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Interview with a Japanese delivery health worker

I have done a lot of interviews of people in the sex industry since Rockit Reports first went online several years ago. Although the interviews don’t draw the most comments they tend to be some of the most viewed posts on the website. Every year thousands of people find their way to Rockit Reports via links to interviews I’ve done that pop up on Google when they search for various things. Google is useful to people in all walks of life as you will see below.

In any event I enjoy doing interviews and some people at least enjoy reading them. It seems that many readers are interested to see what these people have to say even if they don’t have anything to say about the subjects discussed themselves.

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I published several interviews last year including some with high profile porn stars in the United States and other countries. This year I hope to do many more interviews covering even more aspects of the industry. I may focus more on sex workers who deal directly with the general public though I will continue to publish conversations with people who work with cameras and screens.

Today I publish the first question and answer session of the new year. I was able to sit down with a woman on staff at Tokyo Style in Japan and ask her about her work and some aspects of her life. For reasons most people should be able to understand I won’t indicate exactly who it is I interviewed but I don’t think that takes away from this piece at all.

When I do an interview I always start off by asking for age and origin. So where are you from and how old are you?

I am twenty-seven. I’m from northern Japan.

Are you really twenty-seven? You look so much younger. People often say that to Asian women but I actually mean it. I would have guessed you were in your early twenties.

You are too kind!

How did you get into this line of work?

Well… I wanted to gain real massage skills but I also wanted to make good money.

And how did you find your current job?


Wow! I guess you really can find anything with Google nowadays.

Yes. It was easy.

Why did you choose Tokyo Style over other companies?

They offered the best money and they work with foreigners. Personally I prefer foreigners to Japanese guys for customers. I also get to practice speaking English.

Do you have a boyfriend?

No. Because of my work. I don’t think guys would understand it or accept it.

It is interesting to hear you say that you prefer foreigners when so many adult shops in Japan forbid them. Would you date a Japanese guy?


Would you date a foreigner?

I would date a foreigner too. I don’t care about that so much when it comes to dating. I worked a regular job abroad in an English-speaking country and I met a lot of great guys. I hope to go back some day.

Is this your first time working in the adult entertainment industry?

Yes it is.

So did you have to do any kind of training before you started?

Yes. I got a lesson in massage from one of the other women who has been working for a while. She showed me how to give massages and explained how the sessions should go.

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Did she just explain things or did she show you?

She showed me. She massaged another one of the ladies like a customer. I watched and learned a lot. Now I have my own style.

Were you nervous the first time you had an appointment with a customer?

No not really. As I said I have known foreigners before. It was exciting. Not scary.

Does your family know about your work?

No they don’t.

What do you think they would do if they found out?

Do? Do?? They would cry!

Have you had any bad experiences since you started working?

Not really.

I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that no customers tried to push you to do more than the regular services your shop offers.

A few did try. But when I told them stop one time they stopped. They didn’t push at all.

So you have been happy with your experiences in this line of work?

So far all of the guys have been cool. Very kind guys!

What is the best thing about doing this kind of work?

When customers say thank you after a session. I really feel like I did a good job and made them happy.

And what is the worst part?

Worst part? Hmm. I guess if there a slow day and there isn’t much to do.

Is this the best job you have ever had?

Yes it is.

So it sounds as if you like the work. Do you plan on doing it for a while?

I don’t plan to do this work for more than a year.

Do you watch porno?

Yes I do.

Are you just saying that because it is what guys want to hear?

No. I do watch it on my own time. I like it. Maybe I am strange for a woman.

Do you prefer Western porn or Japanese adult video?

I like them both.

What do you think about the kinds of guys who call shops like yours for sexual services?

I understand them. I don’t think anything about them really. Before I would wonder what kind of guys would spend money for these things. Now I get it. They just want good feelings. I really want them to enjoy Japan so I give them my best.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I know that people will be interested in your thoughts.

My pleasure.

4 thoughts on “Interview with a Japanese delivery health worker”

  1. Another great interview Rockit. Tokyo Style remains high on my “dance card” and her enthusiasm for the work and can-do approach just confirms that. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment. As should be obvious I really like Tokyo Style. They seem to get better and better looking women on staff every time I check back. Cheers.

  2. nice interview. going to japan next year in march and added this place to my list of must do’s. Was getting dissapointed reading of so many areas not being gaijin friendly. Can you pay cash upfront for these services or only credit card?

    Anyway great stuff keep it up.

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