called The History of the Gyaru in 2012. If you need more information about this particular kind of lady, that’s a good place to start. Depending on how deep you actually want to go, you might find this post alone will tell all you want to know. A picture says a thousand words. For many just checking out flicks of these Japanese babes will be more than satisfying enough!

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