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Several weeks ago a reader left a comment inquiring about nuru massage in Pattaya. I answered that there was surprisingly little on offer in this regard considering Pattaya’s reputation. As it happened I discovered a new place called Nuru Massage in Pattaya not long after. As far as I know this is the first dedicated nuru massage parlor in the city.

Of course there has been a nuru massage service offered by some of the women at the Devil’s Den for years now. But that is not a dedicated nuru massage shop. And outside of these two facilities there really are few to no other venues offering the service. Compare that to Bangkok where there are several shop specializing in nuru massage such as Doki Doki and Lan massage.

Location and layout

Many tourists in Pattaya focus on the Beach Road and Walking Street. There is no doubt that these are the most popular parts of the city. But they can also be some of the most lacking in terms of value and service. Make of that what you will.

Nuru Massage Pattaya is located on Soi Lengkee almost directly across from the previously reviewed Bar La Poste. It is very easy to spot thanks to a large clear black and pink sign that somehow manages to stand out even in the menagerie of advertising that the street.

nuru massage pattaya

The shop has an open front with clear windows like a hair salon. The available staff can often be found sitting either in front of the store or directly inside. In the lobby there is a front desk where the manager sits along with a laminated price sheet.

Up several flights of stairs that can be a real climb there are private rooms where the service takes place. They aren’t purpose designed like rooms in Bangkok nuru shops but they are fit for the task. Each room is fairly large with a big bed covered with a plastic protector under the sheets. There are also big bathrooms in each room with a large shower area. Everything is kept quite tidy too.

The women on staff

There are around a half dozen women working at Nuru Massage Pattaya most times. The numbers can be slightly lower early in the day. But by nightfall the whole crew is usually available for service. Of course these kinds of things can change from one day to the next. That is just the nature of the business.

The women working at Nuru Pattaya are fairly fit and attractive all considered. More than a few men have commented on a perceived decline in the looks of service providers in Pattaya in recent years. I can’t necessarily disagree with them. But there are still attractive ladies to be found in town. For many that would probably include at least some of the gals at the shop under review here.

nuru massage women Pattaya

At least one of the ladies at the shop has never given birth and thus retains a firm fit body with a pert bubble butt. Then there is the popular Nok with her naughty smile and big silicone boobs. The others aren’t bad either. Who ever is in charge of staffing seems to have some physical requirements.

At the very least there are no overweight women working at Nuru Massage Pattaya which is something in and of itself. Some of the women working in other massage parlors in town nowadays look as if they could make the scale sing. When they work with their hands that may not matter much. But surely it must have an effect on those who provide sexual services for money.

Sexual services and prices

The services at Nuru Massage Pattaya are about what you would expect. That is assuming you expect a nuru body to body massage like you see in Japanese porn videos but lacking full service. As a general rule the ladies at Nuru Massage Pattaya say they do not offer intercourse as a part of their routine. They are liberal with the use of their hands and mouths however. So they do provide their male, female and couple customers with happy endings. They just don’t do full sex.

Prices are somewhat standard. There are various types of sessions available along with different appointment lengths. Prices go up and down according to duration. But to give you a general idea of what things cost, a 70 minute nuru massage goes for 2000 Baht ($62 USD). A 60 minute “double nuru” session done by two women is 2800 Baht ($88 USD). There is no expectation of tipping so the prices are all inclusive.


Nuru Massage Pattaya is an offshoot of another nuru massage parlor in Phuket. The original shop on the island remains open. So the Pattaya shop is a spin off of that. It says something when a place earns enough money and recognition to open new locations. In some ways it is reminiscent of the chain of Lolita’s blowjob bars that once stretched across swaths of Thailand.

Nuru Massage Pattaya is a nice clean place that does what it promises. The facilities are in good shape and they even use authentic nuru gel from Japan which actually does effect service. The prices are reasonable and the ladies know what they are doing. So there is little to complain about.

Some might hope for full service at a place like this. But frankly there are enough full service facilities in Pattaya to last several lifetimes. So the only thing a person in need of actual intercourse would need to do is move on a few steps down the road. Nuru Massage Pattaya offers a unique service that is difficult to find anywhere else in town. Four stars.

Address:315/3 Soi Lengkee, Pattaya, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 094-958-9087
Hours:1:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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