Tokyo V.I.P. offers foreigner friendly outcall service in Japan


The commercial sex scene in Japan has been covered on this website in quite some depth over the years. The amount of posts made on the sex industry in the land of the rising sun goes to show that there are quite a few venues open to foreigners even though the local scene is notoriously difficult for gaijin to patronize or even navigate.

As time goes on an increasing number of businesses in Japan not only accept foreign customers but in fact caters to them. One such business is Tokyo V.I.P. which operates in Japan’s capital city. The company maintains a website in English which shows exactly who it is appealing to. At the same time the company has received some coverage in Japanese which means it does work with local customers too.

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Tokyo V.I.P. is an outcall operation that sends the women on its staff to all areas within Tokyo. There are many women working at Tokyo V.I.P. and if their pictures are anything to go by they are all quite attractive. Of course photographs can be deceiving especially in the adult entertainment field but I can only comment on what I see.

Tokyo is an expensive place. This is widely known yet many of the posts made on this website elicit comments on the fees charged by various venues. It helps to keep things in perspective. Tokyo is home to the most expensive taxis on earth. Adult venues in the country can charge more than those in some other countries but for the most part everything is in reason with the local economy.

The rates at Tokyo V.I.P. are on par with those charged by other similar companies. A ninety minute session goes for 45000 Yen or $398 US dollars. Longer sessions of course cost more. In addition there is a 5000 Yen (45 USD) transportation fee and another 5000 Yen is charged to anyone who pays with a credit card.

Customers are asked to select one of the women on the website or at least describe the type of woman they like when booking. Each woman on staff has their own profile page which includes several pictures and a video. Videos are of course much more difficult to edit than photographs. All of the videos published by Tokyo V.I.P. seem to show close matches to the pictures on the site which is more than can be expected from some competitors.

The Tokyo V.I.P. website has a reservation form specifically for foreigners to book appointments. That form requires information such as hotel and check in names. According to the website booking requests made through this form receive responses within thirty minutes. The website advises that customers email again on the day before any appointment to confirm the date. Last minute booking requests are answered with phone calls.

Tokyo VIP also has a Wechat ID listed on its website which is a bit more modern and probably appeals to a lot of tech savvy customers for its ease and the possibility of instant communication. It is always surprising when outfits lack contact methods such as these but it is surprisingly common in Japan even though the country is famous for its technology manufacturers.

The English used on the company website is not perfect but most similar outfits in Japan do not even put in the effort to make a website in a foreign language. Tokyo V.I.P. goes as far as taking reservations in English and responding to them in the same language.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 035-615-4870
Hours:24 Hours
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