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Body Bliss Bangkok is a new outcall erotic massage agency. As the name would suggest, it operates in Bangkok. There is a lot of competition in the city, but Body Bliss Bangkok sets itself apart from other similar services in a large number of ways.

Body Bliss Bangkok employs some very attractive and attentive women who are skilled in their jobs. It runs a clean and organized operation with the aid of reception staff that can speak and understand English. The outfit really makes it easy for those looking for an in-room erotic massage.

As soon as you take a look at the Body Bliss Bangkok website you know the company means business. Even in this day and age when the internet is increasingly important most Bangkok based companies of this sort run minimal websites or Facebook pages if they even have a web presence at all.

Setup and service

Body Bliss Bangkok is an outcall agency. That means they book appointments online and over the phone then send ladies out to the customers. There is no central shop for customers to visit. Nor are there any fishbowls or lineups that many men find to be awkward at best. Customers simply get in the touch with the company and make a request. Then Body Bliss sets up the rest.

Bangkok erotic massage outcall

Body Bliss covers the entire Bangkok area. The agency says it can have a lady to a customer’s door in a mere fifteen minutes. That is some feat especially in the face of obstacles like Bangkok traffic and BTS overcrowding. It is unlikely a guy could even walk in to a place like Nana Plaza and get back to his room with a woman in such a short amount of time.

This is the sort of thing that makes outcall service attractive to a lot of men. Many guys also appreciate the ability to talk to someone in English when booking an appointment. These and other factors are part of the reason that online based services are becoming more and more prominent in Bangkok and indeed all around the world.

Staff and prices

Several women work at Body Bliss. Each and every one of them looks quite attractive. There are a dozen women pictured on the company’s website. In addition there are also others who do not want their pictures shown on the internet probably for issues of privacy. All the gals range in age from 20 to 30 and are fit. Some like Lemon have bodies that would impress most men and even a lot of women.

Prices at Body Bliss Bangkok range from 2200 Baht ($67 USD) all the way up to 3200 Baht ($98 USD). The rates obviously depend on the type of services rendered and the length of the appointment. The most inexpensive sessions are an hour long and limited to erotic massage with a handjob. The most expensive last hours and include full service. A mid-range offering includes services that border on the fetish with the inclusion of footjobs. In other words there is something available for nearly any appetite.

There are even more kinky services available including prostate massage. These sorts of services are becoming more widely available every day all around the world. In Bangkok a certain set of establishments specializes in them. Body Bliss Bangkok offers these services to customers in the privacy of their hotel rooms or homes. The agency goes as far as inviting clients to make their own special requests. Surely some of the experienced women on staff at Body Bliss have seen and done it all.


Body Bliss Bangkok is open around the clock. They have a contact form on their website, but they also utilize other forms of communication. That means they can be reached the old reliable way with a plain old phone call. But they can also be contacted in a modern way via the Line application which is very popular in Thailand.

Some may say that Bangkok is crowded with erotic massage and related services. It is certain that Body Bliss Bangkok has its work cut out. But from a look at the website, staff and overall operation it seems that Body Bliss Bangkok will have no trouble at all. It is easily foreseeable that the agency will become increasing popular in the near future.

Address:Bangkok, Thailand
Phone:+66 088-850-8589
Hours:24 Hours
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