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Foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts in Japan

Many countries have been covered on this website since it first went online way back in 2012. Some places only appeared here in the last months and the span and scope of the site grew. Other places like Japan have been covered in detail here since the site’s earliest days.

Asakura the escort

Tokyo is a large city with a huge adult entertainment scene that includes all sorts of establishments and arrangements. The city is home to everything from strip clubs to blowjob bars with a wide variety of other options in between. Although people around the world are intrigued by the city and it’s massive fuzoku industry most of what is available to locals remains totally unavailable to foreigners.

Open for gaijin

Those who can speak some Japanese can gain access to a few places that gaijin would otherwise be unable to access but even masters of nihongo who lack the “Japanese look” are refused entry to a number of places including some of the best and most famous soaplands.

I have reported on most of the openly foreigner friendly sex shops in Tokyo. There a few that remain and they will be covered in the near future. There has also been a recent rise in shops catering specifically to foreigners. Some claim this is to make up for a fall in the local market. Others say it is due to the approaching Olympic games which will bring many foreigners into the country. It’s probably a combination of that and more.

A few outcall companies have been working with foreigners for years. A few of them work only with foreigners. Some of those places also employ foreign workers.

How it works

One of the few places I’ve found that sends staff out to the homes and hotels of customers is Tokyo Escort. They maintain a website in English and are totally open to customers who are not Japanese.

According to the company’s website sessions start at 45,000 Yen for 90 minutes and go up from there. An extra fee is charged to select a particular woman on staff. This is called a “nomination fee” and it is very common in Japan.

I haven’t met with any of the women from Tokyo Escort but if the photographs are anything to go by the ladies look quite nice. Bookings can be made by phone or over the internet and the company even maintains a list of acceptable hotels on their website.

While long term residents probably call for ladies directly to their apartments a lot of short time visitors and others with a need for discretion rely on love hotels when they meet with ladies like those working at Tokyo Escort.

There is a Japanese portion to the Tokyo Escort site which means that they also offer their services to locals. Locals tend to be a bit more demanding than foreigners in terms of service levels but there are always exceptions.

The company’s phone line answers twenty four hours a day and Tokyo Escorts says they can work with clients in Japanese, English and even Spanish. That’s not something you see everyday.

Kamiyama at Tokyo Escorts

Kamiyama is an attractive woman working at Tokyo Escorts. The 25-year-old Kamiyama stands at 166 centimeters tall. As the images illustrating her Japanese F cup bust show she is quite something to look at. Her femininity is accented by the delicate and lovely lingerie she models. If this sort of thing was more common generally a lot of outlooks might change.

Kamiyama Tokyo Escort

Tokyo Escorts charges 4500 Yen for a 90 minute session with Kamiyama. Kamiyama has a reputation for doing pretty much anything within reason. Of course in this day and age that could be taken too literally. That might be even more true in a country like Japan which is famous for “hentai” things like sexual game shows and subway gropers.


In this case “pretty much anything” seems to indicate that Kamiyama goes all the way with her customers. You might not think that is out of the norm for an escort. But we are talking about Tokyo where a majority of sex workers do not offer the full package. Or they do so only in secret and behind closed doors.

The rules about sex work in Tokyo can be difficult for a lot of people to understand. And for good reason. It can only appear odd that women can openly offer “AF” which means anal fucking while other activities are prohibited. Ultimately it doesn’t matter much. What exists is what exists and that is pretty much that.

One thing Kamiyama doesn’t actually do is anal. Go figure! But despite all the confusion this is in fact pretty normal at least in terms of escorting as seen by the wider world.

Booking at Tokyo Escorts is very easy. Guys contact Tokyo Escorts over the phone and a booking form on their website. Increasingly they also use all sorts of messenger apps including Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and Kakaotalk for instant communication.

Tokyo Escorts is open 24 hours. Their phone number is +81 035-615-3518. Their website is

16 thoughts on “Foreigner friendly Tokyo Escorts in Japan”

  1. Until theres some actual reports for this agency and their ladies, I suggest anyone to be careful. The site doesnt offer much at all in terms of information regarding services, options, FAQs.

  2. Good counsel from Pete. For the price it ought to be full service but the providers in Japan can never legally advertise it. Full service would usually be around the 30,000 yen mark though many providers offer it for free or for a small charge (any thing from 5,000 to 10,000 on top). It never happend to me but I have heard of instances of Japanese guys getting threatend by and blackmailed by the Yakuza pimp for having sex with the provider. I don’t let it worry me too much as I assume they won’t try it on with a foreigner but the scam consists of asking for 50,000 to 100,000 yen to compensate (otherwise they claim to go to the police).

    1. It’s about the average in Tokyo or maybe a little less. Many escort type establishments charge more. Tokyo is not a cheap place. Cheers.

    2. I wouldn’t go for a Japanese girl in Macau. I had a couple of pretty thigh massage girls from China and spent only about 120 usd total for a 60 min of good massage with CIM, rimming in a 69 position and a free night with free food. That’s what I meant. Cheers!

      1. The point was to compare things that are comparable. It doesn’t make sense to compare the price of steak in Tokyo with the price of hamburger in Hong Kong for example. Cheap oral from non Japanese women is also widelt available in Tokyo. Cheers.

    3. The point is very clear i.e. I enjoy eating local food that is cheaper than hamburgers in Hong Kong. Why go for Am food in Hong Kong. I try to eat only Japanese food in Japan because it is cheaper and better than the ones outside Japan. I would not go for a Korean food or Korean girl in Macau either since I live in Korea.Cheers!

  3. I know what you. You are a master in this field. I am practically a beginnet who is more into moneys worth deaks around. I used to free sex from real gfz but thats another story.Cheets!

    1. YMMV!
      In my case, never more than paying for prostitutes. Most of the gf paid half for everything. A few paid most of my bills because they
      were wealthy. Cheers!

  4. This looks like a “Kanderi” which is basically a Korean escort service playing off as a Japanese provider to clueless foreigners.

  5. Yesterday tested I do not recommend!. Paid 70K Yen for 2h (including 5k travel cost). Instead of girl on the picture of age 24 appeared completely different one 40+ MILF and ofc not beautiful – average short haired woman you meet on street. Generaly big disappointment. Not skilled….
    Is there any _reliable_ escort service in Tokyo where girls match the pictures?

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